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Sarah Palin Supports Sarah Prejean!

Sarah Palin Supports Sarah Prejean!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is defending beauty pageant contestant Miss California Carrie Prejean for her stance on same-sex marriage.

Palin, once a beauty pageant contestant herself, said via a statement, “The liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against Carrie Prejean for expressing her opinion is despicable. What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman. Our Constitution protects us all — not just those who agree with the far left.”

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  • BRooke

    love them both..great role models.

  • goat


  • ethansays

    Of course she does.

  • me!

    Yeah—real great role models; one preaches abstinence but has a teenage daughter get pregnant; the other one is a spokes person for the Christian conservative movement in the US all the while we can enjoy her nipples on the internet!
    Confused—–hell yes!

  • sscout

    Er, dude, you do understand her name is Carrie PreJean, not Sarah Prejean, right?
    Once that is said, she has been going on and on about her response being ‘articulate’, but she was asked “what do you think about the estates authorizing/rejecting gay marriage in their constitutions” and she answered the (different) question: “how do you feel, in general, in the broadest terms, about gay marriage”.
    Plus, she wouldn’t have won even with a decent answer so, there. :P

  • Hypocritehater

    Of course she supports her. She will support anyone that says one thing and does another. Sarah Palin is a fraud and she is saying and doing anything now to get the focus off of the fact that she practically let her daughter concieve under her roof. Interesting that her “memoirs” will be released right before she is to face reelection.


    Shocker!!!! Both out for their 15 minutes of fame. It’s over!!

  • BRooke

    @me!: I’d rather look up to them than ignorant, hypocritical liberals who ask a question then scream at her for giving her opinion.
    I recommend you dont point figures, no one has clean hands.

  • a realist

    me! @ 05/14/2009 at 6:58 pm #4

    Yeah—real great role models; one preaches abstinence but has a teenage daughter get pregnant; the other one is a spokes person for the Christian conservative movement in the US all the while we can enjoy her nipples on the internet!
    Confused—–hell yes!
    Yeah, the are both hypocrites.

  • jill

    The Wasilla white trash can’t leave the stage.

  • Athena


  • wizard

    Will they have the same stance if one of Sarah Palin’s children (Carrie Prejean’s future children) grow up to be gay? I guess none of these women have gay relatives, nor friends to believe what they believe.

  • meh

    Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered

  • 100mph

    I am happy to say I give less than a rats rump, who SP defends
    or what she thinks(.)

  • Gino

    f*ck both of them.

  • summer love

    i’m a conservative, registered republican who did not agree with how carrie prejean was treated HOWEVER, I cannot STAND SARAH PALIN and her small town generalizations. It’s not a “liberal” or “conservative” position sarah palin – if you can stop judging and labeling people who are right of your EXTREME right views as liberals, this country would be better off. And yes, it was bc of you on the ticket that I and many others COULD NOT vote for McCain. Sarah Palin, wake up – you need to go away and don’t think God has given you a mission to do this. You bring Republicans down not up and your aspirations to be President someday is self centered and you know it.

  • Annabel


    I have gay relatives, but I will continue to believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. I don’t love them any less, but I just can’t agree with some of their lifestyle choices. Now, I’m not going to go protesting against gay marriage or anything, but if you’re forcing me to vote on the issue, then I’m not going to lie just to please people. God’s opinion of me matters much more than anyone else’s.

    Now I’m no fan of Palin, but this is the first (and probably last) intelligent statement that has ever come out of this woman’s mouth. And you all seem to be ignoring the latter half of it. “What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman. Our Constitution protects us all — not just those who agree with the far left.” Your beloved Obama also doesn’t agree with gay marriage, but no one is having a hissy fit over that, now are they?

  • twifanatic Amanda

    Was there ever any doubt she would?

  • hehe

    miss t-i-t-s-4-j-e-s-u-s-!

  • mama mia

    This isn’t a liberal or conservative stance. It is denying rights to a group of people…rights that everyone should have. I don’t believe it would be okay to deny the right to marry to an ethnic minority or a disabled person. So why would it be okay to deny that right to gay people?

  • K.V.B.

    Both runner-ups but not winners!!!! Palin needs to crawl back into her Alaskan cave and remain there on behalf of the long-term welfare of this country. She’s ignorant and a has-been second runner-up beauty pageant contestant.

