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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Grabbin' Groceries

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Grabbin' Groceries

Rachel Bilson and her fiance, fellow actor Hayden Christensen, already look the part of a domestic couple as they go grocery shopping at Whole Foods supermarket on Friday (May 15) in Glendale, Calif.

The “green” couple shopped with eco-friendly reusable bags!

Rachel, 27, wore Coach “Charlize” gladiator sandals. Hayden, 28, wore Nike high-tops and a Lacoste cap. He’s the new face of Lacoste’s fragrance, Challenge. The scent should be available later this month.

10+ pictures inside of grocery shopping couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen

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rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen grocery shopping 12

Credit: Auz; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Tom

    They looked the part of a domistic couple for a while now. Not the first published photos of them shopping.

  • lisa

    they are green till you look at her shoes im pretty sure thats not fake snakeskin…. but every little bit helps i guess

  • emma.

    Their cute! He’s so hot, lol.

  • Cee

    ugh, he is so perfect!

  • me123


  • kayla

    I will never get them as a couple. IDC what anyone says they seem very disconnected, despite every thing that’s supposedly happening.

  • Christine

    Rachel looks really really small.
    Adam Brody is much hotter than this guy.
    Who is this? :D

  • Sheena

    God, here comes the hatefest with at least 12 pages filled with people who think they know exactly what’s going on. Coming from both sides, the pros and the haters. And both sides sound stupid. So I guess I’m going to get a good laugh today, as always. LOL.

  • Blah girls!

    Gosh they are such a good looking couple!

  • Sheena

    @ 9

    Does Jared know you’re pimping your own site on his? GTFO

  • lesley

    seems like skywalkers career sucks now, good luck buddy.

  • liz

    Who is Adam Brody?

  • Saudia

    cute .. love them together .. and separately lol .. hot :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i like her style, unlike many other celebs who dress horribly she’s consistent and rarely fails imo
    i do gotta say she looks way shorter than usual
    she looks like she’s under 5 ft in these pics =\
    still she’s the cutest girl!!!
    love u rachel

  • bohe_mia

    Hayden Is dreamy ! DAMN

  • Anakin

    @12 – Exactly

    @11 – WTF are you talking about?

  • Sade

    Rachel is a cutie pie. She is so small. Although she does have the breeder hips… so, child birth shouldnt be too bad for her.

    Hayden is SOOO good looking! Loved him in Star Wars and Jumper.
    I hope they make a Jumper II.

    As for them as a couple.. He gave her a huge rock so obviously something is going on good with them.

  • kim

    Congratulations to them. I’m moving on!

  • naberrie skywalker

    Cool….another opportunity to bash Ratchel again!!! If Hayden wants to save what’s left of his career, he should not make Jumper 2 and he should dump that ugly, talentless midget. If he does make Jumper 2, they should at least get another leading lady for poor Hayden b/c RB is just a horrible wannabe actress.

  • Funkey

    Well it surely doesn’t look like he is working any time soon if he is pushing her shopping cart like a trained dog on a leash AGAIN..he has no show of any kind of affection a man engaged would have.

  • voice of reason

    Funkey he is working at the end of this month

  • melissa

    Love them

  • Jenny

    I love Hayden’s plaid jacket and shoes and the sunglasses sticking out of his jean pocket…so cute.

  • lala


  • Laura

    Normally I like Rachel’s style… but those shoes are hideous!

  • Hmmm

    By golly, she only comes up to his nipples!

  • kim

    Insecure little man with an insecure little woman… I guess she makes him “feel” big.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Their relationship is weird. They have been together 2 years now and they don’t show any open affection at all in public? Not even openly smiling like the pictures I sent of Pau and his ex- girlfriend. Hayden looks blah and depressed and pushing the cart and putting the groceries away like a well trained dog. She is smiling and acting the part as the blissful fiance’. WTF is up with him? Love shows no matter how private you are. You can actually look up at each and share smiles. I have not seen that. They act like an old married couple or a brother and sister shopping together. Always shopping once again. No pictures of having a fun evening out? Or a romantic stroll on the beach? Shopping and mundane tasks once again. Pathetic! At least Rachel is finally using Eco friendly bag’s and not using the plastic anymore. That is the only thing positive about this stupid thread.

