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Angelina Jolie Spotlights Child Soldiers

Angelina Jolie Spotlights Child Soldiers

Angelina Jolie attends the trial of a Congolese warlord charged with using child soldiers held at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, on Tuesday (May 19).

The 33-year-old activist said the case against Thomas Lubanga is a “landmark trial for children.” She continued, “Children deserve special protection. Using children in conflict is a heinous crime and destroys the very fabric of a society. I imagined how difficult it must be for all the brave young children who have come to testify against him.”

One ICC attendee added, “I notice the petite figure which was supported by those shoes and that it was Angelina Jolie! She is much more beautiful in person than in any magazine or interview. If that’s what she looks like in print then she is not very photogenic… she spoke French to her colleagues.” More about Angie at Lauraware!

The United Nations estimates up to 250,000 child soldiers still fight in more than a dozen countries.

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Photos: Kim Vermaat/ICC HO
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  • diane

    ahhh Angie!!! First!!!

  • creep

    Well done Angie!

  • diane

    She is a great woman!!! Love the spirit of Angie, she is trully wonderful.

  • http://sssssssssssss sanic

    Wow…i love her more

  • mediterranean

    She is on the way to Cannes to be with her man……

  • lucky

    Kudos to Angie!!!

  • lurking

    Finally a new worthy thread of our Angie!!!!
    This woman is so remarkable in so many ways!!!
    The blogs and tabs and trolls all speculated her whereabouts and
    they have been fooled by the beautiful Angelina!!!!
    Good work and look forward to her and Brad walking red carpet together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muna

    first page

  • dd

    so proud of her

  • bella

    at last!! how i missed angie! she is going to conquer the world! love love this woman of substance…

  • guli

    What an amazing woman! So we’ll be seeing great Cannes pictures tomorrow :-)

  • sorella

    Finally some Angelina, love her! What a gorgeous, sophisticated profile she has! Think Brad once said she was very regal-like (when he was talking about how Knox was like him, but Vivienne was like Angelina) and you can definetely see that in this pic, she has great posture, a true beauty, inside and out.


    Angelina will always take time off for things that are important. Brangelina will takeover Cannes tommorow. I can’t wait. 1-800-suicide. Haters please call and get help. Reserve your padded room before tomorrow.

  • meneme

    Cool.. She is a real rolemodel for the humankind


    What about all those children suicide bombers out there too.. who strap bombs on their chest and drilled in their heads that it is their
    job to blow up people and a town..and you will go to heaven..!!

    Those are things that need to be addressed too..! Imagine what is
    going to happen to all the children once the trial is finished.. guess
    what will happen to them..

  • bambam

    Is that a picture from the actual trial or an archieve pic from a movie?

  • e.

    That’s a great thing for her to be apart of, I love how much her passion shines through in anything she does you can tell she really cares!

  • mike

    I am crying like a girl…what a heart & compassionate lady!!
    I love you dear Angelina a lil’ more today.
    tx for putting light on this IMPORTANT trial.
    Only you could bring such a light on a subject usually
    would be buried on page 10 in a paper.

  • You/Me

    Awesome. This is the aspect of Angie that I love the most. She could care less about Cannes or the Academy Awards, protecting and helping the world’s children are her true passion and this is what she is all about. I would much rather read about her experience in The Hague than see her and Brad on the red carpet, although that is always nice too :-) Kudos to Angie for attending the trial and bringing attention to it because let’s face it, most people (including myself) had no clue this trial was even taking place until reading about Angie being there.
    And I hope Thomas Lubanga either rots in prison or better yet gets the firing squad and ends up dying a slow and painful death with a shot in the belly.

  • BRAD HAS TO HAVE angie

    Brad did it he is not famous without Angie .. She is the one that made
    him famous..!!! She will always be attached ..Imagine if he showed
    up alone at Cannes without her….Did the press line alone..while she
    went back to NYC and finished her movie..


  • Andrómeda

    I admire her so much!.
    Proud to be her fan.

  • Passing Through

    I hope all the complainers are happy now. Thanks, Jared.

  • sweetie

    She is beautiful — inside and out. :-)

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    Tattoo on her arm – it’s different now?!

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    she is wonderful god bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    I am so proud of Angie and all the great things she is doing. She is a great humantarian and an awesome human being. She is truly an amazing woman and an inspiration to me. WTG Angie, do your thing

  • some bunny

    New Thread Thanks, Amazing woman Ms. Jolie is, and Nice isn’t that far from the Netherlands. Staying tuned here on JJ.

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    so proud to be an Angie Fan,great woman love her.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow ;-)

  • CGM


    DUMB Don’t you understand seeing her face (expression) about what her relationship with Brad is like?

  • Melissa

    Why is she there? She doesn’t add anything to this case, what this guy has done is horrible and I am glad he is on trial, but Angie needs to realize that she uses her own children to satisfy her craving for constant attention. She is the worse kind of hypocrite.

  • some bunny

    Oops forgot to say thanks to PT. You should get paid for this. Sometimes someone just needs a little direction.

  • BBfan

    Thanks for spotlighting this Jared. You’re still my go-to guy for all things Brangelina!!