  • Shay

    It’s so funny to read the comments on this site. Beautiful, conservative woman must be destroyed at all cost. Ugly ass, lesbian couples are just the coolest. What does JJ have against beautiful women?

  • twifanatic Amanda

    when did he say he had anything against them?

  • layla

    who says that nasty miss california tramp is beautiful? she looks fake.

  • mertz

    i can’t believe you consider these two pieces of ugly ROLE MODELS. that’s sacriledge to all the women who have actually achieved something great in the past century. really. pick up a history book and revise your criteria for role models.


    what a stupid chicana. pardon me. no she thinks we’re the stupid people. lol. they should stuff their twat with whatever brain they have left.

    also about the sarah palin comment. anyone who follows politics would know that that’s what the dems have been saying but that’s not what some of them individualy believe or stand for. i’m not even going to pretend i know anything about what republicans stand for because they love the church, the pope, and fox news, so right there i have to say that those people who try to turn facts into things that promote their bias are just as wrong as those supporters of gay marriage using weak means of getting their point accross. and also anyone who follows politics knows that there is heat over some of the dems stance on the issue SO DON’T PRETEND THAT THERE ISN’T/WASN’T/WILL NOT BE A WHOLE SAGA OVER THOSE POLITICIANS COMMENTS/STANCE. get with the program. also if anyone actually paid attention to the whole thing…she didn’t answer the question. it’s not that her OPINION is wrong, maybe it’s not favourable in the prgoressive world of today, but come the hell on. you can’t applaud her for her opinion when she in fact failed to answer the question. okay so what. she didn’t give a political answer, and her answer stirred up a hornets nest. I DON’T CARE. what i care about is this chicana therefore propegating her agenda and selling her soul to make money from all these appearances she’s doing. who does she really think she’s representing. because i for one don’t think she has any kind of intellect worthy of my attention, and that’s why i call her stupid. i already commented on sarah palin last year and will not retype my OPINION of her. i don’t like people who don’t answer things and aren’t forthright. i don’t like people who cant’ back up their answers with facts. i hope this girl does something worthy for me to readjust my opinion of her, because otherwise i think she’s a stupid twat that shouldn’t be a role model for anyone.

    that’s so disturbing that people see her as a role model. WHAT HAS SHE DONE THAT IS WORTHY OF THAT STATUS. ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME. ugh.

    also if people would reporting about this girl, i think it would allow her some down time to maybe get on with her life and do something worthwile. please stop posting about her. or even sarah palin. she’s hardly a model. she’s not a celebrity. she’s not a politician. my f’n goodness.

  • mertz

    like what is her career, her profession…what is she aside from a contestant?

  • Max

    Annabel, I think it’s because our dear Obama doesn’t stand there and say he’s the moral compass for the world whereas Palin and Prejean can come off that way. I agree that everyone has a right to their opinion but when someone says “you can’t do this. you can’t do that. but this is okay, not that and come off judgmental, then people feel that is a bad quality and they are setting themselves up to be targeted. It’s just how it is. Palin doesn’t write her own stuff btw, she has publicist/speechwriters for these type of statements – she just approves.

  • PalinPrejeanPower

    Interesting that no one finds Obama’s and Clinton’s stance on marriage derogatory (they too believe marriage is ONLY to be recognized between a man and a woman).

    The media has made Sarah Palin out to be a monster, but what they have left out is what a successful business woman and devoted mother she is. Do some research on the progress she has made for the state of Alaska. She’s an outstanding governor. I find it disheartening how so much hate can be generated towards a single person whom most of you have never even met or spoken to.

  • guest

    shock & awe.

  • mj

    To PalinPrejeanPower: If you are so easily disheartened you shouldn’t be on a gossip website. And if people didn’t want their politics known or discussed, they shouldn’t become professional politicians such as a governor or vice-presidential candidate.

  • LuckyL

    Two dummies in a hand-basket

  • bob

    Two losers!

  • Shay

    beautiful women on the left are beastly Michelle and Rosie O or Wanda and Alex, how come no pics of Wanda Sykes “wife’ is she that ugly.

  • pat

    FREEDOM of SPEECH, what is so wrong with standing up for what you believe in, PEOPLE give it a rest, not everyone thinks the same. She has the right to say, feel, believe the waqy she wants!!!!!

  • Matt

    Can she just go away, please!

    So this is what I love about Republicans and Right Wingers…they criticize liberals for the SAME thing they’ve done for years. So it’s okay for Rush and those other morons!?

