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Gerard Butler: Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

Gerard Butler: Charged With Misdemeanor Battery
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73 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Charged With Misdemeanor Battery”

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  1. 1
    LoneWolf Says:

    Ok!!!! there were witness’s, the pap was seen harassing Gerry……the only thing wrong here (IMO) is Gerry hit him……not to long ago Keifer head butted someone and is in trouble….lord…… it will all work out I am sure.



  2. 2
    Nativenyker Says:

    I’m sure Butler was provoked! Serves that pap-per rite for getting in my mans face!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  3. 3
    no comment Says:

    Rob and Kristen are so ON!

  4. 4
    jaye Says:

    Papa are Paps you can’t just going around hitting them because you don’t want to be bothered. He must be related to Russel Crowe. Some jail time might cure him.

  5. 5
    tilly Says:

    Butler is a moron too. Love for Rob and Kristen to hook up.

  6. 6
    Angel Says:

    No one here knows for sure that there were witnesses. That’s a rumor that he was justified in hitting the pap as much as the pap claims he was not provoking him. None of us know for sure. The side who gets more media coverage is usually the one everyone assumes has the whole story.

    No one knows if there was a big car chase. We don’t know any of the details for sure until they’re part of the court records and sworn under oath. Otherwise, it’s just both sides pointing fingers to get their butts off the hook.

    If he is guilty, he’s a celebrity. They won’t do a thing about it other than a fine that is the equivalent of a lunch at Mr. Chow’s and paying the guy’s medical bills. There’s no such thing as bad publicity and I’m sure he’s glad for all the free attention he can get now that he has a new film coming out.

  7. 7
    anyonecansayit Says:

    This is so fv<ked up, seriously! How do we spell greed? Why’s the lug being charged now? It’s like six month’s later! $$$ I suppo$e. Dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent people car stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy should go to jail not Gerry! ooOoo this riles me so much I could scream! Oh, I know-I know, the lug shouldn’t have touched the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent folks car star stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy ,and once would have been enough, if at all, but the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent folks car start stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy most likely was a smart-ass back to Gerry at the window anyway when he asked the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent people car stalking greedy martherfarter pap guy what the fv<k he was doing! What a waste of my lug’s $$$ over this. He could get that koi pond made instead. I mean didn’t Gerry comment it was “dropped”? What gives?

  8. 8
    gabby Says:

    rob and kristen are not dating.

  9. 9
    good grief gfw Says:


    GFW – Good grief. Take a breath.

    The DA is the one who decides whether or not pressing charges is appropriate and most don’t unless they are sure that they have a solid case. The DA can do that with or without the pap’s cooperation. So perhaps your rage should be directed at the DA. Butler is not immune from the justice system just because he is a celebrity or because you think he is a loveable lug.
    It has nothing to do with greed. That would be a civil case, not criminal. Gerry will get a slap on the wrist. You care about this more than he probably does. I guarantee he isn’t sweating it.
    Relax and go back to writing your Gerry p.orn.

  10. 10
    brazilian woman Says:

    Gerry doesn’t deserve to go to prison . There must be another way…
    The paparazzo provoked him and that was wrong.
    I don’t see Gerry as a celebrity, but as a guy that has been cool for years to paparazzi, children, fans, co stars etc…

    N: I know that you all know that paparazzo is the singular form to paparazzi… but…

  11. 11
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    gerard is the man!
    my sexiest switches between cheryl cole, megan fox, and jessica alba, right now it’s 1,3,2 respectively
    btw i have no idea who the chick that won the hottest 100 for maxim, is

  12. 12
    LoneWolf Says:

    #10-Gerry’s case/situation doesn’t constitute prison time-MAYBE jail time if that……big difference in the 2….



  13. 13
    Voilence begets voilence Says:

    I know when pushed to the limit people do react, but it should never be with violence. Gerry was only lucky in the sense that he didn’t accidentally kill the pap. There have been so many cases of one punch deaths, where the person has punched someone and they have fallen back to their death, that would be terrible, to think you have robbed a mother, a wife, a child of their son, husband or father. The fact that Gerry reacted with violence shows something about his personality, a bit scary, would he when pushed to the limit in a relationship ever hit a girlfriend or his wife. Also the justice system doesn’t help either, it takes months or years for cases to be prosecuted and so the seriousness of the crime is diminished. Like the saying goes, “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.” I know that paps are terrible, they dog a celebrity to death, as in the case of Lady Diana, her life cut short for a couple of photographs. Bottom line, its the need to feed the greed, we are all hungry to an excess for photo’s and news/gossip of our favourite celeb’s, so its a pap frenzy out there, doesn’t matter about the cost, give the people what they want. But how much it enough….we are all responsible in some way, you see, we hit the magazines and sites, the magazines and sites hit the paps and the paps hit the celeb’ s and the celeb’s hit the paps and so on and so on. Just some food for thought.

