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Chris Pine & Audrina Patridge Couple Up?

Chris Pine & Audrina Patridge Couple Up?

Star Trek star Chris Pine takes a pic with a fan while out for drinks with The Hills star Audrina Patridge at the Red Lion Tavern on Friday (May 15) in Silverlake, Calif.

Chris and his girlfriend [Beau Garrett] broke up in March, and he is definitely single,” an insider reveals to In Touch. “They went out, and Audrina is into him.”

Audrina, 24, Chris, 28, first met at Tao in Las Vegas at ShoWest.

“They both got awards and were at a dinner with friends. They said a quick hello,” the insider says. “That’s where they met. Chris was looking at Audrina a lot, and you could tell that he thought she looked pretty – he was intrigued.”

Audrina was seen leaving Chris’ apartment building on May 2, just 10 minutes before he left to board a flight. Um, really?

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  • He’s waaaay to good for her

    He must be underestimating his level of superior hotttttness!

  • mertz

    since when did chris pine make himself a bonafide star…lol, but i get the comments. he should be using his rising star to get some hot chicanas like zoe saldana. he should be like shia and try the whole get someone like rihanna move. who around pine’s age do you think would be a good match for his almighty (i’m seeing a lot of girls loving off this dude)…i’m having a brain cramp trying to think of a match. please do not be ridic and say natalie portman. puh lease.

    he and audrina would have natural haired blondes with blue eyes. he’s missing out on a shot if he isn’t trying to get with audrina.

  • Irene


  • ****

    Does she have a penis? No? Well, then their not a couple, are they?

  • meh

    Ewww. barf

  • skippingsarah

    they look pretty okay to me. she’s pretty.

  • Karla

    Oh come on, now we are all gonna believe In Touch and their “insiders”, right? Since it´s SUCH a reputable source, right?
    I still remember all the crap they go spreading around just to sell mags, come on!
    Real proof or it didn´t happen.
    1st) I doubt they are dating.
    2nd) If they have a “thing” they´re just probably “having fun”, if you know what I mean. *winks*
    3rd) If you´re seen with a person of your opposite sex, doesn´t equal at all you must have anything going on, they could be just talking with her, or have met by casuality at that bar.
    4th) Audrina was seen not so long ago with a BMX rider having sushi and the gossip website which reported the new told it was her new boyfriend, (check youtube, Audrina paparazzi videos), plus, Chris said in a recent interview in Japan that he would like to date Beau Garrett… doesn´t sound weird that he says he wants to date her if they´ve just broken up by March? hello?

    And last but not least, I do hope Chris is a grown up man (he´s almost in his 30´s) who btw, was raised in LA in a family of actors and knows better, and knows who should be seen with and who shouldn´t, see, Audrina is a fame wh*re, and is a total turn off for his career. I personally hope he is just “having fun” with her and when he gets bored he´ll throw her away.
    Personally, I loved him with Beau, he seemed to really have strong feelings for her and viceversa… but things happen…
    But why not another girl, Chris? Why? BE A MAN, a REAL ONE and find a good woman!

  • star

    what the hell? she is such an idiot, i thought he had better taste… really did

  • Las Vegas Nights

    horrible.he could do soo much better

  • Tuna

    What’s wrong with Audrina? She is just a girl on a reality show. She did not kill anyone, become a druggie and go to rehab, act like a goldigger, etc. She dates Justin Bobby who is a sometimes hairdresser for eff’s sake! I don’t know what all these mean comments are for.
    Who the eff do you think Chris Pine is – Lawrence Olivier? He was in Just My Luck with La Lohan – the dumbest movie of all time!!!! I still can’t believe I sat through that shiat. This mofo was in Star Trek – he is not getting an Academy Award for it believe me. All these comments about him being a serious actor are very optimistic.
    They do not look remotely interested in each other in this picture – so you can leave poor Audrina alone.

  • brooklyn

    Eww.I hope not. He needs someone better than Audrina.

  • averil

    Yes, Chris Pine is a lucky man. Audrina is going to sleep her way to the top, baby!

  • Bee

    eww Chris…Audrina? Seriously? You can do 1000000x’s better than her. You need to upgrade not DOWNGRADE!

  • rachel


  • ashley

    I just thought he had better taste than that. There are plenty of better nice looking young ladies in LA. Why Audrina of all people? Especially knowing her stupid-ways (ie: hooking up with Brody when he had a girlfriend, dating gross Justin Bobby, etc, etc.) would he even CONSIDER getting involved? It’s just bad judgement on his party and I truly hope he’s just banging her because he broke up with his GF and needs some “naturalistic attention”.

    Audrina is an idiot, she really is, but she’s pretty and seems like a very personable girl. However, she’s a downgrade for Chris who (I thought) was going to become an amazing actor with a lot of potential. I see this “incident” as I will refer to it, as something he will surely get over and move on to better things. Give it 6 months time, Chris will be starring in another blockbuster, and Audrina will be flouncing her idiot-face around MTV for another rousing addition of The Hills.

    Chris will NOT become a member of The Hills craptitude if he knows what is good for him. And I bet you anything if he even THINKS about it J.J. Abrams will slam him so hard to get some sense knocked into him he’ll be seeing little USS Enterprise’s spinning around his head for weeks. Luckily for all of us that enjoy Chris as an amazing actor with fantastic looks, he will move on while Audrina squabbles around for another 10 years in reality television.

