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Rachel Bilson: Dog Day Afternoon

Rachel Bilson: Dog Day Afternoon

Rachel Bilson dons a Brian Reyes top as she takes her dog for a walk and catches lunch with a friend at The Alcove on Monday (May 18) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress seemed to have some trouble with her shoes and decided to walk barefoot after lunch.

This year, Rachel will serve as an ambassador of Jergens’ Glow in the Dark Campaign to benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation.

“I have had plenty of burns, so I have learned my lesson,” said Rachel. “I’m more of a preacher now. I still have girlfriends at 29 who are lying out without sunscreen.”

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson out with her dog…

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Credit: AKO; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • sade

    Rachel needs to workout her hip abd thigh areas

  • chadwick

    No she badly needs a haircut or more like getting it all “shave-off”, at least that would be a news!

  • full of it

    • On waiting her turn in the spotlight: “The roles I want usually go to Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or Kate Bosworth – even though I look younger or older than a few of them. I understand they were once where I am now, and my ultimate goal is to get to that point. Hopefully, I’ll achieve it, but you never know.”

    • On being a celebrity: “It blows my mind that celebrity is such a sham now. … I’m in this business because of the career I want, not because of the celebrity I want

  • Kimmie

    @ 1

    I agree. I have the same body type and you can’t just sit on your ass. You have to do something active. Because when you wear tight jeans, it looks like you have boxer shorts or really thick underwear on underneath and doesn’t look right. It looks bunchy if that makes sense. Either that or your thighs and saddlebags get out of control if you have them. Saddlebags that is. Which she does and I do too. It’s a pain in the ass being pear shaped IMO. I wish I was a natural hourglass.

  • quick

    she is pretty and she looks younger than her age.

  • hahaha

    i love rachel

  • voice of reason

    Thurman lives that’s a good thing to see. And at least Rachel does not look bad in these photo’s. Hayden will still be around somewhere. JJ need photo’s of Hayden OK.

  • leimore

    She can never-ever resist tabloid attention, it’s the only air that she breathes that’s why she’s still in the biz. She’s been given some chances but none of it had been even mildly successful. Even her Godfather Schwarts don’t have immediate plans re-hire her again on his TV projects. So still ever care to wonder how it looks like that she depend all her HW life to her paparazzi patrons?!
    So not coconut!

  • Lindsay

    @ 7

    He doesn’t even like the paparazzi and you’re sitting there encouraging it? Whatever. Some of you so called “fans” baffle me. You have the ones that hate on him and Rachel, then the so called supporters who encourage a gossip blog owner to get more shots of him.

  • sloane

    Saddlebags w/ flat & sagged t*ts… thats so awfully unfortunate just like the way her hackting career goes.

  • Kimmie

    @ 10

    What? She’s too young to have saggy boobs. Pics please.

  • Alexis

    Selena Gomez looks like her.

  • voice of reason

    @9 why not, people bag Rachel for photo’s, I’m asking for more of Hayden and like it or not celebs in Hollywood have photo’s taken all the time.

  • Lindsay


    So? Rachel likes having her picture taken obviously. Hayden does not. So why ask that paps follow him around? And they usually have their pics taken when they want them taken. And I’m sure he doesn’t, so why “encourage” it?

  • sloane
  • sharon

    @ 11
    She is almost 30 man if she don’t get a boob lift before 40 she will have to use counterweights.

  • jessica

    I love her, but I have to say this. Her hair always looks so FRIED. It looks really, really damaged.

  • Rayna


    Oh, wow. Has she had a kid or something? She’s only 27.

  • sloane

    Her brain is also as flat as her t*its (or had been dormant for years)… it might need a lift too or a surgery could be even much better – lol!

  • kimmie

    @ 17

    She’s always dying it isn’t she? She just dyed it back to the darker color. Some Morraccan Oil will help her out a lot.

    @ 16

    Right, I see. That’s uhhh, forget it. I’m not even going there. She’s still pretty.

  • audemars

    She is an immature & disproportionate little dwarf!

  • sharon
  • whodie

    @ 17 & 20
    No matter what the hair is doing… RB is simultaneously homely, useless & vacuous – Amen!

  • voice of reason

    Because Lindsay I can ask for photo’s of Hayden as much as others ask JJ not to post photo’s of Rachel.

  • voice of reason

    Besides Lindsay looks like I got my wish……

  • lindsay

    @ 24

    Well, great! Asking that more pap pics be posted of a man that tries his hardest to stay out of the spotlight. Nice. You’re no better than the others the way I see it. And that was one hell of a run-on sentence. There should have been a comma after my name. Or a period. Either one would have worked.

  • lindsay

    @ 25

    And you’re just now noticing them? Not too quick there tonight are we?

  • voice of reason

    I’m tired and don’t always look at everything but heck he did not seem annoyed LOL

  • anna

    Love her

  • Lara

    Wow, she looks good!!!

  • jules

    You ppl are jus jealous she looks great as always!
    You can only dream to look like her!

  • me

    She is short with saddle bags, why would anyone want to look like her.

  • Saudia

    she looks really cute .. so naturally beautiful, seriously

  • Gasol_fan16

    I seriously was not going to bother to comment on this thread but, thanks to Jules and the idiotic comment. I’m forced to reply. Eventhough, Rachel looked improved from the other day in that hideous house dress. Her hair she bothered to comb and wear long and loose which, looks better and the sunglasses she has on are better and frame her small features better then the overly big Rayban’s on her. Her top is cute but, the jeans are not cut right for her short leg’s and wider hips. Well. She is an improvement from the other day. Still showing up and doing mundane task’s for a gossip blog site. Tsk! Tsk! Rachel! :roll:

    As for wanting to look like her. Why the hell would I? I’m at least 7 inches taller then her and all leg’s. I happen to like the way I look in jeans better! Not bragging. Just saying it like it is. I have seen much better looking girls that go to the high school I work at to be actually jealous of! Jules must be one ugly mother f*cker or a tweenager that does not know any better to accuse of the jealousy cr*p. The reason they are hater’s is b/c Rachel is not really all that. She is not considered gorgeous and I don’t find her beautiful. Walking down the street without make-up she, is just average or below b/c she is very short. So. NO!! I’m happy with the way I look thank you very f*cking much and have no desire to look like Rachel! :D

  • lise

    i thought that was SELENA GOMEZ!

  • shell

    A lot of jealous people on this site. That is all I will say because most of you are to ignorant to get anything past your think skulls.

  • voice of reason

    More pics of Hayden please JJ!!!

  • lindsay

    More pics of Hayden!!!! Love Hayden, give us more!!!

  • voice of reason

    Oh yes!!!!!!! Need more pics of Hayden and Rachel, esp Hayden. I LOVE HAYDEN!!! HE’S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • lindsay

    You’re welcome VOR! We all need more Hayden pictures. I love Hayden and want to see his face everywhere, so handsome….

  • S
  • trish

    I’m confused. Which one is the dog?

  • ocsethummer

    Her rep confirmed breakin, but wont confirm engagement! I know the rep has stated personal information is not discussed, but is a break in not personal?

  • helen

    It makes sense to alert the public of the burglary. That way if someone hears something they can alert the authorities. Stolen goods can sometimes be recovered.

  • lakers fan in boston

    for somebody who criticizes other celeb chicks(like thunder thighs britney) on big thighs i dont think rachel’s r that big
    pretty normal for her height
    i even like her hips as well
    cute outfit as always, making everything look good
    love u rachel!

  • chels

    i like her, she is cute, stop the hating

  • searlus


    BOTH are dogs. One is just acting human.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Rachel is amazing!