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Miley Cyrus Flaunts Bikini Body

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Bikini Body

Miley Cyrus struts her bikini-ready body as she jokes around with younger siblings Braison and Noah around Paradise Island in The Bahamas on Saturday afternoon (May 16).

The trio even rode a banana boat together!

Miley tweeted, “I am sitting in the beautiful Bahamas missing [Demi Lovato] :-(.”

The 16-year-old Disney starlet continued, “[Heidi Montag,] we are having soooo much fun! I wish you were here too! We should come here sometime! I’m about to go parasailing!!!”

Later today, Miley will take the stage at the Atlantis Imperial Ballroom as part of the Atlantis Live! concert series.

10+ pics inside of bikini babe Miley Cyrus

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264 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Flaunts Bikini Body”

  1. 1
    Victoria Says:

    definitely jealous of her body
    if people say she is fat, i want her fat body haha

  2. 2
    Kirsty Says:

    awh, bless.

  3. 3
    bb Says:

    Wow, I guess she’s just being Milaaay…pilates does a body good. i think I’ll try it out. Hope she’s havin’ fun in the Bahamas, mama.

  4. 4
    bb Says:

    P.S. Who is calling her fat, I mean seriously. I haven’t heard or read anything like that, then again maybe I just don’t really care that much.

  5. 5
    katha Says:

    OMG! i want her body!!
    as victoria says, shes SO NOT fat! and if she was, i want her fat body haha
    sorry for my english im german


  6. 6
    Matt Says:

    She has an amazing body!!

  7. 7
    kim Says:

    She looks gorgeous. Hope her boyfriend is ready to marry her soon!

  8. 8
    chels Says:

    she is average

  9. 9
    lasa Says:

    Thank the lord a girl in hollywood that actually looks like a woman and not some 11 year old boy!

  10. 10
    whoa! Says:

    yeah……..she’s to go far away.
    she’s so fugly!

  11. 11
    pout Says:

    potato head! fat face! lol nice body tho

  12. 12
    jess Says:

    Seriously, anyone who says she is fat is crazy.
    She’s perfect!

  13. 13
    s.i Says:

    I am not a fan but guys, She looks so nice and pretty

  14. 14
    joanne Says:

    she’s fit

  15. 15
    jen Says:

    please VOTE for MILEY! for MTV move awards!!!


  16. 16
    bey rocks Says:

    of course she is not fat, but i dont think her body is nice. her butt is horrible and her hips are kinda weird. her face is UGLY as always

  17. 17
    lala Says:


  18. 18
    lola Says:

    bodi is ok
    but her face, ew no
    she’s ugly

  19. 19
    andromeda Says:

    oh come on, she’s far from ugly.

    gotta agree, nice body, miley!

  20. 20
    green12 Says:

    She does have a nice body, ppl have to admit it even if they dont like her…..

  21. 21
    andromeda Says:

    oh come on, she’s definitely far from ugly!

  22. 22
    christal Says:

    she looks awesome

  23. 23
    heath Says:

    i dont understand how people can go and call her fat, its baffles me…shes GORGEOUS and has the beach body too
    damn its def jealousy

  24. 24
    shockedanddismayed Says:

    Beautiful body, beautiful face.

  25. 25
    lalalal Says:

    so gorgeous.
    i’m jealous.

  26. 26
    xo Says:


  27. 27
    jo Says:

    Very nice!

  28. 28
    guylaine Says:

    @bey rocks: uuhuun, and youu think your better ? , miley is beautiful and will always be so shut up and stop being jealouss :)

  29. 29
    yes Says:

    Miley is a very sweet girl.I am very happy for her and family.

  30. 30
    guylaine Says:

    she looks amaxzingly beautiful, i can really see why so much people are jealous, there is alot to be jealous abouttt. :) miley cyrus owns :)

  31. 31
    guylaine Says:

    @whoa!: uhuuuun , and you think your better becauseeeeee ?? .. :)

  32. 32
    hmmm Says:

    Yes she looks very nice.

  33. 33
    Brooke Says:

    wow she looks great I wish I had her body

  34. 34
    Simone Says:

    I don’t like her but she looks really good. I want her body.

  35. 35
    pepe Says:

    her ass is hot

  36. 36
    Nicola Says:

    She looks great anyone who says anything negitive about her is seriously jealous…shes a normal girl at the end of the day who has feelings im sure half these ppl who call her “fat” or “ugly” are such low lifes who dont get a word in side ways so they come on the internet and slag other ppl :D Mileys amazing :)

  37. 37
    chelsea Says:

    i want that kind of fat body, pleasee =]

  38. 38
    CRazy oldie Says:

    I will hold back my comment until she turns 18 lol…

  39. 39
    chels Says:

    so she is friends with heidi montag? wow great friends you have miley 8-)
    such a good “role modeel”

  40. 40
    Sue Says:


  41. 41
    hiji Says:

    Everybody who’s insulting mley calling her ugly n fat are just hatein…seriously even if u dont like her..u gotta admit she has a kick a$$ body. She looks amazing!
    Now i def. consider her flawless.
    MILEY rocks!!

  42. 42
    carmen Says:

    i thought some people kept saying she was fat.. well i think she’s far from being fat ! she has a great body !

  43. 43
    Boyrock Oboyma Says:

    Ms cyrus looks alot different.This is a compliment.She certainly is physically maturing.But mentally she still has a way to go considering
    the the pending asian lawsuit.

    Note This is only opinion may be not fact.

  44. 44
    sophie Says:

    she is not fat!!! She has a nice body ,I just don’t like her face.

  45. 45
    Shir Says:

    Work it Miley!!! You go work the mix and match <3

  46. 46
    hillary Says:

    I just got back from there last month! I am so jealous of her right now because I WANT TO BE THERE!!! UGHH!!! MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH <3 MISS ITTT

  47. 47
    Saudia Says:

    I love her body.. I don’t know why she was talking about her “thunder thighs” she’s got a FANTASTIC BODY!! :)

  48. 48
    Jenna Says:

    I can’t believe people call her fat. Her body is GORGEOUSE!!!!!
    But why in the hell would you wear a swimsuit like that? It dosen’t match but that dosen’t really matter. I just said that because i have nothing else to say and im bored yo.

