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Kate Gosselin: Mommy Dentist Duties!

Kate Gosselin: Mommy Dentist Duties!

Kate Gosselin wears her favorite red leather jacket as she takes her daughter Alexis, 5, to run errands on Monday (May 18) in Reading, Penn.

The mother-daughter duo picked up a box from Kinko’s and dropped by the dentist’s office. Alexis walked out sucking on a lollipop. It’s probably an organic one, don’t worry!

Yesterday, Kate and husband Jon Gosselin threw their sextuplets a pinata party for their fifth birthday celebration.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin carrying out her mommy dentist duties…

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  • custom T

    I love this fam, so so cute :)

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Alexis is my favorite!!!!

  • cutie

    cute! :-)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i havent watched this show in a while, but of course basketball is 1st =]
    i still dont understand why ur the only blogger reporting on these 2 still
    the whole hype about jon and kate is kinda getting old

  • goldberry

    I am so disgusted with this woman making her kids work to finance her luxurious lifestyle. I thought parents were supposed to provide for their kids. This woman has no friends left because she is a narcissist and believes others exist to serve her. I hope her kids can grow up to be happy in spite of her thrusting them into the public’s eye.

  • Jaz

    just jared, i love how nice you are to celebrities and i LOVE jon & kate plus 8 but can you please stop posting stories about them everyday? they arent celebrities. it just feels wrong and i feel kind of guilty and wrong for reading about what theyre doing everyday. i hope they can get back to somewhat of a “normal” life again after the magazines are done trying to ruin them for $$.

  • Jaz

    dont get me wrong..i watch j&k every monday…theyre my favorite reality family(hannah and cara are my favorites). but please stop joining in on the j&k stories that the magazines created, jj. youre better than that!

  • just saying

    Octomom and this trainwreck is what we get when we mess with nature. They are beautiful kids, but couldn’t Kate and Jon have stopped with the two they had instead of becoming a freak show.

  • jess

    yeah alexis is def the cutest one!!!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    whoever this chick is she’s a better mom than angelina jolie.

  • goldberry

    Thank you JJ, for exposing this scheming woman for who she truly is. She exploits her children so she can live like a diva. She doesn’t consider that the voyeurs who follow her kids lives are sick and she’s okay with that. Her life is not the reality she wants us to believe it is. It’s all staged like that birthday party for the tups. Well seems like she has succeeded in pulling the wool over most people’s eyes.

  • jaye

    They ARE celebrities. A celebrity (or simply as celeb) is a widely-recognized or notable person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. They have a tv show, they are widely recognized and people want their autographs ( why I don’t know lol) I know Kate is fond of saying they aren’t, but they have become celebrities.

  • uglysexy

    she looks just like the reverse mullet lady who found the new moon
    script in the trash

  • dolly

    This family will have to stay on telly for as long as they can. It ain’t cheap funding this gong show you know. Bring on the $$$$$

  • are these kids even talented?

    Jon and Kate should put these kids in some sort of singing group. They will have to earn their keep sooner or later. Heck, it worked for Joe and Katherine Jackson.

  • REba

    Okay, what “paparazzi” is going to know the names of the tups? NONE. This photo/information was provided by Kate’s PR firm.

  • Okris

    Kate has a lot on her plate. She seems to be holding up well so far. Pretty good for having 8 kids i’d say. Jon was perhaps the weak link.

  • goldberry

    The price of fame has got to be too high. If you want to protect your family and children, don’t expose their lives and potty habits to a viewing audience. Also treat their father with respect.

  • Grace

    She looks seriously *issed.

  • Lillianne

    What a pickle puss. Lighten up lady.

  • Max

    Dentists don’t give out lollipops – LOL. More like a bribe from Mommy Dearest to play along with the game.

  • hate her

    She is as bad as the octomom. Please JJ, no more of this wh*ore! Surprised she isn;t in bed with the bodyguard! No don’t watch the show and am sick of seeing her everywhere!!! The 15 min. are up!! And no I don’t consider her a celebrity, all she did was have a liter of kids and I’m sick of these people all getting rich off of having multiple births and people acting like it’s something special. If it happened naturally and not by science then yes it is special. This is not! Hate this woman and I hope her husband finally can have a happy life. Am sick of seeing her everywhere! But yes, I am guilty of reading the articles and listening to what was going on on tv. But I”ve seen enough of this train wreck and will not watch or read anymore!!! Let’s all boycott this woman!!!She isn’t even likeable!!

  • GAbs

    After so many seasons of the show; they should have enough $ to live off of. It’s time to quit the show and focus on fixing the broken family unit. The most precious gift Kate and Jon can give their children is an intact, loving family…where mom and dad are loving towards each other.

  • mom of 2

    No dentist in their right mind, organic or otherwise, would give a child a lollipop. Doctors give stickers and so on.

