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Gerard Butler: Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

Gerard Butler: Charged With Misdemeanor Battery
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  • LoneWolf

    Ok!!!! there were witness’s, the pap was seen harassing Gerry……the only thing wrong here (IMO) is Gerry hit him……not to long ago Keifer head butted someone and is in trouble….lord…… it will all work out I am sure.



  • Nativenyker

    I’m sure Butler was provoked! Serves that pap-per rite for getting in my mans face!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • no comment

    Rob and Kristen are so ON!

  • jaye

    Papa are Paps you can’t just going around hitting them because you don’t want to be bothered. He must be related to Russel Crowe. Some jail time might cure him.

  • tilly

    Butler is a moron too. Love for Rob and Kristen to hook up.

  • Angel

    No one here knows for sure that there were witnesses. That’s a rumor that he was justified in hitting the pap as much as the pap claims he was not provoking him. None of us know for sure. The side who gets more media coverage is usually the one everyone assumes has the whole story.

    No one knows if there was a big car chase. We don’t know any of the details for sure until they’re part of the court records and sworn under oath. Otherwise, it’s just both sides pointing fingers to get their butts off the hook.

    If he is guilty, he’s a celebrity. They won’t do a thing about it other than a fine that is the equivalent of a lunch at Mr. Chow’s and paying the guy’s medical bills. There’s no such thing as bad publicity and I’m sure he’s glad for all the free attention he can get now that he has a new film coming out.

  • anyonecansayit

    This is so fv<ked up, seriously! How do we spell greed? Why’s the lug being charged now? It’s like six month’s later! $$$ I suppo$e. Dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent people car stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy should go to jail not Gerry! ooOoo this riles me so much I could scream! Oh, I know-I know, the lug shouldn’t have touched the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent folks car star stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy ,and once would have been enough, if at all, but the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent folks car start stalking greedy mutterfarter pap guy most likely was a smart-ass back to Gerry at the window anyway when he asked the dumb-fv<k dangerous driving nearly killing people scaring them to death running red lights endangering innocent people car stalking greedy martherfarter pap guy what the fv<k he was doing! What a waste of my lug’s $$$ over this. He could get that koi pond made instead. I mean didn’t Gerry comment it was “dropped”? What gives?

  • gabby

    rob and kristen are not dating.

  • good grief gfw


    GFW – Good grief. Take a breath.

    The DA is the one who decides whether or not pressing charges is appropriate and most don’t unless they are sure that they have a solid case. The DA can do that with or without the pap’s cooperation. So perhaps your rage should be directed at the DA. Butler is not immune from the justice system just because he is a celebrity or because you think he is a loveable lug.
    It has nothing to do with greed. That would be a civil case, not criminal. Gerry will get a slap on the wrist. You care about this more than he probably does. I guarantee he isn’t sweating it.
    Relax and go back to writing your Gerry p.orn.

  • brazilian woman

    Gerry doesn’t deserve to go to prison . There must be another way…
    The paparazzo provoked him and that was wrong.
    I don’t see Gerry as a celebrity, but as a guy that has been cool for years to paparazzi, children, fans, co stars etc…

    N: I know that you all know that paparazzo is the singular form to paparazzi… but…

  • lakers fan in boston

    gerard is the man!
    my sexiest switches between cheryl cole, megan fox, and jessica alba, right now it’s 1,3,2 respectively
    btw i have no idea who the chick that won the hottest 100 for maxim, is

  • LoneWolf

    #10-Gerry’s case/situation doesn’t constitute prison time-MAYBE jail time if that……big difference in the 2….



  • Voilence begets voilence

    I know when pushed to the limit people do react, but it should never be with violence. Gerry was only lucky in the sense that he didn’t accidentally kill the pap. There have been so many cases of one punch deaths, where the person has punched someone and they have fallen back to their death, that would be terrible, to think you have robbed a mother, a wife, a child of their son, husband or father. The fact that Gerry reacted with violence shows something about his personality, a bit scary, would he when pushed to the limit in a relationship ever hit a girlfriend or his wife. Also the justice system doesn’t help either, it takes months or years for cases to be prosecuted and so the seriousness of the crime is diminished. Like the saying goes, “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.” I know that paps are terrible, they dog a celebrity to death, as in the case of Lady Diana, her life cut short for a couple of photographs. Bottom line, its the need to feed the greed, we are all hungry to an excess for photo’s and news/gossip of our favourite celeb’s, so its a pap frenzy out there, doesn’t matter about the cost, give the people what they want. But how much it enough….we are all responsible in some way, you see, we hit the magazines and sites, the magazines and sites hit the paps and the paps hit the celeb’ s and the celeb’s hit the paps and so on and so on. Just some food for thought.