  49. 49
    Jenna Says:

    She has and awesome body

  50. 50
    hag Says:

    didn’t jennifer aniston recently compare herself to Miley?? her aged fans and herself WISH she had the body of Miley. loonifers trying to find something, ANYTHING to boost their horsefaced, aging, lonely and loser i;d;o;l…..,,,,

  51. 51
    pup Says:

    her waist is kinda chunky.

  52. 52
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i love wherever she is, the water is so clear =]
    she looks meh, not that impressed she could do better but it’s still alright

  53. 53
    Michelle_36 Says:


    I say Miley is so pretty! She looks great in a bathing suit and omg no way, whoever was downing her the other nite about weight issues is NUT! The girl is gorgeous!! I follow her as well! U go gurl, dont listen to all those HATERS, thats all they are. They are the 1′s with issues! =)

  54. 54
    alis Says:

    OMG. she has a beautiful body!!
    and… if people say she’s fat…. i wann be THAT fat!

  55. 55
    Brian Says:

    shes a buttaface, and to all the 12 year olds out there, i doubt there is any “jealousy” about it, her face and teeth/smile are messed up and goofy looking, always have been. Her body is nice, but living in southern Calif since childhood, i can honestly say i have seen way better on our beaches, jessica alba and cameron diaz for starters, and they are 10 to 15 years older. she is only 16, her body should be better and more fit, and her hips and back fat are just weird, plus her legs are on the big side by hollywood standards.

  56. 56
    Jen Says:

    Great body, ugly face

  57. 57
    Lisa lou Says:

    her waist is kinda chunky.—quote—-

    OMG, that is exactly what i was thinkin’. she’s NOT fat, but her waist around the bottom is really thick, and that is hard to diet or exercise that area away, and she is not as lean and slender as other girls her age. not envious either, it is just an opinion i have that i share with many others, so all you young miley fans just need to get over it and chill and grow up and realize most people over the age of 12 don’t think she is the best thing since sliced bread. And i have never found her face to be even remotely good looking, but her body is ok. I have seen worse that’s for sure. but like the the poster above me, i have also seen better.

  58. 58
    hag Says:

    hags can compare a 16 yr old’s body to maniston who has the mental capacity of a 16 yr.old…but DEFINITELY NOT the face or body. give it up hags. compare maniston to women in her age range.

  59. 59
    m Says:

    she is GORGEOUS!!!!

  60. 60
    lucyhale'sfeet Says:

    she is looking quite good if you ask me and my dog, Matt.

  61. 61
    Monica Says:

    She is not fugly shes gorgeous her face is awesome and so is her body so shut up for the people who are saying she is ugly.

  62. 62
    miley, fix your teeth Says:

    her bod is good, not great but good, it is her face that is messed up.
    fix your darn deliverance looking billy bob teeth girl or go back to
    Appalachia and marry one of your hillbilly cousins.

  63. 63
    miley fix your teeth Says:

    her bod is good, not great but good, its her face that messes it up. fix your backwoods deliverance Billy Bob teeth guurl, u got the money now.

  64. 64
    Luckycharm Says:

    umm monica, YOU need to stfu and understand people dont have to agree with you. her body is nice, but her face AND her body are faaaaaaaaaar from “gorgeous” u need to open your eyes & get out more.
    just sayin…:)

  65. 65
    Tahoe blue Says:

    idk but i dont like the way her gums show so much when she smile. it is strange looking. In a couple of years or less,no one is going to give a care about her anyway because she is talentless.

  66. 66
    julia Says:

    what a shock, shes actually wearing a bikini without making the front page saying MILEY NUDE PICS! wow im jealous, her body is perfect!

  67. 67
    Jesus mary and joseph Says:

    I work in a all girls catholic high school and i see prettier girls than MC daily, and yes their bodies are better too from what i see when they go swimming in PE or join the swim team.

  68. 68
    Kyle Says:

    she is ugly, whoever thinks thsi chick is attractive needs glasses. @ the same time, whoever thinks this chick is fat also needs glasses. she could stand to tone up a bit however.

  69. 69
    Kyle Says:

    im jealous, of her money….not her face or body.

  70. 70
    hitch Says:

    perfect body

  71. 71
    babysitter Says:

    Very Talented
    Very Gorgous
    Very Nice
    Very Fantastic

  72. 72
    Anna Says:

    im so jeleous,
    she is gorgerous!
    if people are calling her fat wow. are you blind?!

  73. 73
    Anna Says:

    im so jeleous,
    she is gorgerous!
    if people are calling her fat wow. are you blind?!

  74. 74
    20/20 vision w/good hearing Says:

    dear babysitter, sweetie, im sorry honey, but u r very delusional!!

  75. 75
    take down Says:

    nice boby
    fug face
    f’d up teeth
    weird smile
    cant sing
    cant act
    no talent hack
    15 min will be up soon

  76. 76
    amanda Says:

    she has AMAZING body and she is such a sweetheart!!! love her!

  77. 77
    hello?! Says:

    i know that people are entitled to their own opinions, but hey, some people needs to think before voicing their opinions out.
    whoever puts comments like fat/ugly/fugly, her teeth is whatever petty things you say..make sure that you also dont have flaws. may it be physically, intellectually,or whatever. nobody’s perfect. and sometimes flaws make u different and it can also sometimes be a good thing.

  78. 78
    Andy Says:

    Nice body and legs. Same thing can’t be said about her face though.

  79. 79
    melissa Says:

    i think the ppl on here who are hating on her need to examine yourself. she is a beautiful girl and and has a great body. haters are not cool get a life and stop criticizing other ppl untill you fix yourself !!!

  80. 80
    jen Says:

    wow…. and people call HER fat
    love you miley:)

  81. 81
    voice of reason Says:

    some of you brain dead tween idiots on here saying this hick with her jacked up mouth, big nose, and average too round face is “beautiful” need to beam back down to earth and get your heads checked. 50′s movie icon Grace Kelly was beautiful (Google her), a young 16 year old Brooke Shields was beautiful back in the 70/80′s, TALENTED actress (unlike Miley) Rachel McAdams IS beautiful, SI swimsuit model Tori Paver IS beautiful, NOT this horse face. I mean, miley is not a horse face, that was mean of me, but saying Miley Cyrus is “beautiful” is like saying Grace Kelly was ugly.

