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Jon Gosselin: Get In Mah Belly

Jon Gosselin: Get In Mah Belly

After picking the kids up at school, Jon & Kate Plus 8 father Jon Gosselin scratches an itch as he stops off at the UPS store on Friday afternoon (May 15) in Reading, Penn.

Jon‘s gal pal, Deanna Hummel, was seen running her own errands while simultaneously running away from photographers.

Jon‘s wife, Kate Gosslein, has been chatting up her fun hairdo. She has said, “Everybody wants it!”

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Credit: Winslow/Turgeon; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    He’s picking da fleas outta his belly button.

  • Emit

    Oh Jared, leave these people alone.

  • Toni

    OMG. He is so ready for the big Hollywood sex thing. I have to say though, Kates a bitch.

  • jess

    WOW, are they seriously following this loser girl around?? This whole thing was her idea and at the end she tries to be innocent….

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she’s not that bad looking
    hate the face but she has a nice body
    im starting 2 believe that both kate and him r having affairs
    jon better hope that she’s interested because if they divorce he’s gonna be lonely
    but being alone is an upgrade from kate

  • Liv

    Wow she’s unnattractive. Even the nutless wonder can do better than her.

  • SpoiledMom

    free hair plugs have taken off…. WIN

    picking navel fuzz in public….. FAIL

    your wife’s hair gets more attention than you do from your wife… FAIL

  • blah

    Yeah Kate, everyone is desperate for your backwards mullet. Don’t hold your breath for it to become the new Rachel.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Jon’s wife Kate said, ” Everyone wants my hairdo “? Are you serious? Do you see anyone running around with that chicken little hair-do?
    My stylist said no-one has EVER come in asking for ” the Kate ” hair-do.” LOL.LOL
    Deanna’s brother was right. On other site’s she seems to enjoy the attention she is getting from the paparazzi, and does not run from the them, or shield her face. I don’t think Ms. Deanna is going anywhere soon. She is having a real good time, enjoying her 15 minutes of slut fame, right now, and Kate has made the ” OMG ” ” What were they Thinking ” column on dressing, when she wore her tacky mini, and whore boots..
    The whole family has fallen apart. Poor little children !!!

  • ick nast

    looks like he’s trying to clean the dirt from his Belly Button. yuck! Then he’s gonna go off touching everything in his car with his obviously dirty belly button finger.

  • taylor

    Jon is so sexy. Haha, I can’t get over it.

  • joss

    they could be doing nothing together, but when ppl put things up like this, it makes it seem like something…they’re running errands separately, yet somehow ppl can find ways to bring them into together…like really…who cares…

  • trisha

    Jon is picking up the kids as usual while Kate is flying around the country loving the attention. She’s delusional if she thinks anyone other than a few of her weird worshippers want her hideous do. Kate has known the marriage is over and now she’s trying to gain sympathy by telling lies, as if she cares that Jon was with someone else.

  • margaret


  • margaret


  • bella

    8 kids are involved in all this, yet the parents are too self involved to care obviously. And btw Kate hair is horrible, and no one wants it.

  • mslewis

    Jared, if you must show pictures of Jon would you at least show some class and NOT put a picture of the ALLEGED mistress next to him? Please? I’m not understanding your logic behind this.

  • PLEASE don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ………………….please don’t put anymore pictures of these people on your site, JJ. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough of them already. They are famous for what? Having 8 kids? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please the daily pics of them running errands is sickening.

  • yup

    @VICTORIA # 1:

    u r so right.

  • Catalina

    OMG. that girl is a home wrecker. and jon you should have not done anything, you have 8 kids that love you and trust you and a wife that is willing to leave you if it wont hurt them anymore. this is a major lasp in judgment and you should have known better. And if she is a third grade teacher who knows what she is doing with her students parents. THAT SLUT, GO RUIN ANOTHER FAMILY AND TRY TO BLAM IT ALL ON YOUR BROTHER.

  • http://aol Patti

    Just like Humpty Dumpty, they all fall down. Is anyone really surprised that these no talented people are trying desperately to be celebrities?

  • to catalina

    jeez, will you relax? no need to hate someone you don’t even know.

  • melissa

    He is making sure that we see he is wearing his wedding ring.

  • jdub

    first off, if you want to cheat on your wife, wouldnt u expect it to be someone prettier than her. this deanna chick is GARRROOOOOSSS!!!
    second, i wish people would leave this family alone. their going thru a hard time and you constantly follow them around.

  • kel

    I hate Kate with a passion and think her hairdo is absolutely retarded, but I got to admit that Deanna is fuglier.

  • Save8in09

    Jon needs to get a good lawyer. He has so much evidence in the footage that was never shown. Kate needs help with her anger before she should be allowed alone with the kids. Oh, that’s not a problem because she’s never alone with her kids.

  • Carroline

    Maybe somebody asked Kate where she got her hair done, as in “you mean you actually PAID for that haircut, and didn’t sue?” instead of the “oh, I love your hair and want it” inference she seems to have gotten. Because I have seen bad haircuts.. Heck, I have HAD bad haircuts, but that one of Kate’s is BAD.. Looks like the kids took their dull kindergarden scissors to it. I’d be embarassed, if I were her. But she seems SO into herself that she doesnt’ see that people actually think it looks horrid.
    And the shrew she is, I wouldn’t blame Jon for finding affection somewhere eise. As for Jon’s pick… heck, his self esteem must be in the toilet after being married to her for so long, that it is easy to imagine that he wouldn’t go for the nicest looking but the one that TREATED him the nicest… Cause Kate treats him like another child at home.
    And I saw some clips of them on YouTube entitled Awful Moments, and there are several in a series.. One had her saying she was throwing out one of the little boy’s blankie-bunny because it had gum on it. She was being SO hateful to the little boy, and he was crying his poor little heart out. I felt so badly for him, and just disgust at HER. She isn’t NEARLY the great (or even good) Mom that she has declared she is….. She is becoming what a Mom SHOULDN’T be like…. These kids are going to grow up with mental issues, mark my words…

  • stallion*&

    hahahaha the dude is so hollywood now with black shades….

