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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Little Ballerina

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Little Ballerina

Katie Holmes picks up her daughter Suri, 3, from a dance studio in Los Angeles on Monday (May 18).

The 30-year-old actress completed filming The Extra Man a couple months ago. The movie tells the story of a man who escorts wealthy widows in New York City when he decides to take care of a young aspiring playwright. The movie also stars Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly.

Katie is expected to move on to film her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark shooting in Australia this summer.

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81 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Little Ballerina”

  1. 1
    abe Says:

    cute :)

  2. 2
    love kids Says:

    cute tutu.

  3. 3
    LOOKING Says:

    Brat is out and about.

  4. 4
    Nozycat Says:

    Katie was HOT in ………Mad Money….Free Ray Ban Sunglasses when you google nozycat

  5. 5
    pecantortes Says:


    Beep, Jackie 0 , patritiotic, classy, God Bless, [smile emoticon], 0x03f, 01101110, few trolls, lake of fire, Thanks JJ, beep, , include /usr/local/bin

  6. 6
    Lianna Says:

    Suri is adorable. Katie however, looks like crap on a stick as usual.

  7. 7
    Caro Says:

    Happy that she is working again

  8. 8
    shaye Says:

    Poor Suri wants to be shy!

  9. 9
    Charlie Says:

    WTF?!? What the hell does KrazyKatie have on her head? Whats with these ridiculous beenie hats on a warm day in LA? I live here and it was pretty warm today. Maybe she doesn’t bother taking a shower very often. She sure looks like she could use one most of the time. Hands down the most boring, old looking, obnoxious press wh*re in Hollywood.

    Kid is cute though, what you can see of her. She’s obviously miserable being trotted out for the paps regularly.

  10. 10
    Bev Says:

    Happy that she is working again

    I bet she is too. So what if its another low budget piece of garbage from a first time director where she only has a small part as “the girlfriend”. Her career is really on fire…..NOT. Hope it was worth it marrying that freak Tom for his money and what he could do for her career. So far, the whole thing is a failure, except for the money part. Glad you sold your soul for a few dollars Katie. Used to be a fan but no more. I won’t bother seeing anything she’s in.

  11. 11
    :))))))) Says:

    lovely katie and suri

  12. 12
    malibu Says:

    Katie and Suri are adorable!

  13. 13
    wendy Says:

    precious baby
    and Katie even with no
    is so

  14. 14
    Suri is a cutie Says:

    Suri looks adorable in her little pink tutu! Too bad u cant see her face!

    Katie looks like sh*t as usual.

    Hey JJ! Katie finished the extra man months ago. She did a couple weeks work. Her movie career is in the dumpster. LOL!

  15. 15
    thank jared Says:

    Im excited and proud of Katie’s success with her TV gig,Broadway and now doing more of her Indie projects where she shines and next Del Torro film. Wow.
    She’s multi talented and doing both the small and big budget films where her roles also varies

  16. 16
    moi Says:

    Katie is simple and sweet yet pretty like baby Suri.

  17. 17
    iron chef Says:


  18. 18
    Spangles Says:

    Katie even with no
    is so

    What r u smokin Wendy? It must be some good stuff if u think Katie is “pretty”. She looks like hell like usual. Girl needs to get herself away from freaky Tommy Cruise and get a life. The one she has is suckin the life outta her.

  19. 19
    !!!!! Says:

    Ofcourse biased JJ always the good pics of his beloved Angie and Brad and only picks the awful ones of TomKat.

    Where are the pics of Katie at the SLS hotel wearing her beautiful own design? she looks sexy and hot.

    some of you trolls expect Katie to be elegant and with makeup after practing ballet and someone out of the gym?
    she has tights on with those comfy outfit of hers.

  20. 20
    duh Says:

    gold digger mom looks funny while her half A-list tot is having another tantrum!

  21. 21
    taxes Says:

    Absolute dolls :)

  22. 22
    manette Says:

    love them & they’re cute

  23. 23
    chessa Says:

    I hope we hear soon about another project for Katie with all her dancing rehearsals

  24. 24
    696 Says:

    Tommy girl must be working really hard to get desperate housewife a role for a movie.

  25. 25
    sd6 Says:

    Tom’s girls are so adorable and Katie is a great devoted mother.

