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Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!

Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!

Kate Gosselin was just asked by EW if she has a name for her hairstyle.

The 34-year-old mom replied, “It’s my attitude! Everybody wants it. It’s work. I have very, very thick hair, so it’s not going to work for everybody. I’ve seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it just won’t work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country.”

The hour-long season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will air on May 25 on TLC. The ep will address how the tabloid coverage has affected the Gosselins’ marriage.

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164 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!”

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  1. 101
    Liz Says:

    I think I might go as Kate for Halloween. That would do double duty make people laugh and scare the **** out of most. You know that Wig would sell like hotcakes.

  2. 102
    LuckyL Says:

    Those people are being facetious a**holes hunny.

  3. 103
    LuckyL Says:

    God, she’s loving this attention. It’s obvious she doesn’t give a two sh*** about working on her marriage.

  4. 104
    Kimberley Says:

    Its a modern day reversed mullet. Except Kate took it a step further by dividing the front from the back, styling the front and ignoring the back. It looks like she, for the last 5 months, hasnt washed, combed or styled her hair back there. Maybe because that is the side of her body that faces Jon everynight in bed and she doesnt care what he sees. But the front is what she see’s in that mirror she is ALWAYS looking in. How many times an hour can you check ur self?? (at personal appearances)

  5. 105
    Kimberley Says:

    @Nika: instead of “taking care of herself” on a constant 24/7 basis, she should get back to taking care of her family. According to her brother, who should know since he is on the too, she rarely mothers her own children anymore and instead has “people” who do it for her. She will regret her actions when it all goes away. Remember when the Osbornes were #1, how about the Newlyweds? When all the cameras and money goes away, she will be wishing she had a sweet, giving man who will put up with her crap. I dont know ANY MAN in the world who could take the humiliation Jon has taken and still remain loving. Good luck hun

  6. 106
    lia Says:

    There are so many hateful mean people. Its pretty sad. I think shes a pretty good mom and her hair isnt that bad! She thinks she looks good.. whats so wrong with that? Looks like mostly women commented on this… why are women so mean and hateful? after reading all these rude comments makes me remeber why i dont like having girl-friends. HATERS!

  7. 107
    Katie Says:

    Is all that you all have time to do is sit around and bag on people? She is a good considering her situation and i know how editing works and we probably do only see the bad side of her but there are sooooo many hours that we do not see that goes on. So instead of focusing on the negative in someone elses life follow the golden rule, if you cant say something nice dont say nething at all.

  8. 108
    Katie Says:

    i mean to say good mother….

  9. 109
    bbm Says:

    i love her hair.

  10. 110
    Ely Says:

    Show off, and for what? It looks like a chicken head with a hair style.

  11. 111
    haley Says:

    she’s a nasty byotch!

  12. 112
    Patty Says:

    Yeah right, her hairstylist is getting calls from all over the country requesting that next time he cuts Kate’s hair will he please do a decent job… or shave her head?

  13. 113
    Katie Says:

    God, she is such a f*cking self-absorbed tool.

  14. 114
    pEGGY Says:

    Kate Gosselin is just full of herself! I think she is becoming more interested in her fame and celebrity status than her family — and that’s why they are having problems. I think Jon prefers just being a family. She’s addicted to the limelight and attention. I’m not for being unfaithful, but hard to feel sorry for her.

  15. 115
    Ri Says:

    Lord some of you people need to get over it, so you don’t like her haircut who gives a f ?

    I don’t like the woman either but I don’t have the venom some of you folks have, is daily life getting you down or something?

  16. 116
    chris Says:

    wow, she’s really starting to pork up! And the back of her ‘do’ looks like a chia pet

  17. 117
    kallie Says:

    with hair like that, it’s no wonder her husband is cheating on her!
    harsh, I know… but it had to be said. :S

  18. 118
    kallie Says:

    with hair like that, it’s no wonder her husband is cheating on her!
    harsh, I know… but it had to be said. :S

  19. 119
    dkl Says:

    I am a hairstylist and I can tell you right now if some one came in and wanted me to do that haircut I would refuse. There are versions of this haircut, when done right can look trendy, cute and fun…but not this. Her hair and eyebrowa are a HOT MESS!!!!!

  20. 120
    sierra Says:

    no way not that hair

  21. 121
    sandie in cali Says:

    WOW! She is so full of herself. What a *****….only famous for opening her legs and pushing out kids. YEESH, what has our world come too. FYI to her… one cares you got cheated on and we are sick of hearing about you and your family! She makes me want to vomit!!

  22. 122
    builtingirl Says:

    I ignored the Gosselin hype until I saw a line on CNN about her husband cheating, and I felt bad for her and the kids.

    OTOH, this hair debacle seems to say a lot about her. “Everybody wants it.” Translate: everybody wants to be like me. “It’s not going to work for everybody.” Translate: I’m special. Flame away at me for not having watched the show and thus not being able to assess her accurately, but this speaks for itself.

    As for the hair, she needed to pick one style and stay with it. This looks like she’s trying desperately to start a trend, and not a good one. I also doubt that it’s as easy a do as she claims. She must use a lot of gel to get the spikes in the back. I have really thick hair as well (though I wear it long), and without product and a flat iron, the bangs would be frizzing and blocking her eyes. Thick hair is a pain and nothing to brag about unless you plan on modeling.

  23. 123
    Heather Says:

    She looks alright :) And why is everyone making fun of her, your just jealous she’s something in life, that you might never be.

  24. 124
    sherrie Says:

    Look, for all of you who are constantly downing her……..if you don’t like her hair, attitude, life style…….then it’s simple…….don’t watch her show, don’t read up on her gossip, etc. It’s evident that you envy her or want to look like her, if you didn’t then you wouldn’t waste the time making comments. Or it’s that you have a very sad life and can’t do anything else but get in everyone else’s business. You know, there are always three sides of a story. There is Jon’s side, then Kate’s side and then there is the truth. All these people who blast how this family lives their lives, well that is just what adds fuel to the fire. The networks want you to keep up, it just boosts their ratings. No family is perfect, and the majority of families have lots of skeletons in the closet. All she wanted to do was to be able to make a good living and to provide the best that she could for her children. Until you walk in her or Jon’s shoes, don’t judge these people based on tabloids! Time to grow up, don’t you think!

  25. 125
    lora Says:

    envy? oh please. delusional much?
    If you hadn’t noticed, this is a comment section to talk about all the things we love and all the things cant stand about celebs and pseudo celebs. Kate being a psuedo celeb has opened herself (and her family) wide open for criticism. Frankly I think she is a disgrace. Her attitude is awful and she’s pimping out her kids for money? They have the million + dollar house now and the book deal and still the money machine never ends. Will it ever end? What about those kids? I bet they’d love a normal day, a normal life with no camera in site. When is enough enough?????

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