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Jon Gosselin: Introducing Deanna Hummel!

Jon Gosselin: Introducing Deanna Hummel!

Deanna Hummell, who reportedly had an affair with Jon & Kate Plus Eight father Jon Gosselin, is spotted out and about on Wednesday (May 13) in Reading, Penn. Jon was spotted out and about separately on the same day, polishing off a bag of potato chips.

Deanna, a 23-year-old third grade school teacher, has said that the person accusing her of the affair (her brother and former roommate Jason) has been lying to tabloids about her relationship with Jon.

Deanna has said, “My brother is making this all up. He has no credibility … I can’t even stomach the lies he’s saying about me. My brother is very shady. He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution.”

Meanwhile, Jason has been raking in the money with interviews with magazines and photo shoots featuring himself.

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  • JESS

    Gosh, if you’re gonna cheat it should at least be with someone better looking. That chick looks like shit. Not half as pretty as Kate.

  • a total fan

    I have watched two expisode of Jon and Kate and I really felt bad at how Kate talked to Jon. So I quit watchiing.

  • tadow

    IDK Jared, you’re headline makes it seem as though the two are debuting as a new couple. Very misleading. Kate is crazy but I hope they work it out because they have 8 children and they seem to really love each other.

  • Mo


  • Kate gosselin hater

    i thought Jon wanted to loose weight not gain it?

  • You/Me

    Who needs enemies when you have a family like that. Anyway, I wonder why the media plays to cr*p like this, obviously the brother is either lying or exagerating and yet someone is actually paying him ?? I wouldn’t buy a mag to read what he has to say! Also, the media is so anti-jon&kate, they are deliberately trying to cause drama and split them up, do the 8 kids in this situation not matter to them? Why do they want the parents split and the kids in a broken home?? This kind of sh*t is sad. I don’t even watch this show and I think Jon looks like a poster child for ‘dorks r us’, but the man is a father and has a wife and I tink they need to be given a break.

  • Cathey

    This is one Sorry Group!!!! He said, she said, blah, blah.blah. I am sick of the story and the sorry people. And whom is taking care of the CHILDREN? What about them??? Not these assholes.

  • Ha!

    Jon & Kate’s claim to fame is being parents to eight kids. This teacher’s claim to fame is being a possible affair to a guy who is famous for having eight kids. Are we running out of people with better reasons to be on the news?

  • Kate gosselin hater
  • mom26

    What a fat icky looking guy!!
    Is this what they’re all worked up over…he really doesn’t need that bag of chips!
    That young girl couldn’t possibly be having an affair with him, there’s not enough money in the world that would make him sexually attractive.

  • Jeannified

    The lady doth protest too much!

  • Cathey

    Nobody cares any moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Stupid people, making stupid mistakes and
    making money off the children. Stupid man
    making stupid mistakes, Stupid lady with
    stupid hair (noboby WANTS to look like that)
    and stupid girl in the middle being stupid.

  • how many woman is mistress

    Where are they together and this isn’t the same women in the car with
    him.. she was a fat chick.. sitting behind the make up your
    mind when you decide that whatever female friend he is with is his
    girlfriend. Perfect way to get a drug dealing criminal to make some cash like Howard K Stern and have the media be so gullible to believe it..

  • Deannaisfugly

    Deanna is fugly!! But then again, being married to Katezilla, Jon would feck a mud puddle if it smiled at him.

  • kellirc

    I think this is a case where people started seeing money signs and they sold out their own family members. The people selling these stories to the tabloids are the lowest of the low. I wouldn’t do this to my sister for any amount of money.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Jon – don’t eat these – not lowfat.
    Get Baked Lays – they are lowfat.
    Try the new lowfat Kettle Cooked – these are good too.
    Don’t drink this Vita Water – it’s all sugar – bullshaat.

  • prettykitty

    jon-really?? was this girl really worth it??? yetch. if you’re going to step out, at least take a step UP and get you some arm-candy! this girl is NOT cute. but i guess it’s what’s on the inside that counts, huh?

  • EX-watcher

    Jon, I don’t blame you. Just take care of your kids and take Kate for all she has. You seem much, much more loving and responsive to your kids than that supposed hag you married. You go, Jon. Just take care of those kids.

  • rawwwwrrr

    those poor kids…..

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Sucking the kak of life.
    To get some more publicity.
    Pimp out our kids.
    Fugg lots of people.
    Get a spray tan.
    Plugs me some hairs.
    Eatin da chips.
    Havin the tummy tuckd.
    I am wanting some more $.
    And fame.
    Pennsylvanie sux.
    I move to LA.
    Date Paris and Linds.
    Eat sushi.
    Go 2 Vegas.
    Party all day.
    Fugg da biznitches all nite.

  • Mia

    Jon doesn’t look very good. I think, basing on some comments Kate made in her PEOPLE interview, Jon is suffering from depression. I hope he gets the help he needs, and they can work out their relationship. She said something like “nothing makes him happy anymore”.

