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Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild: Baltimore Buddies

Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild: Baltimore Buddies

Jon and Kate Plus 8 mama Kate Gosselin travels with bodyguard and family friend Steve Neild through Baltimore Airport in Maryland on Tuesday (May 12).

Kate, who has been on a whirlwind book tour, has denied having an affair with Steve.

“[Neild and his family] absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end,” Kate has said. “Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we’ve spent holidays together.”

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  • ashi jiji


  • get over it

    Jared, what’s with the obsession behind this Kate Gosselin?



    Seriously though, I agree with “get over it”, enough with the Kate news already, let’s get back to focusing on REAL celebrities.

  • jc

    Jared has probably made a business deal with J&K’s PR people to help push the book and show. My guess is once the book tour is done all the rumours and stories will go away until just before he new season of the show begins when a new round of *gasp* rumours will start. Some can sell themselves based on their own talet and merit and some, well, they need to create publicity to create hype and stay in the public eye. I wish them the best.

  • camillle


  • jess

    WTF! she’s not a REAL celeb but a mom who got a reality show for having so many kids! It’s called a uterus, women have babies all the time but don’t get million dollar houses or contracts! my parents had 11 children, yes 11 KIDS, and both my parents are working to provide for all of us! No help from the gov. but honest paying jobs! Looking @ the Gosselins makes me so proud of my parents that they don’t depend on others for help! :)

  • CRazy oldie

    this is probably pushing her book sales through the roof! She was a virtual nobody until last week ..

  • eight

    Doesn’t she have eight children? Is she ever home anymore? I guess she too busy grubbing for freebies and publicity appearances.

  • Reba

    Does the woman ever stay home with her kids and husband? No wonder he looked for attention elsewhere!!

  • Laughable

    OMG! She looks like some sort of Paris wannabe; she looks ridiculous. She has turned her family into a joke. I used to watch the show because they seemed like a real family with average kinds of issues; NOW, no way. ROFL She doesn’t need a reality show anymore; she needs a reality check, seriously. Get off your high horse Kate or someone will push you off eventually!

  • Cara

    What’s wrong with our culture when the people get locked into these “nobody” folks who become known from the exploitation of multiple births created through invitro fertilizations for millions of dollars and children who rarely receive the nurturance they deserve to make them strong adults. These adults are not worthy of one’s precious time nor to purchase any product that pertains to them. Where there’s smoke there’s fire!!!!

  • lol

    trashy outfit.


    Where in Hooker Heaven is that outfit fashionable ?????

  • J

    Look at that shiteating grin on her face, I bet they just got done fncking on the way to the airport. Shouldn’t that be Jon with her, who the fnck is that guy?

  • Kim

    That’s definitely a cougar on the prowl, normal moms don’t dress like 21- year olds unless they’re on the hunt for some man-meat.

  • Dave

    I bet she hired the camera man to take paparazzi shots. She’s sure milking it for all it’s worth…which isn’t much.

  • jess


  • jess

    I used to watch the show, now im sick of all the drama. Kate has obviously changed from those pics the expression on her face is she thinks shes all that ( and why does she need a bodyguard???? Shes not a celeb and dont really care whats going on in her marriage. After reading how much free stuff they get and all the money they make doesnt seem so interesting anymore.

  • celeb watcher

    she’s cute. why does she dress like white trash whore?

  • LEE

    It looks like Kate is the one that wants a solo career ….get rid of Jon..
    and bring on the sexy new look she looks like a slut and not a mom.

    When was the last time anyone saw her with the kids…Jon should
    just go on a guys weekend and have her take care of the kids..

    She wants the divorce and she will make Jon look bad when everyone
    knows that she is having an sexy affair with her bodyguard..

  • tallblonde

    celeb watcher asked “why does she dress like white trash *****?”

    Because she is …….

  • mary

    Regarding her shape – Has 8 Kids and great body -she’s only had 2 pregnancies, way different than having 8 pregnancies. — She’s pretty, but I don’t care for her.


    HELLO____________________What are you doing do you really think you can LIE your way out of this mess,You have lied about so much,don’t you get it,WE’RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • halle


    You should look this good! She has a figure to die for…you must look like the Goodyear blimp! lol

  • jbigdog

    Thank the Lord I don’t have cable TV, or read People magazine. What a load of crap. Who cares about her drama, who she has an “affair” with, etc.

    she didn’t have 8 children naturally, she paid to get fertility treatments she didn’t need in an attempt to obtain celebrity status.

    what a waste of time

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Liking that jacket Kate.
    Stevie is better looking than Jon.
    But my cat is better looking than Jon – so that’s no huge compliment.
    Stevie is looking too old for Kate.
    I think maybe Sean Penn or Keanu would be better.

