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Sophia Bush: Table for Three

Sophia Bush: Table for Three

Sophia Bush chats on her iPhone as she leaves a medical center in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (May 12).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress recently finished up filming her comedy Table for Three. In the movie, Superman’s Brandon Routh invites seemingly perfect couple Sophia and Jesse Bradford as roommates only to find them driving him crazy and ruining his love life.

Check out the hilarious trailer below:

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sophia bush table for three 01
sophia bush table for three 02
sophia bush table for three 03
sophia bush table for three 04
sophia bush table for three 05

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  • Jessica

    Thanks Jared! This movie looks so funny. I love Sophia. The converse are cute.

  • Monica

    Sophia’s tonsils must be almost healed by now. Brandon Routh hasn’t been around in awhile. It will be good to see him.Jesse looks hysterical in this movie.

  • Dani

    Love the trailer. I hope Sophia let’s her hair grow. She probably would have the most work outside of OTH.

  • Melissa

    Brandon’s name is Scott for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Pam

    Damn. Sophia’s skin looks good in the sun with no makeup. Not fair.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’d lick her every which way from sunday. i’d lick sophia’s momma just because she gave birth to her.

  • lucyhale’sfeet

    Sophia is cool. Movie looks funny. I don’t like ants.

  • me

    sophia looks frumpy and chunky. as usual

  • lily


    I think YOU’RE the frumpy and chunky one ;)

  • Diana

    OTH haters will be out because Chad and Hilarie were not renewed. This movie looks so funny. Sophia looks good as usual.

  • Kath

    Jennifer Morrison is in the movie too. I’ll definitely see it.

  • Deb

    The guy from The Big Bang Theory is in it. Lmao, I’m even wearing panties.

  • vic

    Looks like sofia is carrying around a spare tire! Or 12 weeks pregnant…

  • Luis

    hahaha, i love it!
    I’m so gonna watch! I love Sophia Bush! She’s beautiful!

  • Nat

    I like her jacket. She seems to wear that often.

  • Bree

    uh she looks gorgeous and i love her jacket.

    can’t wait for the movie to come outtt.

  • Katie

    Her hair is so shiny even just pulled back. My hair is dull.

  • mary

    HAHAHAHA i’m so there.

  • stunning

    Gorgeous as always! When does this movie come out?

  • Rory

    medical center?
    is she preggers with james lafferty’s child? or is it chad’s? or austin’s perhaps????

  • LOL

    Poor pathetic Leyton fans lashing out at Sophia. Kenzie is preggers not Sophia. One way to hold onto CM. Poor baby.

  • Kaylie

    Shut the f*ck up. I had a feeling that some idiot like you would automatically assume that Sophia was pregnant just because she was coming out of a medical center.
    Here’s a reality check you moron, not everyone who goes to see a doctor is pregnant. Your mother must’ve dropped you on your head as a child or something since you’re so dense.
    On another note, Sophia looks beautiful. She looks amazing even when she’s not wearing any make-up. And I so want her jacket.

  • atttalie

    Sophie’s a whorebag, enuf said

  • Mila

    You sound jealous. Are you upset that you have nothing better to do than to sit in front of your computer and be petty and spiteful??
    I know two people who were able to get there hands on the movie and saw it and they LOVED it. They said it was hilarious so I’m really looking forward to seeing it as well.

  • hti

    hideous. like.always. nothing changes with this moron

  • thea

    Started seeing that movie. It’s a piece of shyttt. SAve your money and Sophia sounds like shytt too. Maybe she swalloed her costars loads after she blew them on set

  • Jenny

    Lol. The past few hateful comments are all from the SAME douchebag. Its not exactly hard to figure that out seeing as how the loser posts something that is pretty much similar every 3 to 4 minutes. Nice stategy, but you’re still pretty obvious. Go get a life pyscho.
    Any ways, Sophia looks HOTT. She’s beautiful.

  • Anomaly

    I have never ever hated a celebrity as bad as this talentless piece of crap. I will never forgive her for butchering the Hitcher and ruining all of Sean Bean’s scenes.

  • Jenny

    Hi Jenny, are you the same poster that posted comments on the first page?