  14. 14
    pafan Says:

    Can only wonder why he was so PO’d that night.!! Smashing someone in the face is not GB’s usual persona.
    Whatever. Love you, GB.

  15. 15
    sv Says:

    самый невероятный мужчина

  16. 16
    anon annoy Says:

    @sv: Translation!?

  17. 17
    WTF Says:

    #15- is that norwegian? lol

  18. 18
    rav Says:

    17: its russian but i dont understand

  19. 19
    hangglider Says:

    Hey, the usual commentators are here. #10 Brazilian, no, many people don’t know that paparazzi is plural of paparazzo. You are one of the smart ones.
    #13 You said it in a nutshell. The paps are making a (very good) living feeding the public its dose of celebrity news. If the pap was breaking traffic laws he should have been arrested for that, but this doesn’t give Butler license to punch him out. Asault is asault. Come on, Jerry-lovers, “He was provoked” used to be a defense of wife beating. This seems like a case of the true slumdog Jerry he tries to hide coming out.

    The wheels of justice move slowly and I have wondered what happened to that story. I would hate to see Butler do 6 months time, not because I condone what he did but because I think in most offenses, incarceration is a waste of time and money. He’s rich. He could give some big bucks to some cause that supports victims of assault, get some counseling and get on with his movie making.

  20. 20
    anyonecansayit Says:

    Thank you.

  21. 21
    la girl Says:

    #13 “a bit scary, would he when pushed to the limit in a relationship ever hit a girlfriend or his wife”

    for what it’s worth, it’s never been said that GB is violent towards women. he is snarky and rude behind their backs though.

  22. 22
    @ la girl Says:

    Good point. In watching his interviews, I’ve had the sense that he doesn’t like women very much. He may **** around like a mad squirrel, but that doesn’t mean that he genuinely likes or connects with them on a basic human level.

  23. 23
    Iagree Says:

    I agree with you both. “Genuinely” seems to be the keyword here. He obviously “likes” women in the sense of enjoying to f*** them, but it always appears he doesn’t honestly love or at least respect women. He only seems to use and abuse them for his personal needs.

  24. 24
    amen Says:

    This guy seems to be a kind of charming serial predator type. He talks a good game about loving women, but treats them as a consumable commodity to be discarded when spent. I guess you could say that’s a kind of “loving” THE DYSFUNCTIONAL KIND! Even the lowest starfu**er he’s used and abused is a person – someone’s daughter, sister, girlfriend. While you are over in India Gerry, maybe you better think a little about your KARMA debt.

  25. 25
    hangglider Says:

    @21, 22, 23 and 24

    I’m curious as to what y’all base your assessments on. Just wondering, as I’ve never seen anything in GB’s interviews to suggest he doesn’t LIKE women. Can you cite a particular interview? I’m not criticizing you, just curious. I like to see comments supported by specific evidence. I believe he’s admittted he doesn’t do well in relationships and other people, if anonymously, seem to confirm that. He’s also indicated he was an insecure, nervous, fearful kid, and some kind of profound fear and emotional conflict, never outgrown, can be at the root of inability to maintain a close relationship, no matter how successful he is. I speak from experience as someone who had a very deep and understandable but partly irrational fear of being “owned” by another person, but finally did marry and did the til death do us part bit (sort of).
    Someone who seemed to have some personal experience with GB wrote on another site that when he starts feeling trapped he does something that provokes the woman involved to break off with HIM. I read various opinions on these sites ranging from starstruck fans who think he’s Mr. Perfect to those who consider him a crude, neurotic, narcissistic bag of pond scum. It would be interesting to know where the ugly–or not so ugly– truth lies. :) Meanwhile, back to the original issue here, I don’t see the point of locking people up at public expense as punishment except for violent criminals who are a clear and constant danger to society. And I am not the first or by any means the brightest mind to have that opinion. (Read Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” among others and it goes back way farther.) Far better a suitable penalty such as giving a substantial donation to an appropriate cause, maybe community service with victims of violence and maybe some anger management counseling if needed. This is not necessarily getting off easy. It’s just that incarceration may serve no purpose. (I’ ve been in lockdown too and never want to repeat it. It didn’t do anything except make me more angry.) I don’t know if the pap could be convicted of reckless driving after the fact or not. He doesn’t sound blameless and I’d be all for seeing him pay a fine for reckless endangerment or something but, GB, punching people out is just not acceptable.

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