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Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

The New Adventures of Old Christine star Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex, welcomed twins on April 27 (Alex gave birth to the babies).

“All are happy and healthy and at home,” Wanda‘s rep Danica Smith tells People.

Daughter Olivia Lou debuted at 6 lbs., 7 oz., and was 19-inches long. Son Lucas Claude weighed in 7 lbs., 9 oz., and was 20-inches long.

The couple was married on Oct. 25, 2008. Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • icopyworkinbiology

    Gay marriage is wrong on so many levels.

  • pinkrose

    I just can’t get used to the statement “her wife” or “his husband”. There must be a better way of sayig this. After a lifetime of conditioning to saying one thing.

  • bejeebus

    wow, for someone so recently on the receiving end of such good fortune…she sure is one terribly angry person. one would hope that she doesn’t raise her children to be so vicious and hateful.

  • pinkrose

    Although I am strongly o[pposed to gay marriage, I must say Wanda Sykes isn’t angry. She is a comedian. That’s the nature of stand up comedy. It is not personal.

  • Tanda

    Wow, lots of bigots in the house.

  • Mas

    Poor children. They can thank their dyke parents for a childhood filled with ridicule and embarrassment. At least Mom (or is Wanda the dad?) can afford their many forthcoming therapy sessions. Marriage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN so I refute the statement they were “married”. I think “legally tied” should be the term used to describe gay people getting wedding’ed.

  • Mas

    @Mas: Since when did the word used to describe a butch lesbian (that rhymes with Mike) become a curse word?

  • T

    good for her!

  • Steph

    Whats with all the hate? Who cares if they are gay, congratulations!

  • Rhonda


  • jj fan

    WRONG!!! god help the kiddies when they need male role model…where’s daddy?

  • h.


    There is NO scientific evidence to suggest that children of gays are more likely to have emotional issues. Matter of fact, from everything I have read science says there is no significant difference at all. Children raised in gay homes are not even any more likely to be gay themselves. The only difference is the fact that YOU and people like you might make them feel different because you are judgmental.

  • Ouch!

    Wow, she’s a bit old to be a newly-parent…

  • fan1234

    ooooooooo #12 you got that right!

  • emmy jay

    Hope they don’t inherit her looks….ha ha ha

  • ganymede30324

    I didn’t even realize she was garried! Is it too late to hope her garriage fails, and there’s a custody battle for the twins (or are there two just so that each ‘parent’ gets one?)?

  • jo jo

    “her wife” haaaa. Marriage is between a man and a woman. case closed.

    come on y’all…let the insults begin

  • Magicha

    ewww i feel sorry for their child. I didn’t know there are AMericans who are ‘homophobic’. In england its like ohh gay yay when you are supposed to have a child with a man ffs. I really hate gay ‘marriages’ its so unnatural its gross.

  • calvin

    marriage is a civil matter, not a religious one

    you go girl

    wanda keep on keeping on, congrats on the new babies!

  • observer

    She does not seem like a nice person… and she has the most obnoxious voice. I would hate to be so unfortunate as to be born into this family… gay or not. Poor children.

  • http://condoningdeadbeatdads stars pushing for gay marriage

    lesbian couples that deny or take children away from their biological fathers condone and encourage men in general to care yet even less about abandoning the children they have a hand in creating.

  • calvin

    @stars pushing for gay marriage: is this comment a joke? what about single mothers? what about people who use sperm donors to conceive?

  • Rhonda

    What does her “wife” Alex, look like?

  • River-lynn

    Congratulations on the happy birth of your twins, may your wife and you be very happy in your life together and your family.

  • puleez

    No Wanda’s girlfriend and some male sperm donor had twins. Wanda didn’t do anything.

  • Rhonda

    Oh, no, was it a shotgun wedding? The bride got knocked up before the wedding?

  • wrong

    Marriage is a religious institution. It was invented by religions.

    Civil unions are a civil matter.

    The gays can have civil unions not marriages.

  • brendaschild

    congrats i’m all for gay marriage YA’LL STOP WITH ALL THE HATEFUL COMMENTS if you don’t agree with gay marriage don’t read it and post mean stuff

  • ktro

    wow, i wasn’t aware there were so many non-gay people who were into celebrity gossip. this is news to me, as celebrity gossip is the number one gay passtime one can participate in while fully clothed, the a-holes doth protest too much, me thinks. we’re takin over the world, suckas.

  • voe

    Her wife? Ridiculous! Agree with #27.

  • calvin

    @wrong: Actually wrong, you’re wrong.
    Marriage was invented for the proper distribution of property – meaning land and other chattel which included the women involved in the marriage. Marriages were for the convenience of the men, not the women. Marriages were arranged to enlarge property holdings – to join two or more families who wanted to enlarge their wealth. Love had little, if anything, to do with these unions. Marriages prevented just any old man from coming along and asserting rights to the property of a man he may claim to call “daddy.”
    The early church knew that marriage was a man-made, civil institution and wanted little to do with it.
    It wasn’t until 1215 that the church declared marriage a sacrament and set up a system of canon law around it. So don’t be fooled by those who claim God invented marriage – it took centuries for the church to put its claim on it.

  • rodgerlvu

    congratulations, Wanda Sykes. your twins must be very nice….

  • http://condoningdeadbeatdads stars pushing for gay marriage

    “@stars pushing for gay marriage: is this comment a joke? what about single mothers? what about people who use sperm donors to conceive?”

