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'Terminator Salvation' Reviews Are In!

'Terminator Salvation' Reviews Are In!

Reviews for Terminator Salvation have started to surface. The flick, which opens this Friday (May 21), stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Helena Bonham Carter, Anton Yelchin and rising star Jadagrace. Check out the first reviews:

Variety: Heath Ledger stole The Dark Knight away from [Bale] and Sam Worthington heists Terminator Salvation from Bale, for the most ironical of reasons: In a movie that poses man against machine, Worthington‘s cyborg is the far more human character.

Hollywood Reporter: The machines rise to the occasion. Too bad the dramatic element’s just as robotic… An inescapable truth remains: It’s just not the same without the Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

40+ movie stills inside of Terminator Salvation

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  • mimi

    what did everyone else think of this movie???/

    i dunno i guess i think the originals better, taking Arnolds role out of this movie was sorta lethal. its just killing marisa on the OC

  • nicki gabe

    Well, nobody wanted Arnold to be removed but it would look pretty bad if he took time off from tending to the state deficit problem to squeeze in a movie.

    On the OC it took too long for Marisa to be killed off, but by that time it was too late. You can’t have a lead as the absolute worst actor of the cast… or any cast.

  • OGE

    arnold should have made a cameo & then given his cut to the state to help the deficit.
    i’m still super stoked to see it. :)

  • rEEVE

    Why would they need Arnold for this movie? It’s a whole different kind of movie and setting. Plus Arnold hasn’t been made yet considering the time frame. C’mon people, let it go. I’m a huge fan of the Terminators, but we have to move on and realize that this is a relaunch.

  • b.mofasho

    i dont care what they say im so stoked to c it!

  • sarah

    I can’t wait to see this! Bryce looks gorgeous, even all dirty, and in tattered clothing. :)

  • lalala

    that comment about Sam Worthington stealing the show from Bale was a cheap shot

  • @8…..

    Most of the reviews are good and they all say Sam Worthington steals the
    show from Bale not just Variety, the fact he is able to do that shows just
    how good an actor he is, he’s going to be a huge star!

  • ****

    Watch out, Variety! Christian Bale is gonna punch you in the head! Lookout!

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    Gilipollas! Sois unos cerdos !

  • Terminator fan

    I saw this movie and though Worthington was good, I thought Bale was also quite good. His role is not as flashy as Worthington’s and is kind of thankless in a way, but he makes a great John Connor. Connor is a man with a mission. In a way, he can’t get emotional so I understand why critics are saying Bale’s Connor seems less human than Worthington’s character. Worthington is lucky that his character is written very sympathetically. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and thought all the actors were fine. It’s a mistake to say Worthington is better than Bale because their characters and the motivations behind their characters are completely different. I thought they both served their characters nicely. Anyway, enjoy the movie folks.

  • lalala

    @Terminator fan: here here.

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    You hate Bale aren’t you? You sucks! you don’t know what you are talking about! Review? By you? Come on you don’t even know where your foot are? Don’t mess with Christian! Let the guy alone! Bastard!

  • Holland

    the hollywood reporter obviously can’t seperate the “two terminators”. The terminators with Schwarzenegger were a completely different genre then this last one, any comparison will be faulty.

    that being said, Worthington stealing the glory from Bale? Bale is carrying this entire movie on his shoulders, Worthington is simply getting in some good scenes, but he is hardly, if any, threat to Bale.

  • michael from sale Used auto

    Can this man reach the level of popularity Arnold have right now

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    if you are talking about Christian Bale I can assure yoy that he is no looking for that. He is not ambicius on popularity at all. He is just an actor and he just looks for having fun and doing all right on work.
    I think T4 was a challenge for him and I’m afraid that people haven’t forgotten Bale’s rant last summer and they are trying Bale to pay for that.
    To be honest I don’t like Chris on franchise, I hope this is his last one. He is a commited actor,always involved on every new project, educated and clever and to me it’s like a huge waste of his talent and his time.

  • ellie’

    Gotta see this movie.. Looks great

  • Loco

    Ahhhh, has everyone forgotten that arnie does make a cameo in this movie?

  • Nativenyker

    Poor Bale. He can’t catch a break….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Doughdough

    too bad – thought it would gain all the hons after the first teaser

  • leto

    @Gloria ( Spain):
    where have u seen hate in a comment.i think u mix hate up with critic.let pple have their point of view,this is allowed,u know?

  • tonie

    F**k reviews. I don’t see or not see a movie based on reviews. I don’t need someone to tell me what they thought of a movie. If the trailer looks good and has decent actors I’m there. Christian Bale is my favorite actor so I’ll be seeing it on Friday.

  • victoria

    HOT! His guns are almost as defined as mine *Mwah*!

