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Kelly Clarkson Zips Over To Zootopia

Kelly Clarkson Zips Over To Zootopia

Kelly Clarkson poses backstage in the press room during Z100′s Zootopia 2009 at the Izod Center on Saturday (May 16) in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The 27-year-old original American Idol winner performed her hit song “Since You Been Gone.”

Also performing at the Zootopia concert this year: Black Eyed Peas, The All-American Rejects, Soulja Boy, Jesse McCartney, Ciara and Flo Rida. Hot line-up!

10+ pictures inside of Kelly Clarkson zipping over to Zootopia…

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kelly clarkson zootopia 01
kelly clarkson zootopia 02
kelly clarkson zootopia 03
kelly clarkson zootopia 04
kelly clarkson zootopia 05
kelly clarkson zootopia 06
kelly clarkson zootopia 07
kelly clarkson zootopia 08
kelly clarkson zootopia 09
kelly clarkson zootopia 10
kelly clarkson zootopia 11
kelly clarkson zootopia 12
kelly clarkson zootopia 13

Photos: Brad Barket/Getty
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  • Nini

    shes put on a lot of weight

  • Jason

    She looks great!

    People need to get over it. She looks just fine.

  • Shauna


  • hahaha


  • whatever

    People shut up, you ruthless a**holes, just because your famous does not mean you have to be a toothpick.

  • whatever

    For the ones saying she’s fat, Kelly is probably half the size of you

  • twitter

    She has put on some weight but she’s a very talented girl.

  • Ken

    She looks awesome, she doesn’t need to lose weight, she looks hot already!!! Anyways she looks better with weight on!!! So go Kelly!!!

  • CRazy oldie

    ever since her album flopped, she has ballooned!

  • Barry

    i f’ing LOVE this girl but i don’t like her fat! she gained way too much weight!

  • k.okh

    u guys who are defending her weight must be fat,
    cus this bitch is fat lmao!
    i mean shes VERRRY talented, but she just soooo ugly lol
    and she hass gaiinned alota wait. lol

  • allie

    im sick of hearing the same thing over and over and over! what’s wrong with being skinny??! SKINNY IS BEAUTIFUL!

  • sushi

    she gain ALOT of weight

  • natalie

    forget the fatness! what about her hair! …yuck!!!

  • Britbrit

    the girl is so thin!wonderful body!

  • Matt

    This girl could have a killer personality, all the talent in the world, and gave a killer performance and all people will do is focus on her weight. What a shallow society. If it makes you feel any better, please do keep commenting. She could always lose the weight. But those who call her fat probably never will. An ugly person is an ugly person, inside and out.

  • sdfhsvs


  • Ezra

    shes so cute! bad choice in clothing. :(

  • kimberly

    she’s way past “healthy” so don’t even go there anti-skinny people. she’s fat.

  • natalie

    @Matt: true, but some of us just want her to look fabulous! :P xoxo

  • Gigi

    girl actually looks a lot better than I’ve seen of her recently. and #9, her current album did not flop…. so i do not know what information you are forming that conclusion on….

  • TES

    @allie: u betcha skinny butt! bahah

  • cutiegirl

    Sure she’s not toothpick skinny but it’s not like she’s obese or anything. I think she looks gorgeous in these pictures. She’s got a glow about her and she looks very happy. I think the haters need to lay off her weight, it’s not like she’s trying to be a model or something.

  • Claudia

    OMMGOOOSH! she was amazing tonight! the only performer who actually sang. i think.

  • pookie

    eww THAT HAIR!! i would do so many wonderful things to that hair!

  • anna

    For someone so seemingly down to earth and just plain sweet Kelly sure has a lot of haters. I wonder why that is? Jealous fans of other Idol artists perhaps who sit on the internet just waiting for sites like this to post things about Kelly so they can throw their nasty remarks around.

    Kelly isn’t fat but she isn’t skinny either. She’s an average sized girl but there is nothing average about her voice, which is really all anyone pays to her to keep in shape.

  • Mark


  • Andy

    Looks like she went to FOODtopia.

  • steve carell


  • alicia

    omg… if you people think she’s fat, then you must think half of america is fat, as well. :x

    kelly, you’re HOT!

  • alicia

    @Andy: wow, good one.
    lmao, that was sooo elementary school. get some better jokes, asshole.

  • claire08

    @Andy: @alicia: seriously…

  • jughed

    whatever the hell she’s wearing, it’s really accentuating kelly’s “average” size :(

  • rOSESH

    she was so pretty in 2005-06
    and also on idol

    what happened kelly?

  • Tanda

    Yes, she is overweight. In this industry, it’s unacceptable. She is quote “fat.” I don’t see anything wrong with telling her to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with losing weight. There is nothing wrong with being skinny. Just have realistic expectations and love yourself.

  • Halo

    You’re telling me she’s not “fat”? I understand that you don’t have to unrealistically skinny because it’s obviously not healthy but the size she is – isn’t healthy either.

    She’s a singer in the entertainment industry. She needs to lose weight.

  • Petra

    @rOSESH: anyone who says she hasn’t gained weight mainly the KCFANS are completely delusional..Everyone knows shes gained a lot of weight! HERES KELLY BEFORE (2005) AND HERES A PICTURE OF HER FROM TODAY! (2009)
    sorry i dont know how to link them.

  • Petra


  • ct


  • Lian

    GOSH I miss this kelly sooooooo much!
    i still love her though i think she just needs a man in her life..maybe that will encourage her to find what’s best for her.

  • mallory

    Her and Jessica Simpson could be sisters. Both fat midgets.

  • wendyyy

    i loved her tonight! ‘if i cant have you… then i dont want anyooooooone!’ i love this song.

  • Andy

    @alicia: You must be fat too LMAO!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    to the person who said KC fans are denying her weight: no one said she hasn’t changed weight since 2005, but who cares!!!! she’s NOT fat, yeah she isn’t as skinny as she used to be, but she ain’t fat. how about you all get lives instead of sitting on here seeing who can rack up the most fat comments. it won’t get you anywhere in life, i promise!

  • Sara

    okay i am officially obsessed with her new album.

  • Sara

    @wendyyy: me too! i love it! i hope it becomes a single and i hope she loses just a little bit of weight so she can show it off in the video such a sexy dancing song. :D :D :D :D

  • sharon

    What does a person’s weight got to do with her singing …I bet half of you couldn’t carry a tune in your pocket and have you looked in a mirror lately I bet you have some kinda flaw and those who say they don’t well you just have looks to get you by and I really feel sorry for you because that’s just all you will have and the older you get the least attracted you will be.

  • tgk

    Shes’s a singer. The only thing she owes to the industry and her public is doing the job in the studio and on stage.Meaning, voice performance.
    It may surprise you but some people pay for music and concerts based on the vocal ability of the performer not on the looks.
    I think, like many here, you confused the job of modeling with the one of singing.
    Stevie Wonder is fat, Tracy Chapman is not a toothpick nor a fashioninista.Guess what they give killing performances,have a lasting career and that’s all the paying audience cares for.I hope for this girl (whose songs I really don’t know) that her fans feel the same.

  • LuckyL

    My God

  • Lara

    I really admire Kelly! She seems so comfortable with her shape and she’s a person strong enough to resist this whole size zero-bullshit! And her voice – amazing!