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Sienna Miller is a Chelsea Flower Girl

Sienna Miller is a Chelsea Flower Girl

Sienna Miller checks out the Chelsea Flower Show at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Monday (May 18) in London, England.

The 27-year-old British actress will be one of the presenters for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Other presenters include Sandra Bullock, Dwayne Johnson, and Channing Tatum, for the show hosted by SNL‘s Andy Samberg on May 31st.

Sienna is preparing for the big August release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra where she plays the sexy Baroness.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller at the Chelsea Flower Show…

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sienna miller chelsea flower 01
sienna miller chelsea flower 02
sienna miller chelsea flower 03
sienna miller chelsea flower 04
sienna miller chelsea flower 05
sienna miller chelsea flower 06
sienna miller chelsea flower 07
sienna miller chelsea flower 08
sienna miller chelsea flower 09
sienna miller chelsea flower 10
sienna miller chelsea flower 11
sienna miller chelsea flower 12
sienna miller chelsea flower 13
sienna miller chelsea flower 14

Credit: Jackson; Photos: Getty
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  • three

    looking ‘blooming’ lovely….

  • Sharona

    Who is she? Never mind, I don’t care.

  • angie

    Photo op, damage control, lame, and cheesy. Surprised anyone recognized her with her clothes on.

  • Duke

    The Baroness is soooo hot!! But not sure about the rest of the movie….she may make it worth it!

  • bbw brittany

    She looks good as a blonde, her face is okay but i think she has a really outgoing easy personality, hence her hookup with the married getty.

  • lula

    she is looking very pretty,lately! :)

  • gisele

    who made her bag?

  • me

    She’s dressed as though it is winter. Global warming I guess.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love my slut =]
    she’s not looking so great but i really like her
    altho i do gotta say she needs 2 stop smoking, u can notice some wrinkles already
    luv ya sienna!

  • h.

    She’s very pretty. I know she has a horrible reputation these days but she’s actually a pretty decent person too. She does a lot of charity work that she doesn’t publicize. And, of course, the tabloids/so-called-reporters are too busy slamming her personal life and wouldn’t take the time to follow her on a mission to Africa. Goodness knows that’s not as newsworthy as a torrid affair!

    You can read her blog from a charity trip to Congo at

  • Chili Pepper

    She’s a talentless slut. I weep for what they’ve done to GI Joe.

  • karma

    Why does she stand like a freaking 10-year-old? I can’t stand when women do that, like they’re all youthful and naive or something. Give me a break. She’s pretty desperate, I guess. But life has a way of dealing back whatever you deal out. You’re getting yours, slutty.

  • angie

    This definitely looks like a photo op and the paps were called to take pictures of her smiling face at a flower show to help her floundering career. So obvious. Must have paid them a lot since she reportedly sues paps for the bad publicity.

  • A

    nice finger, Mogambo sends to you his greetings too

  • Mogambo guru
    that’s her blog, go there and leave you comment about that “real deal” who didn’t spend a dime for all those “seriously malnourished children”

  • Mogambo guru

    and BTW there’s another major NEWS for the editor of JJ – BG dumped her. in March ’09.

  • Mogambo guru

    and on what planet can “chicken cutlets” be sexy?

  • dude

    What does she do for a living?

  • Sandra

    yeah this cheap-ass tramp really cares about children in the Congo. Yeah, right. She’s cares about scoring her next drink and her next lay. That’s it, ever.

  • Kevin

    man she looks like crap on a stick!

  • Mogambo guru

    let’s have some fun using time machine:
    “Jenny @ 11/10/2008 at 10:07 am
    This split is the best thing that happened to both Sienna and Balthazar. What amazes me is that she never cared that so many people were against their affair or that he had 4 kids to think about as well as his wife..she continued to push him to get a divorce. If she loved him she would want the best for him and let him go..but she was selfish..and she continued and continued not caring what anyone said or who was hurt as long as Sierra got what she wanted. The woman is a trip, she has no morals or class. I do not feel one bit sorry for her. In fact I hope she gets what she deserves.”
    A @ 11/10/2008 at 10:27 am
    “If she loved him she would want the best for him and let him go…”
    “..but she was selfish..”
    yes, she was. and there is always a price for being selfish. he used her.
    the phrase “I’m single” in this case means “I’m dumped”.
    A @ 11/10/2008 at 4:58 am
    she was ready to do anything- naked, half naked, booze, sex, gifts, more booze, more sex, and more gifts. and then was blackmailing
    but nothing worked. even though, males are “f*cking animals” to some extent, yet they have some feelings. and you can’t buy true feelings. hence, you can’t buy true happiness. isn’t it wonderful? ) life that is”
    A @ 11/28/2008 at 4:09 pm
    relapses, they are soooo sweet. at the beginning.
    but the longer the game, the higher the price. while getty keeps being in noble silence about the real reason for separation, we wonder, was it the dizzy smell of her chocha? f*ck knows.
    this price will be really unbearable. poor Si.
    her pain is much greater, and much deeper.
    she kept living in a lie, in a beautiful lie that deep inside she wish she could believe. in the lie of love.
    but she kept hoping

  • c

    The paps didn’t capture SM arriving at an airport in London, I wonder why? Because she didn’t want to be seen/heard so she didn’t tip them off this time.

    Same ****, different day. Just like “raising awareness, wearing a cross, being “concerned” about the plight of women/young girls, and “visiting” JH didn’t help SM career/image, prancing around at a flower show or presenting an award at the MTV awards isn’t going to redeem her career and image. She is too worried about out doing a mother and her 4 kids and is still using the media to rub the affair in their faces. Note to SM PR team: Any attempts to whitewash SM image are just useless. As she keeps demonstrating she is a lost cause.

    Isn’t this the same woman woman who whined about there being no sisterhood and how the media portrays her in a negative light/there are things in the press hard for her to deal with? And here she is sporting the cat who swallowed the canary look. She just released stories about breaking up with the married man/being his friend despite the break up, so TWO weeks from now she is going to celebrate the anniversary of the affair by bombarding the public with “reunion” photo-ops.

  • Irish Girl

    Love her – disheveled hair, baggy black clothes – doesn’t matter. She’s lovely.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Never care for her at all. Not pretty at all.

  • Yours truly

    C: I agree with you! No matter how Sienna’s PR team try and spin her, she’ll always end up ass backwards – ALWAYS!

    For now, Miller’s career is over.

  • frump

    Is she wearing her grandma’s coat?

  • sue

    I agree with the comments regarding Balti ending the affair. Maybe she flew all the way to LA for one last attempt to seduce him to submission? The part about remaining best of friends is spin or leaving the door open in case he changes his mind. By the way, there is a new “Balti” in LA, Eddie Cibrian…wife, two kids and having an affair with Leann Rimes. Such losers.


    i cant wait for her new movie. I like sienna a lot she is so lovely

  • Shock! Disbelief!
  • jo

    @h.: If you read it carefully she never went to the Congo. She’s not that kind of person. Her charity work is well publicized in the uk, she makes sure of it, that, and the nightclubs she falls out of.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She doesn’t look all cracked out surprisingly.