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Jon & Kate Gosselin: Secret Marriage Contract!

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Secret Marriage Contract!

Kate Gosselin‘s brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, are coming forward about details of an alleged marriage contract that would allow Jon Gosselin to see other women while they were filming their TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8.

“All we know is what Jon told us, that Kate came to him with a contract saying he could have girlfriends and that he can do his own thing,” the Kreider‘s tell Radar. “In exchange Jon needs to show up for filming. But otherwise he has the freedom, certain days, to do whatever he wants. This is a train wreck for all to see.”


P.S. The sextuplets’ pinata party will air on the May 25 season premiere of J&K+8.

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  • Anna

    Isn’t family just a wonderful thing?

  • releka


  • justin

    this is old news.

  • Elle

    WHAT THE WHAT???!!!

  • katie lee

    if that’s what works for their family who is anyone to judge them? idgaf what they wanna do in private. i <3 the show for the kiddos.

  • Raquel

    I hate to judge people but this whole situation is disgusting. I don’t even know where to begin. Train wreck really is the correct word.

  • Lillianne

    Eight innocent little kids who never asked for this. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  • Max

    Wow, that Kate Gosselin, what a piece of work.

  • K8

    What scripture did Kate find that in? What a hypocrite.

  • TVsnark

    TLC needs to cancel this show. The kids need their privacy. Birthdays are not supposed to be publicity stunts and kids are not props.

  • CRazy oldie

    This has to be the funniest thing….first, the brother is ratting out the sister, second, no regard for the kids




  • Colleen

    So – They won’t comment on “rude” comments that viewers send it when they do the “answer the viewers questions” because they want us to respect their privacy. Yet, Kate has been all over the magazine covers talking about how she feels betrayed. She is a shrew – nasty – money grubbin’ bitch who exploits her children for the money. When she “gives” back to the community – she repeats herself over and over just to let us know how giving she is. I’m surprised her hand hasn’t broken due to the number of times she has patted herself on the back – and she has a body guard?? REALLY?? Why?? UGh – bring on the Hayes – I

  • Colleen

    So – They won’t comment on “rude” comments that viewers send it when they do the “answer the viewers questions” because they want us to respect their privacy. Yet, Kate has been all over the magazine covers talking about how she feels betrayed. She is a shrew – nasty – money grubbin’ bitch who exploits her children for the money. When she “gives” back to the community – she repeats herself over and over just to let us know how giving she is. I’m surprised her hand hasn’t broken due to the number of times she has patted herself on the back – and she has a body guard?? REALLY?? Why?? UGh – bring on the Hayes – I

  • emma

    i have a feeling Kevin and Jodi only did that interview for money

  • RNmomto6

    This is the CA Coogan law

    (The Gosselin Children are NOT protected like this because PA does not have laws to protect them. They are victims in this train wreck and from the comments on other formums people seem to think that it is ok because this is a “reality show” and they are not REALLY working)

    .”As employees these children fall under the provisions of the Revised Coogan Law which came into effect in the year 2000, thanks again to the efforts of A Minor Consideration’s members, the combined theatrical unions, and with the full support of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The vote was unanimous and the Bill was promptly signed by the Governor. The main features of the Bill are these:

    1. Children employed in the broadly defined entertainment industry now own the money they earn. Their income is their individual property.
    2. All children must have a current State-Issued work permit.
    3. A blocked Coogan Account must be in place for each child who works and a portion of their income, 15%, must be saved until the age of majorits.”

    Again this is California Law- it does not protect the Gosselins. (or any other children on reality shows across the USA.

    I am sure we will be hearing the aftermath of this mess for years to come as these kids grow up.

    Sad, just sad. I have no words to describe these parents or the TLC (& Discovery Netwook). “Slime” is not strong enough.

  • ^

    me too. it’s all about the money.


    I am glad the brother and sister-in-law are asking for this to be investigated and laws changed to help the children. This show is disgusting and not inspirational. Sad what people will do for money.I believe Kates brother and his wife. I believe Kates brother and his wife. This show has become trainwreck- Sad- I feel so sorry for the children.

  • mili

    this is as bad for him as for her. They both wanted the contract. Of course they want the bucks from the show no matter what. Both are at fault, and she is trying to repair the image of the show with the interviews.
    If this is “reality”, then show how a separated couple deals with eight kids, do not fool the audiences, it is hipocrisy (sp?)

  • ella

    publicity whores


    RNmomto6- I agree!!!

  • RNmomto6

    Just one more thought. It is said that Jon and Kate earn %50-75,000 per episode. What are the kids earning from their camera time? or are they just supposed to benefit from what their parents are making?


    It’s all about the $$$$ ching-ching!!!! – Sad!!!

  • *******

    I’m not watching this show anymore… I thought the two were a team, who loved eachother and their kids. Now I think it’s all a scam so Kate can date her body gaurd and give Jon the freedom to see other girls so she doesn’t have to feel guilty and they can keep making money from the show. TLC NEEDS TO CANCEL THIER ASSES!!!

  • *******

    Poor kids:(

  • RNmomto6

    That should have been “$” 50,000-75,000.

    Upset over the “train wreck” and the fact the children cannot be protected from it. I can tell you that 5 and 8 year old can figure out what is going on with their parents relationship and these kids will have the added “benefit” of reading and seeing new reports – if not now in a couple of years. And being kids they will blame themseves…

    no happy ending for this story no matter how it is spun.

  • Crap


    Absolutely! My first thought!