  82. 82
    alex Says:

    Most people on here are just jealous. Very few girls nowadays are as fit as her, most girls her age have the beginnings of a beer gut. I’d say 95% of the people saying she has an “average” body don’t have a flat stomach like she does.

  83. 83
    cocolious Says:

    miley cyrus has checked this page out!!! HOW COOL!!!!! XX

  84. 84
    gymnastics/cheering is life Says:

    I know exactly where she is, i was there last summer with my mom, dad, and two baby brothers for two weeks, im soooooo jealous, this place is awesome. but my dad does not ***** me out to get freebies like billy ray cyrus and her white trash ***** mom do. my father PAYS for our vacations and does not expect me to work while on vacation, or expect a free ride from anyone. And btw, i am in the 10th grade (well for another 10 days until school is out anyway) and i can think of 100 + girls at my school alone i would rather look like than miley c. that are actually pretty and have better bodies……..

  85. 85
    la vita loca Says:

    @alex: jealous of what her messed up mouth and her talentless voice and i dont know any of my girl friends that have beer guts maybe the girls u hang out with and know do, but i dont know any of my friends that do…we are all skinny like her, some way skinner, i dont think she is fat though–she is a little thick waisted i think jmo–like some on here are saying, but i sure dont think her face is gorgeous either, that is laughable!

  86. 86
    Alex W. Says:

    miley cyrus needs to kiss the feet of every Disney exec and 7-12 year old girls daily…….cause they are the ones who made this fugly girl what she is today, a rich talentless famous fugly girl. i am going to laugh when they grow up and get a brain and and move on and she outgrows Disney and has been replaced by another non-talent Disney brat. There are literally thousands of girls waiting in the wings miley; enjoy the time you have left that the little kiddos still care about you, because they have short memories and will eventually move on, and anyone beyond middle school age can care less about her.

  87. 87
    so)me Says:

    nice ****
    early 90s shades ooof

  88. 88
    nick jonas Says:


  89. 89
    kristan Says:

    @gymnastics/cheering is life: wtf are you talking about? the reason miley was there was to work! of course disney is going to pay for the vacation for her! if she had just gone to atlantis on vacation outside of having to perform, she would have paid just like anyone else. she’s only 16, so her parents go with her to protect her.

    people like you make no sense. first you call her fat. then you see pictures of her like this, and only find something else to make fun of. its disgusting. you clearly spent your time scrutinizing every little detail of this 16 year old girl; thats pathetic. she may not have the best body in hollywood, and she maybe could use tone up a little, but she does NOT deserve to be hated so strongly by so many people. instead of being so pathetic as to spending your life trying to find stupid reasons to hate miley cyrus, why don’t you find a new, healthy hobby to relieve such intense hatred based on something so minute?

  90. 90
    emma Says:

    i am honestly so jealous of her body

  91. 91
    gymnastics/cheering is life Says:

    @kristan: just where did i call her fat you stupid moron? I said there were plenty of other girls with better and prettier faces/bodies i would rather look like than her, (you may even be one of them). I’m sorry, but just because i don’t think you idol miley cyrus is very pretty and does not have the kind of body that can be in a Victoria’s Secret catalog does not mean i hate her. WTF kind of logic is that?! But i never called her fat, cause she is not fat, not by a long shot. And another thing Einstein, you proved my point exactly, she goes there to WORK so hence, she gets to go for free, even though her dad, like mine, could easily PAY his family’s way. Now stfu and myob.

  92. 92
    gymnastics/cheering is life Says:

    P.S. Kristan, learn to read!

  93. 93
    Kiara Says:

    i love miley’s bikini!

  94. 94
    BEE BEE Says:


  95. 95
    lol Says:

    “she needs a gum transplant”…as quoted by Jamie Fox. so true so true

  96. 96
    Grover Says:

    i cant wait till that nicholas sparks movie she makes and her ugly face bombs….yo miley….Rachel Mc. you are NOT!!! pre-teen girls will not be interested in this movie and neither will adults. it will bomb and go right to DVD soon thereafter.

  97. 97
    Radiohead rules!! Says:

    she needs a face transplant, especially her mouth.

  98. 98
    snapback Says:

    She is only 16….why is Just Jared posting butt shots of her and why is everyone commenting on her body…seems a little wierd and inappropriate to be making such comments and posting such pics as if she were an adult singer or actress…please…show a little class JJ

  99. 99
    dunno man Says:

    From where I’m sitting looks like this girl invested in a boob job, it looks too round and perfect for a 16 year old, just my opinion. Sorry, it’s just myobservation.

  100. 100
    English rose Says:

    ya’ll are mean, she may not be the most talented girl or the prettiest young thing with the best body in Hollyweird, i mean, i know shes not, and i’ll admit her teeth need to be fixed-fast, but atleast she is not out falling down drunk and doing drugs like paris hilton, brittney spears, tara reede, etc and all the other messed up in the head famewhores out there in hollyweird, atleast i know when my young niece comes over to visit, if i let her watch HM i dont have to worry about something inappropriate being showed…

  101. 101
    LuckyL Says:

    But her face.

  102. 102
    stockman Says:

    @dunno man: there is speculation she had a boob job because she was very flat a year ago and some plastic surgeon said she has small implants put in, with parental permission they’ll do it, its very popular for teenagers now, i dont put anything past her dad, that girl is his meal ticket now, everyone knows his entertainment career was in the toilet until miley got the Hannah Montana gig. BRC also has a son named Chris, (who by all accounts is a great kid), with another woman who is 3 months older than miley, and he wants nothing to do with him because his wife Tish a is ***** and he is not bringing in the $$$ like his fug cash cow daughter is. Screw the Cyrus clan, i for one will be glad when this girl is gone.

  103. 103
    sallie Says:

    gorgeous, pretty, beautiful…..


    You all have horrible taste. She is not even attractive or cute!

    Miss Pugface

  104. 104
    crikey dude Says:

    etc. etc. you get the picture

  105. 105
    little sis noah is ugly Says:

    miley cyrus is an ugly inbreed, and her little sister Noah is even uglier. that kid Noah could stop a clock. i am not playing, she is one of the ugliest little girls, no kids, i have ever seen.
    she makes miley look like miss universe.