  26. 26
    # 15 is insane Says:

    Im excited and proud of Katie’s success with her TV gig,Broadway and now doing more of her Indie projects where she shines and next Del Torro film. Wow.
    She’s multi talented and doing both the small and big budget films where her roles also varies

    I think # 15 has lost her grip on reality!! LMAO!

    Del Toro is only producing her next film, not directing it. It’s low budget and is not an “Indie”. It’s just plain crap. Everything she’s done recently has been low budget crap and NOT a starring role. Not one. Her one and only big budget film was “Batman Begins” and she was so awful in that role that she wasn’t asked back. Her big broadway project she was 4th billed and had a small part. She couldn’t get a starring role if she begged on her hands and knees. She was so desperate she had to do a guest starring role on a cancelled tv show. Yea. Her career is doin just great.

    Damn! Katie fans have a real problem with reality and the truth. LOL!!

  27. 27
    new moon Says:

    aawwww <3<3<3

    vote for twilight on

  28. 28
    psch Says:


  29. 29
    yay Says:

    They’re so pretty

  30. 30
    anon Says:

    Big difference with gym and red carpet. Envy and hate for the unhappy lowlives never a good thing by the obvious meltdown.

  31. 31
    Jess Says:

    just because she can’t act for sh!t doesn’t make it ok for people to trash her life/daughter

  32. 32
    Dance Teacher Says:

    Please put Suri’s hair UP for dance class!!
    Does KH REALLY need a huge $10,000. purse?

  33. 33
    g!na Says:

    Poor Suri is unhappy!

  34. 34
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    Suri is a ugly bratt! I want to see Shiloh! I miss her !

  35. 35
    truth Says:

    Who would Katie Holmes be without Tom Cruise? A nobody. So she better kiss Tom’s ass for giving her the status she has always been dreaming of. If she didn’t became Mrs. Cruise, there is no chance for her to be where she is now and wouldn’t have all the priviliges she is experiencing.

  36. 36
    kit Says:

    Katie Holmes started so many trends from her hairstyle,cupcakes,bf jeans you name it and now she’s starting the bare it all look as in no makeup even in some parties and glamorous evenings.
    NY Daily News and Allure magazine calls her naturally beautiful.
    Now the fashion world are asking do you like makeup or no makeup at all?

  37. 37
    Pandora Says:

    That child always looks so miserable and is always being shuttled about here and there. Dance *lessons* are a bit premature at her age, are they not? And it is bizarre K’s wearing a knit hat in this weather when she (and/or her daughter) are not properly dressed for the cold when it is actually winter.

  38. 38
    kitty Says:

    Now the fashion world are asking do you like makeup or no makeup at all?


    Makeup, definitely.

  39. 39
    Irish Girl Says:

    Suri hates the paps. I guess I would too if I was harassed all the time. It must suck to have NO privacy. (Note: I am saying this on a gossip site where I too am violating their privacy… my self realized irony hurts)

  40. 40
    catty Says:

    Jared I wonder if you sleep well at night? Do you ever stop and ponder the fact that you are a child a b u s e r ? Anyone who publishes photos of a mother obviously trying to hide a scared child from photographers is doing just that… a b u s i n g and e x p l o i t i n g the child. And you do it for one reason only — money. That’s just sick.

  41. 41
    classy Says:

    Katie and Suri are so cute as always……

  42. 42
    hmmm... Says:

    That kid looks like a zombie.

  43. 43
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, all the activities of a future b*tch

  44. 44
    cattyisnuts Says:

    catty- you are crazy and an idiot to think that way.!

    pandora—did yu just come out of your cave?

    It’ s spring…not winter! Plus they live in California!


  45. 45
    snow Says:

    Cutest mom and BABY EVER in HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    nena Says:

    Sick family. Poor child

  47. 47
    Michaelangelo Says:

    Del Toro is co-writing it too, #26. How do you know it’s low budget?

    You really think a woman who has had starring roles couldn’t get another one?

    Her part wasn’t small in that play and so what of she was fourth billed? She was a newcomer after all.

    She did that TV show because she knew the creator. As if you would know anyway how desperate Holmes is.

    That kid doesn’t always look miserable and you can’t even see her face here, #37. Apparently dance lessons aren’t too immature since she’s attending them and I think that the parents’ concern and not yours anyway.

