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Natalie Portman: I'm Not Dating Sean Penn!

Natalie Portman: I'm Not Dating Sean Penn!

Natalie Portman is speaking out against the rumors that she’s dating Sean Penn.

The 27-year-old actress tells Extra, “Sean Penn is a friend and colleague. The reports that we are romantically involved are completely untrue. I normally do not respond to rumors about my private life, however, this repeatedly fabricated story has forced me to do so.”

Penn, 48, recently filed for legal separation from his wife of 13 years, Robin Wright Penn. Tabloid rumors stated that Natalie and Sean were spotted “making out” at West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel in March.

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  • dirty

    of course not!

  • jaye

    She’s naive to think she can be out ALONE with a married man and rumors will not start.

  • padme

    Who in their right mind would want to be with Sean Penn??? The media has gotten really out of control lately with everything from the swine flu frenzy to this ridiculous romance.

  • Rhonda

    Nat, if you love weasels, be a PROUD weasel lover:)

  • me

    I never believed that they were dating

  • Viper

    I’m glad she spoke out on this herself and not her agent she hasn’t been alone with the man since Canne and that was for work related reasons. There has been no physical evidence she was seen with him so the rumors should die now.

  • Leroy

    I think they look good together.
    His wife is hot, he’s crazy to let her go.
    My opinion.

  • stacy

    In a way I’m glad she addressed this – even though people will still believe what they want to believe – because something like this will get her attention for the absolute WRONG reasons. Seems she’s worked hard to build her reputation in show business, and who needs ridiculous rumors painting her as some husband-stealing tramp?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    who would wanna date sean peen?

  • kroq

    I’m glad she released a statement, although her detractors will still deny her word because as Stacy said, people will believe what they want to believe. But it comes with the territory.

  • amanda

    Nat is a smart woman and would never do such thing. I’m glad she address this issue to shut all those undying rumors.

  • Jane

    ew sean penn is a good actor but probably one of the most ugliest guys ive ever seen

  • Gasol_fan16

    Good for Natalie! I’m glad she spoke out! The girl is no way going to lie! I told you stupid rumor made up by Star magazine or whatever it was and even JJ said it was not true. It is pretty bad Natalie has to go as far to speak out like this so, people can stop spreading rumors but, I’m glad she did. Natalie’s a good girl! :D

  • Blah girls!

    Denying it? I don’t blame her.

  • lesley

    The non-straights have converted Sean Penn, that is why he filed for divorce and wants prop 8 to pass! hahaha. Actually, sean is marrying mel gibston.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont understand why ppl even believe this shit
    honestly she’s a pretty classy girl imo
    i doubt she will do ho shit like that

  • Anakin

    WTH happened to Sean’s face &hair, it looks like his neck threw up!

  • Sade

    I detest Sean Penn. He is one of the more dense celebrities out there. As for Natalie Portman, not a fan. She looks like a young Nancy Pelosi which is by no way a compliment.

  • Cri Cri

    She seems smart……why would she date Sean Penn? I love her. She’s not fake and stoopid like other Hollywood actresses


    why believe her that easy? wow, of course the young fox midget will deny all of that. Are they smart? She would be stoopid if she wouldn’t date this mulit million oscar winning old fart :)

  • tgk

    She really is a master in semantics. Of course, you’re not dating him, you’re not having a romantic involvment.Nobody says you are. The “reports” as you quote them just hint at a physical relation.
    Nobody, even those who spread the rumors, believes in a romance.The horizontal involvment is the one you should have denied (if you care about what the tabloids print, which you shouldn’t but that’s another story).

  • LuckyL

    Classy girl.


    He’s really starting to remind me of Roman Polanski.

  • Debbie

    Penn is a communist and stone cold ugly. this guy gets a pass on everything

  • Dread not

    You don’t date Sean Penn, Nat. Sean Penn dates you! And once Sean dates you, you stay dated! See what this M’Fer did to, Robin Wright?! She was a stone cold fox at one time. She looked ten years younger than her age. Now, she looks like sumpin’ the cat hacked up. No, Sean is an incubus. Though, Natalie Portman is something of a succubus. Hell, it’s a match made in heavan. Have at it, kids!

  • twtu

    totally besides the point, but girl is looking gorgeous over there!

  • twtu

    totally besides the point, but girl is looking gorgeous over there!

  • K. Lazarus

    Now THAT’S goin’ full retard!

  • 4real

    No, No, nobody would think that, they are just friends with benefits.

  • me

    I’m glad she came out and said the true about it.

  • Crowe

    Yup and Brad was quoted as not being with angelina everything is so true in Hollyweird

  • sharon
  • bluerose


  • ellie’

    We didn’t believe it anyway, but it wasn’t gonna stop .. You did the right thing, speak up..

  • Jon

    All the idiocy and gullibilty comes full circle: Sean Penn and Robin Wright have reconciled. No more divorce.

    Don’t quit your day jobs.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I love them both but not together! Sean belongs with Robin.

  • lee

    check SP’s mouth position. body language people will tell you that pursed smiles are a classic ‘i have something i want to say but must keep it in’…

  • population pudding


    it wasn’t funny at all. not even awkward funny. just stupid. i can’t believe this guy is considered talented.