  106. 106
    not pc Says:

    I agree 100%. There is nothing attractive about her, except her bank account.

  107. 107
    twister Says:

    vocal lessons that didn’t help—-25,000 dollars
    acting lessons that didn’t help—25,000 dollars
    plastic surgeries to fix mouth/teeth that also did not help—40,000 dollars

    knowing tween fans will forget about her and her 15 minutes will be over eventually…..PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108
    jughed Says:

    she looks healthy! i always assumed she’d look kinda chunky in swimwear, are you sure these pics aren’t photoshopped? ;)

  109. 109
    nyc Says:

    she looks like most other average looking teenaged girls. Nutin’ special bout her except what she got lucky enough to be doing for a living and only because she was in the right place @ the right time.

  110. 110
    carly Says:

    i luv her u r all jealouse i dont care if her teeth r messed up i bet none of u r perfect eitheer so shut up

  111. 111
    to carly Says:

    @carly: learn to spell carly, it is JEALOUS, not JEALOUSE fool. Before you accuse people of being something, you should learn how to spell it or you will look stupid, of course you are probably an 11 year old Miley fan, so you cant help it. Also, judging from the way you write, I bet yo go to public school too.

  112. 112
    LuckyL Says:

    I don’t know why you made an underage wh*re your Top Pick Jared, but that’s okay.

  113. 113
    hahaha Says:

    just soso. we will see what kind of person she turns out.

  114. 114
    becca Says:

    she looks good. I wish i had the body i did was i was 16!!! lol

  115. 115
    ?? Says:

    OMG…haters if you dont like her face or body then whats the point of looking at it!??? Why do you waste your time?? why are you all so STUPID?? Miley looks great and her body looks awsome..if you dont like the wayy she looks..then DEAL WITH HER?? You haters are SO MEAN these days! Go pick on someone ugly as you! =P

  116. 116
    marisa Says:

    omg her bikini is SO cute! she looks awesome! love you miley! : )

  117. 117
    amber Says:


    umm excuse me????!!! I’m from west virginia and i take that remark very offense.Seriously why don’t you get a life oh where are you from since you think your so much better than us!

  118. 118
    Kelly Says:

    The only reason she’s wearing a 2-piece is because she wanted to prove the people who were calling her fat wrong. very obvious. but, she has a gorgeous body. shame about the face.

  119. 119
    magic_moment Says:


  120. 120
    insomniac Says:

    @stockman: I have seen pics of his son christopher, and unlike his half siblings, he is nice looking. Normal straight teeth, great smile, no excessive showing of gum’s. the billy ray & tish combo sucks, because they 3 they had together are not all that great looking, the baby sister is scary ugly, if you guys think miley is kinda fugly now, (which i dont think she is, i dont think miley cyrus is ugly, but i just dont think she is gorgeous or even really pretty either, just normal average, except for her mouth and teeth) just wait until that ugly troll nora, noah??……whatever the heck her name is, hits puberty, that child is really homely.

  121. 121
    Becky Says:

    whoever is calling miley fat, i’d hate to see what they call skinny.

  122. 122
    Mrs. Parker Says:

    wow… mean spirited can some of you be! Now you have taken to attacking a little girl probably no more than 7 or 8 years old for her physical features, which is something she can not help, none of us can. Granted, she is not going to be a child/teen model anytime soon, but gezz guys, lighten up already.
    And to Miley, she’s a cute girl, she is not a breathtakingly strikingly gorgeous girl or anything like that, but honestly, except for a FEW lucky, lucky people on this planet, who can say they were BORN beautiful?! (Without the help of plastic surgeries.) NOT MANY.

  123. 123
    Hello world Says:

    to becky, i dont think people are calling her fat, thats crazy, people are just saying she is a buttaface, or she is a little too thick around her backside and bottom part of her waist, back fat by her butt. and to get rid of that you have to be really really skinny. but to call her fat is just stupid.
    i think her body is good, not the best i have ever seen, that would be jessica alba, jessica alba’s body is crazy perfect!!!!! (idk now since she had her baby girl though) but miley body is still pretty darn good, her face, hmmmmm, not so much, i have never thought her face was overly pretty. jmho

  124. 124
    my two cents worth Says:

    i think the girl is untalented, ugly, needs braces and needs major dental work, needs an oral surgeon to cut out and remove 85% of her gums, needs to tone up more and hit the gym, you know, skinny fat,….and she cant act or sing her way out of a paper bag, which she should wear over her head.

  125. 125
    melrose Says:

    I adore miley. she seems grounded and very funny. you guys need to shut up and stop insulting her! she’s pretty and her body is great. get a life!!!!

  126. 126
    JJ walker Says:

    Miley cyrus be a BUTTAFACE!!! end of story…period.

  127. 127
    jj walker Says:

    ya and she cant sing or act either….useless buttaface.

  128. 128
    William Says:

    true story, i remember a long time ago when her dad had some basic cable tv show on about a Dr. i caught an episode once when i was laid up in bed with the flu, and she was just a little kid but miley was on his show, and i remember thinking what an ugly kid for a child actor and to be on tv, then at the end of the show it showed her last name being Cyrus, but a different first name if i remember correctly, and i thought, “no wonder that unattractive child is on his tv show.” Ahhh the joys of nepotism.

  129. 129
    Lucas Says:

    she’s HOOOOOOOOT <3

  130. 130
    clara Says:

    Wow ! Awesome body ! not such a big fan of her but i must say she has a good body….nice bikini too ;D

  131. 131
    loren Says:

    wow she’s a good body and a beatiful face too
    wohoo go Miley

  132. 132
    Liquefeen Says:

    @loren: i agree on the body part, but miley cyrus having a beautiful face?, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL, you need glasses.

  133. 133
    emma Says:

    shes gorgeous, her face doesn’t look amazing in these because shes wet and has no make up on
    haha i look like crap when im at the beach after going in the water
    dont hate
    her body is amazing.

  134. 134
    Ariana Says:

    @bey rocks: hun those “hips” are called curves many women have them and many want them…her body is perfect!