  48. 48
    @ Says:

    That is one precious girl and the mom is just lovely. But its high time the paps leave them alone.

  49. 49
    leimore Says:

    Looking forward to what movie Tom will do and
    the movies of Katie sounds really exciting.

  50. 50
    EMmaline Says:

    Absolutelt adorable…

  51. 51
    Laura Says:

    Nope, she’s not a good actress at all. But who cares? At least she has the dignity to admit that she doesn’t get good work. Besides, 98% of the industry aren’t fantastic at what they do. If she loves it, why not..

    And I may not be a Katie fan, but there really is a line you don’t cross in concern to people you don’t like – it’s one thing to not like someone and another to spend your time on the internet trashing them.

  52. 52
    klein Says:

    Presh! <3 I want to kidnap her before she is spoiled rotten.

  53. 53
    Not Impressed with JA Says:

    The more she grows, the more she resembles her biologic father Chris klein.

  54. 54
    Annie Says:

    Looking like crap yet again…..

  55. 55
    466 Says:

    #51, when did she admit she doesnt get good work? And what is this “line” you are talking about? It’s a gossip site you coconut head, we can say anything we want. And Michaelangelo, shut your pie hole. Your boss (Tiny Tom) doesnt pay you enough to make your statements sound even the most bit convincing.

  56. 56

    Suri is no Matilda Ledger and Violet Affleck.

  57. 57
    faith Says:

    That child always has her mother’s neck locked in a deathgrip

  58. 58
    Susie q Says:

    I don’t understand why Suri is so obviously upset by the paps. She was born and raised in that world of theirs. She sees them everytime she leaves the house. I don’t get why she is not used to them by now. And on top of that, I don’t understand why her parents don’t go to great lengths to keep her away from the paps. These people have tons of money and “power” and can most certainly come and go secretly. I just don’t understand how a good parent can let their child become so obviously anxious around the paps and not do something to protect her.

  59. 59
    royanna Says:

    to comment #34;I believe you are in the wrong place to write or made a comment.Shiloh is next door where other children are.If you forget,we are in Suri’s page,soooooo;duh!go to shiloh’s page since you like/love her more than Suri.
    And to all who can’t stand her now,why do you know so much about her life and her business?”Cuz,if you say these horrid remarks about her and her family,you must have even a slime dot in your poor empty soul that you like her,otherwise,why keep track on all he daily activities.

  60. 60
    Lalaine Says:

    People,she is wearing a daily casual outfit.She is in fact in a natural appearance.You are just not satisfied about how she prepares for the day.You all complained when she is formally dressed,dressy casual, wears rugged outfit that suits her lifestyle,wears make-up or not.She is not around to satisfy all of you,she is comfortable the way how she is.Her husband seems to not complain,why do you care?Okay,let us put it this way,if she wears make-up and wears formal clothing,you’ll give her more negative remarks.You may think she went to have botox done or whatever.So really ,put this hatred away,it doesn’t get you anywhere you want to be,but in front of your keyboard,replying to others who do not agree with what you said.Geeezz,never in my life that we, here in America,have so much hates towards others,but yet love other country who likes to hurt us,hmmmm.

  61. 61
    Cin Says:

    Different day, same crap. Cankle girl looking like sh*t and the kid looking scared to death. When was the last time we saw them at a beach, park, playground……?? Think it was when space alien was pimping them out for his piss poor movie…..She just dresses that poor kid up like a little doll and carries her around…

  62. 62
    jolie-pitt lover Says:

    There are beautiful face-on pictures of suri on

  63. 63
    Dave Says:

    I can’t wait until Suri gets too big to carry around like a sack of potatoes.

  64. 64
    LuckyL Says:

    Not Impressed with JA @ 05/19/2009 at 6:58 am

    The more she grows, the more she resembles her biologic father Chris klein.


  65. 65
    Twin Mom Says:

    What kind of ballet school allows a child in with no tights, improperly secured ballet shoes (no elastic) and hair like that. My three-year-old twins would never be allowed to look like that in their class here in Orange County.

  66. 66
    Ceana Says:

    Another of Tom’s old shirts? And what’s with the goofy wool hats in the middle of May? Money sure doesn’t buy good taste.

  67. 67
    MissMarple Says:

    What is up with those hats on Kate’s head :-( – she looks soooooooo not good… with all that free time and money you’d think she could look more put together!

