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Cynthia Nixon: Wedding In The Works

Cynthia Nixon: Wedding In The Works

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is set to marry girlfriend of six years, education activist Christine Marinoni.

The 43-year-old actress tells Extra, “My girlfriend and I got engaged last month. We’re hoping to do it in New York. We’re not going to wait forever, but we’re hoping it’s just around the corner…Sometime I think before the end of next summer, but we don’t have a date.”

Cynthia has an engagement ring but also reveals her fiancee chose not to have one: “[Christine] did not get a ring. She will have a wedding ring but she does not want an engagement ring.”

The sequel to the movie Sex and the City will “start shooting sometime in August.”

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  • kay21

    ah congrats to them, they make a really nice couple

  • alexis

    i agree w/ #1 i’m glad gay marriage is becoming more excepted. congrats!

  • gigi

    Give me a break. This is so wrong.

  • cutie

    congratulations! :-)

  • anonymous


  • Charlie Johnson

    I just threw up at looking at this ugly couple!

  • just saying

    These are two lesbians, they aren’t “engaged” they can’t “get married” and they can’t have children together.

    They are two women living together.

  • Roxanne

    To each his/her own, but the wife/husband is extra ugly.

  • lakers fan in boston

    and the award for the uglies lesbians goes 2………….
    honestly, i still cant comprehend how ugly they r
    and i thought it was bad here in boston seeing some semi ugly lesbians

  • just saying

    I’m engaged to my dog, I’m gonna marry my dog and me and my dog are gonna have children. No we are not, and neither are they!

  • laura

    Of course, there is something that has to be changed to accommodate this lifestyle. No matter how you slice and dice it, one of these women will have to take the feminine and male role–because that is how God intended it. A man and a woman. No other combination will work–two men and one woman or three women or whatever.

  • jess


  • Kirsty

    Congrats (:
    I’m sure they’re happy!

  • AMYbobammy

    wow, this story always freaks me out.
    They are gross.
    What is the attraction. If I were a lesbian I would find a hot chick, not this.

  • ellemac

    Congrats to C&C!!!

    What does an education activist do?

  • Anon

    Cynthia’s “wife” is SO ugly!! She may be a nice person, but there are other nice people out there who actually look good!

  • just saying


    educates our children that being a perverted freak is normal

  • AMY

    Congrats to them!

    But gosh, her partner is not cute :P

  • marriage = man + woman

    is cynthia marrying danny bonaduce?

  • daisy

    Hey – so many narrow-minded people on this post so I thought I’d even the playing field………brace yourself :P

    Whilst I agree that biologically, the concurrence of two females in such a relationship is incompatible, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t normal. People on this post have a really archaic view on the whole situation. What is normal? What is right? In the past, it was deemed as ridiculous for women to have any sort of independence – women have the biological capability of having children but should that be their one and only purpose in life? Such potentialities are just that. They are not absolutes that must be inevitably fulfilled. Furthermore, on the contrary to popular opinion, a lot of the time women enter into same sex relationships because they actually feel a greater compatibility with their partners, than with men and I think it is completely understandable. As women, our natures and frames of mind are inherently similar and hence, the companionship that might develop between two women should actually be more common than that between a man and a woman (and vice versa with men). If anything, the relationship between a man and woman is fundamentally more shallow and base because it is largely cultivated by a sexual attraction. I don’t know how applicable this is to all same sex relationships but I have heard it been said that sometimes people don’t consider gender as an issue and that their attraction to the other person is based purely on their character. Obviously, there are people out there who have a specific sexual preference for their gender – I can’t explain that but it doesn’t mean it’s not normal. The ‘norm’ is dictated by general opinion but this doesn’t mean that it is right one. What is so harmful about same-sex relationships to society – the population today is expanding at a rate at which it is actually beneficial for there to be same sex relationships. So people who argue that God made man to be with woman, well maybe God’s provided the potential to be gay as society’s survival mechanism.

  • omg

    A baboons ass is better looking than these two “people”

  • cutiepie32

    What kind of woman doesnt want an engagement ring? Oops, I know, a manly one!

  • just saying


    it was once “norm” to have slaves and still is in parts of Africa and Middle East, wanna continue on with your sociology lesson.

  • Nozycat

    Who is the 14 year old boy with Cynthia ? Free Ray ban Sunglasses when you google nozycat

  • ellemac

    @just saying:

    You mean she’s fighting homophobia in schools! Very admirable work and more power to her.

  • daisy

    @just saying:

    are you saying that it’s acceptable to have slaves? – the point I’m trying to make is that people shouldn’t try to state what is normal or not because more often than not they are simply stating an opinion and not reality/ fact –

    I’m a 16 yr old – how old are you? Cos if you’re older than me, you should be ashamed at the standard of your ignorance!!

  • annie

    so that is what Hobbits look like in reality..

  • lala

    @just saying:

    lol, you got ripped apart by a 16 year old. How does that make you feel?

    I agree with Daisy, it could also be argued that women were designed to reproduce, but what about those that are infertile? By not fulfilling a role set out for them by God and society, are they not natural either?

    It is these ridiculous pre-set notions of what is natural and right that allow people to survive in a constant state of ignorance. No one is asking everyone to agree with gay/lesbian marriage, but not being forced to accept it is not a mandate to label it unnatural.

  • SUzina22

    So all of you guys that so articulately described Christine as ugly, have you looked in the mirror lately? Seriously, what do these people take away from you that makes you feel so threatened? Why should you even care about whatever anyone does in the bedroom?

  • oh why???