  • jbigdog

    @celeb watcher: she looks like a blow up sex doll

  • Over it

    you would look that good too if you had free plastic surgery!

  • Jamie

    …doesn’t she have 8 kids? SERIOUSLY?!

  • Jamie

    she should consider staying home for once!

  • Ginger

    That’s because she got a FREE tummy tuck!

  • Deb

    Yep its all to help her book, likes she not rich already… its all to help the book, all of it.

  • Donna

    Kate thinks she brought “sexback”. hahaha check her out w. her favorite mini skirt, heels, RED leather jacket and shades hahaha WOW

  • http://justjared sELINA

    Jared why do you always post about her she’s no celebrity.

  • Crabby Golightly

    Like Watcing Paint Dry: Jon & Kate Plus Eight

    I only vaguely knew about Jon & Kate Plus Eight because someone had written about it on Then recently I was at a friend’s house and there they were on the flat-screen: This oddly-matched couple accompanying eight children to a ride on Thomas The Tank Engine. Jon seemed like the ninth child. Kate appeared a bit “pitchy” as the kiddies like to say. The family had the train all to themselves (camera crew included of course.) They snapped at the kids for fighting. They looked out the windows as the train moved. And if my hazy memory serves me there was some conversation about hair brushing. In a word, scintillating! Or not. Watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight was like watching paint dry. Or eggs boil. Or clocks tick; choose your cliché. I couldn’t fathom why somebody thought this …

  • Lemon

    This woman is so full of herself!

  • Luv j&k+8

    I saw the changes begin on the show, and I thought to myself WOW, she’s so happy leaving her home & children and jetsetting.

    Who knew she had a “bodyguard” ? Who in the hell is he going to beat up???

    When a woman goes from average every day mom to making herself look as hot as she can….she has AFFAIR written all over her.

  • agree

    @J: LOL that’s what I was thinking..

  • ron

    you know, I respected kate until I saw the above picture. there is nothing wrong with the outfit as long as one does not have 8 kids, married and not looking for trouble as in an affair.
    she is sure dressed differently in the airport as compared to when she and her husbank Jon go somewhere together. I am a guy and do not like guys, but if one puts jon and this bodyguard together, why not any women want this bodyguard over Jon.
    But of course with Kates bossy attitude, why wouldn’t Jon do a little fun on the side.

  • snarkypants

    “They Love Us.”
    She thinks EVERYBODY loves them. NO KATE, when you PAY people they HAVE to be there. They are not your friends, they are your employes. YOU DON’T HAVE FRIENDS!!!

    Stop the show . . . save the kids.

  • Firestone

    Anybody could look that good if they got a free tummy tuck.
    She is a slob skank.I hope someone is putting money away for the kids because hopefully her 15 minutes is almost up.

  • rhonda

    How does a mother of 8 find time to 1-go tanning 2-get manicures and pedicures 3-get her hair highlighted 4-get her hair styled and 5-shop the juniors department for clothes? Oh that’s right…she is not home watching her kids…I am so OVER J&K+8 – that show has been nothing but one freebie after another for quite some time now…yawn…

  • Katy

    Why isn’t her bodyguard a big black guy?

  • rhonda

    Why would Kate Gosselin need a bodyguard???

  • Cindy

    OMG the pictures!!!!!!! Who does that woman think she is? Oh yeah she THINKS shes a celebrity. You see thats the problem. Kate go home and dont embarrass yourself or your family anymore. And when you get home change your clothes. I honestly cant stop laughing. Your poor little children…probably say “So mom how were the streets?”

  • See You Next Tuesday

    Well, hell… If someone paid for me to have a tummy tuck and I had a personal chef, I would definitely look that good, too.

  • lakers fan in boston

    o yah lmao
    i think the body guard his her pimp, making his ho get that $
    she’s even practicing but opening her mouth in some pics =]
    dw jon, it’s not like she’s pretty or anything
    trust me after she’s gone u’ll feel better

  • Markie

    Between the open mouth breathing (in EVERY photo) and the cankles . . . . meh, I pass.

    The old guy is wearing old guy pants, LOL.

  • EX-watcher

    She looks ridiculous. Where are all the kids…probably with the nanny. Does she spend anytime with them anymore or is she spending too much time at the fake tan shop? Kate..get off yourself and take care of your kids like you used to. I hope you get everything you deserve after putting your kids through this. You are and still look ridiculous. Good luck!

  • JulaNula

    Oh sweet jesus. What in the hell is she wearing? Honey you are NOT 16 years old. She is a physically attractive woman but COME ON.