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Kate Gosselin & Party City Plus 8

Kate Gosselin & Party City Plus 8

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Neild take her eight kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — to pick up pinatas, balloons and other party supplies at Party City on Saturday afternoon (May 16) in Reading, Penn.

The family (sans dad Jon Gosselin) was shooting another episode of of their hit TLC reality show most likely for the sextuplets’ birthdays, which passed a few days ago (May 10).

P.S. Check out the super long boom mic in a few of the pics! And there are exactly six balloons. One for each sextuplet!

20+ Party City pics inside of Jon & Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon

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kate gosselin party city 01
kate gosselin party city 02
kate gosselin party city 03
kate gosselin party city 04
kate gosselin party city 05
kate gosselin party city 06
kate gosselin party city 07
kate gosselin party city 08
kate gosselin party city 09
kate gosselin party city 10
kate gosselin party city 11
kate gosselin party city 12
kate gosselin party city 13
kate gosselin party city 14
kate gosselin party city 15
kate gosselin party city 16
kate gosselin party city 17
kate gosselin party city 18
kate gosselin party city 19
kate gosselin party city 20
kate gosselin party city 21
kate gosselin party city 22

Credit: Winslow/Turgeon; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • joanne

    i love alexis and aiden

  • Jared

    who does this whack job think she is??? Having a bodyguard, and on top of that him tagging along bodyguarding at a kids party supply store??? How about your husband being your protector? It’s obvious she’s using the bodyguard thing as a cover up. She’s obviously porkin this dude. Next year it will be “Steve and Kate Plus 8″

    Must be nice to live off your kids.

  • Jared

    p.s. did she expect all those party supplies free too?

  • joanne

    btw where the heck is jon? i wonder how long she’s gonna make her kids stay in the spotlight

  • ellie

    her kids look pretty miserable. I watched the show before and kate is a nag. poor jon and 8 little kids

  • $75K


    At $75,000 an episode, Kate’s kids will be in the spotlight as long as Kate can keep them there. Look how sad they all look. No wonder Jon refuses to take part in this media circus.


    See world her bodyguard is her boyfriend after all!! And John is not part of the picture this year.. it is now called KATE PLUS EIGHT .. WHO NEEDS A GRUMP LIKE JON…

  • life

    I feel sorry for those children, having to grown up in front of the cameras.

  • kimBERLEE

    Well college isn’t cheap. I smell spinoff with Jon’s new GF and kate’s new bodyguard BF!

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    They are celebrating that they got rid of Jon.
    Jon is living on a matress in Deanna’s basement until his furniture arrives at his new bachelor pad.

  • danielle

    when do you think she will stop making them dress in the exact same thing 18?

  • To #11


  • Neil (a Canadian)

    I was a huge fan, but not as much lately because the show seems to be more about this pair of train wrecks than the kids. And now with the latest controversy you know TLC is going to try and focus EVEN MORE on them. I say BS AND DONE!

  • CRazy oldie

    Isnt there one celb news site will take the lead and leave the kids out of this retarded equation…

  • LolaSvelt


  • jan

    I just read the people mag. article, and this woman will be the most hated person next to the octo mom in one week…I promise…
    In this article, she blames only Jon…saying that she’d never go out to a bar and stay unitl 2am, and thats embarassing for him as a father and to the kids…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Every mom or dad deserves to get away every now and then, and can choose whatever they wish to do.
    She also claims he changed…he no longer want to do interviews, social engagements and he’s unhappy with everything in his life….talk about throwing someone you used to love under the bus!
    She admits she’s used to the cash flow now, and can’t look back. She said her children rely on this kind of lifestyle, and she’s always made more money than jon, so he’s mad about it.
    She wont quit the show, she thinks the world wants her and needs her..bTW…it’s reported they get up to $75k a show.
    This woman is delusional….
    Run Jon, Run..
    He’s a much better father without her dumb asss nagging him.

  • Rhonda


    is aiden the one with glasses? i think he’s the sweet one

  • Rhonda

    I think this is about octomom, Kate got jealous of all the attention she was getting!

