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Ellen Pompeo: Grey's Anatomy Season Finale!

Ellen Pompeo: Grey's Anatomy Season Finale!

Ellen Pompeo and her baby bump go shopping at Whole Foods supermarket before hopping into her Lexus on Thursday (May 14) in Los Angeles.

How will Grey’s Anatomy work around Ellen‘s maternity leave next season? Series creator Shonda Rhimes tells EW, “We’re actually still talking about that. The writers have disbanded for the season and we’re going to come back together at the beginning of June, so we’re still talking about what we’re going to do and what that’s going to mean. Her maternity leave doesn’t actually come into play until later this season. We will have shot a number of episodes by that point. [And] Ellen is extraordinarily optimistic about what she’s going to be able to do. She’s such a trouper and I’m really am grateful to her for it. We’ll take it as it comes.”

SPOILERS: Last night was the Grey’s season finale — Meredith and Derek had a “Post-it wedding,” Izzie lost consciousness in Alex’s arms and George got hit by a bus. Discuss!

10+ pictures inside of pregnant Ellen Pompeo going grocery shopping…

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Credit: Anthony G; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Julia

    The finale was 485739 times better then I could even imagine!

    She’s looking great…keep the ellen pics coming please!

  • diane

    OMG. Totes knew that was happening. We can’t have Izzie without O’Malley.

  • Chia

    The finale was awesome – I would be totally upset though, if both Iz and George died! I was shocked to find out that John Doe was George – but the scene with he and Izzie, when she goes on the elevator and meets him on the top, was beautiful and TK looked awesome with his new buzz cut! I hope they all come back for the new season!

  • Missy

    Ummm she didn’t just lose consciousness, she suffered a cardiac arrest from hyperkalemia (remember, her potassium was 6.3!). That’s not quite the same as just losing consciousness. I like both of their characters but I kind of hope they both die, the end scene in the elevator was amazing, and I was truly shocked to find out that it was George.

  • Bubbaness

    Beautifully done, all of it.

  • boo

    now i can start watching the show again now that george and stoopid are gone. those two nobodies caused alot of trouble for their cast and crew so goodbye!!!

  • Stacieleigh

    Cried my eyes out like a baby!! It was great! Way better than finale on LOST

  • MArtina

    I want to kill Shonda! I don’t like the show anymore…she’s good only in writing tragedy and all the tragedies have come to Seattle grace… i’m so tired of that!

  • how many

    I’m she died and she was wearing that same dam dress that she wore
    when Denny died she probably thought when the doors opened Denny
    would be there but it was George in Uniform…. Of course we have all seen this a hundred times how many with Izzie now 4… They actually
    pay the writers for this stuff..and what is it with George and the 007!!

  • Missy

    He is 007 because in his first solo surgery in Season 1 he does an appendectomy with Burke and almost kills the patient, so Karev and the others start calling him 007.


  • OD

    Ellen looks great here

  • lesley

    Thanks gawd they killed izzie and george. what a bunch of slimy co-workers who hate the writing staff and are ungrateful to the crew and other actors. good riddance. thank god the drama queens are gone, the show will be better off.

  • Blah girls!

    OMG the season finale was so tragic! I cried!

  • Maria

    Izzie will be back next season. George will not.

    Less Meredith next season will be a good thing. She is the weakest actor in the entire cast. Thankfully the others got more screentime in the finale.

    Justin Chambers was FANTASTIC !

  • TonyT

    What’s this nonsense about Ellen Pompeo being the weakest character on the show? Meredith Grey IS the show. The character is suppose to be weak, unwilling to commit and ravaged by a childhood without love. Ellen plays her part perfectly. Meredith will always be the show’s tragic heroine. Ellen’s expression when she found out John Doe was George priceless. This entire show is blessed with gifted actors. I just wish the writers would do something about Derrick and Alex’s personalities. Both are so obnoxious, rude and arrogant at times.

  • JJ

    OMG!! The finale was SOOooOOo Amazing!!!
    I can’t wait till fall!!

  • Selena

    Ellen rocked last night and she’s gorgeous in this pics, she’s glowing.

    Love her.

    Thank you Jared :)

  • ilovemcsteamy

    ummm….george was named 007 in season 1 because he couldn’t finish the apendectomy..duh…

  • Kamy

    Ellen is beautiful, simple and humble as always. She doesn’t put herself head, she plays a difficult character_ Meredith is always understood and appreciate_ but you didn’t see her whine about the writing or anything else, she doesn’t bring drama on the set. Plus she’s a good friend of most of the cast, I don’t think there’s any jealousy on her side about Katherine for being the center this season.

