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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Little Ballerina

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Little Ballerina

Katie Holmes picks up her daughter Suri, 3, from a dance studio in Los Angeles on Monday (May 18).

The 30-year-old actress completed filming The Extra Man a couple months ago. The movie tells the story of a man who escorts wealthy widows in New York City when he decides to take care of a young aspiring playwright. The movie also stars Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly.

Katie is expected to move on to film her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark shooting in Australia this summer.

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Photos: INFDaily, Fame Pictures
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  • abe

    cute :)

  • love kids

    cute tutu.


    Brat is out and about.

  • Nozycat

    Katie was HOT in ………Mad Money….Free Ray Ban Sunglasses when you google nozycat

  • pecantortes


    Beep, Jackie 0 , patritiotic, classy, God Bless, [smile emoticon], 0x03f, 01101110, few trolls, lake of fire, Thanks JJ, beep, , include /usr/local/bin

  • Lianna

    Suri is adorable. Katie however, looks like crap on a stick as usual.

  • Caro

    Happy that she is working again

  • shaye

    Poor Suri wants to be shy!

  • Charlie

    WTF?!? What the hell does KrazyKatie have on her head? Whats with these ridiculous beenie hats on a warm day in LA? I live here and it was pretty warm today. Maybe she doesn’t bother taking a shower very often. She sure looks like she could use one most of the time. Hands down the most boring, old looking, obnoxious press wh*re in Hollywood.

    Kid is cute though, what you can see of her. She’s obviously miserable being trotted out for the paps regularly.

  • Bev

    Happy that she is working again

    I bet she is too. So what if its another low budget piece of garbage from a first time director where she only has a small part as “the girlfriend”. Her career is really on fire…..NOT. Hope it was worth it marrying that freak Tom for his money and what he could do for her career. So far, the whole thing is a failure, except for the money part. Glad you sold your soul for a few dollars Katie. Used to be a fan but no more. I won’t bother seeing anything she’s in.

  • :)))))))

    lovely katie and suri

  • malibu

    Katie and Suri are adorable!

  • wendy

    precious baby
    and Katie even with no
    is so

  • Suri is a cutie

    Suri looks adorable in her little pink tutu! Too bad u cant see her face!

    Katie looks like sh*t as usual.

    Hey JJ! Katie finished the extra man months ago. She did a couple weeks work. Her movie career is in the dumpster. LOL!

  • thank jared

    Im excited and proud of Katie’s success with her TV gig,Broadway and now doing more of her Indie projects where she shines and next Del Torro film. Wow.
    She’s multi talented and doing both the small and big budget films where her roles also varies

  • moi

    Katie is simple and sweet yet pretty like baby Suri.

  • iron chef


  • Spangles

    Katie even with no
    is so

    What r u smokin Wendy? It must be some good stuff if u think Katie is “pretty”. She looks like hell like usual. Girl needs to get herself away from freaky Tommy Cruise and get a life. The one she has is suckin the life outta her.

  • !!!!!

    Ofcourse biased JJ always the good pics of his beloved Angie and Brad and only picks the awful ones of TomKat.

    Where are the pics of Katie at the SLS hotel wearing her beautiful own design? she looks sexy and hot.

    some of you trolls expect Katie to be elegant and with makeup after practing ballet and someone out of the gym?
    she has tights on with those comfy outfit of hers.

  • duh

    gold digger mom looks funny while her half A-list tot is having another tantrum!

  • taxes

    Absolute dolls :)

  • manette

    love them & they’re cute

  • chessa

    I hope we hear soon about another project for Katie with all her dancing rehearsals

  • 696

    Tommy girl must be working really hard to get desperate housewife a role for a movie.

  • sd6

    Tom’s girls are so adorable and Katie is a great devoted mother.

  • # 15 is insane

    Im excited and proud of Katie’s success with her TV gig,Broadway and now doing more of her Indie projects where she shines and next Del Torro film. Wow.
    She’s multi talented and doing both the small and big budget films where her roles also varies

    I think # 15 has lost her grip on reality!! LMAO!