    Congrats to them as they are both happy. However that is one fugly woman.

  • bbw brittany

    What a beautiful couple! Congrats to the both of them!

  • Annie

    Just glad she is happy!! You go girl!


    I’m so happy for them!

    To all those homophobes “grow a pair!”

    Gender is just an illusion, a socially constructed term, we’re all born virtually genderless and then develop a sexual preference through puberty. If God didn’t like homosexuality then he could have stopped it, but he didn’t, so deal with it.

    I mean, seriously, it’s existed since Plato and Socrate’s time, in fact, it was even completely acceptable then. It’s not like it’s something new or something that will die out, it’s been around forever and will remain so.

    Think… if it’s about love, it can’t be that bad.

  • Missy

    Maybe gays should “honeymoon” in Iran. Now, they would be happy to “educate” you about what is natural and what isn’t. Go tell the mullahs how natural homo’s are. Thats partly why muslims hate us so much, they are scared we will dilute their society like we’ve perverted our own.



    more like liberated!

    Homosexuality has always been there, now its just recognised and accepted, like it used to be.

    Missy, you’ve been badly educated…

  • Geez..

    Let them be Happy!!!

  • Rhonda


    Since you want to get Biblical (and I’m no expert) but sin has been in the world since Adam and Eve.

    God, believes in Choice, your free to follow HIM or not.

    Homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord.

    Thats why most gay people do not believe in God, its YOUR choice. God hates sin, but HE didn’t stop it, It’s your CHOICE. You either believe in God and the Bible or you don’t, its the ultimate CHOICE!

  • city diva19

    I believe what is in the Bible and nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality acceptable. This lifestyle goes against God. I feel sorry for them both and the children involved.

  • daisy


    There’s a hell of a lot wrong with society – and homosexuality is not even close to being a problem – how can you claim to respect a religion which fosters violence and hatred in so many of its followers. Last time I checked – homosexuals weren’t responsible for killing innocent people and destroying the lives of their families. Its a generalisation that all Muslims are terrorists – there are plenty of those who utilise the Islamic faith as a means of living a respectful life/ being a good person etc. but there are those who are also using it as a tool for spreading hatred. Christians have done the same in the past (and continue to do so in some parts of the world) If people have hate in their heart, they should not commit sacrilege by sullying religion in the name of greater spirituality etc.

    But going back to fundamental problems with society – a large proportion of those who have lost a sense of respect for traditional values/ courtesy etc. are straight – they are therefore just as apparently ‘flawed’ as you seem to be accusing homosexuals of being. There’s alot wrong with human beings. period. It’s generally accepted that we’re fallible creatures – so before you start pointing the finger, are you really that great of a person yourself?

  • daisy

    @ city diva19

    Please tell me you did not just play the religious lifestyle card……
    How much freedom/ independence do you enjoy as a young woman? If you wanna go old school, you can forget about your independence. The Bible says homosexuality is wrong – it also says that female adulterers should be stoned……

    Also, I take it your one of the puritanical freaks who are fundamentalist and believe the Bible word for word – wel….. if you look in the NT section, I believe you will find the section where Jesus worked on teh Sabbath and defied Commandments in the name of love. If your so Christian – go read the Bible and get your facts straight! In fact, the Bible contradicts itself so many times its impossible to know what to do with it – that’s why the sane Christians interpret rather than folling the Bible like automatons with no brains.

    Btw – I’m a humanist – there are aspects of all religions that I respect. But there are some aspects which I completely do not agree with.

  • daisy

    * Excuse my poor grammar – I recognise that it’s you’re and not your/ well and not wel etc. – So please do not try and undermine my arguments by pointing out grammatical errors. Thank you!

  • Naima

    Congrats to them and I’m sure they love each other very much and I’m sure Christine is a very nice woman…. But without sounding shallow, I personally have to be attracted to someone physically to wake up next to them everyday so its hard for me to grasp what she finds so attractive about this woman. Again it sounds awful I know, but Cynthia used to date men and was with her children’s father for a very long time, so why give up men to be with a woman who looks and acts like a man.

    Either way Congrats, I hope the rest of the country soon legalizes gay mariage so that everyone can be able to get married in their own state.

  • Management+Maniston = failure


    You can write an entire volume on the subject if you wish, but you will not change the mind of even ONE person on this board. Those who believe in same-sex marriage did so before your long-winded diatribe, and those of us who do NOT believe in it still think that it is an abnormality and unfair for children to be raised without the benefit of having the nurturing influence of both a man and a woman. I am a New Yorker, and I can assure you they will not be getting LEGALLY married in NY anytime soon.

  • daisy

    @ no. 43

    How do you know that I can’t make a difference – it’s that kind of defeatist attitude which fosters general ignorance. Loads of gays adopt – are you saying those children would be better off shunted round homes/ getting lost in the system? Biologically, yes, it is an ‘abnormality’ but do you find a partner according to his ability to procreate (subconsciously, maybe) but I sincerely hope that society (at least a samll section of it) has advanced to the point where we do not form relationships on the basis of physical appearance. Everyone knows that long-lasting relationships are based on a meeting of the minds……


    just saying…I am laughing my ass off at your comment! You rock


    Daisey needs to go back to the fields.


    which one of these carpet munchers is the catcher and which one is the pitcher?


    gay marriage is so two ugly women can also get hitched

  • http://aol Patti

    I have 2 words to say, “SO GROSS.”

  • emma

    Imagine them having sex! Ewwww!! I’ve got this mental image in my head of Cynthia going down on Christine and it’s not a pretty sight. Eww again… :(