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Hilarie Burton & Chad Michael Murray Cry A River

Hilarie Burton & Chad Michael Murray Cry A River

Hilarie Burton spoke to EW about Monday’s season finale of One Tree Hill (her and Chad Michael Murray‘s last episode). Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Have you spoken to Chad recently? I was in L.A. last week and we talked. Chad and I are good friends. I won’t speak for him, but it was not a rash decision on either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups sometimes. [CMM's rep declined an interview request, saying, "Chad is no longer on the show and has no comment regarding the new season."]

What was your last day on the set like? We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch.

The OTH season finale (“Remember Me As a Time of Day”) airs on Monday, May 18 @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Ash

    Aren’t you guys all aware that Sophia Bush can do not wrong. That everyone else is either jealous of her, in the wrong, or lies about her. Her fans make reading stuff on Sophia a turn off. They are ready to attack anyone who dare makes an opinion about her. Let me see does Sophia go to events all the time? Yes that is correct, not a lie. Does she date her co-stars?! Yes; Chad, Austin, Jon, James.Yep all co-stars. Does she have a raspy voice?! Yes. Is she some sort of god’s present to us…NO. People need to get off there high horse no one is perfect, and just because we disagree with somethnig about her, that makes me a hater.

  • Cali SUCKS d*ck

    DIE CALI DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cali SUCKS d*ck

    F*ck you Cali
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    F*ck you Cali

    Go try sucking CMM’s balls since we all know you’re obsessed with the guy.

  • Lay

    SAUSAGE LEGS SOPHIA!!! ahhhaaa she really does have a pair of shapeless legs. im sorry LMFAO !! ahahahaaa

  • Cali

    LMAO i really bother you this much? haha

  • Annie

    This is the most insane fanbase ever. Reading these posts is better than anything on tv at the moment. rotfl i like the cast I’m not passionate about any of them. You on the other hand are over the top. Do you really care that much about any of them? keep on posting it is good entertainment for sure. Basically I hope they all do well whichever way they go. You pit the real life actors against each other, just crazy. I am sure they have had their good and bad times together for the last six years but I think they care about each other too.

  • Karen

    When the helll did this turn into a discussion about Sophia?? Look at those pyscho idiots bring up Sophia to try and take the heat off of Chad and Hilarie.
    Well no where in the post do you see Sophia’s name mentioned anywhere. So why don’t you losers talk about the two people this article is actually about you morons??
    And it hilarious how a select few think its the same people bashing CH over and over again. Well how do we know its not the same few who are praising CH over and over again?? Think before you talk.

  • Ash

    WOW….some of you seem psychotic. Wishing someone would die because she is stating her opinion, and it doesn’t fit your criteria. I am guessing it is the Sophia Bush fans hence because this Cali chick likes CMM *sigh* Some of you need to grow up.

  • Yes!

    Hilarie Burton is so damnn uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    I’m thrilled I won’t have to see her anorexic asss on the show anymore. Not to forget the fact that her mouth is always hanging open most of the time as if she was some sort of a fish.

  • Tricia

    Sophia has nothing to do with CH but you peeps can’t let go. Joy signed first! Joy was saying she was going to start her family and James said he wouldn’t sign unless all of them did.Sophia said not one thing. It is an interesting outcome for sure. Hopefully Chad will find work and maybe Hilarie will get some investors for that movie

  • Ash

    This turned into a Sophia discussion because some of her fans just want to come on here and bash Chad and Hil. That makes them hypocrites because they get after some people on here for doing the same thing about Sophia. But like some have said how can it be bashing when some were stating facts. hypocrites. Anyhoo Chad and Hil owe you guys nothing. I think they could care less what some of you obssessed fans think. OTH will be cancel and all will be forgotten with this joke of a show.

  • Jen

    A lot of hate toward Chad and Hil in this post. Using the logic from Sophia’s fans, this means you are all jealous. Because the only reason to hate on an actor or actress is jealousy. You hAtErS!!1 are just JeALouS!!!1

    Pfft. The only reason Hil did this interview is to smooth things over for the show because of all of the rumors on the net about why she and Chad are gone. Even after she gets forced out of the show, she’s still doing the most amount of work of the cast to make the show look good. She may not be a very good actress, but she is a class act.