    I really think the best thing people can do for these kids (particular now, octo and kids) is not watch. It’s all staged, we need to do the kids a favor and pass.

  • Glo

    Agreed. That’s why I stopped watching their show a long time ago.

  • chris

    These kids don’t look very happy. Kate seems like a very cold and bitchy person. She treats Jon like a dog, no wonder he roamed off, hopefully not to another bitch.

  • Jared

    when you get free clothes you can be too choosey, well nevermind, Kate Gosselin expects both ways.

  • rachael

    The woman is a control freak to the extreme. If Jon is seeing someone else, I sure the hell don’t blame him! She’s a horrible wife. Maybe a good mother, but horrible wife. The Duggards don’t go through this because both wife and husband respect each other — Kate does NOT respect Jon. She’s always humiliating him in front of camera and in public. A HORRIBLE WOMAN!!

  • rachael

    #20. ITA!! The man needs a person who respects him and doesn’t treat him like dog crap!

  • Russian girl

    I don’t know who they are BUT this kids are sooooo beautiful)))

  • nikki

    why can’t these people do anything without the cameras??

    I mean, don’t those children deserve a break??

    poor little kids. They deserve more than exploitation and a mother who is only around when a camera is there.

  • Ruth a

    Kate is a nag and a control freak. Jon is spineless and needs a job, he has no goals or ambition. This whole opposites atract thing probably worked for them when he was out of the house but they are BOTH going to EXTREMES.

  • Bunny

    I feel so bad for the kids. Daddy is gone, mommy has a new friend, and they have no privacy. When they get older they will see everything that led up to mommy and daddy’s divorce on TV.

  • Saudia

    they used to be able to film without all the paps but now with the rumours, can’t hide anything .. also where is Jon?? You would think after denying the “affair” and stuff that he would be with his family .. mm I wonder what will happen… the kids are gorgeous .. soo adorable! Feel bad for them

  • KateisoneSandWomen

    This pathetic, I wonder how’ll the kids will react to being around steve instead of Jon. Will they resent him?

  • Neil (a Canadian)

    rachael @ 05/16/2009 at 5:25 pm

    The woman is a control freak to the extreme. If Jon is seeing someone else, I sure the hell don’t blame him! She’s a horrible wife. Maybe a good mother, but horrible wife. The Duggards don’t go through this because both wife and husband respect each other — Kate does NOT respect Jon. She’s always humiliating him in front of camera and in public. A HORRIBLE WOMAN!!
    I agree, but Jon is no saint. Passive aggressive and an enabler at least.

  • qwerty

    Wow… designer clothes, diamond necklace, expensive cell phone, french manicure. All that money is DEFINITELY going straight into funds for the kids. The kids look so miserable with all the paparazzi around. I feel so bad for them in the matching little church outfits to go shopping in. They are so innocent and sweet. Too bad Kate just keeps smiling away, completely oblivious to her kid’s misery.

  • jaye

    It’s not the camera that’s the problem for the kids, they’ve been use to that since they were 18 months. But kids are not stupid and they know when things are not right. The worse thing is that they will have a visual documentary of the disintegration of their family.

  • PLEASE don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who the hell needs a damn bodyguard in READING, PA (Wyomissing to be exact)???????????????????????????????????

    The people here could care less if she is out at a store. If I saw her, her cameras, and her bodyguard at a store I would leave.

    So why the hell a bodyguard? To make her look more important than see is? Yup, have a bodyguard then you can act like a diva. Well, Kate isn’t a diva, famouse actress or anything like that.

    She supplied a womb for 8 kids to live in for 7-9 months (can’t remember how early the kids were born). I guess you do have to give the lady her due, though. She did manage to get paid a lot of money by a lot of people for pimping her family in fromt of TLC cameras.

    Oh, not to mention all the free clothes, the free trips. Even when the family went to Hershey the expected it for free. Give me a break.

    The Hasbro warehouse isn’t to far from their old home, that company sent them all kinds of free toys. Even before some of them hit the market. As long as the kids were seen “playing” with them in an episode.

