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Natalie Portman is Moving To A Medieval Manor

Natalie Portman is Moving To A Medieval Manor

Natalie Portman leaves the set of her new film Hesher in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 14).

In the movie, the 27-year-old actress plays a supermarket worker who gets involved with a family that’s struggling to deal with the loss of their mother.

According to Page Six, Natalie just bought a $3.25 million medieval manor in Los Feliz, Calif. The new 4,866 square-feet crib has four bedrooms, a pool, and two guesthouses.

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Credit: Buchan; Photos: INFDaily
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  • mia


  • victoria

    she is beautiful woman, and great actress!
    but lately she looks just awful ((( ( her outfit)

  • me

    good for her, several films a year, talented, gorgeous, substantive, a humanitarian, she deserves all the best

  • b

    @ Victoria 2

    she looks like this for the part in the film she is doing and I think she always looks gorgeous and cute on bad days

  • victoria

    oh, my bad. i’m sorry.

    so the point is she is beautiful ! )))

  • Funkey

    She is on set this is her costume in the movie she has a casual look and to me she looks better in casual then your d-lister who claim to fashion design.

    Natalie’s crib is spectacular it was said Mullroney and his wife lived in it. It does have a old english look to it. and from the looks of the inside it is amazing.

  • jamie lynn spears

    I always wanted to live in a medieval castle. I suppose manor in California is far from Bran Castle in Transylvania but still better than an apartment building on the prairies. Natalie just rose to a new hight in my eyes. Any fan of medieval architecture kicks butt :)

  • uhmmmmm

    “Natalie just bought a $3.25 million medieval manor in Los Feliz, Calif.”
    It can’t be “medieval” if it’s in California.
    It can be medieval STYLE, but not “medieval”.

  • victoria

    $3.25 million medieval manor – good for her!
    Hope she’s very happy there :~)

  • cm

    she is awesome but (i feel really bad saying it ) boring!!!

  • i

    i think she is cute in these pictures

  • Pandora

    @cm — there is boring, and then there is *boring*, you know? I don’t find her “boring” in the least. I find it refreshing that she just gets on with her life. She seems to have normal relationships, they end, then she moves on, lives her life. There is no material here to sensationalize because she’s not a bimbo or an attention hoe.

    I think she’s great, looks-wise, talent-wise and in general. :)

  • ello



  • missy

    I thought she was the classy hollywhore star, but it turns out she’s the same, Sean Penn uck!

  • lesley

    I love her she is such a sweetheart!

  • bejeebus

    i hope that the rumors about her and sean penn aren’t true. i wouldn’t say i’ve ever been her biggest fan but i did always think she was probably a pretty nice person….well, “pretty nice” people don’t bang other people’s husbands. i’ve always thought that sean penn was a piece of crap individual…talented? yes. but as a person…..complete and total cr@p. i would bet money he’s sleeping around…probably with several chicks over the years….but is one of his hos miss. portman? THAT is the question!

  • Blah girls!

    This movie looks adorable but WTF at her dating Sean Penn?

  • eww

    to think she is screwing Sean Penn makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

  • Rhonda

    yep, Sean Penn. Maybe she’ll get to meet a dictator soon, Chavez or crazy Iran guy or maybe even King Obama I.

  • kroq

    People keep insinuating that the Sean Penn rumor is true yet there is no photographic evidence of them spending time together. Worst of all, it was Star magazine that started this rumor and all the gossip blogs and sites have just spun that alleged story. The first story that broke out about them making out was later refuted by her rep. She was with Rashida Jones that night, and they later joined Sean at the same table and the actresses then proceeded to the “I Love You Man” afterparty. JJ also reported this as well.
    Until paps snap pictures of Sean and Natalie together, the entire thing is bogus.

  • Viper

    There is NOTHING of truth in that rumor and that is strickly what it is a “RUMOR” have one of these fools that reported it show any kind of real evidence to back up what they claim, you will find they can’t.

    Her choice of homes is commendable good chance it is for as much business as it is pleasure and the fact she can afford it proves she is one of the highly paid actress’ in show business. Not many if any celebrity female her age makes the kind of bank she does.

  • JJ


  • Rhonda

    I liked her alot in that Walmart movie. I thought she was cute.

  • alberto fraga

    Because I was banned for comments, I would do anylhing to behave bettter in the future if I lhad a chance live my comments to Natalie, tell me what I could do because she is my life. An old but I respect the staf of website and of couse Natalle, I told her that I could be her father.

  • Rebecka

    I have to agree with #8. When I read the headline I thought she’s moving to Europe. How can you have a medieval manor in the US?

    Thinking about it, what style is the manor in anyways? There were many architectonic movements during the middle ages (romanesque, gothic etc.) and they were all quite different…

    Anyway, Natalie is a beautiful, talented young woman. I’ve been a fan since Leon. Good luck to her!

  • regiane

    eu a adimirava como pessoa,mas me parece que nao é tão assim aquela atrizes que se diz pudica e que tem vergonhas das coisas,que ela sean pean? uma pessoa horrivel !!!!não da para creditar acho que esquecem que fomos nós fâs que fizeram ela o que é hoje nao adianta ser só um rostinho bonito. não pode ser amor e sim apenas servegonhice porque ja que fivca com todo mundo né estou bem desapontada com isso!!

  • Gasol_fan16

    She is dressed for her movie role. She normally does not dress like this which, is not bad. This is what she is wearing for the movie role. She is on the set. Duh??!!! She looks better or a hell of a lot better then some d-lister Batsh*t actress that has a copy cat clothing design for DNKY.

    Not only that. Natalie can act and proof of that she bought the $3.25 M house! It is not Medieval looking!! It is a beautiful house!!

  • Viper

    The idea of it being Medevil is just a term for a type of Architectual design trait. Just because it’s here in the US doesn’t mean the style of design isn’t here in the US. You will find many people will have Spanish or French even Italian in their homes most of what you see in California is based from Spanish modern, And Northern Cal will have a type of French, some Asian or Indian design.

    I think Natalie choose the house for the idea it’s older home has some history to it and also fits her needs for business and pleasure. I’m sure she will find a way to redecorate it and make it her own personal taste. Just because we see it as a medievil style now doesn’t mean she will keep to the entire idea.

  • a fan

    She should use her smart head not to bang a married man. I hope it is not true.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cant really comment since i hate that stupid geek outfit
    but i mean she’s wearing it for a role so it doesnt matter
    btw who else is in the movie?known actor/actress

  • @28

    But they aren’t French or Italian homes (or medieval). They aren’t in France, Italy of the Middle Ages, so they can’t be called by those names. But they can be built in the STYLES that you are referring to. That is what #8 was talking about.
    ie: you can’t live in a French house in California. You would have to move to France to do that.
    Natalie may have bought a Medieval style house, but since no one was building homes in California during the Middle Ages, it can’t be called a Medieval House.
    See the difference?

  • mrs. c.

    @#27 – Gasol
    I bet the D-lister you’re talking about is the fugly Rachel Bilson, the mother of all fakes in HW and fashion industry. She wants to be as pretty and talented as our beloved Natalie but that ain’t ever gonna happen! :-)

  • Crowe

    Here she is again parading around-being the hot mess that she is.

  • frankie

    she has always lacked style.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Why a medevil manor though? ODD.