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Violet Affleck: Power Walking Princess

Violet Affleck: Power Walking Princess

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck, 3, go for a short power walk on Wednesday (May 13) in Boston, Mass.

The 37-year-old actress recently rated her red-carpet beauty looks:

The Kingdom premiere, September 2007: “My hair is shiny here from Neutrogena’s Triple Renewal conditioner. I used the products growing up; the brand is very representative of me.”

Baby Einstein 10th Anniversary, August 2008: “I would attempt this look myself, but my team wouldn’t let me out of the house for these things if I did my own hair and makeup.”

Check out what else Jen had to say at

20+ pictures inside of power walking princess Violet Affleck

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violet affleck power walking 01
violet affleck power walking 02
violet affleck power walking 03
violet affleck power walking 04
violet affleck power walking 05
violet affleck power walking 06
violet affleck power walking 07
violet affleck power walking 08
violet affleck power walking 09
violet affleck power walking 10
violet affleck power walking 11
violet affleck power walking 12
violet affleck power walking 13
violet affleck power walking 14
violet affleck power walking 15
violet affleck power walking 16
violet affleck power walking 17
violet affleck power walking 18
violet affleck power walking 19
violet affleck power walking 20
violet affleck power walking 21
violet affleck power walking 22

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  • jasper

    omg! I thought we were going to be spared a violet & jen thread for one day! ugh! Violet is still in diapers i see! sick of these two! francesa has blown away violet in the cuteness on jared!

  • s.i


  • s.i

    Jen is so simple and pretty, she is so nice! And Violet is a sweet little girl who will look exactly as her STUNNING mum! They are so lovely!!!!

  • Drew

    The last 4 articles involve celebrity kids. why are people so obsessed with celebs kids? some stars are even crucified in the media if they don’t have kids. it’s NOT normal….STOP THE INSANITY!!!!

  • haLey

    #4 i agree! I’m sick at seeing threads all about babies! Their not celebrities their parents are!

  • lame

    @jasper: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. its as simple as that.

  • bea

    This is a normal family, Jen is perfect as mother , and Violet is so cute, she always is smiling, she is a very happy child.

  • Jaz

    aww her feet are hanging out of her ugly kid sandals. brings back memories!

  • dave

    @Jaz: what, of you being an ugly kid?

  • Suzy

    Aww Violet is such a cutie skipping around. Its nice to see that Jen isnt one of those unnaturally stick thin mothers, who are magically skin and bone after they have a baby!

  • sUZY

    @dave: Haha, #8 you walked straight into that one! The trolls are such morons.

  • LolaSvelt

    Seriously, why are there always daily pictures of this family? They’re not doing anything particularly interesting? Just leave them alone!

  • helen

    Violet is still in a diaper! nice sandals, too small! What rednecks! lol

  • Pippi

    OMG! Violet is so adorable. She is having the time of her life being free to run and play like any other child. Does anybody know who that lady is who is walking her home from school? (she was with them at the store last week) Why did she allow Vi to wear those sandals? I see Jen put some proper shoes on Vi’s feet. Those sandals are not safe for active little kids to wear.

    I love Jen and Vi and I am so happy to see them so carefree and loving their time in Boston. It seems like it is not a lot of paps there and so they can kinda relax and enjoy their walks. Good for them.

  • toni

    The pictures of Jennifer Garner without her sunglasses are like a really bad scary movie. OMG Jennifer Garner looks like a train wreck. She has nannies, assistants, housekeepers and she leaves the house looking like a lazy slob, what a embarrassment.

  • Pippi

    helen @#13 not that it is any of your business but Violet does not wear diapers. Those are pull ups training pants. OK?

  • http://justjared anonymous

    i really like this family, they are a beautiful Family. they do normal things, that make them seam like everyone else. of course we want to see them. this is a site about celebrities, why are you haters here? and if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have taken the time out of your life to read about them, look at their pictures and make a comment…..duh!

  • Pippi

    toni @15, who is she an embrassment to? Certaintly not to those who care about her and that is all that matters. Dress the way you want and let her do the same. Besides, she looks as good as you on your best day.

  • Pippi

    She doesn’t have to dress to please you or anybody else. She is not working and if this were a perfect world she would not be bothered by photogs taking her picture on her own free time (she is dressed for her work out) Do us all a favor and STFU.

  • Laura

    I love Violet’s spotty bag :~)

  • toni

    I was wondering what happened to Adoring Super Crazy Fan, I thought finally somebody had locked that crazy jen-fan up in a mental institution where it belongs but I see she’s morphed into Pippi the adoring super crazy fan instead.

  • toni

    Even on my worst day I have never looked this bad. I can see what all the fans are saying about Jennifer Garner not caring about the way she looks and why should she it’s not like Ben is going to notice her anyway.

  • kate gosselin hater

    I actually like the daily pictures of Violet even though we do not need them everyday but Violet is my favourite celeb child. I would be happy with once a week pictures of Violet. Violet is cute and Seraphina is so adorable i love the daily pictures. I love that Jen takes Violet out for one on one time with her seeing as she probaly feels a bit overshawded with Seraphina being the new baby in the house.

  • Pippi

    Only you would know when it comes to anything concerning Jen Garner as you live to sprew your hate on her. It sounds like she did something personal to make you so obsessed with her. At least Pippi admits to being a fan and therefore we can understand why she follows her career. What is your excuse toni the tiger?