  • SANS

    Way to go Angie. Love her movies and love her even more as a caring human being.

  • a total fan

    I totally admire this lady. She could be at Cannes early sitting by the poolside but instead she is doing something that really matters.

  • yada

    There is real Angelina Jolie, not what tabloids junkies portray as her.
    She is inspirational and she is a living legend already!

  • Tina

    She is so amazing. No wonder BP loves her so much.

  • soi

    She is not trying to fool anyone. Angie is living her life regardless of what goes on in tabloids. Gorgeous, unbelievable Angie. Love the Pitt-Jolies!

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    has angelina had a bit of a new tattoo added on her forearm above the roman numeral’s tatt, or is that pen mark or something?

  • Dora

    A slap in the face of the haters!

    We love you Angie and Brad…

  • Brad pitt

    Who cares ?

    Her partner becomes Father again from a sudanese Model ! You can’t stop it, Jolie.

  • a total fan

    #30 She is there to bring attention to things of importants. If she had not been there you would have never known of a landmark trial going on thus bringing attention where needed.

  • serry87

    thank you thank you i will always a your great fan….
    i love you

  • soi

    Melissa- I have a better question Why are you here? She is making a difference something you know nothing about.

  • Anna

    She is so great! And I think she added something new to her forearm tattoo :)

  • briseis

    Let’s all just ignore the haters. They are banging their heads against the wall; they know nothing about Angie’s activities, all their gloom and doom predictions about the JPs have come to naught. They have to regroup.

  • cassie

    @Melissa:Craving for constant attention ?She hasn’t been to a public event since the Oscars and only because she was a nominee. She is a UN ambassador , most of these former soldiers are refugees. Your hatred toward her is pathetic. She is not promoting a movie Salt comes out in 2010. I guess if she was shopping or sunbathing on her break you would respect her

  • richard

    I Love her ,wonderful e beautiful woman inside and out




  • brad

    she is the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Jolie she is the best

    Day 6 – International Criminal Court~Day 1
    19.05.09UTCpmTue, 19 May 2009 13:40:05 +0000
    political blog

    So today I woke up around eight and started getting ready to go to the ICC. It’s quite an interesting endeavor to start going in the direction of something when you have no idea where you are going. So I started with buying a ticket to the Hague, and then getting on the train. I first got off at the Central station, and found the nearest tourist/map shop. There I was introduced to a very nice shop owner who not only sold me the map but also made sure I knew exactly how to get to the ICC, and he gave me a taste of the Hague (that’s what he called it). It was a little hard candy that tasted like coffee. It was just that extra boost I needed to head off to the ICC. (mental note to go back and buy the bags of the coffee candy…delicious) So I went back to central station and got on the train to Voorburg. Voorburg is another part of the Hague where the ICC is located. After getting off the train I started looking around…the shop owner said to look for the white building. Luckily it wasn’t far. Less than a block away was a formidible white building which exuded justice. It really did. It just looked like the ICC. As I got closer it really looked like the ICC with all the tall fences and special security. Today I thought it would be nice to get introduced to the ICC by simply just going to the hearings. I went to the hearing and as I was led into the visitor room I was instructed between the V.I.P. areas and the “common” areas and the witness areas. I took a seat on what ended up being the V.I.P. row. oops. One thing I do here is I always scan the room and check out what shoes people are wearing. So I looked to my left and saw a wonderful pair of black stilettos. Immediately I thought American…or foreigner at the very least, but the woman’s profile was gorgeous and it reminded me of Angelina Jolie. She seemed to be immaculately put together and I was quite surprised when during the private sessions (when the witness chooses not to have his answers broadcasted to the audience) she spoke French to her collegues. Yet there was still that distinct American accent. The witness was discussing the torture methods in the training camps, torture methods which were applicable to both adult and child soldiers within the UPC. Some of the things which were described were not even fathomable to me. They would also periodically show the face of the accused. At times, when the answers directly incriminated him you could see in his eyes a fire and a passion that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before. Someone who was pleased with his torture methods and someone who felt little remorse. It was written all over his face in those moments. Yet there were also moments of just routine military discussion in which you saw a different side to him. A relaxed presence which could send chills down your spine because of his nonchalant demeanor suggesting he had done no wrong. After the incriminating testimony was given which suggested the perpetrator’s role in war crimes against children the woman sitting just a few seats down on my left got up to leave. I looked over to wish those wonderful shoes goodbye and I notice the petite figure which was supported by those shoes and that it was Angelina Jolie! She is much more beautiful in person than in any magazine or interview. If that’s what she looks like in print then she is not very photogenic. Now it all made sense why she was wearing ridiculous shoes and each of her hairs was in a perfect pony tail. She is also much more petite than I imagined her to be. I was a little star struck to say the least. But alas the trial was to continue and I was to hear more testimony of war crimes committed by the UPC.
    Following the recess I went to check if I could just walk into the building…definite not. Apparently it’s pretty uber secure. So then I decided to go back in the the city centrum and get some food along with getting the next train back to Leiden. So now I’m here in Leiden. Completely amazed at my day. Oh and I almost forgot to mention. I have made some contacts to interview later this week. Success.