  • pafan

    Can only wonder why he was so PO’d that night.!! Smashing someone in the face is not GB’s usual persona.
    Whatever. Love you, GB.

  • http://MAIL sv

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  • anon annoy

    @sv: Translation!?

  • WTF

    #15- is that norwegian? lol

  • rav

    17: its russian but i dont understand

  • hangglider

    Hey, the usual commentators are here. #10 Brazilian, no, many people don’t know that paparazzi is plural of paparazzo. You are one of the smart ones.
    #13 You said it in a nutshell. The paps are making a (very good) living feeding the public its dose of celebrity news. If the pap was breaking traffic laws he should have been arrested for that, but this doesn’t give Butler license to punch him out. Asault is asault. Come on, Jerry-lovers, “He was provoked” used to be a defense of wife beating. This seems like a case of the true slumdog Jerry he tries to hide coming out.

    The wheels of justice move slowly and I have wondered what happened to that story. I would hate to see Butler do 6 months time, not because I condone what he did but because I think in most offenses, incarceration is a waste of time and money. He’s rich. He could give some big bucks to some cause that supports victims of assault, get some counseling and get on with his movie making.

  • anyonecansayit

    Thank you.

  • la girl

    #13 “a bit scary, would he when pushed to the limit in a relationship ever hit a girlfriend or his wife”

    for what it’s worth, it’s never been said that GB is violent towards women. he is snarky and rude behind their backs though.

  • @ la girl

    Good point. In watching his interviews, I’ve had the sense that he doesn’t like women very much. He may slut around like a mad squirrel, but that doesn’t mean that he genuinely likes or connects with them on a basic human level.

  • Iagree

    I agree with you both. “Genuinely” seems to be the keyword here. He obviously “likes” women in the sense of enjoying to f*** them, but it always appears he doesn’t honestly love or at least respect women. He only seems to use and abuse them for his personal needs.

  • amen

    This guy seems to be a kind of charming serial predator type. He talks a good game about loving women, but treats them as a consumable commodity to be discarded when spent. I guess you could say that’s a kind of “loving” THE DYSFUNCTIONAL KIND! Even the lowest starfu**er he’s used and abused is a person – someone’s daughter, sister, girlfriend. While you are over in India Gerry, maybe you better think a little about your KARMA debt.

  • hangglider

    @21, 22, 23 and 24

    I’m curious as to what y’all base your assessments on. Just wondering, as I’ve never seen anything in GB’s interviews to suggest he doesn’t LIKE women. Can you cite a particular interview? I’m not criticizing you, just curious. I like to see comments supported by specific evidence. I believe he’s admittted he doesn’t do well in relationships and other people, if anonymously, seem to confirm that. He’s also indicated he was an insecure, nervous, fearful kid, and some kind of profound fear and emotional conflict, never outgrown, can be at the root of inability to maintain a close relationship, no matter how successful he is. I speak from experience as someone who had a very deep and understandable but partly irrational fear of being “owned” by another person, but finally did marry and did the til death do us part bit (sort of).
    Someone who seemed to have some personal experience with GB wrote on another site that when he starts feeling trapped he does something that provokes the woman involved to break off with HIM. I read various opinions on these sites ranging from starstruck fans who think he’s Mr. Perfect to those who consider him a crude, neurotic, narcissistic bag of pond scum. It would be interesting to know where the ugly–or not so ugly– truth lies. :) Meanwhile, back to the original issue here, I don’t see the point of locking people up at public expense as punishment except for violent criminals who are a clear and constant danger to society. And I am not the first or by any means the brightest mind to have that opinion. (Read Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” among others and it goes back way farther.) Far better a suitable penalty such as giving a substantial donation to an appropriate cause, maybe community service with victims of violence and maybe some anger management counseling if needed. This is not necessarily getting off easy. It’s just that incarceration may serve no purpose. (I’ ve been in lockdown too and never want to repeat it. It didn’t do anything except make me more angry.) I don’t know if the pap could be convicted of reckless driving after the fact or not. He doesn’t sound blameless and I’d be all for seeing him pay a fine for reckless endangerment or something but, GB, punching people out is just not acceptable.

