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Lisa Rinna: Read My Lips!

Lisa Rinna: Read My Lips!

Lisa Rinna finally opened up about her famously plump lips on Monday’s Today Show.

The 45-year-old actress said, “That’s the pink elephant in the room. This is the first time I have told what I have done to my lips. 23 years ago, I had silicone put in my top lip not the bottom lip. [The look] made me who I am. But after years and years, you develop scar tissue.”

According to People, the silicone hardened, and the look of the scar tissue was no longer plump and beautiful. Next came a cortisone injection, and that was “gross,” she said.

Lisa‘s latest book “Rinnavation” is due out Tuesday (May 19).

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  • rach

    poor thing. see what having tooooo much money does for you!

  • dIETER

    I rather would have given a valium shot in the pooper of hers !!!

  • xx


  • Kiki

    Every man in Hollywood must be chasing after those big lips….

  • Ivan ho

    Full on trout pout. I love it!

  • mslewis

    Well, 23 years ago nobody knew what silicone eventually did to a person. Look at all those silicone breast implants that went terribly wrong. At least Lisa is making a joke of her big lips, which, by the way, look just horrible!!!! She would be a very pretty woman without them. But, her husband Harry still loves her and that’s all that matters.

  • yuck

    She looks nasty still. For years she kept denying that she had any thing done and that she is all “natural.” What a freakin liar.

  • PhilD

    This is definitely my favorite picture of Lisa –

    Sweet jaaaayzus!

  • meh

    …and that’s why you don’t get plastic surgery

  • Lea

    Not only the lips, but the cheeks are also altered….Women in LalaLand are so insecure. Their minds are so confused, they no longer know what beauty is all about!!!

  • mike

    men are grossed out by these fake lips. It’s like kissing a wet
    why women do it? Boobs are diff..I personally don’t like it
    but most men are shallow & want arm candy.
    but the lip thing ..NAH

  • nads

    im happy she is so open about it, it makes her more beautiful inside and out, thanks lisa. I think you have the most beautiful eyes!

  • CJ

    i’m shocked…….the world is shocked……….plastic surgery on her lips……….oh noooooooo………… i thought………oh well in hollywood no one is really real now are they…………….peace

  • Not Impressed with JA

    Lisa Rinna, BEFORE and AFTER lip injections !
    She totally messed up her beautiful lips. She was so pretty !

  • bbw brittany

    I love those lips, she is one hot momma!

  • oh why???

    why do pretty celebs insist on ruining themselves with plastic surgery???

  • myobservation

    and the ugly nose job to match. she’s 100% fake, boobs too.

  • Happy

    Her lips are gross

  • lakers fan in boston

    those things r digusting….
    she’s just evidence why girls in hollywood shouldnt get their lips injected

  • bitchetta

    She’s wearing her pus*y on her face.

  • Queenoftrashin

    Thank you, Lisa, for being honest and proving once and for all that Mom was right when she said, “Your face is going to FREEZE like that!”

  • Lana

    celebrities are so full of shit, when they have a movie or book been releases they say anything to promote it, they talk about personal things that should have been keept for them selfs.

  • Lana

    celebrities are so full of shit, when they have a movie or book been releases they say anything to promote it, they talk about personal things that should have been keept for them selfs.

  • my opinion

    your still pretty lisa and you have the best hair

  • shaye

    her lips look like a vag*ina!!!!!!!!

  • Lenny

    I’m a older guy and can’t stand all the stuff women do to themselves in the name of beauty. Fake everything and then they shave their vagina. What’s next?

  • remember da truth

    You are the liar. Lisa Rinna has not talked about it before. That doesn’t mean she denied it before. Celebs don’t owe you anything.

    It’s like all the liars who say that Brad and Angie denied an affair. No, they just said that nothing was happening as they got to know each other. Then when it became a relationship, they said nothing. That’s not a denial, that’s simply not announcing everything private like Paris Hilton.

    People who feel the celebs owe them details on their private lives need to get a life of their own.

  • HA!


    I don’t remember her ever denying that she’s had anything done to her face. Actually, she’s one of the people I distinctly remember being pretty open about things. I don’t think she specifically detailed WHAT she’s done before now, but still #7, you’re just wrong.

    I actually don’t think that her lips look bad. No worse than Angelina Jolie’s (which I find strange-looking) and AJ’s are real, or so we’re told.

  • sharah

    I have always liked Lisa. She seems to work hard, and yes, a little self exposed, but she doesn’t come off trying to be anything then what she is.

  • yuck

    @HA!: Hey dumb @ss, she was on a talk show and said that her lips were real because she daughter had and I quote “the same bow shaped lips.” Why don’t you do a little research before your spew your garbage? She a superficial moron who’ll do anything to look young. And yes, when you look as stupid as she does with all of the plastic surgery and people begin to wonder, yes she needs to explain why she looks so terrible. Guess what, she’s a “celeb,” it’s fair game. When you’re famous, your life is int he open to be criticized and scrutinized.

    As for Angelina, her lips are real. Hey you stupid imbreed brother number, why don’t you get your fat ass moving and do a little research. There are tons of pics of her as a beautiful young girl with the same lips.

  • yuck

    @remember da truth: Hey douchebag, I’m not lying. You’re just too stupid to look up the facts. She has talked about it om talk shows. You’re just too fat and lazy to look it up and do proper researching before opening that fat trap of yours. Try stuffing it with more cheetos. What kind of stupid name is remember da truth when you don’t even know the facts. What an @ss!


    damn i hate this…ok…let’s call her woman…her face annoys me sooooo much…brrrr i don’t wanna see her again

  • ansmenam


  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Natural is better.