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Christian Bale Covers GQ June 2009

Christian Bale Covers GQ June 2009

Christian Bale crosses his arms on the June 2009 cover of GQ. Highlights:

On unleashing the Rant on the set of Termination Salvation: “I’d definitely say that that guy who was yelling was at least half John Connor, and the rest was Christian Bale.”

On using his Americanized John Connor accent off-camera too: “I do that because I’m just not very good at switching between two voices. If I had the talent to turn it on and off on cue, I would. But I don’t, so I have to maintain. Otherwise I’m aware that I’m “doing an accent” whenever I’m filming, instead of just speaking. Hey, listen, I don’t make any excuses. None of it is excusable. You know, I feel I already said everything about this that needs to be said when I called up the radio station.”

On when he fell off the vegetarianism bandwagon: “I was up in Toronto and went to see that movie Life Is Beautiful. By myself. And when I came out, I had a craving for blood unlike anything I had ever experienced since I decided to go vegetarian at the age of 7. It was a compulsion. It was undeniable. I went to several restaurants, one right after the other, and got the
biggest, bloodiest steaks I could get my hands on. It was the first time I had tasted flesh in almost twenty years.”

Termination Salvation opens in theaters this Friday, May 22.

Check out the full Christian feature at Check it out, it ends pretty hilariously.

P.S. If you’re wondering why Christian‘s left pointer finger has a bandage on it, he “cut off the tip” during a bike crash and had it surgically reattached several days after.

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Photos: Terry Richardson/GQ
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  • dARREN

    not a good step towards good publicity, makes him seem angry flesh eating carnivore.

  • Chili Pepper

    ā€œIā€™d definitely say that that guy who was yelling was at least half John Connor, and the rest was Christian Bale.ā€
    That sounds nothing but weird. So he’s pretty much blaming the “other voices” inside his head? From what I hear, he gave a wooden performance in Terminator. Perhaps that’s why he got so mad at the lights guy…he needed someone to blame.
    Yeah, I agree, he comes off as an angry carnivore. Whatever.

  • plum

    read the interview,it’s very funny like the photos! he’s very great!

  • karma

    He’s an ass.

  • athena

    Maybe he should go back to vegetarianism…he seems to have become a beast himself…although, all is forgiven for his reckless antics…I just wouldn’t want to see another Hollywood great bite the dust because of ego problems…I’m sure Eric Bana’s agents are telling him that he’ll get most of Christian Bale’s offers…= \


    HOW would you feel if you were filming a movie and some guy walked
    right through the shot.. So what they are friends you can yell at a friend
    for pete sake.. and they did finish the movie together and still are friends today.. There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.. NO BIGGY JUST WHAT THE MEDIA MADE OUT OF IT.. LIKE TO AUDIO TAPE

  • Butter

    Eeew craving for blood and flesh? wtf?

  • Chill a minute

    Wow, so his fans scream like he does? Chill, #6.

  • viva la vida

    The entire interview was a fascinating read thanks Jared. But man, he is intense! Can’t wait for the movie! Go Christian, hope the film performs at box office and wish people would let the whole rant drama go away already.

    He looks sexy as hell in those pics

  • athena

    Friends or not….creativity or not…it’s not professional that the guy walked through the shot….but also, it’s unprofessional and sucks to be demeaning to people.

  • DEmii>3

    Damn, Christian is hot!

  • Japanese rocketeer

    I’d be more afraid of Christian Bale than any terminator.

  • Da man

    From what I hear, Bale pretty much sucks in it like he did Batman, and Worthington eclipses him like Ledger did. Guess I’d be pissed, too.

  • British Latin American

    Such spite.

  • Laura

    The rant was pretty was pretty full-on, but I guess i can sort of understand where its coming on. John Connor is a pretty intense character to play. Doesn’t make him any less of a douche for it though

  • tonie

    Love his intensity and his interviews are always fascinating. He gives interviews without ever giving too much away. I admire how he refuses to answer questions about his family. He will be making good movies for years to come.