  • Sara

    #26 and #27. Stop being a dumbasss you jealous prick. Its so obvious its the SAME PERSON maing those stupid comments. It probably kills you that so many people have been bashing the others on OTH these past few days so you feel the need to say something bad about Sophia too. You’re a pathetic little moron.
    And I saw the movie too, and its hilarious like someone already said. Sophia’s incredibly funny in the movie and looks sexy as hell in it as well.

  • Diana

    Ha! Sophia rocked the Hitcher. You obviously forgot your meds today. rotfl
    Retract your fangs. Loser. I can see OTH has you more upset than usual.

  • Syd

    Crying little dirtbags. Go find a new show to absorb your sad self.

  • Kris

    What movie were you watching?? Sophia made The Hitcher. Everyone I knew all loved her in it. Not to mention the guys were drooling over her left and right.

  • Sam

    You hate Sophia so much because she is still on your show and precious LP got cut. woot!

  • cort

    To Jessica – Those aren’t Converse. They have a black line that goes around the upper base of the shoe. That thick black line at the toe of her sneaker shows it’s not Converse. I’m trying to figure out which brand they are…I remember seeing them somewhere before.

  • Jessica

    Good observation about the shoes. I hope you find out which brand they are.

  • what

    What sense does it make to respond to people who bash Sophia Bush by bashing them back? If they’re pathetic for calling out an actor who has put themselves out there for response from the public, what does that make you for bashing some random person on the internet that you know nothing about? Sophia may have class, but a lot of her fans do not.

    Anyway, she looks cute here. She pulls off the low maintenance look so incredibly well.

  • Stacy

    The only reason some people bash the haters is because they act childish and incredibly stupid. Its one thing to say you don’t like someone, but when you start calling them obnoxious names, then you’ve gone too far.
    On a lighter note, I love Sophia. She always looks so pretty no matter what. And her outfit is great.

  • Ambyyboo

    I love Sophia <3
    She is so cute
    and such a good actress!
    this movie looks hilarious!

    Oh and she doesnt look chunky, its the angle of the camera :) she looks amazing

  • Jen

    I saw TF3. It’s horribly written and the acting is even worse. Sophia Bush has awful, awful comedic timing. You’d be better off watching a Jennifer Aniston movie if you’re looking for a comedy. Most reviewers slammed the Hitcher and Sophia so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It was also a huge flop.

  • Ambyyboo

    @Anomaly: She has so much talent, thats why youre mad?
    Get over it. She is amazing

  • what


    Sophia has put herself out there for public consumption. The criticism comes with the territory. But to call the haters bad names because they’ve called Sophia (who probably doesn’t give a crap about them) bad names just makes her fans hypocrites. There will always be haters. Ignore them. Half of the reason she gets such hate in posts on JJ is so people can watch her fans needlessly flip the hell out.

    Again, just ignore them.

  • Ellen

    Sophia and Jesse steal the show. Her time is amazing.

  • Steph

    I like reading all the crazy posts on celebs. The hating makes it more fun because the crazies come out, I think the hate for all actors comes from some form of jealousy. I mean whether it is because they like a co-star better or whatever it shows how demented they are.

  • Love Brooke!

    I love Sophia! She’s stunning. Her smile… she always smile…

  • what


    I think the jealousy thing that people claim is seriously the lamest crap ever. For instance, I seriously doubt that the haters that post on Spiedi are doing it because they are secretly jealous of Heidi’s singing or Spenser’s awesome flesh colored beard. Sometimes people just don’t like a particular celebrity…. because they hate their acting or their smile or the way they interview. There are a billion different valid reasons to not like a famous person that have nothing to do with jealousy. And we all have celebrities that we dislike. I’m pretty sure that 99% of the people here that freak out because others dislike Sophia Bush have celebrities that they hate on.

    And honestly, fans tend to be a lot creepier and crazier than haters.

  • Jughed

    She’s not really pretty and she looks kind of annoying. Next!

  • Lori

    I love you Sophia.

  • Carol

    OTH is getting season 7 I’m so wanting to see it already. Sophia looks good so casual.

  • Ash

    this movie looks funny. Jesse and Sophia make a good couple. When does it come out?