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Hilarie Burton & Chad Michael Murray Cry A River

Hilarie Burton & Chad Michael Murray Cry A River

Hilarie Burton spoke to EW about Monday’s season finale of One Tree Hill (her and Chad Michael Murray‘s last episode). Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Have you spoken to Chad recently? I was in L.A. last week and we talked. Chad and I are good friends. I won’t speak for him, but it was not a rash decision on either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups sometimes. [CMM's rep declined an interview request, saying, "Chad is no longer on the show and has no comment regarding the new season."]

What was your last day on the set like? We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch.

The OTH season finale (“Remember Me As a Time of Day”) airs on Monday, May 18 @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • twifanatic Amanda

    Umm yay?

  • jerseygirl10

    whooo caresss oth still has sophia and james and bethany… their storyline was gettin borin anyway

  • hhmm

    Their characters were annoying. So sick of Hilary what’s her name…

  • hhmm

    Their characters were annoying. So sick of Hilary what’s her name…


    Honestly… I HATE BOTH OF THEM!!!

    I’m a Sophia fan… so as long as she’s still on the show with James and Bethany I could seriously care less… I know it pretty much is all about Lucas or whatev… but I seriously hate both of them ahha…. I think it will be better next season without them :):)

  • ellen

    i for one glad both of them are done with this show so i can be done with this show. wish the best of luck for both chad and hil, especially for hil. i like her and she will do great things in her life and career. i always admire her for being classy. i only became a fan of her last season of oth but from reading this i will be forever a fan of her. shes a great actress and hope to see her more on big screen. i will definitely support her production compnay.

  • rodgerlvu

    lovely couple,,,,

  • Marsha

    OTH without Chad is kinda sad since Lucas is the most important character am going to miss his quotes. But the show must go on and I’ll be tuning in to watch.

  • YAY!!

    I always hated her character, from the very beginning! I loved Brucas but now that there’s no Brucas, Leyton was just too cheesy. Glad they are no longer on the show.

  • dita

    So happy they’re both gone. Couldn’t stand either one of them. And excellent title Jared since we all already know how both Chad and Hilarie love to whine and cry for no reason.

  • dfnkn

    lolz @ the title.

  • CEcilia

    i agree with Marsha! it’s gonna suck without Chad, he was always so insightful with his quotes! but i’m glad OTH isn’t ending :)

  • Mandie

    So long losers. Glad to see you both gone. Your egos are too big. has anyone seen Hilarie she looks awful.

  • Annie

    LOL at the title.

  • lily

    I love Hilarie. She’s moving on to bigger and better things, she’s got a bright future ahead for herself.

    Chad refusing to give an interview? Wow, big shocker. I’m soo soo glad his character will be gone, he’s annoying anyways. Just like the actor who portrays him.

    One Tree Hill will still be amazing, they’ve got Sophia, James, Joy, Austin, and three new characters coming on, so I’m still watching :)

  • jnaley23

    It’s kinda sad,.. I mean. I’m a huge fan of NALEY (Thank God it’s not but I also like Letyon,.. I’m gonna miss them,… I’m gonna miss LALEY scenes and Peyton and Haley scenes… :( :( :( … Marsha’s right, the Show must go on… I’m Happy we have Season 7 and hopefully season 8, 9 , 10…………………!!!! OTH and NALEY ROCKS!!!

  • Ash

    Oh HB trying to be so diplomatic. You talk alot and say nothing but platitudes. Stop whining and go away. At least Chad is staying quiet. I hope the show continues to have success.

  • Ashleigh

    Although I love OTH i do agree that the Leyton storyline was nearing a end anyway. Sophia’s storyline has been taking centre stage lately, which is great since before that it was mostly Leyton. Looking forward to the next season OTH can survive, they always have remember when SUNKIST was supporting just to get them through season 3.
    Anyway, Good luck OTH you have my support.

  • Rach


  • nick

    haters to the left! CH rock!

  • kyle

    Sausage legs Sophia sucks her voice is annoying as hell. It’s all raspy and just irritating as hell. Joy is the only one worth watching on this god forsaken show. James is like a piece of cardboard. Yeah this show just sucks all around along with it’s cast except for Joy. Now there are new co-stars Sophia can hook up with that I am sure to read on JJ. Hasn’t she slept with most of the guys on OTH anyways? Austin,Chad,James…..I wonder who is next?

  • Jes

    Damnn Kyle. Jealous much? I love the way you call her “sausage legs” because it goes to prove that you and other idiots like you are blind motherf*ckers. You may find her voice irritating. But I know MANY others who find it SEXY.
    BTW, don’t you think you should spend more time fixing your personality then worrying about who Sophia dates or doesn’t date??
    Here’s a peace of advice that might do you some good in the future–GET A LIFE………..AND FAST.

  • KK

    Hate Chad and Hilarie. So I could really care less what either one of them does or has to say. Just glad they’re both gone.

  • Marry ann

    SW stans need to quit with their hating. SW ain’t bitch isn’t shit.

    Just Jared needs to take his head out of SW ass, because we all know he’s stuck there.

  • Colleen

    Lmao. You have the same crap to say over and over regarding Sophia. It must drive you insane that she is still on the show. Apparently you can’t stop thinking about Sophia good or bad.
    Anyway it was time for OTH to change their storylines unfortunately for Chad and Hilarie. I think the show will be fine. I like all the characters and want to see the new ones. I can’t wait to see Haley’s sister.