  • His way

    Right, you can’t go by reviews. They are only looking at it from a professional viewpoint and also maybe adding their own biases. If you like The Terminator movies, Christian Bale or Sci Fi, then go and see it. I know I will. I just watched the original Terminator last night to get prepped! (Also, its good to be nostalgic about old or original movies but we are in the 21st century and entertainment will go on, so its good to be open minded).

  • Amy

    Sam Worthington should be Captain America. Yes, yes he should. Help me spread the word!


    I think that Christian likes being a background person…He lets other
    people take over the spot light..It is nice to see that Sam Worthington.

    It is nice to see that a character actor can get the spot light and seeing
    how he is going to play Captain America it should thrust him into the
    spot light.

  • laura

    I think the cyborg was supposed to be Arnold-looking that is why they hired the actor because he portrayed a young arnold in a previous film.

  • Gloria ( Spain)


  • Anon

    I love Christian Bale. But honestly? He is a really good actor who went thru a rough period when he didn’t get too much work. I think he decided to go for the money and started making all these commercial movies, but the characters don’t give him the chance to stretch and develop as an actor. He is always the same whether it’s Batman, or Terminator, or whatever. And he adopts this hoarse voice to sound more dramatic…like Jody Foster, and I find it irritating. He has enough money now, he needs to find different characters in smaller movies and be an actor again. Actually, the size of the movies is less important then the characters.

  • Saudia

    still can’t wait for the movie!! So much action, don’t care lol crazy shiz

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    I agree with you on 100%, as I said on my first comment I don’t like Christian on franchise. I don’t mind if he can only have one movie by year but I want it to be a good one. He is smart and cultured and He is just wasting his time on doing movies whom could be done by others less talented.

  • leto

    @Gloria ( Spain): u do not think he should b criticized 4 the rant?

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    He was critized so hard on the past and now I think it’s enough. I don’t want to back over it. I am a fan of Christian Bale for years and I know what I am talking about. He is a nice guy, really lovely boy and I feel like if somebody were trying to destroy him in a way, I know it could sounds like paranoia… I’m sorry very very much about the rant and what he did but I’m not gonna judge anybody for something like that as if he had killed someone.

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    I apologize about my English, I’m trying my best to make myself understand…

  • conrad

    its another X-Men 3 and Wolverine….Bale is cursed.
    He’s not all that a person and actor and his real credibility will be determined outside this franchises including Batman
    Depp will outshine him again in Public Enemies

    if you want quality movie for storytelling watch Star Trek
    and real action quality and popcorn escape is Transformers

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    I apologize about my English, I am ttying my best to make myself understand…

  • jaye

    In a movie that poses man against machine, Worthington’s cyborg is the far more human character.

    OUCH! OUCH! and OUCH!

  • go jared

    The trailer looks laughable and Bale just plays himself in all these roles just good being a jerk or intense. The movie is not good when you see all these C listers and no James Cameron and Arnold.

    Bale should follow Downey jr who’s an all around talent.

  • sns

    “It’s just not the same without the Governator. ”

    If thats the case, then why has the Sarah Connar chronicals been so great and a breath of fresh air for the franchise. You dont need Arnold to make the franchise good and thats been proven by a TV series.

    They should have combined the TV series with the film and had Cameron in it in some regard to play a female terminator or her human self before being killed.

    Please haver her in one of the sequels for continuity sake!

  • truth

    But the TV show was canned because the ratings were a dud

  • Brent

    Enough with the comparisons to the movies made in 84 & 91 already. Also, do people realize that Arnold is in his mid-60s now and way to old to pull off a T-800 anymore. It would just be sad. This movie and sequels are about Conner, so lets move on and enjoy a new chapter in the T-universe.

  • Brent


    Oh and by the way, TSCC got cancelled I’m afraid. It was fun, but moving it to Friday night killed it.

  • olga@israel

    I bet ,all those “critics” are pissed off, cause Christian never gives a shit about them!!!

    F**k off Haters!!! Christian Bale is the Best!!!!

    Can’t wait to watch the movie!!!!

  • leto

    and c what happend 2 these who give a **** about other pple?.either they become an actor or they get a very closed relationship 2 their psychiatrist.or in some cases both.(i.o.) :-)

  • tbone

    what would have been cool is if Arnold was a real human fighting the machines, and was dragged off and then you see that he had been used as the model for the terminators. You get him in and a cool twist on the story.

  • leto

    good luck with that:-)

  • Gloria ( Spain)

    Let’s see how would you translate this?! …
    A ver si traduces esto caraculo! de que vás? eres un racista y un fascista y a los tolais como tú nos los comemos con patatas en España! Capullo,serás imbecil! Que te den!

  • thevoice

    All I have to say is watch out Terminator, time to make room for The Burning Skies!

  • taaxi

    Wow, the non-stop action is relentless.

  • Ken

    Just saw it … you cannot like this one if you remotley like the first two. The first 45 mins are good, then it just desends into a cheesy, incoherent mess, with holes in the plot big enough to fly and HK through. I’m done with the Terminator and especially done with “McG”.