    I know the show has giving them a lot of perks, but if its destroying their family, they should just stop it-

  • a realist

    JESS @ 05/14/2009 at 11:00 am

    Gosh, if you’re gonna cheat it should at least be with someone better looking. That chick looks like ****. Not half as pretty as Kate.
    Obviously she treats him better than Kate does. Looks does not keep a man.

    My husband told me, good looks can get you a man, but good treatment is what keeps him.

    America is too focused on outward appearances, this is why we have so many break-ups.

  • Chupa

    Jonny – Deanna is calling you!
    Put down the chippies and pick up da cell phone!

  • mertz

    lol. this brother dude is an amazing guy. i mean not the good kind of amazing, but the wow i wish i could sell my soul to make that kind of money amazing. anyways all this shit isn’t true. the bodyguard thing isn’t true either. the whole thing is hilarious to me and i’ve stopped paying attention to the entire thing. that people interview i saw a couple of days ago also wasn’t accurate.

    all in all, this brother guy must be doing amazing and laughing all the way to the bank. what a guy.

  • jessica sanders

    Jon needs to be happy and she is gorgeous and way better looking than Kate.

  • mertz

    lol. if you think that girl is “gorgeous” you need to get your eyes checked.

  • rodgerlvu


  • cosi

    Gawd, he IS a woman! Eating away the stress!

  • car-men

    Oh people, this just brings some more bucks. Jee, Kids are growing up, more multi multiples coming out of corners to get some cash and steal attention and here is poor Kate, fearing the day she has to feed all thos kids on her own. What will be left for her? So they need more publicity cuz multi multiples of babies is not enough. Multiple Multiple dollars is what were talking about here…

  • Lor

    That chick Deanna is butt ugly!!! Why are they allowing home wreckers to work with children?


    how many women is mistress-I thought the same as you- this does not look like the same women that was in his car. This does look like the house that he was shown to have come out of one morning though.

  • Solaris

    Yes Kate is A Selfish,Control Freak and is Treating her Husband Like a DOG….But,I am HOPING that Jon Strongly Stands Up to her Instead of Sucking it All inside…..Poor Guy Must be so Frustrated* I dont know if Either One of them has Had Affairs….We do not Know Because We were Not There* I think They should strongly Go to Therapy in Order to save their Marriage…..Since the Kids wil Be so deeply Hurt and scarred from all of this~~ Started Out being such a Sweet show*Kate will Need the Most Help*She is Miserable inside I am sure Being so Cruel…….Kids Must come First Dont Forget why You Fell in Love~
    I Truely wish You Both the Best Kate and Jon…….I Pray You can Work it Out* And will Try to Work it out! Kate,Dont Let the MONEY BLIND YOU of what is Really Important…which is Jon and the Kids

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Just admit it! This is dragging on for way too long.

  • on and on

    @Cathey: WHOM is taking care of the children??? You’ve obviously been to the Jon and Kate Gosselin school of grammar.

  • Lee

    That bimbo is a bow wow!

  • debbykz31

    This is so hateful to make stories up just because a man went out once to have some fun,not cheaton his wife! Just like these pictures of his so called girl friend, How many pitures do you see them in togather? Any one can put pictures up and say they are having an affair with that person! Come on people use your head!

  • loljon&Deanna

    YAY. Please be having an affair. I hope they have like, 8 kids. 9 for good measure. Yeahhhhh.

  • Chunkpunk

    Um…Whoever said that girl was “gorgeous” needs to get their eyes checked STAT!~ Homegirl Deanna is some serious meth-fug.

    Jon: Listen up. So, your wife is a battle axe?…Get over it. This girl is not your future. Work it out with your wife…get counseling. If it doesn’t work out—split. But, for the love-of-mike, don’t date some random townie or go through a midlife crisis in front of millions of people. It will be on record, and your kids will see it someday. It makes you look pathetic.

    Kate: Yo. The hair was cute 4 seasons ago. Let’s get an update…Also, lose the tude and reach out to your husband. He needs you and is the father of your children. While you are at it, QUIT THE SERIES. Do a yearly Christmas special or something less invasive. But, the reality TV shiz is ruining your family. Money is not everything. Seriously.

  • Deannadawg

    Um. Maybe the truth is somewhere in between?
    We can’t judge people solely on what is filmed for the show. Jon is probably not a victim, and Kate is probably not as bad as the clips they show.

    I do know this…When a 40 year old man starts wearing Ed Hardy and dating a 22 year old tramp…I smell a midlife crisis. When a woman goes from buying home furnishings from Walmart to wearing Prada in the course of a few short years…something is a bit off.

    They should RUN away from that show. Come back down to Earth, Gosselins! Get back into church…God can fix this.

  • Andie

    Wow, this woman is ugly and a home wreaker!

  • http://righton! cindy