  • woof

    He looks good here. What happened?

  • woof

    He looks good here. What happened?


    tummy tucks, teeth whitening, mini skirts, punk hairdo, nazi control freak, big mouth, unaffectionate…………white trash………that’s Kate

    I’m sure any normal young woman regardless of whether or not she is a ‘beauty’ on the outside, would have been a ‘fix’ for Jon. The guy is only early thirties and he’s been emasculated by this beech, Kate.

    I saw their final episode of last season and it was made clear that they were in a dilemma and would be ‘working ‘ it out. The dilemma as that Jon could not stand the celebrity the show brought and the ensuing lack of privacy and Kate wanted to continue.

    If she really wanted to save her marriage and put her kids first, the cameras would have been turned off for good at that point. They have great financial security now and they should just have tried to go back and find who they were as a couple.

    Her priorities are clear. $$$$ and fame. His are ‘normalcy.’ I hope he does leave her because she is one unloving lady to him. The kids will already have suffered from the effects of this bad marriage, so it might be better to clear out one parent on a full time basis and establish joint custody in separate addresses. No man would get involved with her…….omg, take on that load……….Jon’s pretty easy going, she’d have to find a saint.

  • mela

    Deanna’s got a fug face. and she looks gross, like she needs a good scrub down.

    her clothes look cheap and tacky and too small, and don’t even get my started on her ugly shoes..and her teeth, please! what a hick.

    she is so gross, i am starting to doubt Jon cheated on Kate with this ugly girl.

    Kate may be a harda$$, but she is a million times prettier and hotter than this fug girl.

  • Shell

    Dawne I agree with every thing you said but one thing—No man would get involved with her…….omg, take on that load……….

    Look at the body guard. I believe she was sleeping with him and other men would line up just because they can put a sack on that ugly greedy head with thay gross hair and take her to bed.
    One thing for sure that show will never be on any TV in my house.

  • Casey

    Mela Deanna would look good to if she had a show pampering her to make her look good on the camera. Kate looks are made up for her to pose in front of the camera while Deanna is running errands. Who dress up with stage make up to run errands.
    As much of a b-tch as Kate is I don’t blame Jon for wanting to talk to someone else. No man wants to be brow beat 24/7.

  • shawna fawkler

    give jon the break he needs. his baby machine wife is so busy with ther kids and he actually needs some ho to boink.

    a ho that works… methinks kate is not in &%^& so he needs one that will do him good.

  • Lor

    Run Bimbo, Run!!!

  • PrincessK

    She wasn’t “running errands”. She was leaving her JOB as an elementary school teacher in the Reading School District. Thats how school teachers dress. They aren’t going to whore it up like Kate to teach a bunch of 10 year olds. So on a Friday afternoon this is how you should expect to see Deanna, not dressed like she’s ready to walk the red carpet.


    Remember Kate never looked like she does now. If the teacher had the money they had and people dressing her,styling her hair, giving her free teeth whitening-She would look just as good as Kate or better. Never judge a book by it’s cover as the old saying goes.


    Maybe Jon was looking for inner beauty this time if he did go out with her. He knows the outer beauty can be fixed. Tan, teeth whitening-personal trainer-

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This poor family.

  • Carrie fisk

    I cannot believe Jon left Kate for her. But I’m sure all he cares about is sex. He sure in the hell is not thinking of his kids. Jon you are a LOSER.

  • Diana

    He’s getting his skank on! Nice! She’s probably another young woman with very low self esteem issues. After a while she will get wise and leave him. Or he will get sick of her and dump her and then she’ll go nuts and start another press war.

    It’s honestly quite sad on so many different levels.

  • Tommy

    Well Deanna seems likes the typical house wrecker. But Jon is to blame and he should have known better. Best to straighten out your situation with your wife first, then move on with your life.

    The kids are the ones who will suffer for all this. It’s sad that kids so young have to go through this at all, without all the media attention attached to it.

    There are no winners here. They need to be left alone. You can all speculate and gossip all you like, but there are only two people who know the truth in this situation. Jon & Kate.

    Unless you know for sure, it would be wise to stop spreading untruths and junk you read of the Internet.

    In other words, some of the posters here need to grow up and wise up. If this were your family, would you want all this? We all make mistakes and NONE OF US IS PERFECT!

  • Maria

    Good lordy,

    Jon is trying to relive his youth, he is buttfugly, and his gf is worse. . what does he care what his kids think, its all bout jon, poor poor jon, well it takes 2, and i dont put the blame all on Kate, I hope jon get what he deserves, and she should lose her job, as a teacher, i wouldnt want her teaching my kids…

  • Lynn

    Jon is soooo stupid…Snap out of it, will you!!!!That is just trouble, jumping from girl to girl. Only means one thing your afraid to be alone and you really don’t know who you are. But I do…..LOSER. Hailey is just using you for publicity and the “clothing line”. Seriously, who is going to buy your clothing line for kids. That is like approving of what you are doing. And everyone knows that what you are doing is sooo wrong. Cheating on your wife. You probably busted a move on Hailey while with Kate, and I wouldn’t doubt it if you busted a move on your young babysitter. You are acting like if your in your 20′s. Sorry, but I don’t believe cheating no matter how bad your wife is. NOBODY deserves that. You’ll see, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Kate will have the last laugh!!! Jon is a follower and just wants to fit in. Dude what’s up with the smoking? SERIOUSLY