    I hope will see more of Ellen next season,she’s the reason I watch Grey’s Anatomy,she’s the soul of the show.

  • Kamy

    Hoops I wanted to say that “Meredith isn’t always understood and appreciate”


    Ellen is cute, her husband is really lucky, I hope he realize it!

  • Nativenyker

    cant wait till this show is canceled!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • cassy

    The season final was crappy, I was expecting a real MerDer wedding not a post-it!

    Ellen was wonderful, her reaction when she realized that John Doe was George was heartbreaking.

  • Finlorie

    I thought the season finale was fantastic — although Izzie’s death was no surprise, George’s definitely was. Although I have liked both characters in the past, there has been virtually no story line for George in the past couple of years (so I’m not surprised T. R. Knight would want to leave). The story line for Izzie has been very strange, and I won’t miss her although the character was interesting in the first couple of years.

    To Nativenyker — doesn’t your television have an “off” button? If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it!

  • life

    NO words. I want a LEGAL wedding!

  • Carlie

    To all MerDer’s fan you should go to this site, a fan did an amazing with a recap of Meredith and Derek’s love story :)

    Thanks JJ for this Ellen pics, she’s so cute. I love her smile :)

  • Never Over

    @Carlie: Thanks for sharing, this is the best picspam I’ve ever seen.
    MerDer are the best couple ever.

  • Blah Girls

    Ellen was terrifying, she’s always at her top when she acts.

    Just a question to Shonda: why if “Ellen is extraordinarily optimistic about what she’s going to be able to do. She’s such a trouper and I’m really am grateful to her for it.” don’t you give her more screentime?
    I never heard Ellen complains. Shonda seems to only respond to actors who threw a tantrum about their lake of material!!!

    You really waste a good actress’ talent!!! Ellen is awesome :)

  • liz86000

    She looks so pretty in these pictures! And full of energy! I wish her the best for her pregnancy.
    And about the finale last night? I was so shoked and then I cried when I realized (with Meredith) that it was george!!! Her expression and her cry!!! I got thrills… Such a great actress!

  • SailorMoon

    @Blah Girls: You mean that she was terrific?
    Because yes, she really was, I was teary when she realized that George was the faceless guy!

  • Roz Lynn

    George’s character can continue with a new actor since the accident damaged his face. After his near death experience the writers have card blanche in developing George as a new character. Maybe he will move in with motherly Bailey, who will need a male figure for her son since she is getting divorced.

  • Paul

    She is a mediocre actress.

    Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl and Chandra Wilson always act her off the screen and they will be the ones that have careers after Greys and the ones that pick up awards.

    Ellen has said she will retire after Greys, she knows she is typecast for life (and has done nothing apart from playing Meredith) so her fans should make the most of seeing her whilst u can.

  • Theresa

    The season ending was wonderful. I was totally shocked to find out that the person hit by the bus was George. Loved the end when Iz and George met up wonderful job. Hooray to the writers and the wonderful actors and actressess.

  • K

    It’s Shonda Rhimes, not Rimes.

  • robin

    I hated the post-it note wedding….so basically….they are not married….STILL. that was a crock.

    I would hate george with someone else… soapish. last night was a shocker.

  • Amanda

    Did anyone else scream like they were being kidnapped when George did the whole 007 thing in Grey’s hand? or was I the only one… lol I hate that motherf-in show, they always know how to make you crazy with anticipation for the next season =)

  • Malibumom

    Now can we have Burke come back to work for a biotech firm that tries to take over Seattle Grace and turn it to a research facility? Meridith’s pregnancy should be written in. Addison should have to come back for emergency neontal surgery to save the baby. Derek falls for Addison because she is saving his baby-Burke and Hahn are silent partners and lovers (Hahn was just trying to get info)-Alex is really a CIA agent tracking Burke. . .

  • Kaylee_Illyria

    I think the Post-it wedding was very appropriately in character for MerDer. Plus, it was really cute. ^.^

    Also, I LOVED the elevator bit at the end. I especially liked that the writing left it completely open as to whether either of them live. I kind of think they’ll kill George, and have Izzie live, since Izzie kept looking down/away, while George kept a constant gaze on her, but that could just be me trying to read in things that aren’t there…

  • Maddie

    to Maria comment… The show is called GREY’S ANATOMY so less Meredith would be tragic!!! The show is about her and her life and how things affect her. I think they will be able to work around her pregancy just like when Chlyer was preggers.