  135. 135
    david Says:

    I haven’t looked though all 6 pages of comments, so I am soory if this has alkready been mentioned, but why is Just Jared ‘flaunting’ a 16yo body in this blog. Should she not be in Just Jard Jr.? If it is too risque to be in JJ Jr. then why is it published at all. I was under the impression the reason for the two separate JJ’s was for the purpose of teeny bopper content to be in the Jr. blog and the rest to be in the original blog. I am not saying there can’t be a crossover, it just doen’t make sense to have these pics of Miley in th eregular thread. (I am not commenting on why a 16yo supposedly Christian girl is allowed by her parents to expose her behind in public or the skimpiness of the remainder of the rest of the bikini-that is something others can waste time on saying if it’s right or wrong). This is not a dig on her looks or her talent or whatever abut her personal life. This is just a comment directed towards Just Jared staff to reconsider posting pics like these here in the future. We can always just scroll on by like I initially did, but should we have to if ti is published in the correct part of this blog/board.

  136. 136
    Anonymous Says:

    shes too skinny, waayyy to skinny. but whatever, i like her legs *stares at legs, blank daze*

  137. 137
    Anonymous Says:

    @bey rocks: agreed, but u have to admit, shes got a nice pair of legs…

  138. 138
    hatersfromthewoodwork Says:

    why do the trolls come out now? LOL!

    This hot chick must be a real threat ….

  139. 139
    Sarah Says:

    “I know exactly where she is, i was there last summer with my mom, dad, and two baby brothers for two weeks, im soooooo jealous, this place is awesome. but my dad does not ***** me out to get freebies like billy ray cyrus and her white trash ***** mom do. my father PAYS for our vacations and does not expect me to work while on vacation, or expect a free ride from anyone. And btw, i am in the 10th grade (well for another 10 days until school is out anyway) and i can think of 100 + girls at my school alone i would rather look like than miley c. that are actually pretty and have better bodies……..”

    news flash, this is miley cyrus. shes a super star. she gets freebies. she is a working teen, and her work involves her traveling. if she wanted a vacation, she could pay one with her OWN money, ..which you obviously can’t, because you don’t get paid to go on a vacation!

  140. 140
    bola Says:

    you do not have 2 beef her,she is beautiful,sexy,funny,and looks humble.dont be jealous of her .

  141. 141


  142. 142
    Vicki Says:

    **** :)

  143. 143
    fran Says:

    who cares about miley’s body???

    and no, her body is not perfect. NO ONE has a perfect body. Whoever said that above… awfully silly and immature.

    What I really think she needs to do eventually is get her teeth fixed!

    Those are really big chompers!

  144. 144
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Well I hope all you ADULTS had a good time picking apart a 16 year old girl, who ha’nt even finished growing yet. Unbelievably petty esp the posters picking on the younger sister. Nice!!!

  145. 145
    Shalie Says:

    World Swimwear have the cutest swimsuits! Love the Bahamian beaches.

  146. 146
    Albert Camus Says:

    I’m not a fan, but she sure as hell is not fat or thick-waisted.

    Is it so bad for a woman to look womanly these days???????

  147. 147
    shoekillah Says:

    am i the only shocked by the fact that she still a teenager and pic of her in bikini are posted and people are commentin on her” hot “body!! and maybe this people are on their 30s and more…awrk

  148. 148
    tweens are stupid--and blind Says:

    she has got the ugliest teeth for an “actress” i have ever seen. I see homeless people with better, prettier and straighter teeth. and she is a bit hippy. and you can tell the little tweenager idiots on here who have no clue or taste and worship at the feet of this useless piece of untalented homely white trailer trash hillbilly. Adults and older teenagers know better and have been out in the world more to know that this girl is NOT overly pretty, let alone “beautiful” as some 8 to 11 years olds would say. Her face is a fat little ugly chipmunk looking face and her teeth look like chipmunk teeth too now that i think about it.

  149. 149
    pm Says:

    @shoekillah: no that would be the youngsters saying that & the little 12 year old girls who have no one better to look up to. Adults on the other hand, have more taste and brain power to think miley cyrus is nothing more than an inbreed girl with very bad teeth who is no more than a flash in the pan.

  150. 150
    3 loves Says:

    holy margarine bat man, get me some dinner rolls, this chick is an ugly but-ta-face….say it all together now….buttaface.

  151. 151
    a very chipmunk christmas Says:

    darn girl, (s)miley c. must be storing nuts for the winter with those fat cheeks of hers. she gives Simon, Alvin and Theodore a run for their money.

  152. 152
    mean mean people Says:

    you all are very mean. Yes she needs her “chompers” fixed as someone so eloquently put it, but how would you like to have to constantly read about it? I’m sure Miss Cyrus knows her looks are average and teeth are not the greatest, but how would you like to be reminded of it daily? you know she probably reads all the mean things about her, true or not. But yes, with her money, i don’t understand why she does not get her oral surgeon to fix her smile/gums/teeth asap, but maybe she is comfortable with her imperfections and does not feel the need to try and be Hollywood perfect.

  153. 153
    Jaybird Says:

    @mean mean people:

    Disney had her remove her braces when she started “Hannah Montana”. It’s been a slow process due to her heavy workload, but she’s been her teeth fixed. If she was a normal teenage girl she would have perfect teeth by now.

  154. 154
    korean Says:

    shes def. a good role model. I think she has a perfectly healthy fit body.. and people should stop critizing her , try to break her down and make her look like a bad person.. Shes christian.. she doesnt have an eating disorder like most celebs.. she doesnt do drugs, smoke or drink…. shes a great actress.. she comes from a strong family.. just leave her alone,, shes 16.. let her grow.. . mind ur own business.. the time u spend talking smack about her.. you could be bettering yourself. only God can judge..

  155. 155
    korean Says:

    shes def. a good role model. I think she has a perfectly healthy fit body.. and people should stop critizing her , try to break her down and make her look like a bad person.. Shes christian.. she doesnt have an eating disorder like most celebs.. she doesnt do drugs, smoke or drink…. shes a great actress.. she comes from a strong family.. just leave her alone,, shes 16.. let her grow.. . mind ur own business.. the time u spend talking smack about her.. you could be bettering yourself. only God can judge..

