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Marilyn Manson & Isani Griffith: Katsuya Couple

Marilyn Manson & Isani Griffith: Katsuya Couple

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson and his new gal pal, model Isani Griffith, dress in head-to-toe black as they leave Hollywood hotspot Katsuya on Tuesday night (May 12) .

In the May 2009 issue of GQ, Evan Rachel Wood reportedly took back Marilyn after “taking some time away from the relationship.”

These pictures of Marilyn and Isani would definitely say otherwise! (They were first spotted together back in December.)

15+ pictures inside of Katsuya couple Marilyn Manson and Isani Griffith

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marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 01
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 02
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 03
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 04
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 05
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 06
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 07
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 08
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 09
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 10
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 11
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 12
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 13
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 14
marilyn manson isani griffith katsuya 15

Photos: VAH/Fame Pictures
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  • whoa!

    awww poor evan…..well, not really because she could do better then manson anyway.

  • facts

    After years of shocking the American public with outlandish and often downright repulsive acts, music, and personal style, Manson has finally decided to offend us with looking like a common weeetard.

    Beep beep the shortbus has arrived.

  • Ellen

    I have a friend who knows Evan’s father and they have split once and for all.

  • she looks like megan fox.

  • Roberta

    He’s Ugly! Evan is so beautiful. I dnt know how she loved that thing ewww!
    I’m glad she’s over him. That girl will soon be over too.

  • mama

    ewwwwwwwwwwww ewwwwwww ugh berk yuck ewwww throwing up

  • Dread not

    Marilyn Manson has scored some pretty sweet trim over the past decade +. Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese and such. Way to go, dude! If you can’t parlay your fame into perks and fringe benefits, then what’s the point?

  • abig

    I’m sorry, I don’t see or know what any woman would see in this guy.

  • jess

    whats his problem?? i never got ittttt. hes almost 40, when is he going to start to dress normal and lay off the dam makeup

  • You/Me

    Is it just me or does this chick have an abnormally long neck???
    They look like something out of Beetlejuice,lol.

  • me

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    One warm Friday, Marcus asked Ashley out to the movies. Jack was eavesdropping and knew when and where they were going.

    Later that night, Jack snuck into the seat behind Marcus and Ashley. Jack watched them put arms around each others’ shoulder, then hug… then kiss… then PASH!
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    “Hell yeah!” said Marcus.

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    On Monday, Jack didn’t come to school. At lunch, all the popular kids at school were having their usual coversation.
    “Where’s Jack?” asked Tom.
    “I dunno, probably crying at home because he didn’t get to go out with Ashley last night!” said Marcus. Everybody laughed. Marcus had a way of making people laugh. Only the three of them were there. It felt really weird. Jack had never been away from school in his entire life according to Tom.
    “Well I never did really break up with him except by text on Saturday!” Ashley added. Both the guys laughed again. It seemed really weird to have such a popular group with only three people in it that day. But that’s because it was no ordinary day.

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  • Leo

    dang Manson…water retention….your fat dude..go back to your crack cocaine! lol

  • h

    Omg he’s got eyebrows :| What has happened?

  • marisa

    OH look it’s casper meet darth vader

  • jo jo

    Brian is getting fat in his old age. Has “marilyn manson” even been relevant in the last 10 years? How unconventional is it to be at Katsuya? Phhhhhttt.

  • whoa!

    has anyone else noticed that every girl manson dates, they seem to be extremely pale? dita, evan, this girl…..
    do they all bleach their skins to go out with him?

  • rodgerlvu

    He’s Ugly! Evan is so beautiful. poor evan…

  • stellartes

    I don’t know why a woman would wanna go out with this freaking freak….he must have a big number in his pants or …I just don’t get it.

  • carin

    gosh, this girl is really horrible! so ugly!! nasty! yaaak!
    manson wake up, hunny!

  • movielover85

    Thank God Evan is safe now and she can be with a real guy.

  • ello

    I thought I would ever say this but DAMN!!! PUT THE MAKE-UP BACK ON DUDE!!!!!!

  • ello

    I thought I would ever say this but DAMN!!! PUT THE MAKE-UP BACK ON DUDE!!!!!!

  • LuckyL


  • nicolas


  • lindy

    this is to who said he must have a big number in his pants, well i know personally that no he does not have a large penis however he is the best kisser in the world!

  • oofda

    I like the eyebrows and the additional weight, as well as the absence of black lipstick – he looks like ‘a man’. Thin with theatrical makeup, and he’s overly androgynous. I prefer this updated look. Having said that, the headgear is rather unflattering, in a ministry-of-silly-walks sort of way.

  • Lana

    he’s hot! even with that horrible make up and even though he’s gotten chubby

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Why do girls like this creeper?

  • Eva

    Why do I get the feeling that Evan has already gone back to Manson?

  • sindee

    Isani Griffith is stupid go back with dita darn you messed up you kinda of suck I dont want to hear no more I know the only women for you is Dita , Your album says it ..All these girl hopefully know this be truthful tell them..

  • sindee

    Isani Griffith is stupid go back with dita darn you messed up you kinda of suck I dont want to hear no more I know the only women for you is Dita , Your album says it ..All these girl hopefully know this be truthful tell them..

  • mmislove

    i love marilyn manson so much
    he’s my favorite singer, and the only perso who really makes sense in this world. im happy that he has found love.

    …if you dont have anything nice to say about him, dont say anything at all …. plez and thank you

  • Voicu

    Isani Griffith it’s so sweet

  • puke

    @: she is GROSS.
    They’re both UGLY.
    Another w***e who’s exploiting Manson in order to get some attention. Period.

  • suppress your appetite

    lamo :D

  • Alli

    Why smart men always choose stupid “little girls” ? =\
    Dita – is the most clever choise of MM. But not perfect too…
    I think…

  • http://n/a lindz

    any woman would be lucky to have him. yes he is over the top but in reality he is so calm n wise. and treats his women like queens.