  • pauley

    Future therapy patients. The kids look miserable.

  • cherylginPA

    Not a fan anymore….why is Mady lugging Kate’s purse around???

  • lakers fan in boston

    poor kids
    it’s more than likely she’ll get them if they divorce, being stuck with their mother =\
    why do u keep posting on jon and kate for jared…ur like the only celeb blog i read that keeps posting on em

  • Lorri

    This ho is having an affair with this body guard right before every one’s eyes.

  • bella

    I completely agree with you. Not only that she is walking around like she is this huge DIVA. I have never watched the show, but it is so sad to see people so obssessed with getting there 15 min

  • M

    aren’t they a bit old for matching outfits and isn’t it a bit obnoxious? they aren’t even identical!

  • Karon

    Her marriage is falling apart…her family is falling apart……yet she poses for cameras………The kids don’t look happy either….Wonder why.. That woman is sick and needs help. MEDIA Who*RE!

  • IckyPeople

    Sorry but that’s a homely group of kids but then again Kate ain’t that good looking without the stylist spackling her mug. Maybe if one of those kids could even pretend to being having any fun they wouldn’t look so gruesome. Ugly, overly large matching clothes, no socks, ugly shoes, bad hair … what mom does that to her children? If she’s going to whore them out can’t she at least put them in cute clothes and shoes and comb their hair? No wonder she’s got to pay a man to get male attention.

  • Jessica

    AWWW…. Those kids are soo cute!!! My favorite is Leah and Aaden and Joel too. Looks like leah has a boo boo on her knee. Mady is holding her mother’s purse. Those kids are beautiful..they will all grow up to be gorgeous. But I do feel bad for them because of the whole situation. It is so sad to see that Jon’s not there with the family.

  • Vince

    This media wh0re is hamming it up for the camera. She kick the dad out like she can just roll another man in. I hope Jon get custody of the kids then where will this b tch be with her hideous hair.

  • yeah right

    LoL @ the idiots saying Jon deserves respect. well, when he grows up and starts acting like a 32 year old man instead of a 16 year old boy maybe then he’ll command respect. As of now, he’s a douchy little mommas boy.. he deserves no respect.

  • aida

    Kate hires a bodyguard for herself, not her family. Kate brings Steve with her everywhere she goes. Does she really think someone might kidnap her or something? Doesn’t she worry about her family being unprotected when she and Steve are traveling around the country on her book tour?

  • aida

    Funny TMZ has photos of Jon with the kids without Kate.

  • patty

    The kids are gorgeous. But, anyone average and above, of any ethnic background, would make gorgeous kids with Kate. She’s such a great beauty. And her husband is nice looking enough, but there’s no denying that Kate is an extraordinary beauty.

  • g!na

    Maddie looks so pissed! You can tell the older kids are sick of this! Cara has a sweet face. Which sextuplet girl has the long hair? her other girls have way shorter hair. I don’t understand why her hair is down to her butt! lol.

  • alexis

    okay. everyone saying its a good thing that jon cheated on kate is really messed up. kate may not be the best person BUT HE SHOULDNT HAVE CHEATED ON HER! I guess no of you have ever dealt with someone like a father cheating on your mother. those poor kids. i totally feel for them! why isnt anyone talking about how THEY must be feeling now and not just about how kate exploits them! i agree, she shouldnt really be parading them to the world even if it’s about money but still. especially cara and maddy must be feeling so bad right now that they may divorce. it’s such a sad feeling no one should feel. i think jon was really an idiot for having an affair (and kate as well if she did too) because it really tears your family apart. They should think about the kids and should have separated away from the camera and without all these affairs. because god knows the kids must be loving it.

  • hate the ho kate

    PLEASE, everyone boycott this show! This woman has a bodyguard-PLEASE! She’s a nobody! She’s humping that guy so she has no right saying anything about her husband. The fact is she’s a nobody who’s 15 min. have been up! Please lets all boycott this show and make this woman get a real job!