  • Camille


  • Soundbyte

    Maybe she’s just using him for the publicity hoping it will enhance her career if she’s with someone like Chris who actually has talent and much success in their future

  • andy

    Stop being mean to Audrina.
    He is not all that.

  • mmkay


    come on Chris!!!

    you are the hottest thing i have ever seen, please do not stick with Ceiling Eyes. how can you be attracted to someone who sound so stupid?!

    ugh, does he not realized he’s picking up Justin Bobby’s sloppy seconds?

    at least I liked Beau Garrett. please god, just go back to her instead!

  • Lauren

    Eff you biaytches!!!!!!!!
    Chris Pine is not Robert DeNiro.
    Give us an effin break.
    Audrina is cute – why would be not wanna date her?
    Bigger celebrities than him have hit on Audrina.
    Get over your effin selves losers!!
    His right eye is smaller than his left eye and his been in shiatty movies primarily!!!! Not that great.
    He sux.

  • Colita

    Yeah um most of these mean comments are made by Jayde Nicole using different names. In case you did not know, she is famous for showing her tatas & vag, having a po*Rn star name, a monkey face, and dating an unemployed guy with a famous dad.

  • marla

    Yeah he’s so into her fake boobs.

  • marla

    or maybe he was thinking when will those twins popped and shriveled off. If he really digs he, he could just easily approuched her like any redblooded neanderthal. He has a lot to offer her after all, compare to her silicon or salined enhanced chest.

  • AAAA

    ohhh god she’s not pretty.

  • Leala

    Anyone who thinks The Hills is real is dumb. They must also think The Great White is a good rapper too…a.k.a Spencer Pratt.

  • Leala

    @Shana: The Hills is Fake….Duhhh..Why do you think people watch it…It’s for people like you who will believe anything they see on T.V. And there lives are so boring so they live it through watching Drama on T.V…Which is Fake..It’s called entertainment for a reason. MTV sucks anyways Where are all the Music Videos. is it not called Music Televison.

  • Ellena

    i won’t believe anything until i see pictures of them making out ,or holding hands etc…!!!! this might just be publicity….. i really hope so!!!
    he is way 2 good for her!!!!!!

  • Tandreas

    @murray bevan:

    OMG!!! LOL I love it!

  • lol good job

    i’m kind of embarrassed for him. girlfriend is like half a step away from being braindead.

  • mor

    What I don’t understand is why the picture of her leaving his apt on May 2, were published until this picture came out? Wouldn’t those pics have been leaked right then? Doesn’t really make sense.

  • no way chirs

    First of all, I’m sick of people saying Audrina is “cute.” Am I the only one that notices her eyes are constantly looking up? Although I’m not sure if she just has two “lazy” eyes, this unfortunate mishap in her looks is the only thing I notice when I look at her. Second of all, there is a pretty good chance that they aren’t dating at all, although she probably wishes it were so. Either way, I’m disappointed in Chris for even associating himself with someone like that. He is well-educated and has a lot of potential for becoming a huge A-lister Hollywood star. Perhaps he’s underestimating his potential.

  • lisa

    They are so cute. Good job Chris, he finally found a cutie …..

  • Lydia

    All these weird people are putting down Audrina. YOU ARE KRAZY, AUDRINA IS SUPER PERFECT wow she rocks.

  • maryjane

    Audrina is so beautiful. total sweetheart and smart YOU PEOPLE ARE a small group of jeaulous bitoches who think they can hurt Audrina by this NOT just making her more famous. TEAM AUDRINA



  • maryjane


  • arianna

    call me 7879292535 for chris pine ok

  • what?

    Pretty sure all of the “go audrina” -type comments are from the same person lol! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD LOOK UP TO A DITSY PLASTIC PERSON LIKE HER?????

    Everyone knows this is MTV’s publicity stunt to get better ratings for her new show. Wonder how much they paid him to take her out……..????

  • lori


    i completely agree!!!!!!!! lets jus say they move in different circles haha

    a nice wayof puttin it

  • no you are not

    no no, raise your bars
    and do not settle for audrina

    someone please tell me this was just a hookup….

    Beau was SO much better i’d rather see him back again with Beau Garrett than this actress who cannot act.

  • ALi

    Are you kidding Chris? You just lost a fan.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    So is Chris Pine going to be on the sexy season of The Hills or what? hahahaha.

  • Pintoshipper

    Oh please, we all know that he’s in love with ~*Zachary Quinto*~



  • tess

    I’m really glad about this, they are a good match, and its nice to finally see Audrina with someone who is good for her!

    In my dream world, they will stay together and get married, although in hollywood thats soo rare.

    im still wishing jessica simpson and nich lachey would have stayed together..


  • mia

    wow i totally just lost respect for this guy; how desperate are you to date audrina from the hills? god damn shes such a dumb shit? i don’t get it. why did he break up with beau garret she seemed really sweet and much more intelligent than audrina patridge….

  • seriousli

    Come ON! Who cares? shes hot, hes hot………..together or not I dnt give a sh**. If they like each other let them B. Yall pple (not all but many) r so damn degrading its really sad!!

  • Amrysh

    duh! lindsay lohan is better!

  • Amrysh

    your too handsome for, her stay away from her!

  • Kudzai

    They ain’t goin out coz hez with me nd audrina is a whore she tried 2 steal Brody frm jayde!! i was hopin jayde would knock her out!! coz shez s man stealer nd now shez tryna steal chris frm aint gonna happen