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Hayden Panettiere & Steve Jones: Boating Buddies

Hayden Panettiere & Steve Jones: Boating Buddies

Heroes starlet Hayden Panettiere and her rumored boyfriend, British TV presenter Steve Jones, soak up the sun while on break from the 2009 Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 19) in Cannes, France.

This is the second day in a row that Hayden, 19, and Steve, 32, were spotted together on a boat. Yesterday, the couple were seen on Elton John’s partner David Furnish‘s boat.

Hayden was last romantically linked to her Heroes costar, Milo Ventimiglia, 31.

10+ pictures inside of boating buddies Hayden Panettiere and Steve Jones

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Credit: KCSPresse, Stuart Morton/FilmMagic, Chris Jackson/Getty; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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63 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere & Steve Jones: Boating Buddies”

  1. 1
    HockeyGurL Says:

    She went from Milo to him I mean to get me wrong he’s hot but Milo is HOT

  2. 2
    Mary beth Says:

    What is with her and older guys!!

  3. 3
    Johnnny Says:

    None can Beat MILO! He’s bringing sexy bk to the Heroes!!

    Best of milo

  4. 4
    HockeyGurL Says:

    oops I meant *Don’t *

  5. 5
    sunny Says:

    what a little ****, get over your father issues
    also, I dont understand why people think she is sooo hot
    She looks nothing more than average to me – I have none celebrity friends who look hotter

  6. 6
    hehe Says:

    she looks like she’s sucking her belly tummy to look sexy.

  7. 7
    LuckyL Says:

    And never doubt that Hayden is dumber than a doorknob

  8. 8
    LuckyL Says:

    sunny @ 05/19/2009 at 11:16 am

    what a little ****, get over your father issues
    also, I dont understand why people think she is sooo hot
    She looks nothing more than average to me – I have none celebrity friends who look hotter

    It’s called “Underage vag*na”

  9. 9
    vitaa Says:

    From Milo to HIM!!! I can’t believe it!
    Milo is way HOTTER!!
    It’s the same boat, I guess they are staying on the same yacht with friends! It doesn’t mean they’re dating…

  10. 10
    ashleigh Says:

    damn she likes em old and senile huh….i joke.

    nothing wrong with aged meat. but 32?!?! oh well different strokes for pedaphile folks…

    I JOKE, I JOKE, I KID, I KID!!!! lmao

  11. 11
    dri Says:

    JJ keeps on posting about this boring midget starlet!

  12. 12
    mike Says:

    what’s the big deal about these 2?
    He’s hairy & fug & she’s so average.

    WHERE are the real stars in Cannes?
    please Brad & Angie come soon!

  13. 13
    lola Says:

    she likes older men i dont like him (or her lol)

  14. 14
    victoria Says:

    Serial shagger Steve strikes again! Hayden is not his usual type, he doesn’t usually go for frumps.

  15. 15
    stella Says:

    she has a stumpy body. But why is everyone freaking out about a 19 year old and a 32 year old…Im 20 and I think older guys are sexyyy. And you know this guy is rich so yeahhh. Just stating the obvious

  16. 16
    Andy Says:

    Gee Hayden, How about dating someone your age.

  17. 17
    pan Says:

    wat does her tattoo mean? i know what vivere means…but the rest? does anyone know?

    she’s not that great….she is average. but i like her tattoo. haha

  18. 18
    Rocky Says:


    lmao she totally is

  19. 19
    Raquel Says:

    Hayden is thinner than I thought. Look at her ribcage.

    I think people should stop being so damn prudish! What’s the big deal about her dating a older guy?! It’s not like she’s 17 or less!
    C’mon guys. I’m all for people being able to speak their mind but sometimes people overreact a little bit.

  20. 20
    Davey Says:

    UPGRADE! He’s hotter than Milo.

  21. 21
    jess Says:

    couple things to say. she needs to find guys AROUND her own age range.. she’s not all that great.. and her body isn’t nice at all.. sorry had to say it.. she only has a flat stomach.. she has no nice curves and her shoulders are weird.