    Yes, if single mothers deny their children their biological fathers on purpose, for selfish reasons, then they also condone and encourage men to abandon their children.

    hetero couples that use sperm donations from a 3rd party are extremely rare, and they don’t do it as their first and only option for having children. They have tried at least one other option (their own sex), and probably at least one or two others before using external donors. It is not their first and only choice. Yet, they too, condone men that are willing to abandon their children. IMO, men should donate sperm only under extreme circumstances, after much thought about what their actions actually mean, and preferrably with a couple that they know and trust. No one should casually abandon their potential children to people they don’t or will never know.

  • lovulovu

    Congratulations to the happy family. Glad to hear all are well. Wanda killed at the White House Correspondents dinner. I say try Rush for treason.

  • Rhonda

    gay people hate God and people who believe in God so would someone please explain why gay people need a religious ceremony?

    Marriage is a legal contract between two people and the STATE, the marriage ceremony is a ceremony between a man and woman and God.

  • Chelsea

    For all the prejudice people leaving nasty comments about gay marriage. NEW FLASH! Gay people are slowly but surely winning the battle. The same way it took a decent amount of time for blacks to be allowed to marry whites, homosexuals will have their day. So SHUT UP.

  • becca

    Congrats to Wanda and Alex!
    I hope the babies are happy and healthy and the couple is happy!

  • h.

    It’s unbelievable that people hang on so intensely to the “GOD and marriage” thing. It sounds like mostly “Christian” people that are being such bigots here and I remind you that YOUR prophet, Jesus, preached that his father was LOVE. God is LOVE. Jesus did not preach anything about marriage or about it having to be between a man and woman.

    The Catholic church is the institution that brought about all the many rules that you embrace so heartily. This is the same church that ignores that pedophiles hurt children under their roofs and just moves them to another location. This is the same church that is still so chauvinistic, that not only can women not be of the cloth there, but if a priest has anything to do with a woman it means he is cast out. But goodness gracious, be good and get married “in God’s eyes” because surely God cares what the church considers to be marriage or not. Just like I’m sure he was all for hundreds of thousands of people being killed throughout history “in his name.”

  • Shawna

    #37 – you are disgusting! What a horrible thing to wish on innocent babies. You are obviously mentally ill.

  • Sara n

    Everyone needs to stop being so goddamn hateful. People should be free to love whomever they choose regardless of sex. Don’t like it? Fine, but stfu about it and keep your hate to yourself. You’re only making yourself look ignorant.

  • Rhonda


    your practically a bumper sticker, God is Love. I suggest you try reading the Bible before you try to tell others what’s in it.

    Try the Biblical word: abomination. thats Biblical for GAYS.

  • Loo

    @Tanda: Tanda I was thinking the same thing. Everyone deserves to be happy. Go Wanda and Alex…screw all you judgmental people.

  • Shay

    Just cause gay Barry’s in the WH doesn’t mean he’s gonna cram this down our throats.

  • dora goberts

    Why are there so many bigots here? IT’S DISGUSTING.

    If you don’t want gay marriage, DON’T GET MARRIED.

    Why all the fear? You people that leave comments slamming Wanda, her wife and kids need to have your head examined. Did she do anything to you? NO! So get over it.

    People against gay marriage are bigots. Period. Have your stupid, narrow-minded heads examined.

  • amor7007

    All the people claiming that marriage should be between man and woman are sure spewing out a lot of hate given that this concept was taken from the bible; a book that tells us to have compassion and to love your neighbor.

    You should be ashamed at how judgmental, cruel and ignorant you are.

    Congratulations Wanda! :)

  • Lizbeth

    Good work, Calvin, and totally accurate response to the religious quarters that marriage is theirs and theirs alone.

    People, before you lay claim to marriage as a purely religious institution, do your damn homework. And by that I mean RESEARCH, not what you heard someone else say one time. Conventional Wisdom is nothing in comparison to careful, methodical research.

    The gays, as far as I know, are not storming the church doors demanding that religions grant them a religious service. That’s what’s great about the separation of church and state — it’s there for the protection of both sides. The gays have been given the secular right to a marriage contract and all the benefits that state entails, and good for them. But as far as I know, there’s been NO action by the state to force any church to bless a gay marriage.

    A lot of people are confused, because there are denominations in any faith that DO allow gay marriage. I can’t get involved in a uber-conservative sect’s objection to a very liberal sect within the same religion blessing gay marriages, because that sort of interfighting in religion is as old as time. But — it’s a marriage, even if it’s secular. And they’re allowed to have a marriage ceremony.

    The twins’ll be fine, or just as fine as any other children born into this society. And the religious… Sigh, I don’t know. Maybe read your holy texts and try to interpret it without help. Because I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t care about baning shellfish, and pretty sure he doesn’t want to stone your children, or lots of those other Old Testament stuff.

  • amor7007

    @Tom: So much hate. Karma’s a b*tch.

  • Jon

    Congratulations, Wanda!

    It’s sad to see all the racists leaving comments.

  • Lynn

    God, what’s with all the hate and judgment?
    Calvin, Lizbeth and h. – thank you for speaking up!

    Leviticus also claims that eating shellfish is an abomination (which at least makes more sense, since it’s killing), that slavery is fine and dandy and that people should be stoned to death for committing adultery. And it technically doesn’t say anything about a woman laying with a woman.

    Stop with all the judgment already. God did not assign you to preach hate. Grow up and enter the 21st century.

    The twins will be fine. The answer to the “problem” is to STOP the ridicule and discrimination. It reflects a problem with society, not with homosexual/lesbian parents.

    Congrats to Wanda and Alex for the new addition to their family!

  • katie n

    Congratulations to Wanda and her wife!!! It is always a blessed event when people who want and can afford children become parents…