  156. 156
    **** Says:

    I wanna see Justin Gaston’s nipples!!!

  157. 157
    donk ask Says:

    she looks good, not to skinny, a healthy weight.

    remember who you’re dealing with here , these bloggers (i wont call them writers) are the same people who will be the first ones to type up column inches on how she looks to thin or too pale or whatever if they thought the story would get some clicks.

    journalistic integrity isnt exactly at the forefront of celeb culture.
    “this” is just bored armchair critics trying to get more attention by droppin a famous name, its pathetic.


  158. 158
    donk ask Says:

    she looks good, not to skinny, a healthy weight.

    remember who you’re dealing with here , these bloggers (i wont call them writers) are the same people who will be the first ones to type up column inches on how she looks to thin or too pale or whatever if they thought the story would get some clicks.

    journalistic integrity isnt exactly at the forefront of celeb culture.
    “this” is just bored armchair critics trying to get more attention by droppin a famous name, its pathetic.


  159. 159
    No Name Says:

    She looks just like any other 16 year old. There is nothing ‘amazing’ about her body and there is nothing ‘amazing’ about her voice either. AVERAGE!!

  160. 160
    kiran bashir Says:

    i want like miley her boby

  161. 161
    anon joe Says:

    I will break it down for everyone…..average face, average body, below average voice and acting ability, below average smile and teeth.
    there it is in a nutshell.

  162. 162
    liloh Says:

    i have that body and i dont like it

  163. 163
    Melly Says:

    what happened with her belly ring?

  164. 164
    Modern Man Says:

    I’d hit that all day long.

  165. 165
    Israel Says:

    u know whats funny all of you talking bout how miley needs to fix her teeth. SHE ALREADY HAS!!!! AND THEY STILL LOOK LIKE CRAP!!!
    I bet she paid more for those new messed up teeth to be “fixed” than what one or two brand new SUV’s cost. LOL! And Her teeth are still so
    f’d up and i think it’s hilarious.

  166. 166
    PPBO Says:

    she may be rich but you cant buy pretty and you cant buy talent.
    hell she cant even buy decent chompers for her mouth.

  167. 167
    vicky Says:

    hey her body is tottaly average. im glad she’s not way to skinny, but shes normal. and look at her ass, she has cellulitis like anyone.
    congratulations miley, normal teenage girl.

  168. 168
    dr doom Says:

    we can’t all have Jessica Alba bodies….or faces. sorry miley.

  169. 169
    Ellen Says:

    Fat? WTF?
    She’s NOT fat.
    She’s gorgeous.

  170. 170
    SHARPAIY Says:

    it saddens me how people can go to a site and blast a young girl!!
    for your info= Beauty is not defined, not everyone finds every person attractive or pretty!!
    leave the girl alone let her grow!!
    if you dont think shes talented well, thats just an opinion you dont have to reply to everyone who doesnt agree!! -LOWLIFES
    plus everyone has talent and it doesnt matter if your the best at something as long as people like and appreciate what your doing!!
    BRITNEY SPEARS= example cant sing, lip sings her way through and she is loved hell i like her!!
    soo just dont bash on a girl who has worked her ass of to be where she is , if she werent liked she wouldnt be as famous as she is!!
    LET HER BE!!
    Your not gonna bash every girl in this world who arent pretty, look arent everything!!

  171. 171
    Jenny Says:


  172. 172
    Ashlee Says:

    she not fat,
    but she in not in shape,
    she is “skinny fat”

  173. 173
    word of advice Says:

    @Ellen: ellen, no one is calling her fat, that would be plain stupid, but she could tone up some, she is skinny fat like Ashlee says. But it is also just as stupid for you to call her gorgeous, her face is about as gorgeous as most normal 16 year old girls, which is not many, and she is NOT one of those VERY Rarefied gorgeous 16 year old girls. Like Brooke Shields come to mind when she was young. Try to make sense when on these boards and dont spout off exaggerations and blatant untruths and people might take you more seriously .

  174. 174
    BLAH Says:

    Shes Got Nice Body I Wish Mine Was Like That!!! N Shes Not Ugly Shes Pretty :)

  175. 175
    big john brown Says:

    when i look at her i think buttHERface
    never thunk this chick was puuurdy

  176. 176
    HAHAHA Says:

    I am not a fan, in fact i started to hate her because i see her in all of the magazines…BUT… her body rocks, it’s absolutely gorgeous

  177. 177
    MESa az Says:

    @HAHAHA: your not a fan supposedly but yet you took the time to come and check out her pics and make it a point to tell everyone that you “are not a fan,” and then procedd to tell everyone how “gorgeous” her body is—whatever…her body is nice, not gorgeous but nice….her face….well cant say much about that, her face and smile are all jacked up and fug.

  178. 178
    Gemma Says:


  179. 179
    Gemma Says:


  180. 180
    sarah ann connor Says:

    idk i dont think she fat but i never thought she was pretty

  181. 181
    mirtO! Says:

    WHAT A BODY!!!!!! =P
    love her, shes soooooooo fun!!!!!!

  182. 182
    shimmer Says:

    SHE is good for little kids u don’t have to worry about whats in her show.
    but she is not model beautiful or any thing like that, but she is not an ugly beast either. just like she is not fat or overly skinny,

  183. 183
    nra Says:

    she is fug not fat but fug fcace

  184. 184
    5rgrv6di Says:


  185. 185
    miley hater!!!! Says:

    she has a butter face
    everything is hot butter (but her) face *ΡΣΆç€ ◎ΰΥ ; )

  186. 186
    miley hater!!!! Says:

    well… she has a “butter face”… everything is hot & sexy butter (but her) face… *ρξé€ ◎ΰΥ*

  187. 187
    gabby Says:

    anyone who criticizes miley cyrus needs to shut their mouth.
    miley has been through a lot and she’s still a great role model.
    she has a BEAUTIFUL body (if people think she’s “fat” then i would hate to see what they think skinny is, because miley is skinny, she’s perfect) , and she is absolutely gorgeous. seriously. she is the realest star out there. a lot of other celebs are all fake. but not her. she shows her true personality and if other people dont like it, she doesn’t give a crap.
    miley is my favorite star EVER and i love her so much. she is my role model and my inspiration.