  • Matt

    Can she just go away, please!

    So this is what I love about Republicans and Right Wingers…they criticize liberals for the SAME thing they’ve done for years. So it’s okay for Rush and those other morons!?

  • jc

    Correct me if Im wrong but doesnt the constitution talk about freedom and justice for ALL – I dont believe it qualifies that statement based on gender, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation etc. And it was reported by the media the recent egg roll or hunt at the White House for the first time included same sex families and Wanda Sykes who is now an openly gay married actress was a key speaker recently at the White House – chosen by Obama. So IF these statements about his and Clinton’s opinion are true than maybe they are willing not let that get in the way of respecting the will of the voters and American people. I hope marriage is seen as a freedom and right for ALL. What if someone said you couldnt get married to the person you love based on something about you couldnt change? How would you feel – just think about it.

  • TJB

    Carrie is a fake boob LIAR. Not even about the GAY comment, she signed a legal doc saying she had’nt posed, then blames the wind?
    Come On people!! Supposed to be Christians-One does pics with no clothes and lies on contracts and the other lets her teenage daughter fall preggo under her roof! They are both disgraceful LIARS!

  • Palin Power

    Go Sarah! The liberal media that fed America lies and got Obama elected cannot keep a good one down. Palin was the only candidate in last years election with any real executive experience. Instead we go a so called “community organizer” who is the biggest racist and crook of all . He is destroying America. His administration has borrowed and spent more than all presidential administration before him combined. Who will pay the tab? All of us and are children’s children. He bows to the Saudis and befriends all of America’s enemies. But the liberal media sold him to those too ignorant to do the research to find out how corrupt he really is. They just bought the who hollywood smoke and mirrors show.

  • ………….

    Palin really sucks!!!! Like she gives a crap about humans!!
    We should have the same rights has everybody else!
    Go back to ALASKA PALIN!!
    Barack Obama does a better job then you do!!
    At least He doesn t forget that were only humans like you!!!!!!!!
    The bible says its between a man and a woman but are hearts say
    otherwise!! Why…. because once a again were H–U–M–A–N get that!
    And by the way miss california your LITTLE SPEECH is all crap!!
    We love like normal people and we live like normal people!!!
    I hope ONE DAY you willl stop discriminating against what you say is wrong!! Go Barack Go TIME FOR A CHANGE! Gay Pride is a right not a privilege!!!! Vive la fierté Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAN

    VERY WELL SAID. CA is BROKE and so Perez with his wisdom lives there. Alaska gave money BACK to citizens last year. Palin lowered her state budget by billions for 2009 to save her state. Take a look at what she has done for her state before judging. Perez aka Mario is a not a role model for gays or straights. He is a jerk. I voted FOR gay marriage in Florida but after seeing how Perez and the gay community attacked Carrie, I will not vote FOR GAY MARRIAGE AGAIN. You will not allow freedom of speech so why help you have legal gay marriage.

  • aida

    Pat, Prejean has repeatedly expressed her opinion – so what is her and Palin’s problem with others expressing their opinion of her? Seriously, they act like only they can say what they want. But it goes both ways. They speak, then others respond, and so on and so on. Or did they expect Prejean to have the FINAL word?

  • Kimberly

    Both of these women are total hypocrites. And why is Sarah Palin even weighing in on this issue? What an attention whore, she’s trying to keep her name in the media. Go away woman!

  • sadie

    ughhhhhh…great “role models”…?????????

    are u outta your barfing mind!

    anyone that thinks these two are “good role’ models needs a new working brain!

  • Shay

    you go ahead and adore the beast and gay Barry and Perez and Rosie and wanda -yke.

    we’ll enjoy Sarah, and Carrie and Ann and Laura and Monica,

    What’s the problem with that? Enjoy your perverts and we’ll enjoy our beauty queens.

  • Shay

    Sarah just recieved 11 million dollars for her story, guess she won’t have to borrow clothes anymore. HA

    or wear those UGLY clothes the beast wears

  • Shay

    Sarah Palin just received 11 million dollars for her story. Guess she won’t have to borrow clothes anymore! Ha

  • g!na

    Both of these ladies can kiss my white a$$! or better just F*ck each other!

  • Paulie

    President Obama and Secretary Clinton aren’t actively working against gay rights, unlike Palin and Prejean.

  • K

    Sarah Palin is a great role model.