  • Lisa

    I aagree Pippi, what is with wacko Toni and the other haters, they waste their time constantly commenting on these posts. That lady in taking V. to school is Ben’s long time assistant I believe. Im not sure of her name but it begins with “C” like Chai or Chay or something like that. It looks like they are renting a house close enough for Violet to walk to preschool. Unfoturately the FAME pap figured it out. I would like Violet to have a little privacy too. Once a week would be fine, Jared.

  • Lisa

    I aagree Pippi, what is with wacko Toni and the other haters, they waste their time constantly commenting on these posts. That lady in taking V. to school is Ben’s long time assistant I believe. Im not sure of her name but it begins with “C” like Chai or Chay or something like that. It looks like they are renting a house close enough for Violet to walk to preschool. Unfoturately the FAME pap figured it out. I would like Violet to have a little privacy too. Once a week would be fine, Jared.



  • mini golf

    This is the problem Jennifer is talking about. The paps hound Violet. What is she doing but walking to a preschool. Which she has every right to do.

    One can justify the pictures of Violet when she is with Jennifer or Ben……………maybe. But when she is with someone, ie. nanny, assistant, other family member, Violet or Sera’s picture should not be taken and posted/sold.

    #27, you’re are an attention seeking moron.

  • Bubbaness

    Jen looks fine. Kinda pregnant, though.

  • bk

    Wonder why this set of pictures?

    Why JJ didn’t buy the set of Violet playing, laughing in the spinkler in the park? Too ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Wow- Jen still looks pregnant! For an actress, she should be in better shape than this by now! A big part of any actor’s/actress’ job is their appearance, and she certainly has the money to get herself a trainer, leave Violet and Seraphina with the nanny for a couple of hours, and get her fat as$ to the gym!

  • emma


    leave her alone. Jen is a normal woman. Unlike Angelina who was stick thin 3 months after giving birth

  • not a fat ass


    Sure Jennifer still has some baby weight in her stomach. However, she is far from a “fat ass”.

    Her job as an actress is to look good in a movie, or red carpet. She doesn’t have to be dressed up, looking good all the time.

  • lola

    I wish someone would take a second to see that her sandals are not closed properly. Her toes will get hurt on the pavement!

  • Kiki

    Well, finally, this child’s legs do work and she can stand upright so as not to be packed around on her mother’s hip or pregnant abdomen.

  • dianel

    Violet looks very happy to be out walking with her mommy

  • HA!


    Dumb *ss, those are abs, dear.

  • irene

    Jen’s boobs almost always look weird. Be in gowns of in tshirts, there is somethins weird, like if regular bras does not fit her well.

  • butter

    she looks pregnant again

  • Queenoftrashin

    This is the second picture I have seen recently where she looks pregnant. I realize that she just had a baby FIVE months ago. My boss’ baby is only two months old, was delivered by Cesarean, which is more difficult to recover from and you would never know she was ever pregnant and she certainly doesn’t lead the Hollywood life-style.

  • sadie

    wow…she looks 4 or 5 months pregnant!

    maybe she got pregnant again right away??? lol


    Wow first that is Ben’s friend Chay Carter helping them out.. but where
    is Seraphina again..!!! What happened is it just the walking up a side
    walk photos again..with her lunch bag lets see the school that she
    goes too.

  • carrienae

    I like Jen’s down-to-earth style but I think she is having a hard time loosing some of those post pregnancy belly fat. I wonder if she nurses her baby. That helps a lot.

  • shamrock

    Hopefully, some day and some time the papz will not be allowed to follow the celebs children to school or certain areas which invade privacy to the children.

    Also, that other lady is Chay, she is Ben’s assistant.

    Lastly, noticed that Jen did not make the list for 100 MAXIM HOT ladies. Michelle Obama was ranked #93. Wow!

    Best Wishes to the familia!


  • s.i

    @shamrock: She was ranked in 66 place! And kelly u r so so so wrong!

  • pink

    i see baby #3 on the way. Her tummy is huge she is at least three or four months preggers! I know jen’s fans are so thrilled.congrats! now about how happy vio allways looks and allways smiling, well surprise surprise ,garner tells her to smile at all times at the paps so that she won’t be afraid, how retarded is that! and here i thought she was a happy child, vio smile action cameras that is so sad and calculated to put your child in the spotlight, she acts like a jerk, she acts like a 13yr. old teenager, have you seen her interviews she is far too old to be acting like a fool and wtf is up with all her hand gestures fugly is so full of herself that she believes the crap that her fans are writing about her what an old fool. act your old self you are not a teenager anymoe, and getting older by themin.

  • shamrock


    Nope! This is for 2009 Hot 100 Ladies. No biggie!! She is the #1 Celeb Mommy for 2009. Who needs a list anyway! Right?

    Look, I’m #1 on every list for all I care. lol TOTALLY KIDDING

    Send my warmest wishes to the Affleck/Garner clan!

  • Cara

    Is she pregnant with a third child?

  • summer love

    she’s a HAS BEEN who rides off her husband’s fame and A-list friends. Like any hillbilly chick from west virginia would do (they all look like here, white as snow and ears like dumbo!). I wonder how long Ben’s been sleeping with his assistant? Jen Garner doesn’t care…do you think when Ben cheats, she’ll actually leave him? No…she’s too much of Elizabeth Edwards to do that – it’s a shame that so many rich people would rather hold onto their image, money and fame by turning a blind eye to their husband’s activities. She’s in denial – about her fame and her husband.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the other chick walking violet is way hotter than jennifer
    jennifer is starting 2 look like octomom imo
    she needs 2 start fixing herself up a bit