  188. 188
    Dank Says:

    Seriously if you think this is fat then you’re demented and you like banging sacs of skin and bone because this girl is anything but fat. Look at that stomach for god sakes. So not fat.

  189. 189
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Nice bod, ugg face!

  190. 190
    whatthehell Says:

    what a moron.

  191. 191
    change the channel Says:

    ain’t nobody called that jacked up bucked teeth, retarded looking chick fat because if they did it would be all over the place. she’s just trying to make another magazine cover because she knows her days at Disney are numbered, she is too old to play Hannah Montana she looks like Billy Ray’s woman. What an old looking 16 year old. Now if she had said somebody said she was ugly then we’ll be getting somewhere. she said her thighs were giggling for two, three Mississippis? That brain is giggling for seven or eight of them bad boys. That chick is tow up from the flo up. All hail Jaimie Fox!

  192. 192
    mandy Says:

    miley’s body is rockin! she’s beautiful and i loove her

  193. 193
    Lauren Says:

    Where is that bikini from
    I love it

  194. 194
    Music Says:

    I agree with #69 I am jealous of her money, not her face are body, so all of you who is overexggerating saying she looks gorgeous dont know what pretty is.

  195. 195
    Jeff Says:

    @lalalal: I wish I was 18 again………………..La da da da Laaaaaaaaaaa

  196. 196
    jweeks Says:

    I would like to marry miley cyrus any day

  197. 197
    Mary Says:

    f*cking sick of her. go away, jeez….

  198. 198
    Dster Says:

    MR.N: all right Dster this is ur last chance! no more lifelines!
    Dster:this is easy!
    MR.N:so then what is it

    Miley Cyrus is

    C:hell hot!!

    Dster:my final answer is C!
    MR.N:The correct answer is!…

    MR.N: E:she is freakin gorgeously awesome!!!!

    Dster:wha? wuh?

    MR.N:you just lost 1,000,000$! how does it feel?
    Dster:you freakin *******!!! grrrr!

  199. 199
    jackiebob Says:

    DAMN GIRL! Miley Cyrus is soooo hot and now that these pics came out. I just want to tap her more.

  200. 200
    tORI Says:

    She is Gorgeous! I love Miley! I envy her with everything in me! She is AMAZING!

  201. 201
    tORI Says:

    @Victoria: lol ikr? you have my name lol

  202. 202
    jets Says:

    i have do not any idea,but i suggest miley cyrus is really cute.

  203. 203
    jets Says:

    hi,,victoria…where you from? email me at

  204. 204
    albertace Says:

    She’s looks great, Natural beauty, great personality, Top female going on today !

  205. 205
    SaRah Says:

    actulally ı little bit lov miley.But I wanna Say: Guys her body ok. but look at her facee FAT. anybody say doesnt anything.Cuz God Make miley’s fat face.aNd ı’m not jealous cuz it True,Miley wanna be a small oh whatever! pilates does a body good but this face doesnt change Sorry Miley .

  206. 206
    S.N.f.y. Says:

    oh M.C your body awesome my body like your bodyy start tonight.amn

  207. 207
    theguywithaname Says:

    well she is not fat flat, ju st hot, miley will you bang me.

  208. 208
    Ivan_PSP Says:

    Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana – Ivan_PSP
    Video: Xvid 640×480 23.98fps 1199Kbps [Video]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps [Audio]
    Size: 645.78 MB

  209. 209
    brian8989 Says:

    God she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. 210
    Craig Hillman Says:

    Shes ripe and juicy too. I would so run my tounge all over that body

  211. 211
    stephen farrier Says:

    She Is Cuted in Her Bikini.

  212. 212
    stephen farrier Says:

    I Love miley’s bikini bod. Plus I want going to Los Angeles Califonia to meet miley cpart For a Frist movie Totgher That called Pokemon the movie Also I love to see miley cyrus Tour @ The Q Arena I love to meet miley cyrus in backstage afier the show on nov.15th 2009!!!!!!!!!

  213. 213
    stephen farrier Says:

    Miley cyrus is hot!!!!!!!!!!! stephen take miley to go for miley cyrus go to wear a bikini & stephen Farrier Swimmingtrank and her friends going swimming in the breach and miley & me Are going to kissing & Swimming underwater Going PiggerBack swimming Ride on miley cyrus.!!!!!!!!!!

  214. 214
    Dave Says:

    I just came

  215. 215
    joe flynn Says:

    well fit !
    how can any one say she’s ugly?
    I’d have sex with her

  216. 216
    Dammmit Says:

    I’d say an easy 9/10. These are going to my “To be fapped to” Folder on my desktop.

    ****** music though, tbh.

  217. 217
    gary Says:

    She has legs to die for. I have always thought she is a pretty girl with a nice body. Let’s see some bikini pics of Emily Osment!

  218. 218
    levi Says:

    OMG shes soo hot

  219. 219
    i hate her Says:

    i don’t like her but i would like to see her compleatly naked

  220. 220
    lili Says:

    Oh I don’t believe! She is beautyful!!! <3

  221. 221
    stephen farrier Says:

    miley cyrus is cuted i want swimming with her arftef Shooting a movie of pokemon the Movie we are Going to watnweild waterprak next
    summer in 2010 and Iove you miley cyrus.

  222. 222
    David - the nudist Says:

    I agree with those that stick up for her and say she’s not fat. However, there is something else I need to say. The bikini she’s wearing? It’s quite revealing and, as a nudist, it’s not natural. Clothes were invented by Man, not by Nature. Nature made us nude to begin with. Bikinis and similar attire like this only add to the sexual perversion that’s sweeping this and other countries where nudity is prohibited. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Those that do feel shame with nudity are either prudes who can’t stand the sight of a naked person (see Vanessa Hudgens, for instance) or perverted people who believe the only reason one is naked is for sex. Nudists don’t feel that kind of shame and believe the human body is natural and should not be kept hidden. I believe that if we all were naked and got used to seeing nudity on a regular basis, the body phobias, the hang-ups, the prudish ways, the sexual stuff…everything negative about the human body would eventually fade away until it’s all gone. But, until then, people are going to continue to pervert the human body and stare at sexy revealing swimsuits that leave little to the imagination. Then, girls and women complain when men stare at them in sexual ways. Look what you girls wear! You can’t have it both ways, you know! Then, there’s the other half that will criticize the human body and consider it wrong. Try visiting a nudist place and see how people really react to seeing the human body out of the prisons of clothes. 95 out of 100 would not mind and would respect the human body without clothes. The other 5 would be like most people if you know what I mean.