  • Fabia

    When will you people get over his rant???
    its not a big deal!

  • Chili Pepper

    Uh, duh, @17, he’s the one that brought it up and people are giving their reaction. What do you care? Why don’t you get over it?
    Yeah, right, @16, so when is he going to start? Making the good movies, I mean.
    He’s a complete douche.

  • Luis

    He’s so hot! I love him!

  • uma

    some that adore him are lunatic and got no values
    makes our society worst

  • Terminator fan

    Laura, #15, when you see the movie, you’ll completely understand his rant. He is intense and a force of nature throughout the entire movie. I thought he absolutely nailed the John Connor character. I really don’t understand why he’s getting negative reviews. I think reviewers are biased because of his rant. Don’t believe them. Bale was awesome.

  • leto

    @Terminator fan:
    what they are ALL wrong?u r not serious if u think they base their reviews of a 4 minute rant from last year.maybe the other guy is just better?????

  • olga@israel

    Yahoooo! I’m so going to buy june’s GQ issue!!

  • ****

    “Buy this magazine or Christian Bale will stomp on your mother’s head!!!”

  • jrfan

    Happy Birthday to ME. Christian Bale is so fascinating.

  • Walter

    I’m done with this asshole. I don’t care if his movies come with free handjobs. He’s abusive trash with money.

  • leto

    who sow wind will harvest stop crying and enjoy the storm.i do.

  • joel

    His intensity is a pile of overrated shit. Everybody out-acts him.

  • squaraus

    Bale=sad, mentally harassed, hung-up human being.

  • leto

    human being at least.(hit it,it is just a fly. :-) )

  • Anon

    #10, ITA. Neither was professional or right.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    i like him very much,comedian

  • squaraus

    @leto: No, simply ignore it.

  • facts

    All I can think of when I see his mug, is his role in American Psycho.

  • averil

    Accents are cool. He has a good accent.

  • Liset Lee

    He is for real.

  • degz

    A real c*nt!

  • Jolipitshit

    I am sick &tired to see how many pathetic, jealous and spiteful losers who never live their own lives well are commnting here!

    Mind Your Own Business if you don’t like CB or you need to see the shrimps instead.

    He is so devoted and one of the greatest actors ever .

    Anyway, CB will never care about any nasty comments by such losers !

  • squaraus

    @Jolipitshit: Starting from you. :)

  • Jolipitshit

    Coz u r insane but too poor to see a psychiatrist.
    Poor thing!

  • Jolipitshit

    Too poor to see a psychiatrist

  • squaraus

    @Jolipitshit: Oh! So u think I’m Christian Bale? … ahahaha :) …. No I’m different: If I need a shrink, I’d go before all the world knows that!

  • leto

    good argument 4 someone who is insane.

  • leto

    realy poor and insane people save their money and blame it on the lightman(LOL).

  • pup

    Haha. What a nut.

  • taryn

    i think Christian bale is a awsome actor and most of you would not hate him if his rant was never released. and everybody has their off days and on ones. he has said he is sorry and what is done is done.
    his scene must have been pretty intense for him to get mad over a mess up.

  • Paps are losers

    This rant was so blown out of proportion. It was nothing really and people are still making a monster out of it…. losers.

    A lot of actors did way worse and are all put in pedestals like gods. Johnny Depp and George Clooney, for example. That Bale rant was nothing compared to what those two did, especially Depp. No one complains about those two…

    Bale is a great actor. Too bad he is known mostly for batman. People that say he is bad clearly didn’t see all his movies.

    I watched TS. Gosh Worthington is being so overrated. He got the role that has more screen time and perhaps a better arc but he just sucks as an actor. Worthington is as good as Steven Seagal or Arnold. People like him because of his brawl, but he is completely wooden!! The guy had just one facial expression the whole movie!