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Abbie Cornish is Quintessentially Cannes

Abbie Cornish is Quintessentially Cannes

Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe both attend the Quintessentially Dinner Party at the vitaminwater beach during the 2009 Cannes Film Festival on Sunday (May 17) in Cannes, France.

The 26-year-old actress wore a lavender gown as she premiered her new movie, Bright Star, last Friday.

On Saturday, Phillippe joined Malin Akerman and Taylor Kitsch,at The Bang Bang Club Cocktail Reception held at the La Plage du Petit Club.

20+ pictures inside of Abbie Cornish as quintessentially Cannes…

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abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 01
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 02
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 03
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 04
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 05
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 06
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 07
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 08
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 09
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 10
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 11
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 12
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 13
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 14
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 15
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 16
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 17
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 18
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 19
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 20
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 21
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 22
abbie cornish quintessentially cannes 23

Photos: Dave Hogan/Michael Buckner/Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • gloverfeld

    What a dick! I guess Reese’s not happy after her meltdown in Vegas:

  • Dannyster

    What a loser…Reese had a meltdown in Vegas cause of him:

  • French Toast

    Beautiful couple. It looks like they are having fun.

  • Noticias de famosos

    They make very nice couple, they go well together.

  • beerwolf

    forget them – give me more Kitsch!!

  • Pattycake

    I have never seen so many pictures of Ryan smiling as are coming out of the images from Cannes. Abbie’s performance in her movie “Bright Star” is being universally praised, something I would have predicted from her past performances. She is a phenomenal actress. Ryan is obviously proud of her and she and Ryan are as obviously happy together. It’s a love fest, folks. Gotta luv it.

  • Jen

    Abbie is beautiful and great actress.

  • clive


  • victoria

    Gorgeous looking couple, Abbie’s hair is luscious.

  • Melissa

    Abbie is a homewrecker.

  • Pattycake

    @Melissa: Your home? If not, let it go. I’m thinking that home was broken long before Ryan set eyes on Abbie.

  • bianca

    Everybody’s happy now. Abbie is a very good actress. I like her. She seems like a warm friendly happy person. I am amazed at how smiley Ryan is in some of these pictures. He is usually all pouty and angry and sullen looking. He thinks it makes him look sexy. I think it makes him look sour.

    I’m glad they’re getting along. X17 has video of him falling down drunk and clubbing the night away in Cannes with friends. It was the night of Abbie’s movie premiere. After it was over. I felt sorry for her. She had to help hold him up at one point. So the evening started out for her, but ended up about him.

  • sweetness

    They do make an adorable couple..I always liked him more with Abbie than Reese…Reese seems so uptight and this Abbie here seems always cheery and fun loving.

  • facts

    Ryan Peepee Pance and Abbie Cornhole strike again! They are the dynamic philandering and homewrecking duo!!!

  • hehe

    fugly zlist couple.


    They are gorgeous and her performance in Bright Star is amazing. They are very happy and that video was no big deal he was not as bad as they tried to edit it to be and it is obvious they did so they should leave people alone and let them have a good time he didn’t hurt anyone. Except some RW fans who hate to see him happy.

  • Kelly

    He does look happy! And so much more Happier! I never saw him smile like this with RW. That’s all that matters is that everyone is happy and the kids are safe.

  • Kelly

    they look good together too! I think the both (RW and RP look better) now with their respective partners than with each other.

  • Lady love

    @bianca: I’ve always thought Ryan looks resigned rather than happy when he doesn’t smile for pictures.

    As for that video, it was clearly doctored. Abbie is never holding him up, just embracing him. She looks pretty happy at the time. Maybe she likes that he feels free to cut loose and act his age rather than the unhappy old man he had become there for a while.

  • melinda

    They make a great couple and he seems a lot happier!

  • h

    can’t wait till he cheats on her too. not that SHE wouldn’t deserve it.

  • lula

    She might be a homewrecker but nobody can’t deny she is really beautiful.
    Reese looks like a wet chicken compared to her.
    Ryan is so much better looking than Jake too. It doesn’t mean Ryan&Abbie are gonna last as a couple, i think they won’t make it through the end of the year :(

  • kristina

    she has great hair. i hope he does not do to her what he did to Reese. i really used to like him until he split with reese. now he just comes across like a pouty little pompous ass. abbie could do better.

  • Anon

    They will “make it” until she becomes popular and well known and successful.Once she “hits” he will start cheating. Ryan has issues.

  • Bunch of Mopes

    Can’t you all be happy for people who are happy? What’s will all the negativity? You guys/gals must have had a rough childhood or something. Ryan and Abbie have been together at least since the filming of Bright Star. In her interview Abbie said that Ryan took care of her while she was filming. And then she came to LA to live with him, as we all remember since she still had the extra body weight and brown hair for the role. My point is that they’ve been together for a while and are clearly devoted to each other. That makes me happy. I like to see people in love and committed to one another. Reese and Ryan didn’t work out. It’s too bad but it’s not the end of the world. They seem to have gotten over it better than some of you.

