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Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock: Funny or Die!

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock: Funny or Die!

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White give us a behind-the-scenes look at their new movie, The Proposal.

Tempers flare and we find out who the real stars of this movie are. Watch the hilaaaaarious video below!!!

P.S. Be sure to check out Ryan‘s new feature in Elle. He talks about the early midlife crisis he had at age 30, around the time he called off his engagement to Alanis Morissette. “I started to feel really reflective,” he says. “I really wanted absolute yesses in my life, as opposed to maybes.” Check out the full article at

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock: Funny or Die!
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  • LOL…

    very funny, love Ryan Reynolds!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    LMBAO.. bout time these funny or die videos became funny again.

    “why don’t you suck a hot cōck” – instant classic .

  • amanda

    can’t wait for this movie!

  • Lo


  • maude

    dat’s hilarious lol

  • caxposed

    HA! This shet’s hilarious! “Nobody knows who you are!”, what a beyotch! Ryan Reynolds IS actually the reason I’m gonna go watch this, Sandra and Betty are just bonuses.

  • ilikeandrewbird

    LOL I love this! I wish I wasn’t such a slut! LOL

  • kk

    that was too too funny. this movie is gonna be a fun one.

  • pippa

    ryan reynolds’ the reason why im watching the movie! he’s too adorable!

  • loyal

    It was cute but Sandra seems to be too Hollywood here. Too made up, too much fingernails and that tuck her hair behind her ear thing she did, yikes! How pretentious. I like her more regular joe. Ryan was adorable, as always. Betty was fiesty!

  • me, just me

    @loyal.. thats what they call acting. Sandy was acting to be a b*tch. Thats wat made this funny that they all were acting.

    Hillarious! Love them all.

  • bella

    LOL . . .too funny when Betty flipped off Ryan.

  • Tanda

    That was hilarious!

  • truth

    cant wait for this.I LOVE SD!

  • liz86000

    LOL!!! You gotta love Sandra Bullock!! And Betty! She IS a national treasure!
    But ladies, I do love Ryan Reynolds too! :)

  • h.

    Love Sandy. I will be seeing this and her other romantic comedy later this year, All About Steve. They both look like she’s getting back to what she’s so good at. And yes, loyal, she was channeling the character she plays in The Proposal, which is a pretentious, obnoxious, bossy person. Can’t wait to see this!

  • pattycake

    How old is Betty White? In her 80′s right? She is still hilarious. I want to be Betty White when I’m in my 80′s…but first I guess I should be Betty White a few decades earlier so no hope for that.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol ryan is the man
    he’s so funny =]
    im still jealous he has scarlett tho =[
    betty white was hilarious as well

  • You/Me

    LMAO….that was hilarious. Love Ryan Reynolds, he totally cracks me up, and I haven’t seen Sandra Bullock that funny in a long while, so glad they did this. I will def see the movie.
    And hearing Betty White cuss like a sailor was to die for,lol.

  • amanda

    sooo funny!!!i was laughing so hard

  • tzja

    dat’s hilarious
    sooo funny!!!i was laughing so hard

  • love them

    OMG! Too funny! Love Betty White, she is one classy lady. Sandra Bullock is gorgeous!

  • bbw brittany

    You are a dawg dude, Scarlett is way better than alanis. You chose wisely!

  • Courtney

    Lmao, this is hilarious!!

  • vmars111

    Betty White is pure funny!

  • my opinion

    can’t wait looks so funny

  • ellie’

    love Sandra and Betty loks real funny

  • chinese rocketeer

    Sandra Bullock hasn’t been in a good movie since the original Speed with Keanu Reeves so hopefully this movie’s good.

  • Ginger

    HA! They are funny! Makes me want to go watch the movie now!!! I love all of them!! they are great people!! Too darn funny! and they all seem so genuine!!!

  • tom

    WOW I pissed myself laughing at this. Bullock, White, Reynolds are so good together, great chemistry!

    The Proposal looks like heaps of fun to watch.

    Sandra is so hot!

  • Jaz


    best funny and die clip ever

  • yasbm

    This is Hilarious, And the cast is perfect can not wait to see the movie.
    specialy Sandy and Ryan are a good team and Betty is really funny.
    finally sandra bullock back … she is the best actress in Comedy with Betty …..

  • adriannelibra

    Sandra barely age at all!

  • Mari

    I love Betty White, she´s the only reason i want to watch this movie!!!! :D

  • erydanus

    We totally know who you are Ryan! … and your abs. Now… excuse me, I have to go work out. >_>

  • Chris in long beach

    Ryan Reynolds is hot…but he was mean to Betty W. He needs a good spanking because he was a bad, bad boy…He can lay on my lap for the spanking and then we can flip-flop and then I can lay on his lap and then…(dirty thoughts)…HE IS HOT-HOT!

  • Leana

    LMFAO! Yeah right, like nobody knows who Ryan Rey. is by now ! I still would like to bitch slap the hell out of his freaking HOT self though (for being too damn hunky that is)

  • anonymous

    I love Betty White! She is cute and funny. I am not planning to see this movie anyway. I don’t like the way Betty talked bad language in this video.
    She should have known better. I don’t think Ryan don’t like Betty and he can’t stand her. It is Ryan’s problem. And I have to say is that Hollywood still doesn’t know how to make films like they used to twenty years ago. I don’t think this movie will not be nominate for the Academy Award. It because they are using bad language.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    its really nice interview with Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock! funny or die! :-)

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    HAHAHAHA! Ryan is sexy<3

  • Jokergurl

    Ryan Reynolds is hilarious so is Sandra Bullock and Betty Thomas, I have to go see this!

  • Jokergurl

    Oops I meant Betty White!

  • Samantha

    you actually believe this is true?
    LMAO this is NOT TRUE
    this is an ACT!!!!
    its OBVIOUS!! lol