  • amen

    Hi 25. I have been a fan of GB’s for several years and have met him and follow him through his sites. He is an easy guy to observe as he is always getting himself covered in various type of press and blogs – it just takes time studying him over several years…. if you’re an astute observer you can draw informed conclusions. I base a lot of my recent disappointment in based on the fact that he had the sweetest little pug dog, Lolita who was the light of his life. He’s dumped her and she’s nowhere to be seen any more – no more unconditional love form his little pup. Rumor says he had to give her away to his little nieces in Scotland – due to his travel schedule, but who really knows.
    Your observation about Victor Hugo’s character is interesting – but didn’t Jean Valjean steal a loaf of bread to feed his starving family? Not quite like popping someone in the mouth for being aggressively annoying. But I do agree neither should have been locked up. Gerry was violated for sure and I think he cold have done a lot more to that pap if he’d wanted to, but I feel he has good representation and he’ll get away with a fine that he can surely afford.

  • good grief

    It’s a misdemeanor. He isn’t going to jail. He will pay a fine and get probation. This isn’t Les Mis.
    As for the pug — seriously??? Just because you haven’t seen his dog lately doesn’t mean a thing. FFS, most celebrities aren’t seen with their pets except the tw/ats that carry them around in a purse all the time.

  • cubedweller

    Well, Gerry has been photographed often carrying large bags – maybe Lolita is just taking a nap at the bottom, with the spare change and gum.

  • hangglider

    Hi # 26. Yes, Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed his family, but contrary to a lot of opinion he did not get 25 years or whatever the final sentence was for that. I believe the sentence was initially 5 years. He just got more added on for additional violations and attempts to escape. Hugo’s thesis was that incarceration just breeds more anger and more effective criminals and the justice system was fauuty. I agree with that. I don’t know what happened to Lolita. I’ve wondered myself how GB manges to jet set all over the world and still keep a dog. I just don’t know.

  • zzzzzzzzz

    It’s a misdemeanor..I’m sure alot of the details have already been handled like paying this scum off…Most of them are after the $$ anyway…and as far as the dog..even if Gerry doesn’t have her anymore..I’m sure he found it a good home…

    I make it a point to rarely read the rag mags and if I do glance at them..they are good for a humourous laugh..pleeease…I’m just waiting for some of his movies to come The Ugly Truth, Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen..What he does on his personal time is his business…like what YOU do with your personal time..I’m sure you wouldn’t want eyes watching you every moment of every day..I know he’s in the public eye but sheesh..give the guy some breathing room…

  • amen

    Well hangglider you managed to work my favorite musical of all time into the Gerry Butler threads here at JJ LOL I must agree with Victor Hugo’s treatment of the issue of crime and punishment in the play. Tell ya what – if GB gets 20 years I promise to fling myself into the sewers of gay Parie’ just like our man Javert – or was it the Sein – in the stage play it was sewer – maybe Sein in the book.
    OK so GB’s little doggie – I fear she’s a gonner. I don’t have proof and am just commenting from observations I’ve made. I thought the unconditional love and grounding that kind of responsibility can bring might be a good thing in his life. Well, he’s kicked booze, drugs and cigarettes, maybe giving up things you love is a habit with this guy.

  • its humane

    I think Gerry is a very humane person, he helped that boy who was drowning in a river somewhere, he most probably stopped when the pap was chasing him so that no one else would get hurt from the pap’s wreckless driving and he spent time and money on the slumdog kids, even if it was PR, and now to give up Lolita, so that she could be looked after like a dog deserves to be looked after, are to me very noble actions and who knows, of some great sacrifice on Gerry’s part, because whatever he does is always taken out of context and misconstrued. They say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes a wrong action doesn’t mean a bad motive. I believe in most parts, Gerry’s motives are good and genuine, sometimes his actions don’t match up to that, anyway we are all guilty in some way of being and doing the same.

  • brazilian woman

    Gerry isn’t perfect. He’s just a human beeing with flaws and insecurities as anyone else.
    But sometimes I think that maybe the women that cross his way are using him or trying to change his way pushing him too much, or they just don’t like him and dump him… Who knows?
    I don’t understand why people always put the blame on him.
    I’m doing my best here trying to find the right words to explain myself but sometimes my English doesn’t help. (I love that language).
    I don’t see Gerry as a bad person and maybe he doesn’t really want to hurt those girls.Things just happen and who knows whether he’s guilty or not when a relationship doesn’t end well?
    You all know that a woman sometimes makes a man suffer…
    I love that man… and wish him the best

  • old man g

    Totally off topic, but here are some pics of GB from LAC. This is how he’ll look when he finally grows up.LOL

  • old man g

    The link is off by one page! UUGH! Just click “previous” to see pics from LAC.

  • me

    #25: I remember a very recent interview (I’m sure it’s on the fansites) where he said something like he enjoys the challenge of “hunting” a woman but when she finally wants him too he’s not interested in her anymore.