  22. 22
    lyn Says:

    Haha… I was about to say what’s up with her and older guys, someone beat me to it.

  23. 23
    pan Says:

    tattoo meaning anyone?

  24. 24
    Robin Says:

    she looks great but she needs to get back together with milo, they were so cute

  25. 25
    Robin Says:


    leave her alone, she said she likes dating older men cause they’re more mature. it’s her choice dude.

  26. 26
    s.d. Says:

    I think she is cute and precocious. I wouldn’t mind partying in her panties for any length of time. Milo is very average looking himself, and all I need to do to remind myself of that, is to walk across my university campus. There are tons of guys more attractive than him, and I live in a small town LOL.

  27. 27
    jill Says:

    I think hayden is so annoying she looks like a 12 kid and then tries to look and act like a 30yr old women. so gross, its almost like you cant take her seriously

  28. 28
    France Says:

    She is beautiful, it is far from fat. For it is against jalousée, comments on her looks is stupid. I’m sure it does not so large, they are a group of friends, why link it to Steve Jones, I have men friends, I do not layer them. It would be wrong not old Thursday

  29. 29
    mORTADELO Says:

    Older? I’m almost 40, older than this guy and I want to date Hayden. She is beautiful!

  30. 30
    aristeia Says:


    Her tattoo means literally “to live without regrets” (vivere = to live; senza = without; rimpianti = regrets)


  31. 31
    bambam Says:


    Well there’s always a first time for everything. Hayden will definitely regret being linked with Steve.

  32. 32
    Lynae Says:


    To prove how much of blonde hollywood twit she is, she get a tattoo and spells it wrong hehe

    Its meant to mean live without regrets

  33. 33
    YUM Says:

    Way hotter than Milo!!! This guy is so sexy. Love the chest hair!!! He can do better than her!

  34. 34
    NikkiLou Says:

    Leave Steve alone. British people know him and love him.
    He should definately still be with Fearn though, they made an amazing couple.

  35. 35
    whatever Says:


  36. 36
    Patricia Says:

    the tat says;

    vivere senza rimpianti = live without regrets.

  37. 37
    Sean Says:

    She’s gorgeous

  38. 38
    annie Says:

    daddy issues much???

  39. 39
    J Says:

    steve jones makes british people like me ashamed he is a total twat i used to like hayden but if this is true then she’s off my radar…she’s just gonna be another girl on steves list of failed relationships so this ‘relationship’ is a waste of time
    steve is sooooooo ugly it’s unreal GO BACK TO MILO but then again milo dumped her hahahaha

  40. 40
    pan Says:

    @aristeia: thank you!!! :D

  41. 41
    pan Says:

    @Lynae: thanks :):)

  42. 42
    fairycake Says:

    OMG, that Steve Jones guy gets around! First Pamela Anderson now Hayden. I think she should stay well away from him.

  43. 43
    Mel Says:

    Milo is definitely hotter than this guy, but he looks like he’s got a bit of cheeky charm about him. Too bad about all the chest hair – yikes! But, each to their own, and Hayden can go out with whoever she likes. Y’all really need to get over the age thing – it’s clearly what she’s into, so let it go.

  44. 44
    LuckyL Says:

    Raquel @ 05/19/2009 at 12:18 pm

    Hayden is thinner than I thought. Look at her ribcage.

    I think people should stop being so damn prudish! What’s the big deal about her dating a older guy?! It’s not like she’s 17 or less!
    C’mon guys. I’m all for people being able to speak their mind but sometimes people overreact a little bit.

    That’s when she started with Milo though hunny.

  45. 45
    E Says:

    What a wh*ore!! and she’s nothing special either

  46. 46
    LuckyL Says:

    Robin @ 05/19/2009 at 1:13 pm


    leave her alone, she said she likes dating older men cause they’re more mature. it’s her choice dude.

    Aren’t several British posters confirming that this guy is a womanizing, immature, dumb-dumb though?

