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Cynthia Nixon Engaged To Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon Engaged To Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon is engaged to her longtime girlfriend, education activist Christine Marinoni.

The 43-year-old actress announced the engagement news at a rally for gay rights in New York City on Sunday (May 17). Cynthia even showed off her engagement ring at The Love, Peace and Marriage Equality rally, which supported New York Governor David Paterson‘s proposed bill granting legal equality to same-sex unions.

“I think we would definitely [get married] if it became legal in New York,” Cynthia has told Access. “I don’t really want to get married to get married pretend. I think we’d like to do it in a real, actual, legal way that the state would recognize.”

Cynthia has two children, daughter Samantha, 12, and son Charles, 6, from her relationship with English professor Danny Mozes. Just a few months ago, Cynthia and Christine took the kids to Disneyland.

Cynthia will be reprising her role as high-power attorney Miranda Hobbes in the movie sequel of Sex and the City, out May 28, 2010.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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Credit: Gaz Shirley, HRC/WENN, Zack Seckler/Getty; Photos: Jemal Countess/Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • HeyYou

    Congratulations!!!! Rojo

  • no

    how unnatural and immoral.

  • XYZ

    Anyone else think Christine kind of looks like a 13 year old boy, like Harry Potter’esque? Reminds me of Rachel Dratch playing Harry Potter in the SNL skit lol Hope they do legalize gay marriage in NY, hope they last, they seem happy.

  • Charlie Johnson

    What is that creature?

  • jamie

    # 4- charlie johnson—

    What kind of creature are YOU ?

  • The Shiznack

    Charlie Johnson @ 05/18/2009 at 12:14 am

    What is that creature?


    That is no creature my good man, that is the beloved Rojo Caliente.

  • The Shiznack

    Charlie Johnson @ 05/18/2009 at 12:14 am

    What is that creature?


    That is no creature my good man, that is the beloved Rojo Caliente.

  • Yvette


  • jj fan

    ‘engaged’…i think not….

  • …..

    Lets piss off more Christians. Go head same sex marriage! Congratulations to Rojo.

  • Jennifer

    who cares?

  • rpatzfan

    the girlfriend is hot

  • sunshine

    Yuk yuk yuk that is both weird and disgusting. Whatever must the kids think – scarring them for life I bet. Can’t possibly wish them luck – they are both deserving of each other.

  • g!na

    you all are a$$es! good luck to both of these ladies!

  • Chelsey

    wtf…i thought that was her son when I first saw the pic….ouch.

  • Phx Mas

    That is one of the ugliest butch d-yke-s ive ever seen. Congrats Cynthia! I’m sure you made your children–who I hope to God are with Dad–proud of you. I still can’t believe that was born a woman. How disgusting butches are…. they hate men, but love to look like them. just goes to show how twisted their thinking is.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee


  • hahaha

    that thing looks retarded

  • LuckyL

    Good for her. Everyone just back the f*** off.

  • Nicole

    Yay congrats to her!

  • vmars111

    Congrats to the happy couple and the hot mess next to Cynthia!


  • Ann

    Why “lesbians” who claim to be attracted to females always go for females who look like males is beyond my comprehension. I’m just glad that I’m not gay.

  • ****

    She’s engaged to Prince Harry!??! But I thought she was a…well, you know.

  • http://aol susan

    #23…I totally agree. Look at Rosie and Ellen. I mean they are both ‘manly’ and their partners are very feminine.
    When I first saw Cynthia’s partner, I have to admit, I thought, WTF. And, frankly, I still thing WTF.

  • tzja

    please not
    poor children

  • jolie pitts rule

    who cares what she looks like! Their are two people in love and they deserve to be happy! some very shallow people on this board! WTF do you look like? leave them alone!

  • lisaJane

    Hahaha! Good for them, they always look like a happy couple! Lets all move into the 21st century people! Love is love! I wish them a life of happiness!

  • shaye

    #27& #28 – your correct! Who are we to judge? They are in love! Congrats to the happy couple! beauty is inside!

  • norah

    her partner looks like a man…i don’t get it…i thought she likes girls not men…confusing…

  • Nativenyker

    Her speech was an all out attack! Go Nixon!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • LOVE


  • Pandora

    Oh. My. Well! I hope they’re happy. I am all for gay coupling/marriage. I have to admit though, I had no idea this one was a woman.

  • SUBsub

    #3, you read my mind!

  • me!

    Wow, that girlfriend sure is ugly!
    Looking at her would turn me straight in a heartbeat!!

  • mylifeisafantasy

    It must be love ’cause there ain’t no other explanation for it!

  • His way


  • sade

    Oh my.. where to start. How could Cynthia Nixon be so selfish. I can only imagine the embarrassment of her children having to not only deal with the divorce of their parents, but, then to have to “accept” that their new daddy is a woman.

    Sure kids are resilient, but, everyone get real here. Unless these kids are homeschooled the fact is that other kids can be quite harsh.

    Cynthia is as repulsive to me as her unattractive “lover”… ughh nasty nasty.

  • laura

    Its great that they will get married. She deserves half her money, zing.

  • missy

    They aren’t “engaged” or “getting married” or “having children” they are two lesbians that are going to live together. People have dumbed down enough, its time to take back the language and the culture.

  • just saying

    I’m sure their children will be very beautiful! LOL

  • Hello jello

    i can’t believe the harsh comments on here…its amazing how cruel some people can really be…it’s quite sad!!!

  • susy

    Who cares what the woman looks like, and who cares if people do not like gays, but one thing gays are entitled to are civil rights. It is not about love, looks etc etc. it is about civil rights.

  • Magicha

    ewww i thought she went straight then i read that that thing is a woman i feel so much more beautiful now

  • just saying

    they have civil rights, they want the right to be legally perverted, they want other people to respect their pervertiness and they want other people punished for not respecting their pervertiness.

    They want their lives to be worth more than yours in the eyes of the law.

    Civil Rights, the homosexuals want to take our civil rights

    Its the new speak. Orwell, 1984, everything is opposite of what it really is.

  • honeybunch

    That is just so wrong—he/she looks like a man and a very ugly one to boot.

  • missy

    is “it” rich, powerful or something?

  • kATE


    Well, I am gay and don’t get that either. I’ve only ever gone for femmine females, and I myself am femme.
    But best wishes and congrats to them. Christiane’s neck-time ain’t harming me, so what’s not to support?

  • rionemesis

    Congrats to them xD!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    one of the ugliest lesbian pairs ive seen
    and thats cuz i live in mass
    they truly disgust me

  • just saying

    Man where is English professor Dad, I’ll be damned if I’d let my kids grow up in that nightmare.