  • ocsethummer
  • SharOn!!!

    Hey Gasol fan!
    Greeting’s! Gasol is sort of cool. I’m a Cavalier’s fan however. I love Lebron James! LOL!

    Anyway. Yes. People do after a while no matter how private they are. They will be caught of guard kissing in public or holding hands. Love shows in the face and in the eye’s. IDK about Hayden’s and Rachel’s relationship? It just looks so fabricated and the pictures set up to me. Who knows? Maybe Canadian’s are dead lover’s! LOL! :lol: Good luck on your Laker team anyway. GO CAVALIER’S!! :D

  • SharOn!!!

    Okay Gasol!!
    Pictures of Lebron and his long time gal Savanna!! I find this picture precious of them. I agree with ya girl! When your in love it shows! :D

  • voice of reason

    They look like a couple doing food shopping just like most people and are probably just wanting to get home. At least it looks like Hayden remembered to shave, and this time actually pushed the trolley :-)

  • Tiffani


    Yeah that coming from a person who thought she was sporting afterglow a week or so ago when she was clearly pissed, and he wasn’t even in the same city, lmao. I think you should leave this matter to people who actually know what they’re talking about. You probably need to get out more. Besides, I don’t think you even have a soul.

  • Viper


    IF HE IS SHOOTING, gee do you have the inside scoop on his working habits, do you know for sure he is actually shooting end of the month, DID he tell you personally you act as if your his business manager or PR rep. Being rumored attached to a project doesn’t mean he is going to do it. His movies USUALLY fall through only once in awhile do they pan out and lately it’s been Supporting actor.

    Food shopping yes, TYPICAL of them all the time they never show emotion, love or even that they like each other and this is more the once a month stage show they seem to always put on. We get one or two pics every 4 to 6 weeks of them and then he goes into hiding. The one that said they act like brother and sister, I AGREE they act like they are more of a brother/sister. But since the rumors always seem to surround him of being GAY it shows how much he totally screams it.

  • Irene

    @ 28

    I kind of agree with you. I mean the 3 girls he was seeing before Rachel he had no problem with the open affection and looked pretty happy when he didn’t have his tongue in a girl’s mouth. Which was the case with Alessandra or whatever her name was, lol. I had even seen him and Lola up here in Vancouver a few times and they weren’t shy about it. Held hands, giggled, all that good stuff. Well laughed, Hayden and giggle kind of don’t go together. So I think the privacy angle that people throw out is a crap defense. They can also use the “he’s growing up” excuse, but if you’re an affectionate person by nature, you just don’t turn that off a few months after you break up with your ex and start dating your co star who you’re supposedly so enamored with you “propose” to her.
    He may be engaged to Rachel, but there’s something off. People can explain away if they want to but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I know what I’ve seen from pics and with my own two eyes.


    Ouch. That’s kind of harsh to call someone out like that.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Sharon,
    Hey! I happen to dig Lebron too. It is to bad this mo fo is not on my Laker team!! LOL! I agree. Lebron’s Sevanna is a beautiful and sexy woman! Both look so elated with each other and it is so nice to see between a true couple! Wink! Wink! Good luck to your Cavalier’s. You know me. I want Laker’s all the way! Sorry! ;)

    Listen to the words of this song. One of my favorites from Jouney. This is how people do act in love. They cannot live alone or without each other.

  • Tiffani

    @ 35

    You must be new. I can tell by the comment on me being mean to VOR. You should see what she does to other people. She actually gets on almost everyone’s nerves. Stick around and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But thanks for sharing that info on him and Lola in Vancouver. People seem to think she was a phantom girlfriend or lying about her relationship with him.

    @ 34

    I don’t like VOR, at all. But she’s right, he is supposed to start shooting at the end of the month. That’s no rumor.