  • Linda

    Next time, please put spoilers after the jump. I hadn’t seen the ep yet and was doing my daily scroll through the site and now know what happens.

  • Jenna benner

    i think the producers should start the next season with merideth pregnant and go from there it would be a nice twist on things

  • devistatingly perfect finale

    This is one of the best shows on television and truly had the best written finale. As much as I like both actors/characters I knew both Izzy and George were going to have to be written out sometime this season. Izzy no surprise after diagnosing her with cancer. George…thought was no surprise after finding out he enlisted in the Army and due to report for duty the next day, but it was heart breaking to find out he was the John Doe on the table. The fact that they went together was perfect yet devistating! With both Izzy and George both gone it must be a sad day for the Grey’s staff. Two actors/character from season 1 written out. My hope is that this show doesn’t end up like ER did…with no cast members from the original season left.

  • Ibis r.

    WOW! I’m soooo unset that Izzie and George are gone. They are like the best thing on Grey’s other than Meredith and McDreamy. And are you people seriously mad at Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight?! They went through a lot on Grey’s. The people there did not handle the homosexual remarks made my Washington well at all. And Heigl can do so much better than Grey’s; she’s SUCH a great actress. Anyone who seriously hates Katherine and T.R. are seriously messed up in the head and have serious problems actually understanding anything.


    I think Izzie lives and George dies. Although, if I had to choose, I’d like more if George stays. I like Izzie’s character, but I’m not a big fan of Katherine Heigl.

  • jessica

    I couldn’t believe that that was Georgeee!!! I seriously bagen tearingg and it sucks that Izzy regained some of her memory ad then crashed. It was an amazing episodee, but the sadest.

  • Meg Huffman

    I have been disappointed where the writers have taken Grey’s the past few seasons. The first couple of years were terrific, but here lately, the show has lost the “funny” that, when added to the drama, made it what it was. However, I have to admit that the finale was terrific. Knowing that George was leaving, I didn’t know how and when. When I realized he was writing a “0″, I said, “Oh, my gosh!” and sat on the edge of my seat. The writers did a great job of keeping us in the dark that he was “John Doe” and that made it all the more tragic. I’ve hated Izzie’s storylines the past two years: her jealousy of Christina and her relationship with a dead Denny. If she can’t be the lovable, caring Izzie, then I have to say that I’m not sad to see her go.

  • Meg Huffman


    That’s why it’s called a “cliffhanger”. It keeps you wanting to come back next season to find out what happens.

  • Meg Huffman

    And has anyone else noticed that Lexie is also pregnant? I noticed it during the episode when she was eating because Derek and Mark were fighting. Her stomach is huge and they keep covering it up. Nobody has mentioned it, but I could tell she was pregnant. I think that because Alex and Izzie made “provisions” to have a baby, that’s how they’ll write in Meredith’s pregnancy. She’ll become a surrogate (whether Izzie’s dead or not) and have their baby!

  • lovegreys

    ok, first, if you hate the show, don’t watch it. DUH.

    second, Meredith IS the show. as someone else pointed out, she is supposed to be weak etc…but, if you actually pay attention to how her character has evolved, she is still the weak person traumatized by childhood stuff but has learned to over come it and become a stronger and better person. thats the whole point of this show!!
    again, if you hate the main character, don’t watch it.

    third, the only person they haven’t really changed to much in the show is derek. so, to the person who said change alex and derek, pay attention. have you not watched this entire season? alex is a completely different person. you’d have to be blind not to see that. he’s still allowed to get mad. thats who he is.

    and finally, this was by far the best season finale i’ve ever seen for any show ever. i will not delete it off my pvr until i can buy it on dvd. it was bloody amazing. all the foreshadowing right from the first 5 minutes of the episode was brilliant. the acting and writing was brilliant. the john doe 007 george thing was ridiculously shocking and brilliant. and as much as i hate izzy, her dying in alex’s arms was brilliant. bailey and her decision to leave her husband was brilliant. arizona and callie…brilliant.
    simply brilliant. can not wait for next season.

    to all you haters, BEAT IT. change the friggin channel. this is one of the best shows on tv.

  • tirza

    please dont let her george and izzie died. PLEASE!! :(
    waiting for next season badlyyyyy