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Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

The New Adventures of Old Christine star Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex, welcomed twins on April 27 (Alex gave birth to the babies).

“All are happy and healthy and at home,” Wanda‘s rep Danica Smith tells People.

Daughter Olivia Lou debuted at 6 lbs., 7 oz., and was 19-inches long. Son Lucas Claude weighed in 7 lbs., 9 oz., and was 20-inches long.

The couple was married on Oct. 25, 2008. Congrats to the happy couple!

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98 Responses to “Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!”

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  1. 76
    T.J. Says:

    @Wendel: So by your argument, men don’t matter, and adoptive parents don’t matter. Just because she didn’t _give birth_ won’t matter over the course of the children’s lifetime if she’s there and caring for them.

  2. 77
    ed Says:

    Surprise! Many (most?) gays and lesbians are Christians, too. Check out the Iowa same sex marriage pics on the Des Moines Register site. Note that a number of the marriages are officiated by clergy.

  3. 78
    GoGo Says:

    Whoa, I feel bad for the kids. Not because their parents are gays, but Wanda’s voice…yowzers.

    @#4 I lulz at the “It is not personal” remark.

  4. 79
    banjoman Says:

    I hope her kidneys fail.

  5. 80
    Shay Says:

    Oh, now , gays believe in God, so whats with all the non-stop Christian bashing? Being perverted is not NORMAL, any five year old will tell you. Who gawks at the homosexuals, THE CHILDREN>

  6. 81
    calvin Says:

    @Shay: What year are you living in? Our morality is completely socialized, the only reason a child would gawk at a gay person is if they’re taught to by their parents and or the media.

  7. 82
    Shay Says:


    Where do you live, San Francisco? How many children do you really know?

  8. 83
    Wendel Says:


    re-read the post mn. I know yelling “bigot” is a quick and easy way to avoid thinking, but it does not work in the real world.

    I said that Wanda is NOT a “mom” biologically. Alex is the only “partner” who can now claim the title. Yea, “heterosexual adoptive” couples have to EARN the title parent. Of course they do, what kind of argument is that? IF they find they cannot handle the child and give it back do they get to keep the parent title indefinitely???

    As for surrogate’s, there you have a good question to discuss. WHo exactly IS the parent? One egg, sperm, host . . . there are legal questions, but we DO call her a “surrogate mother.”

    But what part in this miracle did Wanda play?

    You see, just yelling “Bigot” all the time does not answer the tough questions. It is cheap and easy, but leaves the mess for others to clean up.

  9. 84
    catherine Says:


    hateful? she’s a comic. what about limpballs? is he hateful too? it interests me that some people get called ‘hateful’ for their remarks and others are given the head of the Repuke party.

  10. 85
    diana Says:

    @icopyworkinbiology: NO THIS COMMENT IS WRONG

  11. 86
    hilary Says:

    poor kids

    man and women should be married together no woman and woman or man and man that is just soooooo wrong
    gay married should be illegal

  12. 87
    mertz Says:

    awwww i love wanda. congrats to her and her wife. they’ve wanted this to happen for a while. yay!!!

    also for the haters…know that you are not more right/acceptable/normal/favoured than any other person. god created us all so shut the hell up and go suck on sarah palin’s teets.

  13. 88
    visitsickwanda Says:

    can some body find out where she lives and post it online so some of us that live nearby can go speak to her as a group and reason with her or whatever before she wastes her life and goes to hell but remember just talking no violence and no large groups more than say 35 people ill try and find it and post it its a good thing the normal people outnumber people like her by 1000 to 1 according to the latest stats

  14. 89
    calvin Says:

    @Shay: I live in NYC, and gay people are not gawked at here. Sorry honey.

    @visitsickwanda: You can’t be serious! Get a life.

  15. 90
    matan Says:

    Shes so talented!
    joy and happiness to the happy couple and babies!

  16. 91
    SoTe Says:

    @icopyworkinbiology: Shut it! U r what’s wrong with this world.

  17. 92
    SoTe Says:

    So many haters, I feel embarrassed about belonging to the human race. Disgusting. Mind ur own business people, who the hell r u to judge, I bet u do stuff far more twisted than getting married to someone of your same sex. Morons.

  18. 93
    SoTe Says:

    @visitsickwanda: Oh my god! R u 4 real! Mind ur own business. I bet there are many skeletons in ur closet; so u take care of that and let Wanda handle her business. Who the f*** do u thik u are? The next coming of jesus, preaching to people what u think it is right and the truth? F*** YOU, u r the sick one.

  19. 94
    Shay Says:

    I wanna see a picture of Wanda -ykes “wife”

  20. 95
    zumies Says:

    gay people hate God?
    ….. people who believe in God hate Him
    if you dont follow the Ten Commandments, technically you are against God.
    READ the Bible.. before preaching!

  21. 96
    zumies Says:

    gay people hate God?
    ….. people who believe in God hate Him
    if you dont follow the Ten Commandments, technically you are against God.
    READ the Bible.. before preaching!

  22. 97
    Lizbeth Says:

    Man, you people are hilarious. (And I’m fascinated by the repeated attacks on kidneys, of all things? What did kidneys do to you, or is this just a kinder, gentler, less bannable version of “they should be shot”?)

    Wendel, you might be right that Wanda is not the biological parent of either twin; of course, you also might be dead wrong. The embryo might be Alex’s, it might be Wanda’s, or it might be a donor’s. They’ve not opened up their marriage to your investigation, and so none of us have any idea.

    That said, Alex and Wanda were married in California almost a year ago, when it was legal (it does not get retroactively squashed by Prop 9). That means that their situation is exactly the same as other, heterosexual couples who use donor eggs or sperm, or who take on discarded embryos. I don’t know how that works, maybe there’s an adoption contract or maybe at the birth, the married couple are written down as “birth parents” given all donors have signed away rights. But it’ll be the exact same for Alex and Wanda as it is for Janine and Ralph down the street.

    Otherwise, there’s always the adoption angle. Plenty of parents have either adopted their wife’s existing bio kids (Seal and Klum, I think) or adopted their partner’s kids outside of marriage (Jolie-Pitt). Where legal, gays have been doing this for years; instead of marriage, they were adopting kids together. Their goal in doing this was always to protect their children legally, if the unthinkable were to happen to one parent.

    Lastly — I am utterly mystified by posters who look at this married couple and their children and shriek about the lack of a father. Are you aware that MANY children are abandoned by their fathers? Many abandoned by their mothers, too. Some single parents make up the balance with friends and relatives, or club together with other single parents for support networks. As far as I know, we do not remove children from household just because their father’s left or their mother’s lost custody, nor do we forcibly remove unplanned children of single women.

    Ideally, children should have at least two adults in their lives who are devotedly, protectively in love with them. That’s just good sense, as it spreads out the risk — if one parent dies or skips town, there’s still one parent at hand. These kids have two parents who have committed to each other enough to marry, and are dedicated enough to choose (and when you have to go through the hoops most lesbians do for kids, it’s a hard-fought choice) to start a family.

    I’m damn sorry for anyone with such poverty of soul that they can look at a situation like that and find it evil.

  23. 98
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    This is 2009 and people are honestly still saying that gay marriage is “wrong”. hahaha. GROW UP.

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