    And Jared, just curious but how much does Sophia pay you to be up her ass?

  • Cali

    Okay wow you know what you can bash me all you want but do NOT threaten me. Its not even legal. There is BIG line between bashing someone for not liking someone you like and its a WHOLE different thing to wish someone would die.

  • Vicky

    Do you live on Just Jared or something?? Because I just finished reading through all of the posts and you’ve posted several times already. Is it that hard to get your point across just once??
    If you’ve ever been a member of othforums, then you’d know that Cali goes by the name “Mrs.Phelps” there and is known to be obsessed with Chad in a very unhealthy way. Its almost creepy in fact. And its not just Sophia fans who know this, everyone on othforums know how pyschotic she is. She bashes others inluding Sophia to prop up Chad. So don’t jump down someone’s throat for calling her in on her bullshittttttttttt.

  • Joyce

    LOL Chad and Hilarie can’t get attention even with this new development. It is still all about Sophia.

  • Lauren

    WOW these post are something else HLARIOUS..Like somoeone said it is not considered JEALOUSY if a person is just speaking the truth.

  • Len

    Ash and Jen,
    PROVE that its only Sophia fans who are bashing Chad and Hilarie. Why do you automatically assume that its just her fans who can’t stand either one of them? I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge Joy fan and I happen to hate Hilarie too. And I know plenty of others who also can’t stand her either. So don’t stereotype people.
    And I also find it pretty funny the way LP fans are now all of a sudden claiming that OTH sucks when these exact same people praised the show before word got out that Chad and Hilarie weren’t coming back.

  • Anna

    Cali is Mrs. Phelps. OMG no wonder what a sick bitch and that italy chick/Rachel must be here too. Of course it all makes sense now. Take your meds darlings you need them.

  • Lo

    Let people say what they want about Chad and Hil. Who cares. Certaintly not Chad lol! Hil knows who are her real fans. People who hate them are going to continue to believe what they want to believe, and say and think the worse about them. Let the haters speak. They are just giving chad and hil more attention weather it be bad or good. Because all these post make it seems like you guys care enough to come and blog that has nothing to do with the topic of a season7 . Yeah OTH s7 was not even mentioned in this article, it simply states an interview over the whole situation, not what you think OTH will be like next year! Keep the comments coming! You already made Chad and Hil JJ’s pick for two days now!

  • Katie

    Lol!! So true. Hilarie is finally on JJ and people still can’t stop bringing up Sophia. Maybe the haters just can’t get enough of Sophia. Not that I blame them. I love the girl too.

  • Emily

    Jared you rock. Everyone can come on here and say whatever they want. On the other forums even the rant threads are moderated. This stuff is out of control.

  • Cali

    LMFAO then i guess all y’all are just ‘jealous’ of me. because you know everyone you don’t like you just want to be like them

  • Ash

    @Vicky: wow you are keeping count of my post wow talk about creepy, and do you live on just jared too.?! I mean if I post alot for you too read them has got me thinking you come on here to read and reply and well does that make you accountable for living on JJ too?! Sheeshhh.

  • Sarah

    I am WATCHING season 7 for sure. This show has been an addiction of mine for six years. You can laugh about that but I won’t stop watching no matter who left.

  • Kate


  • Cali

    @Ash: lol no its not creepy to read through all the posts and count who said what but its creepy to be a fan of someone.

    anyways they hate me because i dont like sophia. thats pretty much the only reason haha i had less then half as many posts as they do on OTHforums and i’m the creeper. if they had half a brain they would know i had not been on there in months. but they just hate me so much they still need to talk about me! yippy!

  • JL

    @Len: Why do you hate Hil. What has she done for you to hate her.

  • Sorry

    Mrs Phelps not liking someone is one thing but your hatred is out of control. I don’t blame peeps for disliking you. Like someone said you need meds. You don’t post there any more because you are thought to be a vile person just saying. So you come to these other sites and say disgusting comments. There are different levels of nasty but you take the cake.