  • ra

    My question to the brother and sister-in-law would be “jealous much?” I never watch the program and really don’t care about Jon and Kate but it’s not right for their family members to be blabbing to the media. I wonder how much they were paid?

  • Ralph

    How did Kate manage to keep a straight face while making the media rounds portraying the “wronged woman”. I hope Rachel Ray and Larry King and all the others are embarassed for their part in this charade.

  • Julia

    These two people are going to hell. Way to sell your family out!

  • angel


    You need to drop this show NOW if you want to protect your integrity as a cable channel!

  • Hmmm

    I just wished people would stop viewing in to see the show and it would get pulled. That would be the end of the whole situation, and then they could deal with their problems without the media, and maybe then they would see things differently. Is this show worth what this is doing to their kids? because it will have an affect. And did they expect that things would be all rainbows/sunshine with this show? This is all for one motive only $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    I don’t know about you all but I would love for the next interview Kate is asked to give would be her, Jon and her brother and his wife interviewed together about the contract. That would make ratings- I think this show is a shame. I will not watch no more- I feel sorry for the children.


    Hmmm- I agree!!!

  • common sense

    I don’t care if what they say is true. What bugs me is that they’re betraying their for profit. That shows that they have no integrity which means everything they say is suspect.

  • angel

    Entertainment Tonight had the pictures of the birthday party with the pinatas. Their PR team must have submitted the pictures because they failed to show the picture of Kate chewing out Jon’s ass, but they showed a picture of Jon and Kate’s lover having a pleasant conversation together.

  • Marie

    Who’s to say these people are telling the truth? Even if it is true, it seems to me they want some of the spotlight.

    Why would they go around telling the media all of the family’s secrets when 8 children are involved?


    Marie – I believe they are telling because of the 8 children- They are asking for it to be investigated and laws to be changed.I believe they are telling the truth.

  • mgrl77

    This is ridiculous. Jodi and her husband have been in cohouts to try and destroy Jon and Kate’s reputation from the get-go. Jodi was featured on the show in some of the earlier episodes, and when TLC refused to increase her paychecks, she began letting loose on Kate and her family. Saying that Jon and Kate were exploiting their children, and making a mockery of families with multiples. I guarantee you that Jodi has been looking forward to the day when some other dirt comes out about Jon and Kate so she can step in a start even more rumors. This is a family, all families go through hard times except they aren’t in the tabloids for the public to see.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Like anyone would have sex with fugly Jon – he needs a contract.
    Even Kate won’t have sex with Jon.
    Aunt Jodi is a sellout – that effin freckle fugg puss firecrotch biotch.
    Aunt Jodi – you are a train wreck and you are doing this for cash. Jodi is jealous because they don’t put her retarded kids on a show. Well take fertility drugs Aunt Jodi and get a clown car vagina like Kate and maybe TLC will get you your own show so you don’t have to make up lies about your sister in law and her 1/2 Korean moron husband! If you take enough drugs and keep at it – you could probably outdo the Duggars from “18 and counting.”
    You won’t ever really be like the Duggars because you won’t find Jim Bob whoring his peen at 2 am in the clubs. Those people have class unlike the Gosselins. They go on missions to help the poor unlike self-serving k^unty Aunt Jodi.
    Anyways – shut up Aunt Jodi – stop being an asshat and trying to make up crap for cash!! Don’t believe Aunt Jodi people.

  • You/Me

    Hmmm, wonder what Kate’s brother and sister-in-law are going to do for money once the show is cancelled and no one will give a sh*t about Kate or Jon. No more magazine/interview money for Kevin and Jodi Kreider, lol! Seriously, was this “out” really necessary? Obviously the alleged contract is between Jon & Kate so why should her brother even opn his mouht? Money and his 15 minutes, that’s why. Kevin and Jodi seem to be money hungry fame wh*res.

  • http://justjared kary

    I can’t believe what a show is going to DO to have success SHAME ON TLC !!!disgusting.
    shame jon & kate too for putting your kids through this. I’m never watching that show again. NO more rewarding Irresponsible Adults.

  • S

    Like many, I can’t stand Kate and Jon is just a spineless jellyfish, but that can’t excuse her brother and Jodi’s actions. What happened to taking the higher road? I don’t think these interviews are appropriate. They are spilling things that Jon told them in confidence. If they are worried about the kids call the authorities. As it is, they are dishing more on Kate and Jon’s marriage.

  • RNmomto6

    Clearly Kate’s PR and TLC PR people have started posting.
    “Uh Oh, We have to throw doubt on the reports. Cloud the issue. Take the focus away from profiting off kids”
    He said. She said. What does that stuff matter?
    It is the kids that matter.
    The adults and the network all want their $$$$
    The kids need protection and new laws for reality shows no matter where they are filmed in the USA.
    Doesn’t matter is the parents are “true Christians” or not. It needs to be recognized that ALL kids on reality shows are WORKING.

  • maribeth

    these poor kids :[. i hate both john & kate, but i think it’s sad when you can’t even trust your own family anymore. if my brother ever did anything like this to me i would be devistated.


    Jon and Kate +8+ “friends”- I do believe them – Why? Because they ask for it to be investigated and asked for laws to help children. I believe they are concerned about these children.


    RNmomto6 – I agree with you!!!


    RNmomto6 – I agree with you!!!

  • cyenne

    Everyone should STOP viewing this show! If TLC has no audience for J&K+8 the show will be cancelled. Wonder what will become of the million dollar home TLC paid for and all the other “goodies”. Any money they made from the show will be spent paying for shrinks for years to help those poor children who will be emotionally scarred forever!

  • Betsy

    With relatives like this, who needs enemies?