    The biggest issue seems to be when children are involved. Most adults think that if their kids see nudity that it would scar them for life. If that were true, I’D be scarred for life since I’ve seen more than my fair share of nudity, even when I was young. The truth is, kids would not be scarred for life at seeing nudity IF adults would not react so negatively about it. Don’t forget that kids see how adults act or react and they learn it from them. If adults react negatively about nudity, their kids will pick up on that. THAT’S the real problem with people. And, that’s why people think kids will be scarred for life if they were to see nudity. Think about it…WHO taught them to be scarred? Is it any wonder, then, why some kids are curious about the opposite sex? Is it any wonder why some boys will look up girls’ skirts to see what they’ve got on underneath? How about the fact that little kids sometimes play “doctor”? Is that of no concern? NUDE IS NOT LEWD! I must have said those four words thousands of times over the internet since I first started.

    Back on topic, Miley Cyrus is not fat at all. In fact, she’s a little bit skinny and may need to add a few more pounds. That is all for now.

  223. 223
    nia Says:

    I think she is beautiful ans selena has nothing on her.GO MILEY

  224. 224
    kook Says:

    i want to f her sooooooooooo bad….just look at her ass and tits!!!!!!!!!

  225. 225
    kook Says:

    i want to f her sooooooooooo bad….just look at her ass and tits!!!!!!!!!

  226. 226
    michael boyle Says:

    Im a homosexual and a malesecretary and i would love to have mileys figure.

  227. 227
    jhhhhhhhhh Says:

    i´d like to *** all over her ass

  228. 228
    charli Says:

    i want that miley open his bra and his pantie i want to see his boobs

  229. 229
    gltzsprklz18* Says:

    she has a nice body {no homo} i mean she’s fit and all but why do boys go gaga over her? she’s not even that pretty, actually her face is kinda ROUND? o god this girl if butt ugly in the face now that i think about it why do you guys even like her?

  230. 230
    love miley my name tarek Says:

    hey why do u say miley is fat she’s so beautiful and her face is nice I love all of her and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop saying miley is fat she’s hottt and I’m a huge fan

  231. 231
    john Says:

    i would tap that ass if given the chance

  232. 232
    Stephen farrier Says:

    Miley cyrus is cuted man I Love to go swimming with miley in the movie named pokemon the movie set.

  233. 233
    GiggyLO Says:

    Those look like fake breasts…And I’ve never been wrong yet.

  234. 234
    ad Says:

    damn she is hot

  235. 235
    Michael Says:


  236. 236
    allen Says:

    Those nice long legs would feel so good over my shoulders and what a pretty thick ass she has

  237. 237
    me:D Says:

    I’d like to be her body guard :P

  238. 238

    she is looking gorgeous and beautiful.She has a amazing body

  239. 239

    she is looking gorgeous and beautiful.She has a amazing body

  240. 240


  241. 241


  242. 242
    allen Says:

    if my wife had a body like that she would ride me all night long :)

  243. 243
    John Says:

    insanely hot

  244. 244
    tom Says:

    but look it noahs ass sexy

  245. 245
    kiwi Says:

    omg she is so hot… your tits now lol

  246. 246
    kyle Says:

    hot hot so hot get naked i wanna see your ****** and tits

  247. 247
    gordonculp Says:

    are u kidding me.. shes not tht good looking.. she can barely sing and has bags under her eyes. if i saw her on the street, i wouldn’t look twice.

  248. 248
    Husssam Says:

    she is perfect at all I love her so much

  249. 249
    sara Says:

    u look like a fat ass……..i hate u, u r a *****……………saali kutti kamini
    m frm india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. 250
    sissy michael boyle Says:

    hi im michael boyle male secretary who works as a clerk with only females. and i am now quite a girl myself even though i was born a boy.. i wish i had a figure as good as myley. the girls i work with paid for my butt implants and boobs. and yes, my ***** will be removed. and then i will be quite the female that my co-workers want me to be. shemale michael boyle

  251. 251
    Ryan@myplace Says:

    shes hot az

  252. 252
    Bobbie-Lee Says:

    hey miley cyrus ♥:♥:♥: i love you

  253. 253
    Bikini lover Says:

    great girl

  254. 254
    David Peet Says:

    this color fits her style so well!! like it) unfortunately not much of her feet is captured this time((!!

  255. 255
    JB Says:

    OMG the booty must run in the Cyrus household!I mean Miley has a nice lil ass on her,so does even her lil sis Noah & evern her mom as well.Just don’t know about Brandi Cyrus’ ass sigh.

  256. 256
    killer Says:

    her body is like so sexy she’s so nice!!!
    i like to sex with her

  257. 257
    chanel lee Says:

    come on guys if noeone likes her then just leave her alone

  258. 258
    chanel lee Says:

    come on guys if noeone likes her then just leave her alone

  259. 259
    cody Says:

    hi miley your hot and so sexy i love when you wear your bikini on your boobys just feel ilke to kiss the **** out of you and kiss you in bed all day with a bikini and i just want to kiss you on your lips and carry you to the bed and i wnt to marry you just marry me no matter what and date me too sexy girl with hot / sexy boob.

  260. 260
    cody Says:

    hey miley your so sexy and hot just feel like to kiss you in bed with your bikini on your boobs feel like to carry you to bed and kiss your lips bye
    sexy girl.

  261. 261
    jeo Says:

    awesome body..her boyfriend is a blessed guy

  262. 262
    hellow Says:

    she got a hot ass! i dont care what you people say, shes shot, you just got bad taste

  263. 263
    cookie Says:

    she is ugly n she needs to grow a butt.and she dosen’t need to be a kids popstar cuz she does stuff her fans dosen’t need to kno abt.

  264. 264
    dany Says:

    chicas no se iluciones con la demi ni crean q es ella pues x q ese cuerpaso es de miley cyrus no de la gorde esa

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