    Del Toro is only producing her next film, not directing it. It’s low budget and is not an “Indie”. It’s just plain crap. Everything she’s done recently has been low budget crap and NOT a starring role. Not one. Her one and only big budget film was “Batman Begins” and she was so awful in that role that she wasn’t asked back. Her big broadway project she was 4th billed and had a small part. She couldn’t get a starring role if she begged on her hands and knees. She was so desperate she had to do a guest starring role on a cancelled tv show. Yea. Her career is doin just great.

    Damn! Katie fans have a real problem with reality and the truth. LOL!!

  • new moon

    aawwww <3<3<3

    vote for twilight on

  • psch


  • yay

    They’re so pretty

  • anon

    Big difference with gym and red carpet. Envy and hate for the unhappy lowlives never a good thing by the obvious meltdown.

  • Jess

    just because she can’t act for sh!t doesn’t make it ok for people to trash her life/daughter

  • Dance Teacher

    Please put Suri’s hair UP for dance class!!
    Does KH REALLY need a huge $10,000. purse?

  • g!na

    Poor Suri is unhappy!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    Suri is a ugly bratt! I want to see Shiloh! I miss her !

  • truth

    Who would Katie Holmes be without Tom Cruise? A nobody. So she better kiss Tom’s ass for giving her the status she has always been dreaming of. If she didn’t became Mrs. Cruise, there is no chance for her to be where she is now and wouldn’t have all the priviliges she is experiencing.

  • kit

    Katie Holmes started so many trends from her hairstyle,cupcakes,bf jeans you name it and now she’s starting the bare it all look as in no makeup even in some parties and glamorous evenings.
    NY Daily News and Allure magazine calls her naturally beautiful.
    Now the fashion world are asking do you like makeup or no makeup at all?

  • Pandora

    That child always looks so miserable and is always being shuttled about here and there. Dance *lessons* are a bit premature at her age, are they not? And it is bizarre K’s wearing a knit hat in this weather when she (and/or her daughter) are not properly dressed for the cold when it is actually winter.

  • kitty

    Now the fashion world are asking do you like makeup or no makeup at all?


    Makeup, definitely.

  • Irish Girl

    Suri hates the paps. I guess I would too if I was harassed all the time. It must suck to have NO privacy. (Note: I am saying this on a gossip site where I too am violating their privacy… my self realized irony hurts)

  • catty

    Jared I wonder if you sleep well at night? Do you ever stop and ponder the fact that you are a child a b u s e r ? Anyone who publishes photos of a mother obviously trying to hide a scared child from photographers is doing just that… a b u s i n g and e x p l o i t i n g the child. And you do it for one reason only — money. That’s just sick.

  • classy

    Katie and Suri are so cute as always……

  • hmmm…

    That kid looks like a zombie.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, all the activities of a future b*tch

  • cattyisnuts

    catty- you are crazy and an idiot to think that way.!

    pandora—did yu just come out of your cave?

    It’ s spring…not winter! Plus they live in California!


  • snow

    Cutest mom and BABY EVER in HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nena

    Sick family. Poor child

  • Michaelangelo

    Del Toro is co-writing it too, #26. How do you know it’s low budget?

    You really think a woman who has had starring roles couldn’t get another one?

    Her part wasn’t small in that play and so what of she was fourth billed? She was a newcomer after all.

    She did that TV show because she knew the creator. As if you would know anyway how desperate Holmes is.

    That kid doesn’t always look miserable and you can’t even see her face here, #37. Apparently dance lessons aren’t too immature since she’s attending them and I think that the parents’ concern and not yours anyway.

  • @

    That is one precious girl and the mom is just lovely. But its high time the paps leave them alone.

  • leimore

    Looking forward to what movie Tom will do and
    the movies of Katie sounds really exciting.

  • EMmaline

    Absolutelt adorable…