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Drew Barrymore Sheer Is Sexy

Drew Barrymore Sheer Is Sexy

Drew Barrymore wears an 80′s-inspired get-up as she arrives at The Post Group studios on Monday (May 18) in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old actress wore an American Apparel sheer plain white tee over her AA Tie Dye Cotton Spandex Ruched Front Tube Bra in Fluorescent Yellow/Black. Drew accessorized with dog tags and white-rimmed sunglasses. She finished off her fun outfit with a single finger-less glove, tie-dye-esque leggings and black leather sandals.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Drew’s new look — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • omg

    may 18th

  • omg

    and its too bad that outfit happened no matter what day this is

  • elle

    the sheer v-neck and the tube bra are both from american apparel

  • Just Jared

    @omg: Thank you!

  • Bubbaness

    Um, no. She’s way too old to be playing dress up for the sake of looking young and edgy.

  • Tuna

    no way – its fug. especially the shoes and the glove.
    the glasses are also fug.
    nobody dressed this ugly even in the 80s.
    I hope she’s not on drugs.

  • Rhonda

    I loved Grey Garden,

  • Just Jared

    @elle: You rock!

  • eh

    she tries too hard to make a statement but ends up looking ridiculous.

  • bbw brittany

    Drew’s looking good, i can’t believe she is only 34, she seems a lot older.

  • oh why???

    She looks great for 34 I agree, but that outfit is really really really bad! and unflattering.

  • You/Me

    I adore Drew, think she is a terrific actress. But what the h e l l possesses her (or anyone else for that matter) to dress like this?? Seriously. Totally fashion-less.

  • becca

    Drew looks young and cute!

  • Jen


  • lakers fan in boston

    she has the weirdest style
    its like 80s rock shit…
    ugly ass pants and those glasses look ridiculous
    i dont understand why the mac guy likes this butter face, im sure he could do better


    you people are lame :P
    I would rock that!

  • Sushi

    She is one of the UGLIEST women in Hollywood. YUCK!


    I agree with Sushi. She is so overated. I liked her in ET and thats it. She is an ok actress with bad teeth.

  • hag

    drew is 34 not 40. she starred in and produced a hit movie HJNTIY. for some reason, loonifers have hijacked that movie and TRY to falsely claim that it was chin’s movie..WTF???? chin was LUCKY to get cast and was the The OLDEST SUPPORTING cast member!!!

  • hey

    its a bit mouch for a 34 yr old she looks like a LA hipster i like her style but its too young for her i mean she aint old but ya kno

  • i’m all a twitter

    That outfit makes me want to hold her and if she let me, kiss her breasts and then I’d like to take it off her.

  • hag

    funny that drew, a woman of 34 is criticized for “dressing young” for her age but the hagiston of 40 years is hailed by the LOONS as “looking SO YOUNG”.. and “cute’ and “jen looks like she is 20″ GIVE THE PLANET A FRUCKING BREAK.

  • Drew looks like a man

    lol..drew looks young and cute??? HELL NO..she looks dumb and clueless…she’s NOT sexy and NOT pretty. SHe’s self absorbed and wants everyone to “look at me” “look at me”..thats why she told David Letterman that when she’s going down a road..she gets out and strips naked and runs through a feild to be at one with nature and to have a very personal and one on one expirence with nature..with no one to impress..and No cameras around, she just needs to do it to feel free… idiot, you just told David what you did..your “very personal” just told millions of people which just made it very NON personal. IDIOT!

  • huh?

    Drew? She don’t look like a man. In that outfit you can see her lady bits.

  • ellie’

    no way…

  • Makes me warm all over

    Lovely lady bits. :)

  • http://Justjared Jerry

    Cute, charasmatic, and talented. Then, now, and always.

  • kiki

    I think she may be having a mid life crisis…….

  • Annika

    i love her sandals!!:)

  • Buffy

    I hope you do marry him. Better for all involved.

  • Buffy

    I may find you physically attractive b/c I’m desperate, but that doesn’t mean I still want to marry you.

  • Buffy

    You know what? I don’t love you the way he does and I don’t think I ever will.

  • Buffy

    To be honest, most of the time I just tolerate you and some of the time, I would feel happier if you vanished. If the truth of it is that you feel the same way, please let me know. If you do, we don’t need to know each other. It was an old dream that’s gotten stale. Please do piss off with him and stop trying to bullshi! me, b/c at this point it’s less than useless and so are you.

  • Buffy

    Let’s get something else straight here, you were NEVER my girlfriend or anything remotely approaching it, so don’t attach that responsibility to me. You had to work to make me not want you anymore. It took a lot of effort b/c for a hell of a long time, with no affection at all, I did.

  • Buffy

    If that was what you were really after, then mission accomplished.

  • Buffy

    This ain’t going to happen. I really hope you find what you want with him. I can’t stand this anymore. The negativity just seeps into everything and it could be a nice day with sunshine. I want sunshine. You are that with everyone else, just not with me. I’m happier and better with everyone else than I am with you. What more evidence is needed?

    I still maintain, that once you got what you wanted to use me for, you would have pissed off anyway. That’s not meant as a slight on either one of us, but we just aren’t good together and that would have sorted out any confusion either one of us was having to the contrary.

  • Buffy

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    Now you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to him. That’s really pathetic by the way. How long did it take you to dig that up?

  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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  • Buffy

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