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Rosie O'Donnell is Parker Proud

Rosie O'Donnell is Parker Proud

Rosie O’Donnell treats her son Parker, who turns 14 next Monday, to Z100′s Zootopia 2009 concert at the Izod Center on Saturday (May 16) in East Rutherford, NJ.

On April 27, had the pleasure of attending Rosie’s Broadway Kids “Passing It On” benefit performance held at NYC’s New World Stages. The show included performances by Brian Stokes Mitchell, Chris Mann, Orfeh, Debra Barsha, and of course RBK. One stand-out performance was when the kids sang and changed up the lyrics to Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed A Girl” and Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face.”

In between all of the acts, video clips were shown including one of Clay Aiken mentoring the kids at Rosie‘s Maravel Arts Center, a four-story arts school in NYC.

During the show, Rosie did a little stand-up comedy, where she admitted it was the first time she ever wore Spanx and wished it had a hole for her to pee in. Hah!

By show’s end, Rosie thanked special guest Star Jones and partner Kelli Carpenter. Rosie even called out her son Parker, saying, “I’m your mommy. Look how handsome he is, everyone. It’s all in the genes.” (He’s adopted.)

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15+ pictures inside of RBK’s benefit performance…

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rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 01
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rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 04
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rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 09
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rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 11
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 12
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 13
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 14
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 15
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 16
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 17
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 18
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 19
rosie odonnell parker odonnell zootopia 20

Photos: Gary Thomas Byrne, Michael Loccisano/Getty
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  • LolaSvelt

    That boy’s 13?!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Have a similar truth …

  • HockeyGurL

    That boy is tall for 13 then again my 8 year old nephew is almost as tall as me.

  • just saying

    I hope everything in that boy’s life isn’t gay. The new norm: 2 mommys and a sperm donor. How sad

  • Paulie

    “I hope everything in that boy’s life isn’t gay. The new norm: 2 mommys and a sperm donor. How sad.”

    Shut up you ignorant fool. Besides, Parker was adopted! Or would you have preferred that he remained in the system rather than be adopted by a gay couple?!?

  • CRazy oldie

    Mister Rosie ODonnell is looking old these days. Cant believe his son is turning 14.

  • just saying


    I take it back: two mommy and a lawyer. Hope everything in the boys life isn’t faggy.

    how’s that

  • calvin

    @just saying: you are an absolutely repulsive person, have fun living a life full of hate

  • YUK

    Oh my she is ugly!

  • honeybunch

    I bet Parker wishes he could find his realy parents. Parker, its easy to do and they aren’t GAY !!!!!

  • dana


    how ignorants…GOD
    ridiculous coments. i bet that u both are just realy sad little person…
    there are obviously No love, No joy in your pathetic little life´s

  • facts

    Parker looks like a young Benjamin Mackenzie.

  • boo

    I LOVE Rosie!!

    My 13 year old niece is 6 feet.

  • liz

    He’s a good lookin kid, and Rosie and Kelli seem like really good parents. Say what you will about Rosie, but it seems like she and Kelli have a really happy family. So why bash them? If they’re happy, what difference does it make to anyone else?

  • E

    @just saying:

    Alright, dick…

  • missy

    I’m sure he loves his two mommys but I’ll bet money he wishes he had a Dad! I feel bad for him. I’m sure Rosie has him in a school with other “special” kids with sophisticated and open-minded parents. He’ll probably be happier in the gay world or long for to have a normal life style. Sad. I hope he has a few men in his life who aren’t gay.

  • texas

    just saying:
    Sounds like your mom and dad are also brother and sister. But that’s okay – their mom and dad were probably also brother and sister too.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im pretty sure rosie is a tranny
    she has a gruff voice and look at that face, she looks like a biker chick lol
    btw jared is this a slow day…nothing but posts on celeb losers

  • just saying


    I’ll bet you have two mommys and a sperm donor!

  • Paulie

    I’m surprised the bigots know how to post here. For that matter, I can’t believe they know how to turn on a computer either.

    And, hey Missy, I’d rather have gay parents than a sanctimonious, judgmental miserable excuse for a human being like yourself. It’s because of people like you that there is so much hurt and suffering in this world.

  • missy


    just be happy your in the good old USA and dealing with me than in other parts of the world, where they wouldn’t even deal with you, just cut you freaking head off. That’s pretty judgmental, don’t ya think. Aren’t you glad its the Christian and not the muslims.

  • Tina

    I feel sorry for the boy.

    Rosie looks like the monster that she is. She beats her kids, those kids are better in foster homes then on the hands of abusive annoying disgusting lesbians.

    Poor Parker, I feel bad for him.

  • Jeg


    well Missy, YOU too should be glad that you’re not in another part of the world because in many muslim countries women are beaten and stoned to death for such things as showing too much skin and even for speaking their mind…so you too should be glad that you’re in U.S. where you can go online and spread your hate

  • monaxx

    rosie should never smile, she looks hella scary when she smiles

  • bbw brittany

    He looks just like his mom, what a great kid!

  • Jose

    Rosie is truly one of the nastiest people. I saw her at the Target in Westchester. Let me tell you, she is even uglier in person. She walks with terrible posture slung over like an ape.

    All the people were laughing at her behind her back.

    Not one person said hi to her.