  • Cali

    @Sorry: i dont know what your definition of nasty and hateful is but my comments are def not that. what you say is worse then what i say. i have never shitt talked your or any other member/ poster. i only have defended myself. i dont need meds because i stand up for myself LOL i dont need meds because i’m a fan of someone. i’m not the one getting tattoos for sophia or brooke or OTH or anything… people like that need meds but commenting on a post on a gossip site does not make me ‘crazy’ or a ‘creeper’

  • kYLE

    I agree with you. What you said was right on. She’s a hypocrite and thats all there is to it. When she defends Chad, she says she’s doing it because she’s his “fan”. Yet when people defend Sophia, she calls them colorful names like “psychos.”
    The thing is Cali, if you weren’t so hateful, you wouldn’t feel the need to defend yourself because no one would say anything to you. You’ve put yourself in the situation you are in. You like someone?? Then great. No one’s getting on your case for being a fan of someone’s. But what pisses people off is when on the one hand you’re praising someone but then completely bashing someone else on the other. Don’t forget, other OTH cast members have fans too. And just like you don’t like it when someone bashes Chad, they don’t like it when you bash their favorite either. So think about that. You may not like what I just said, but I’m just being truthful. However, I’m sure you’ll find a way to disagree and say you’re doing nothing wrong as usual.

  • Cali

    @kYLE: the people i refure to as “psychos.” are the ones wishing i would die. not everyone is… just them

  • MS

    The only fan I heard of getting a tattoo was that Eric guy. He had Hil sign his back under the quote he had done and then her sig. I think he turned out to be a stalker. I hope season 7 is a success.

  • wendy

    Chad and Hil have been JJ’s top pick going on almost three days now. LMAO let the hate or love keep coming at least it shows you care enough to post on there topic! I mean does this article even mention anything about One Tree Hill s7 feedback, or anything about other cast members? I think not and I see some have already gone there with that topic pinning cast memeber against cast member…do you think the people who you like meaning “Joy/Hil/Sophia/James/Chad “all sit around and think they are better then one another, and trash talk one another I already know SOME of you guys are going to reply yes Chad and Hil think they are above the others have you read what has been said? The answer yes, personally I say props to chad and hil if they want to move fine. who care? Who are we to judge the reasoning for there departure? It’s not like only actors or actress are the only ones who may want a different job, or try something new, or even want a different salary. Everyone does that in the world people quit there jobs all the time even though CH did not quit, people ask for raises all the time, people leave a job becasue they just want something fresh/new . Some of the reasons for you guys hating them don’t even make sense. It’s like you guys know the full story on what went down when you guys DO NOT.

  • LOVE

    @MS: there is also the creepygirl who got the brooke one on her back

  • MS

    OK so two wild fans got tattoos. The funny part to me is they had to post about it. I only remember that Eric guy because his was huge and unusual. Well they were proud of their choice so good for them. I don’t recall any negative remarks about the cast from Eric. I think he liked everyone especially Hil.

  • anne

    well these were like 2 most meaningful characters in the show, and the show will never be the same again. and for those of you who can’t remember brooke davis, she has slept with all of her male friends except for mouth and skills – LOL- and even in real life she has slept with about 3 co-stars from the OTH set itself, so back to the show i wonder how it the show will go on with “brooke davis” and naley+jamie are the only ones to give the show a little bit of greatness

  • MS

    I think the new characters will give freshness to the show. Mark will not let his show fail. He has proved himself to be quiet the fighter. This show was getting every season but he imagined to save it time and time again. I bet he is very motivated now as well.

  • anne

    @Cali: omg i so agree with the “sophia goes to every event in hollywood and is “classy actress who will be a-list one day” no. sophia is a famewhore.” hahaha

  • Will

    blah blah she is so full of Sh!t, she and chad whatshisname are just ungrateful.

  • pippa


  • pippa

    i will definetley still watch the show.

  • Olivia

    “And I also find it pretty funny the way LP fans are now all of a sudden claiming that OTH sucks when these exact same people praised the show before word got out that Chad and Hilarie weren’t coming back.”

    EXACTLY, #67. Everyone knows that the people claiming they hate OTH and it’s crap were watching it every week before because they supposedly think CH are the Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando of this generation, apparently. CH are not “too good” for OTH- it’s the only reason people even know who CH are. Grow up, kids.