  • kyle

    Jes- Why the hell would I be jealous of THAT …Please don’t flatter yourself. That’s hilarious. LMFAO you say I don’t have a life because I make one fcking comment, and there you are jumping on my case…Dude, it seems like you don’t have a life either if you are going to sit there and judge me. I can state my opinion just like you can state yours..Besides I am only stating facts this girl is know for hooking up with cast mates wheather she dates them, or she doesn’t. You call that class…WOW.

  • Love Brooke!

    Would love to watch season 7 without Leyton! So excited!

  • jamie

    SB fans need to step off.

  • Julie

    James and Austin are so hot! I am hoping the new guy will be too. Austin is just a dream. The new model sounds like she’ll be amazing too.

  • Cali

    LMAO okay i know this might be a tad hard for anyone to understand but just because you dont like someone does not mean your jealous LOL you can just not like someone…

    anyways i’m glad chad did not give a interview. he has nothing to do with the next season so he should not act like he does.

    i also do not like (even though i love hil) how she is bringing him into this. if he wanted to say something he would not have declined an interview. speak for yourself but dont speak for him.

  • Tam

    I am also happy that Chad stayed quiet about all of this. Hil needs to leave him out of her comments. I agree with Cali #30.

  • Jen

    So the hating begins. Honestly it’s the same people that leave hateful comments. I am sure CH are crying over what a huge lost this is ….NOT lol and what the other fans are saying meaning Sophias-because you know they love to hate on Chad for any little thing. I mean the woman can do not wrong she is god to them. Get the over it. Glad CH wanted out. This show sucks.

  • Jess

    @Julie: oh yea austin is a dream. a completely classless one. he is gross. and he drinks and drives LOL thats a dream guy right there….

  • Hannah

    SB haters need to step off.

  • jamie

    @Cali: she didn’t bring Chad into it she was asked if she talked to him and she did. There’s nothing with what Hil said.

  • Tracy

    haha trying to deflect the topic from Chad and Hil. They suck. I actually have more respect for Chad as he is keeping his mouth shut. HB plans all her comments like her ass vids and blogs.

  • Page

    I am so glad Chad did not say anything. These people do not deserve his reasons not that he owes us anything. The best thing for Chad to do is to keep his mouth shut. Because this crazy fandom hears anything from him the hating would be non stop…It’s not like they would care if he is telling the truth or not..they just want something so they can tear him down.

  • Cali

    @jamie: you dont go “i’m not gonna speak for chad BUT” there is no [i]but[/i].

    i really hope chad does not say anything about this.

  • Kristen

    OH GOD. Hilarie is like Chad. She can’t state anything without people jumping on her ass about something. It’s either planned it or it’s just all lies….Please but if say Sophia Bush said the exact same words she would be praised for being humble, and beautiful and just a kind person for taking the time to let people know the truth…give me break…It’s the same people hating over here. I am sure CH have trouble sleeping because they are greedy pigs who are going to fail in there career, and how can they turn money away at times like these. You people act like there lives and career desicions have to be made based upon your demands. HATEFUL people is what you are., to wish the worse for these two because they made a bold desicion regarding there career. If the oppurtunity knocked where I could get away from OTH hell I would run for the door.

  • Cali

    LOL its just sophias psychos trying to make everyone look bad but her.

    hil is a fame whore because she has a blog. sophia goes to every event in hollywood and is “classy actress who will be a-list one day” no. sophia is a famewhore.

  • Kate

    @Cali: What is wrong with her saying “but it was not a rash decision on either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups sometimes.”

    There’s nothing with that. CH are close friends and I believe Chad doesn’t have problem with what she said. Since they do talk, if he did he would have told her not to say anything.

  • Kristen

    LMAO you are so right Cali. These people are a bunch of hypocrites. Sophia goes to all the events and yeah she may be invited to some, but Hil blogs and puts up a vid. and she is just screaming she just wants attention.HYPOCRITES.

  • Jamie

    @Cali: To be truthfully honest I don’t see issue. I’m sure her and Chad talked by now after this interview or even before it. Who knows. I really don’t care if Chad talks or doesn’t, it’s his business and people need to respect that. Just like it’s Hil’s choice to speak and people need to respect that too.

  • Cali

    @Kate: i dont think its like the end of the world. i dont have that big of a problem with it even, i dont like it but what i dislike even more if hil does an interview and now chad is getting bashed for it.

    i LOVE hil. i said that in my first post

  • Ash

    SB haters need to step off…LMAO. How can it be called hating when people are merely stating the fact about this woman. She goes to events all the time, her voice IS raspy, she dates her co-stars. That is not hating that is simply the truth if you ask me.

  • Jamie

    Also SB stans need to come out of her ass. she ain’t perfect and she ain’t all that either. She loves the media more then any other celebrity I’ve ever seen. So she isn’t all innocent as her fans claim she is.

  • Cali

    LMAO if sophia was as innocent as her fans try and make her seem she must be a nun. her fans are some of the most annoying people i have ever seen.

  • kay

    Give it a f*ckin rest already you stupid prick. People have a right to judge you because you’re a nasty, hateful SOB. If you can’t deal with it, they try shutting that whole in your face.

  • Cali

    @kay: and your not?

  • Keni

    You want to know why everyone HATES you and wants you to drop dead???
    Its because you’re a f*cked up bitchhhhhhh. We all get that you love Chad and worship him. But don’t f*ckin sit there and talk shitt about Sophia or anyone else for that matter.
    You get SO f*ckin pissed every time someone says something bad about Chad and quickly jump todefend him. Yet, you’re nothing but a HYPOCRITE because your sick a$$ does the EXACT same thing when it comes to Sophia. So SHUT THE F*CK UP FOR ONCE.