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Reese Witherspoon: A Little League Of Her Own

Reese Witherspoon: A Little League Of Her Own

Reese Witherspoon takes her son Deacon, 5, to a Little League baseball game on Saturday afternoon (May 16) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress carried a tote bag with Deacon‘s monogrammed name on it.

Reese will also be starring as a softball player in the upcoming James L. Brooks-directed film and has been seen practicing at a local softball field.

Deacon‘s dad Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Abbie Cornish are currently in Cannes right now premiering her new film.

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Photos: Pedro Andrade/Bret Thompsett
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  • amy


  • whortensia

    Cute cute cute cute cute, why don’t you oneword morons shut up and take your one word elsewhere? What words did you learn first: mama, dada and cute? And then nothing else?

    Now more important: you will notice once again that the kid never smiles or laughs. I have NEVER seen any of her kids laugh or smile when they are with her. Odd, extremely.

  • Raichill

    For a long time, Deacon seemed to be like a baby being carried everywhere and suddenly he seemed to grow up.

  • twitter

    Deacon looks like Reese.

  • Hayley

    This kid turned out ugly!

  • se

    It a misfortune this child born with this women and in bad place like shantytown Hollywood.
    He will never have a chance to be a person with good education in his life .
    The children whose are son or daughter of actresses or actors or directors of Hollywoof are very danger for society because they will be the future robbers, drug handlers, assassins, prostitutes and parasites….
    This child haven’t any kind of future!

  • drake p.

    This kid has a double chin like Reese! Kid looks like a weinie!

  • Reese is gross

    eww! Reese has her spawn with her! looks like her unfortunate looking kid! he looks like he’s going to be chubby like her.

  • Petra

    Deacon is just kid who is only five years old, looking at him as beauty or not beauty is totally unrevelant, kids are changing through years.

  • ur retarded


    gina- you are so immature and retarded to take it out on a kid, he’s still young and will grow into a handsome man.

  • whiskers

    That’s Deacon? I thought Ava cut her hair.
    Wow, they could be twins!

  • LolaSvelt

    @g!na: Superficial moron.

  • jason

    @ur retarded:

    your retarded for calling others names! everyone has an opinion dude!

  • supergirl

    crap! That kid looks like his ugly mom. Too bad she has ugly kids!

  • rachelle

    he’s cute even though i can’t stand his mom.

  • magic_moment


  • UGLY is as UGLY DOES

    Whether you like Reese or not, some of you are unnecessarily cruel to a lovely innocent child. IMO Deacon looks great, just like a kid should. I just hope he won’t grow up to have his mom’s ultra phony personality or her famewhore look-at-me-me-me-it’s-all-about-me addiction, because that is what would make him ugly, like her.

  • .,.

    cute but boring, u know?

  • Lucy

    Deacon is a cute kid, but Witherbeard looks stupid with that hat. Hey PR could you tell your client that her attempts to dress young and hip just make her look frumpier and stupid. Also, tell her that no amount of awkward PDA makes her and Jake look like a real couple.

  • reese stinks

    More lame promoting of Reese Witherspoon – phony, fugly and overrated publicity ho

  • Russian girl

    Wow Deacon is such a beautiful kid! But it’s not surprise. His dad is Ryan Phillippe)

  • Pattycake

    THIS is why celeb’s don’t want their kids pix posted. He is not a marketing product and no one is trying to sell him as the cutest boy alive. He is just a normal 5 year old out to play a little bball while his mom watches. With his genes I predict he will grow up to be drop dead gorgeous and all you critical hags will be in the nursing home drooling.

  • Karon

    CUTE!!!!!!!! ( I am a one word moroon) lol

  • Me!

    Cute kid!

  • hector

    He’s adorable. He has features of both parents.

  • marina

    @g!na: jared, please clean this thread, it’s attacking a kid in different posts. tnx.

  • Becks


    It just shows the mentality of the poster/s, they have to attack a child because of the jealousy of the mother. How very very sad.

  • se

    Ugly is as Ugly does.

    I repeat. Children learn good and bad things of their parents. We can observe Hollywood at present. There are only son and daughter of actresses or actors or directors acting. Every enterprise select their employees only Hollywood studios don’t do it!

    Nepothism is a plague in this film industry. Robert Downey Jr. is a criminal, Sutherland etc…The other son of actresses etc or son of prostitutes ( it is the same ) haven’t any kind of background.

    It is difficult for a normal child learn in school when their parents haven’t any kind of background and bad atmophere at home!

    It is a pity and misfortune this child born in Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe house!

  • Matingas

    so she’s not in Ojai?? dammit.. I’m over here kinda .. and I was gonna work it :P

    hey Jared.. it was my bday yesterday :P

  • dian

    Reese is talented and beautiful and Deacon is going to be a handsome young man

  • REESE Fake Bitch Withersoon

    Reese Witherspoon is so fake and annoying – no wonder her PR pays Just Jared to constantly promote her crappy movies and Reese as “a good mother”
    Good mother my a$$!

  • Dread not

    Reese, babe. Do your son and favor and nix the tote bag. Get the little guy a duffel bag, for cripes sake. I know RP is off with another woman, but shouldn’t he be giving you the heads up on stuff like this? Fashion ain’t my thing, but I’m diggin’ the clam diggers and flip flops.

  • soopx

    He is such a cute little boy.

  • soopx

    He looks a little afraid of the men taking pictures.

  • jessica

    He is such a cute kid and growing up fast. I’m surprised she let them publish his picture and she is usually very protective of them.

  • Uptown


    You are an ugly bittchhh

  • whortensia

    People who use the word “cute” for everything probably have an IQ of about 80. That’s 20 points below average, you know. Close to being a moron.

  • lakers fan in boston

    aww how cute
    mother and son =]
    she looks cute, liking her outfit
    she’s one of a few chicks who can wear those hats imo


    @jessica: Of course she let Deacon get papped, hell she probably arranged it, because his Little League game ties in with her upcoming softball movie she’s been training for. Get it? Reese’s softball movie, Deacon’s baseball game, voila, it sends the message that she’s a good mother and by the way, she’s going to play a baseball player in her next movie! One thing to remember, with Reese, it’s all about promoting herself. And she will pimp out her kids without fail if it gets her any publicity.

  • Nat

    did anyone else notice the name on the side of the bag?

  • jay

    she has hitius toes

  • Sharon kay

    It’s great to see parents who support their children and watch them play their games in Little League. It’s nice that Reese didn’t leave Deacon in the hands of a “handler,” or Nanny-type.

    I hope Reese is among those Little League parents who has read the League’s Code of Ethics and “Parent’s Pledge.” Ethic Soup blog just posted an article :”Parent Attacks Litttle League Coach: Welcome Springtime!” The sports parent who attacked a Little Coach — punched the coach in the face, pushed him down and broke his glasses — is among the first abusive-sports-parent to be arrested this season. To read, go to:

    Some parents just don’t get it — kids participate to have FUN and the game is for the children, not adults. A good idea is to copy the Parent’s Pledge and have it on hand to give sports parents who are being abusive. Or, stick it under their windshield wipers — and RUN.
    Like Ethic Soup says: “Maybe we can help a few kids actually have a fun summer playing baseball and build memories that they will want to recall as an adult, rather than just forget.”

    To read the Parent’s Pledge, Little League Code of Ethics, go to:

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Deacon is adorable!