    As for Lolita, he used to have her on sets with him in the past and he was often seen with her, so the fact that no-one has seen her for a year or so does speak volumes. And anyone who knows anything about dogs knows that giving away a dog that you had for such a long time, even with the best intentions, will break the dog’s heart. A dog will put up with traveling and all kinds of other trouble as long as it’s with his owner. Giving up a dog is just downright cruel to the little creature. If he doesn’t have time for a dog he should never have gotten one in the first place.

  • hangglider

    Great comments. Brasilian woman, your English is far better than that of a lot of native speakers. Don’t apologize. If I don’t entirely agree with you on every point, I respect your opinion and your way of expressing it. I don’t feel I am blaming GB for everything that happens. Sure, any man who becomes famous and rich has to know, if he has any brains, that women are going to try to use him for their own ends. Truthfully, if GB is F-ing around as much as people say he is, I’m amazed that more stories and maybe secretly taped videos haven’t come out. Sure, women can be shameless users too.

    Amen #31, please don’t throw yourself into the Seine or the Paris sewers no matter what. I would miss you. :)

    #36 Thank you for telling that story. If true, it’s a sad commentary on GB’s attitude.

  • meggie

    #36- I remember that interview too and thought that quote was sad/sick. He doesn’t even try to hide who he is any more. He also said that his character in TUT is very much like him..a pig. Even the director, on meeting Gerry, said the same. G was very politically incorrect/ sexist when talking about women and relationships. There was another comment, made in jest, but I thought it was sh*tty. In an interview he said he moved out of the building that he and Cheryl Burk lived in, just to get away from her. Implying she was a pest, which I doubt, but even so why say something like that about a girl he took out.

  • me

    That’s what I’ve been thinking as well. Also the Halle Berry comment (even at a time when he admitted to having a girlfriend). He always tries to shrug these comments off as jokes afterwards when he realises how rude they were, but I still think it’s not funny and certainly not the “special Scottish humor” (as his fans always claim) to say these things in the first place. It’s just disgusting and shows how little respect he has for women. Also the thing he said about his then girlfriend from NY. Something like “a nice girl”. I’d smack my boyfriend if all he had to say about me was that I was “nice”. That’s basically an insult to a woman you have a relationship with and are supposed to love. But then, he probably didn’t love her anyway.

  • just saying

    Brazilian woman, we definitely share the same feeling about Gerry. I like him very much too and if we are not perfect why would he be, right? I just want to say here what I said in another thread: Gerry has proven to be very patient with all the paparazzi (and he has to because it is part of being a celebrity) and this is the first time I see him being violent with one of them. I just think that it might be very difficult to stay calm all the time especially when you have so many people stalking you day and night. I just hope he doesn’t do that again. Too much trouble for nothing.

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    I truly doubt he gets stalked day and night..Alot of people don’t even know who he is..In fact, while I was in Glasgow, Scotland one knew who he was…actor?..from where?…I’m glad that he is living his dream of being an actor and I’m sure at times, he wonders why with all the media and paps at his feet why?…… but only where they hang out..if he wants to go under the radar..he still can do so as proven right at this very moment..

  • hangglider

    Oh, please stop talking about how he isn’t perfect. He seems not to be even decent. I was glad to hear someone pointed to an interview in which he said he drops women after chasing them because he loses interest. I didn’t see that interview, I don’t see everything written about him, I just don’t think he looks like the man he pretended to be. You, who submitted the photos of what he will look like old, that’s scary

  • nyob

    You mean that is what he will look like when he quits coloring his hair. Old has nothing to do with it, unless you consider 40 old. My money is on far greater than 50% grey under all that clairol (sp?).

  • brazilian woman

    I totally agree with you.
    I’ve already thanked you for your comment about my English, but it was not published… you’re free to correct me, anytime…

  • hangglider

    I really have nothing new to add but felt when I read through the new comments and my last, I went OUCH! because I sounded more abrupt and waspish than I meant to. Sorry folks. This is such a good site to comment on. People express intelligent thoughts, which is fun. Perhaps the object of all this discussion isn’t worth our time, but what the heck. Sometimes great ideas come from seemingly misspent time.
    Brazilian woman, I’m sorry I mispelled your name. Your English doesn’t need correcting. Anyone who can speak and write more than one language is to be commended anyway. (But isn’t Brasilia spelled with an s in the middle?)
    #34 “old man g” thanks for pointing out that picture on the set of LAC. It was amusing to see all that gray hair on GB’s head, and the glasses. giggle tee hee.
    I also didn’t reply properly to “me” #36 and #39. I appreciate you mentioning the interview about “hunting women” and losing interest when he gets them. I never saw or read that. BTW It reminds me of an old joke about a dog that persisted in chasing cars. His owner one day said, “Little dog, what would you do with it if you caught one?”