    JJ why the daily pictures of this money grubbing mother?

  • times up

    Hasn’t her 15 min. expired yet??????????????????????????????

  • lolaa

    alexis is a cute as can be ! i love her outfit and hair. i also love the fact that kate spends some a lone time with one kid. at least she is doing something right !

  • att

    Ok so I’m just so sick of seeing Kate and all of this Jon and Kate mess but I gotta say that Alexis is just the cutest thing and she’s definitely my favorite.

  • bbw brittany

    She is gorgeous, I hope things work out with the fam!

  • oh why???

    Please stop posting this family. I do not watch there show and I am already annoyed with them everywhere. Anyone who expolits there kids, does not deserve the press she and her husband are getting. She seems to however to enjoy it more than her husband. He is too busy with his affair.

  • earl

    Kate took a page from Jon to take a child along on errands, Kate knows the paps have been following her with all her high drama. She has to make herself look like a good mother. The more research you do on this woman, the clearer it becomes….there is something about Kate. And it ain’t pretty.

  • becca

    never seen this show, but have heard more about this family in the last 2 weeks that about my own family!!! lol

    cute kids though.

  • jdub

    this is getting old. i wish they’d stop following this family around. i only want to see them monday nights on TLC. not all over the internet!!

  • HockeyGurL

    Alexis is adorable I see Kate’s broomstick has come in (Kidding =0

  • me

    I wish all the posts and pictures of this family would stop. Kate is nothing but a publicity hound. I wonder what the kids will be like in a few years.

  • sharon

    Why all of sudden they are being followed??? I have watched the show and it is good …but why all the publicity !!

  • Jenny

    alexisis is so cute
    alligator (:


    Enough of this media hungry bimbo!!!

  • brina

    alexis is so cute

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    I hate this family! god bless the Jolie-Pitts! Where is my sweet Shiloh!

  • Annie

    Alexis is my Favorite!!!! She is so cute!!!

  • Barbe53

    Please stop photographing this woman. I can’t believe a dentist would give a child a lollipop. I wonder if it is the same dentist that was in practice w/Jon’s Dad? I am sure it isn’t because she would never give a child a lollipop. Kate is not a celebrity. She doesn’t need to be in the news everyday. Stop promoting her show. She needs to go away and go away now. The last year of this show has been a total lie and the pictures and interviews need to stop and stop now so season 5 will not be a success.

  • IckyPeople

    Knowing Katie’s love of money she’s likely the one selling these photos. Never mind her 15 minutes being expired, could she please expire, that hair don’t expired in the 80s, send her back with it and set those children free.


    I heard something on tv that they might be going to do a movie about this family or something like that.

  • Bunny

    Now she knows how Jon must feel. Those poor kids are going to be screwed up. Sad.

  • dElORRIS

    Isn’t it odd how people keep wondering why Kate is so famous, yet at the same time, people rave about how “cute” and “adorable” the kids are! THAT’S why Jon & Kate are famous! They produced “adorable” kids, and people can’t get enough of viewing “adorable” kids. My goodness, Alexis is a nice-looking little girl, but no child you don’t even know personally is worth raving about unless they can sing as good as Susan Boyle. Until people stop acting like Kate’s kids are above the rest, then Kate will continue to be in the limelight. If you want to drool over the kids, you’ll have to take Kate with that package.

  • delilahg

    This woman is a poor excuse for a mother, period. I don’t understand how anyone can support her after watching the way she treats her children. As for the way she treats her husband, it’s disgusting. She berates him and belittles him every chance she gets. The last show I watched she sat on the interview couch with him, and hurled horrible insults his way repeatedly. She started off by telling him not to breathe, because his breathing was to loud! She then took jabs, at his weight, and then his receding hairline. I felt awful for him. It was truly hard to watch. As far as her saying she is an inspiration to mothers, what a crock. Her husband gets up with the children, bathes them, dresses them, takes them to school and picks them up. She does nothing with those children unless the red light on the camera is on. Karma is a bit ch!

  • Lor

    All of the kids are so cute!!!!!!!!

  • Fugly-aniston

    Kate is a money-grubbing loud-mouthed bitch – run Jon – and take the children with you.


    I don’t know what is inspirational about a wife yelling and putting her husband down all the time.We all have watched the show- He was good to her and tried to do whatever she asked of him. Kate does not respect him at all.He is a gentleman most men would have told her where to go even if the cameras were on.She will miss Jon if he leaves her- I don’t think she will find anyone that will be good to her and put up with the way she has treated him.


    I have always heard anyone that puts another person down has low self esteem and has to do that to make themselves look good. Very sad!!! I to believe she needs to go to counseling.I think that is why she likes the cameras so much- It makes her feel important.