  • *****

    Their characters were annoying…Glad they are no longer on the show… I’m still watching for James, Sophia ,Joy and Jackson.

  • Amy

    @Olivia: Exactly where do you have proof that LP fans are claiming the show show sucks NOW?! I might be an LP fan and my couple is together and for that I am happy, but not because the writing is so fantastic in fact it’s the complete opposite give or take a few, and I do mean a FEW epis. this season. I CAN stand to watch this show every week meaning LP is because the way Chad and Hil portrary the characters. Besides we LP fans knew where there storyline was heading so of course we were going to watch…Do you think we love every epi. HELL NO. But we love the actor/actress and support them so we come back. The writing has been weak for quiet some time now, and it is clear as day that Mark and co. that have no real clue what the hell they are doing sometimes..this show is full of inconsistancy and so not about the core 5 anymore.. There are alot of other people who are non LP fans that compain about this show, and how the writing sucks NOT just LP fans…just go look around any OTH fanforum… Also, might I add that word got out in FEB. that CH were not coming back, and alot of LP fans knew it’s not like it’s some BIG SHOCKER TO US! Weather you or some think CH are not too good or to good for this show is a matter of opinion just saying. My opinion, chad and hil fulfilled and gave Mark and everyone else 6 years to this show, now there is a chance to break free so they took it, good for them! They owe no one nothing, and they do not owe an explanation as to why they chose this route. People will always hate/doubt but that just comes with hollywood, and when CH get offered something better it will be a big fck u to haters/doubters! Hil just got done filming a movie, so yea she got paid AND did something new! So much for the ones who didn’t believe she can do someting OTHER than OTH… like I said a big FCK YOU!

  • TS

    Damnnn. I think you should try calming down because you sound like a lunatic.
    For starters, it’s a FACT that LP fans are the ones who are claiming that the show sucks now. As a member of both othforums and FF, I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen an endless number of posts made by LP fans on those sites where they but bash the show, the writers, the network, and Mark now. And they’ve been doing it ever since word got out that Chad wasn’t coming back and that Hilarie wasn’t either. So seeing as how that meant no LP in season 7, MANY of them started saying shitt like how the show sucked that how bad the writing was. And the funny part was that up until news spread online how neither CH were coming back a few months ago, these exact same idiots were jumping for joy because LP were together on the show and praised OTH.
    And then these same people have the nerve do a complete 180 and start bashing the show just because CH decided they no longer want to be a part of OTH. And just because you’re an LP fans and you supposedly never claimed that the show sucks now, doesn’t mean that other LP fans haven’t done it either. So don’t bother talking on there behalf because their words and actions have just proved in the last few months what big hypocrites that all are.
    I’m definitely not a LP fan but I do somewhat agree that the writing sucks sometimes. However, I’ve never done what a lot of LP fans have been saying and doing lately. It’s hilarious that OTH is a “crap show” to almost all the LPers now that Chad and Hilarie are leaving. It wasn’t crap when they all were watching with rapt attention. I know this because I know so many people on FF who claimed to love the show and then started bashing the writers the second CH decided to leave. Its not the writers fault that they wanted to leave. Nope. You can thank Chad for that and also thank him for being the cause of Hilarie leaving while you’re at it. I personally don’t care that either one of them left. They can do whatever they want to do. But people should’t sit there and blame the wrong people for their departure.
    So I guess that I’m trying to say here is-FCK YOU AND FCK PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

  • Courtney

    I have been watching the since the beginning and frankly I am pissed. You they love their fans so much they would have settled their contrats and stay on the show. Can you say BUNCH OF BABIES!!! Wow this is really low of them!

  • whorebag

    At least whorebag S Bushshitt will get new co-stars to spread her legs for although her vag is so loose she could probably fit two peennnisses inside her vag at one time. stupid slutbag.

  • xo

    SB is a chubby sl*t.

  • justJared fan

    They need to hook up in real life. Team Leyton!!!

  • Christinia

    I’ve been hooked on One Tree Hill since 2004 and Its a shame that Chad and Hillary are leaving…I loved them both, but it won’t be the same with out them Wish Chad and Hillary the best. I’ll keep watching regardless. Good luck you two.