  • Cruel intentions

    Ryan behavior during his marriage is miserable. He left his family for another woman when his own son was only two years old, his drunk parties when he was in marriage tells so much about him as person. He is weak and pathetic.

  • LolaSvelt

    She’s beautiful and when will you people learn: NO EVIDENCE, NO PROOF TO THE HOMEWRECKER RUMOURS.

  • Cruel intentions

    No evidence? Ryan confess that he cheated Reese plus you can read that Abbie and him are together since 2006, while divorce between Reese and Ryan is finalized later in 2007.

  • http://Abbeisahomewreckin,slurpingwhore. Reality Check

    Abbe is a home wrecking, slurping whore.

  • Marco

    Ryan still looks hot as ever. doesnt age. I think he should be shirtless

  • clive


  • clive


  • sweetness

    look face it women…if you think your relationship is solid and permanent with a man..then you are fools. if it happens and a marriage lasts for eternity then the couple was lucky and it was meant to be. but there are no guarantees. sure he could break up with Abbie and she could break up with him…it’s life. do you honestly think Reese and Jake are going to stay together permanently? What happens if they have problems or they fall out of love…

    We all have one life to live and remaining with any one in an unhappy marriage or relationship is dumb.

  • view on top

    Ryan does seem happy these days. I don’t know alot about Abbie but she is attractive and seems to happy in relationship with Ryan. And kids seem to have accept her as well. Reese has moved on, Ryan moved on and the kids seem to doing well. So I guess the fans should let it go too as Ryan and Reese will never be together again.

    The only thing that bugs me is that both he and Abby smoke. I wish they would both quit for their own sake as well as the children or any future childhren they may have together. It’s funny how they try to eat well and all but still smoke. WTH is up with that? Plus seconhand smoke is soo bad. They shouldn’t subject the kids to it IMO.

    Just sayin’

  • Marco

    Hey number 27, you need to grow up and not be judgemental of anyone but yourself. You speak like you know them personally. All you know is what you’ve read in tabloids. Question remains, why did he cheat on her, why did he drink, what did SHE do to him that made him react like that? There will always be something that drives someone away.

  • the_boyfriend

    They’re so hot right now, I can’t get enough…

  • whortensia

    What? You mean they are not “cute”? I find it interesting that again Ryan is in the spotlight due to his wife. Just like it was with Witherspoon. A parasite. BTW the link to You Tube brings up nothing relevant

  • http://justjared ………………

    Reese and Ryan were a beautiful couple and I loved them and their family together very much I just loved Cruel Intentions.

  • pattycake

    @Cruel intentions: That never happened. You are hearing voices in your head. What Ryan said was that there was trouble in his marriage before he met Abbie and that no outside person can break up a solid marriage. I think Ryan and Reese were holding on for the sake of the children but that eventually they were so miserable that they realized that they weren’t doing the kids any favor. Ryan also said at the time that he owed it to his children to give them a happy father. Abbie and Ryan have both said that they did not have an affair before his marriage broke up…which is not to say that falling in love with Abbie isn’t what pushed him toward divorce.

  • Cruel intentions

    Than my mistake i am apologize.
    But still i don’t like him that much but Abbie she is Ok.
    Just my opinion.

  • IvyMades

    I really like them together. He seems really happy with her, which is no small feat considering all the bad press that recieved after his divorce.

    Personally, I think people were WAY too harsh on Ryan. He mentioned several times before they broke up that they were in therapy and had issues. One never know what goes on inside a marriage. We only view it from the outside.

    I don’t think Reese will stay with Jake. He seems to be pushing for more commitment than she’s willing to make.

    I wish them all — Ryan, Abbie, Reese, Jake — the best. I think they are doing right by the kids.


    You people are so shallow. Stop saying Abby deserves to be with Ryan because they look beter together than he did with Reese. It’s not abot looks. If he is happier with her that’s a different matter…but stop with the better looking please. Two children had their home disrupted, their emotions in turmoil and their rearranged. Stop being so shallow.

  • rachel

    the way they look each other in pic #2 is so cute! :)
    Abbie is stunning. I want her hair!

  • rachel redux

    Well Pinkrose, I think they are cute together because their affection towards each other shines through. Aesthically he actually looked better with Reese because of the height thing. But overall Abbie and Ryan look better because they clearly love each other. Is that good enough?

    And Rachel, I love Abbie’s looks but her hair is not her greatest asset. It’s rather fine and stick straight. I do believe she went to the hairdressers before she left LA and had some extensions added for fullness.

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    He is always the better looking one in his relationships because he is freaking hot lolololol.

  • mia

    they are both gorgeous and look happy together,……….love them!

  • lolo

    Glad Ryan got rid of that ugly b*itch RW and got together with a real woman,you go man, you look so happy now, I’m happy for you.

  • ana

    que guapos son los dos, joder!

  • piaza


  • monica

    I bet Reese is piss*ed off Ryan is getting more comments than her on JJ, she is such a pr wh*ore………..