  68. 68
    dabu Says:

    !!!!! @ 05/18/2009 at 10:01 pm

    Oh give us all a break. X-17 posts the most god-awful pictures of Katie wearing the most awful outfits and Jared never picks them up. Same with several other blogs. He uses the best that is available in his price range I assume.
    And the difference between Katie and say Nicole or Angie etc., is that Nicole and Angie look wonderful without make up and have fashion sense. Katie not so good without make up and she has ZERO fashion sense. If she wants to parade around without make up that is her choice and that is fine. BUT for GOD’S SAKE can’t this woman dress better on the resources available to her. She consistently wears things that make one feel as though they are running their nails down a chalk board. Is there not one person in her entourage who has the guts to tell her how awful she looks at times? She wears things most people wouldn’t be caught dead outside wearing. Although JJ didn’t post the pics X17 ran of this woman in her sweat capris or his capri type jeans–lord they looked so incredibly awful that it was truly amazing to me that this woman had so little in her brain that she couldn’t see it in a mirror. She is starting to look at times as bad as Britney Spears looked at her worst.

  69. 69
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    katie is SO BORING!!!
    i think this is my last post on katie, i cant even find anything 2 comment on her
    even suri is boring me, she should at least be walking and skipping around or ****

  70. 70
    lINDIE Says:

    Katie is going all the way to Aussie for a 2-bit part in a B-movie?

    LOL She is reallllllllly desperate!!! Whatsamatta, Kate? Why aren’t you getting all the Oscar-worthy roles you thought you’d get by living a big, FAT LIE!!!

    Serves you right, Golddigger!!!

  71. 71
    yes #69 Says:

    Yes, they are both so boring. That’s why everyone has been saying the same old stuff about them for years.

    I think that Katie Holmes could probably win an award for the least respected female that ever live in Hollywood. It was so obvious from the get-go that this whole relationship was fake.

    Too bad Tom and Katie were so stupid to hang on to the lie and let it destroy both their lives. Pride will get you everytime. I guess Tom thought he was immune since he thinks so highly of himself. I guess Katie thought she was immune since she was pretending to be in love with Tommy boy.

  72. 72
    yes, #69 Says:

    Forgot to say “LOSERS”!! LMAO

  73. 73
    sniffles Says:

    Wow, I feel really sorry for this woman. Apparently she is one of the most hated people in her profession(if all the stuff I’m reading on this site is taken into account). I have to admit that I don’t like half the stuff she wears, maybe she’s just doing it to give us all the finger. As for Suri, I think all children are precious. She’s a really cutie.

  74. 74
    Michaelangelo Says:

    Of course not, #36. Why would she?

    No matter how famous her parents are, she should have the right to walk in public in broad daylight and not use crazy secret entrances, #58. We don’t even see her face though.

    That school does, #65.

    It’s not a B movie or two-bit movie, #70.

    How do you know she’s living a lie and is a gold digger?

  75. 75
    what a brat! Says:

    This kid must be hell to live with. What a friggin spoiled brat.

    I bet that’s why she has no friends. Nobody can stand to be around her.

    She’s ugly too! Looks like the spawn of Michael Jackson.

    Is this really Blanket Jackson?

  76. 76
    angie Says:

    oh…here is the drone and her brat again.

    Michaelangelo……Tom and Katie are not ” famous” in the normal sense. People are just curious like going to the circus to observe freaks in the freakshow.

    Why don’t YOU join. You would be perfect!


  77. 77
    usa Says:

    few usual trolls….pinheads
    Katie and Suri…patriots

  78. 78
    Trisha Says:

    18 month old Suri is still small for her age.

  79. 79
    ansmenam Says:

    Poor Katie. She looks more and more haggard each time she is photographed. Whether she is dressed down, like the hobo look she’s got going on here, or dressed up, looking like she bought her outfit at Grandmas R Us, she is just looking older and sadder each day. I’m only grateful that we weren’t subjected to a close-up of her gnarly ass feet. She has the ugliest feet ever photographed. And what is up with always dressing Suri in designer dresses? Does this kid ever play and get dirty? Katie certainly looks like she’s been playing in the mud; why would her daughter be so dressed up? Weird family!

  80. 80
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Suri is a princess.

  81. 81
    Manuela Pooch Says:


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