  47. 47
    Deidre Says:

    Hayden is an untalented **** which no one will really take seriously in the acting world. Break away from your co-dependent attitude and please go deal with your daddy issues. What 30 year old male would want to date a NINETEEN year old anyway? LOL…Even if she was 20, she can’t even drink legally–that’s not “sexy” or “cool”. Very strange (and gross @ her in a bikini).

  48. 48
    **** Says:

    Someone’s looking for a daddy.

  49. 49
    CArmen Says:

    Wow. This is the last time I follow a link to a JJ page. My Steve Jones fetish is not worth this.

    @LuckyL: You seem pretty obsessed about this. What’s with the puritanical attitude, love? For a start, it the UK (and everywhere else in the sensible world), 16 is the age of consent, so your comments about her being underage make absolutely no sense. And, anyway, wasn’t she 18 when she went out with Milo? And, yes, Steve is known as a womaniser, but for g*d’s sake, Hayden can make her own mistakes. Lord knows I have. And, I have to ask, why the h*ll do you care so much that you’d post FOUR times about it? Would it be terribly rude and British of me to suggest that the uptight whiners in here are probably all in desperate need of a shag themselves? I imagine you’re a bit to attached to the computer to ever have the opportunity though.

    And @s.d: Sweetie, I think you’re out of your mind suggesting that Milo is average. That boy can visit me ANYTIME. But if you honestly have better looking men walking around your campus (I do doubt your ability to judge that), then I want to know which University you go to! I’m in my final year of med school, but I’d consider a career change and a trip across the ocean if you’re telling the truth!

  50. 50
    Las Vegas Nights Says:

    my nerves brook up looking at her,hot hot

  51. 51
    averil Says:

    she’s a very motivated minx! rock on!

  52. 52
    jules Says:


    the tattoo is “vivere senza rimipianti” that means ” to live without regrets”
    but unfortunately she doesn’t know that rimipianti is wrong *lol* the right word is “rimpianti” without the 3rd “i” I know cause I am Italian,she’s such an idiot!

  53. 53
    jules Says:

    i meant the 2nd “i” lol

  54. 54
    chloedancer Says:

    steve jones used to be quite fit, but looks like the years have caught up to him. he has slept with pamela anderson, so a warning to hayden! surprised hayden goes for older men- she is 2 sandwiches short a picnic, so i can imagine that watching paint dry is more entertaining than talking to her. anyone else think that her body proportion is out of whack??

  55. 55
    queen_B Says:

    WTF!!! it can’t be serious…
    Milo is much better than him. She must be lost her mind..
    What is about her ‘n older bf!! go find someone who have same age with u!!

  56. 56
    June Says:

    Oh My God!…I loooooooooooove Steve Jones!!…lucky B*tch!..

  57. 57
    joey Says:

    Hes D*ck in hers…

  58. 58
    joey Says:

    @Robin: haha they got bigger..

  59. 59
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Who wouldn’t want an older man? Go Hayden!!!

  60. 60
    groltz Says:

    Hooray for your very neat looking blog! Bookmarking this one ^^

  61. 61
    sarah pine Says:

    To the blind prick S.D, No WAY in hell is Milo average, He is blindingly goodlooking and has perfect features. He is very beautiful and a handsome looking man! You need to get over your own ugliness! Calling him average which he is not, does NOT make you any better looking! Milo was way to hot, for this little midget anyway! So glad he saw sense! Steve is nothing compared to Milo, but he is definately better than this midget!

  62. 62
    vicky dunn Says:

    Davey!!! I thimk your an aware of what upgrade means, Steve is definately a down grade! Milo is way hotter than this hairy , big toothed prick! God Jealous much,,,,,!

    Oh and S,d YOU ARE DEFINATELY BLIND AND IN SEVERE NEED OF LASIC EYE SURGERY to be calling Milo average..! He is anything but! He is too hot with exquiste looks! More attractive guys around Campus YEAH RIGHT! IT DOES NOT GET MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN MILO,,! hE IS AS HOT AS IT GETS AND SETS THE BAR, FOR INCREDIBLE HOTNESS!!!!

  63. 63
    Yasmine Says:

    @dri: @sunny:

    HEY, shut up *******.

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