  • Irene


    Eh, unless she attacks me personally I have nothing bad to say. And lying phantom girlfriend? LOL. I used to think that too until I seen them those times I did that Summer. It certainly shut me up and I had to take back all the bad things I said about her, lol.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Well. @ Tiffani.
    Let’s hope so and Hayden is actually doing work. He needs it. He needs to work and do movies and stop this press cr*p with Rachel. That is all I’m going to say about that and all that cr*p. Have a good rest of the evening. :D



  • Bailey


    With your over enthusiasm I hope for their sake that they don’t live in Glendale. Jeeze.

  • wow!

    Wow, some of you people are really weird, claiming to know how these two actors feel by analyzing pictures of them walking around a grocery store parking lot! They look like a normal couple out shopping and loading their groceries into the car. I guess you all make out with your boyfriends/husbands while you cross the parking lot and load your cars up, lol! You do not even know these people, normal people look at a picture and say “oh, cute couple”, or ” don’t care about them”. etc., not psychoanalyze or find hidden meanings in a normal everyday activity like this! You all must look fabulous in every photo taken of yourselves to be so judgemental of people you do not even know! If Hayden and Rachel read this stuff, they would laugh themselves silly!

  • Nina

    Good to see pics of them together, it has been a while.

  • voice of reason

    Tiffani that’s fine I don’t like you either, especially since I never used the word “Afterglow” I made a comment back to someone who said she looked angry/hungover-I replied back that she may have had a fun night and was tired LOL or words to that effect anyway.

    Irene funny that you have been here before and never mentioned it care to tell what month and year that was that you saw them together?

    Viper-it’s in the trade papers and reported everywhere. The Nile is a river in Egypt and I do believe we have already seen this discussion before.

    Amazing that all show up around the same time, isn’t it Friday Night? have nothing better to do–that’s right it’s time to bash RB a person none of us know.

    Do you guys go crazy like this on someone’s else’s threads when she has a boyfriend you don’t approve of? Me I just don’t post about people I don’t care for.

  • Sheena


    Oh shut up. Everyone does it including people who love the crap out of them. So take your sanctimonious bull someplace else. You probably do it yourself and don’t even try to sit there and act like you don’t. Even I can admit when I’m guilty of it. I hate it when people get all high and mighty like they don’t do the same thing everyone else is doing. As if they always take the high road all the time. Even body language experts do it which is why they have a job. So GTFO. If you don’t like people doing it, stick to premiere and event pics. But don’t come in here popping off on anyone like that’s something you’ve NEVER done yourself. “Normal” people make assumptions everyday. It’s part of being human. So unless you’re a robot, come off it. People like you are worse than the pro-people and the haters who think they know it all because it’s like they aren’t allowed to say what they’re thinking because people like you sit back and judge. Oh, and let me remind you that these are celebrities. When their pics are taken, people have a tendency to talk about what they see. So if they think a shirt is ugly, or they point out that someone has a pimple why shouldn’t they say so? Because they don’t know them? Come off your soapbox and step back into reality.

  • Irene

    @ VOR

    Actually I haven’t posted here before. I’m sure I’m not the only Irene on earth, or even on this entire site for that matter. I seen them a few times mid August 2006. One of those few times was at a local bar/nightclub here. That was actually the first time when one of my friends pointed him out and Lola was with him. I never met them, I’m far too shy. I seen Taylor Kitsch walking towards me when he was in Van shooting extra scenes for Wolverine. I crossed the street, lol. So I just observed Hayden. He’s better looking in person. But why is the month and year I seen them so important? It doesn’t really matter now.

    You don’t seem that bad to me might I add.

  • HockeyGurL

    I like his shoes I wonder if they have them in a size 7? ha


    @41 LOL i know i sounded kinda stalkerish but i didn’t mean it in that way

  • Kayla

    @ 46

    She’s probably trying to say you’re lying. So I wouldn’t be too quick to say she’s not too bad. Besides her interaction with Lola whether it’s true or not is pretty legendary. Total she said, she said stuff. So really don’t know who to believe.

  • tpl

    I’m not going to meet him so he has no excuse for not marrying you a.s.a.p. In fact I’ve given my blessing!