    But, when she walked by people laughed and made moo noises.

    I felt bad for her actually.


    Three words…FAT GAY PIG!


    Three words…..FAT GAY PIG!!!

  • wendy

    O’Donnell and partner Kelli by all accounts are well-respected as parents. People who have an objection because they are gay parents ought to take a chill pill. When was the last time any of you adopted a child or even made a financial gift to a child in foster care or a group home? People writing hateful comments because O’Donnell is overweight ought to get a life. I admire O’Donnell for her willingness to be outspoken about herself and her life and for her obvious deep love for and devotion to her family.

  • Josh

    Hey missy, I thank God every day for making me gay. I also thank him for idiots like you who think he made a mistake. It makes me realize how much better off I am. You make nasty comments about gay people and other religions that aren’t yours…what’s the word for that? Anyone? Oh yeah, “christians.”

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]
  • frann

    Leave Rosie alone! I don’t care much about her! However, she loves her family and you have no right to be so nasty!

  • elpheba

    Parker is a lucky boy to have two loving parents. They seem like a very supportive family and in the end love is all that matters. To all the posters making hateful comments on here, karma will come knocking at your door—-soon.

  • anonymous

    what’s wrong w/ you people. this boy has people in his life who loves/care for him. to say things like ‘i hope this boy’s life is gay’ is so irrelevant.

  • anonymous

    *isn’t gay

  • LogicalThinking

    I love the tolerant liberals here. Such good hatemongers. Typical liberals, destroy anyone who does not goose step to your beliefs.

  • calvin

    @LogicalThinking: is your name a joke? if you had any kind of logical thought process whatsoever you would realize how stupid this comment is

  • jason


    your comment is hateful! Take a look in the mirror! The truth hurts!

  • Galey

    I know that Rosie has done more for those children less fortunate. She is a huge advocate for foster children. I am straight and have raised children and think she is a wonderful role model. Love. Isn’t that the most important thing parents can give their children. Her children have many straight male men in their life. For the haters maybe you could find happiness helping a child instead of insulting those who do. As a previous blogger said Karma. In my life time I have seen it happen over and over to people so be careful.

  • Swair

    Woah woah woah..

    Who said women are beaten and stoned to death in Muslim countries?! I’m Kuwaiti, living in Kuwait, where the majority is Muslim.. We are NOT beaten and stoned, I mean where the f do you get your information from?

    Women here are educated, working sisters/daughters/wives/mothers who are independent and can sure as hell speak their minds! We just recently had 4 amazing women elected to parliament (Salwa Al-Jassar, Aseel Al-Awadhi, Masooma Al-Mubarak & Rola Dashti.. Google it!)…

    We may have different ideals and traditions than people in the US and other parts of the world, but that does not make us weak animals that allow ANYBODY to beat us..

    Our men are understanding and can have an intelligent conversation if something’s wrong, they don’t just beat whoever opposes them. We are allowed to wear whatever we want, say whatever we want and learn from each other, men and women alike..

    So please educate yourself before calling me, a proud Muslim woman, somebody who even allows anyone to touch her or stop her from being who she is!

    And if the media is your reference, then you should be able to allow me to think that all American women are exactly like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Tara Reid, basically train-wrecks that can’t be allowed to be anywhere near children or living creatures, and all men are like Chris Brown (a women beater), Spencer Pratt (a douche) and John Mayer (don’t even let me go there lol)..

    But because I bother to actually read and meet people from as many nationalities as possible, I don’t let those idiots affect from the media my way of thinking and I encourage and love people such as Sandra Bullock (celebrity), Barack Obama (politician), Dan Brown (writer) and real American friends of mine who’re great mothers, educators and friends..

    So once again, EDUCATE YOURSELF and don’t ASSUME.. because when you do, you make an ASS out of U and ME…

    *takes a deep breath* End of rant.

  • L

    woah! he looks a lot like ben mackenzie, “ryan” from the OC… no?

  • KElso

    I live in Toronto and I know of a few kids who are being raised by gay parents and they are very happy, normal families. I also know of kids being raised by a opposite sex parents who are miserable. I am shocked at the amount of hate in this group.

  • just saying


    Do your kids a favor and go homo! Go to school! Get with Daisy and learn something.

  • joey

    Rosie and Kelly are great parents. To the poster that said she beats her kids HOW DARE YOU, like you know anything about their lives. These are happy, well adjusted children. I wish every child could have the love and support they get.

  • guer


    Where is the logic of LogicalThinking? well if nature would have intended two women or two men to be parents, they would without “help”. Sorry that nature didn’t allow lesbians and gays to be parents, that’s reality, get used to it. Children need a loving, committed father and mother. As nature intended. But keep the faith, we might evolve to asexual reproduction lol

  • Nixx


    Ummm…not all Christians are judgmental just as not all Muslims are violent just as not all gays are perverts. Umbrella statements are useless.

  • Nate

    Rosie’s son is cute. And yes, he totally looks like a young Benjamin McKenzie.

  • Swair

    @Nixx: Thank you, Nixx! :D

  • adam

    In my opinion the comments people have left are a bit negative. Live and let live.

  • Nancy andrews

    How many more years will she be using the same spanx joke? This is going on the 3rd year and she is still saying “it’s my first time wearing them.”

    Her jokes are as stale as her career.