    If GB said something about losing interest after the hunt that it is sad because it’s what you expect from teen-age boys who are just starting to explore girls. That kind of comment should not be coming from a man who is nearing 40. GB has talked a lot about his misspent youth drinking and how his friends were disappointed when he gave it up because he was so entertaining fighting, jumping in front of cars and setting himself on fire, or some such stuff. It almost seems as if he is doing the same thing in a different way. He has millions of mostly besotted female fans who love every outrageous thing he says and does and think he is nonstop hilarious and it seems he plays to them. I wondered if I was the only one in the world who thought the Halle Berry comment was inappropriate and immature. And I’m not a prude. he seems a likable bloke but I can’t help wondering whom he may be antagonizing. He is supposed to be highly intelligent but I have never seen that in any interview he’s given.

  • cubedweller

    Hangglider, I too was stunned at his crude Halle Berry remark. He always says things in a joking and ironic manner, but that was just out of line. I was also put off by his last guest appearance with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. I had looked forward to it because he is usually funny and tells good stories to Jay. But I thought he was over-the-top crude, and made offensive remarks about women with children. That was the night he went off on the pap, so clearly it was not a good night for him. When he keeps it above the belt and doesn’t try so hard to be funny, then he is quite quick and witty.

    I’m the one who posted #22 and I never answered your question about why I sensed he didn’t like women. These are some examples of the interviews that led me to that opinion. It has been my experience that men who make lewd and disrespectful comments about women, even if they are wrapping it in humor, really have some anger towards them.

    I became a fan of Gerry because of Timeline, and found him to be a great interview – funny, open, a great storyteller. Like a lot of people, I believe something changed around the time of 300. Altho I enjoy some of his performances (loved RocknRolla), I’m no longer a fan of the man. I am a fan, tho, of the interesting posters who dwell here. That’s just my take on it, for what it’s worth.

  • hangglider

    @cubedweller You’ve been around these sites for awhile. Thank you for your response. I guess I didn’t see the Leno show you refer to. I was an early admirer after 300 because I thought I saw something unique in him, but then it just seemed to fizzle bubble by bubble. So I am disappointed, not because he is an imperfect human being as we all are, but because he doesn’t seem to have a clue how to behave. There are still enough mentally defective women who adore him to keep his career going for awhile I guess. They are suporting his silly behavior so he keeps it up. I just read somewhere that all men are 14-year-old boys at heart, but I know 18-year-old MEN who are more man than this almost 40-year-old movie star.

  • http://n/a Peatootin’

    I , along with nearly 1,000 folks , was duped by a phony “Gerry ” on a new age social site. Out of curiosity , I’ve tuned in here recently to see what the ” real” GB has been up to . Looks like the real and the phony have much in common : Romancing multiple women , exhibiting narcissitic tendencies , shallowness, and die-hard fans who are in denial . ALSO, to be fair — charisma and talent (although the phony , as it turned out , was plagerizing ” teachings.” )
    The truth? Who knows? But the eveidence , though much is circumstantial or not admissable in court , points to a pretty face , though pretty much an “empty suit. ”
    Whatever ; May the truth win out for all involved.
    Really intuitive and insightful stuff here . Keep it up, those who make intelligent contributions .

  • amen

    I’ve been a fan since I saw him in THE JURY – years ago. He’s had some success since then and gained himself some celebrity. What I think has happened is that the guy is so talented – when he’s good in his films he is undeniable. Watch Dear Frankie and The Jury – he’s brilliant, subtle and intense. But those were small films with no promise of distracting notoriety. By the time 300 came along he was so morphed into a Hollywood guy that he lost his soul. When a nobody is immature or a cad we don’t take much notice. But when we see flashes of greatness we invest and get excited for a life of substance and artistic achievement.
    He just couldn’t land it and while he floundered around he spilled his guts and his real, flawed, self-centered personality came to the surface. Had he landed his career he’d be forgiven all this or it would be swept away. I read almost no trash about Clooney or DeCaprio… they’re exalted. So that’s the formula GB – first you get exalted THEN you can be an A*hole.

  • hangglider

    Amen#49 this was brilliant. I didn’t know GB before 300, then remembered I saw him in Attila. His star began to rise, he started his own company and he looked exciting, a man on the go, but then he started looking as if fame went to his head. What’s with all the fashion shows and parties? The models I guess. LAC looks like just another police TV show. Not what we expected from the big star.