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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Birthday Celebration

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Birthday Celebration

Jon and Kate Gosselin give a sweet kiss to daughter Hannah during the sextuplets’ fifth birthday celebration at The Blue Falls Grove Water Park on Sunday (May 17) in Reading, Penn.

The Gosselin sextuplets – Collin, Leah, Joel, Hannah, Aaden and Alexis – were born on May 10, 2004.

The party will be featured during the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8, which airs this Monday, May 25 @ 9PM ET/PT on TLC. Jon & Kate‘s well-publicized troubled marriage and constant tabloid coverage will be addressed in this episode.

Earlier today, Kate‘s brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, came forward about details of an alleged marriage contract that would allow Jon to see other women.

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Photos: Michael Pilla/TLC
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  • gigi

    1st ?

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    I want some cake.

  • EMMA

    Cute Kids.

  • Betsy

    small cake for so many…

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    The cake is just a prop – that’s why it’s so small – no one can eat it because it is cardboard with frosting on it. That’s why Alexis is looking at it thinking “Dude – it’s a fake!”
    Jon & Kate tolerate each other for the cameras. Now it’s acting – not even a reality show!

  • Disgusted

    TLC Sideshow or slideshow? What’s the difference. Bring on the clown cars and big shoes. The circus is coming to TLC and Jon and Kate are the Ringmasters, the kids are the dancing poodles. I won’t be in the stands eating cotton candy. Please boycott this show.

  • Lita

    The movement has started. His the Greedslings where it hurts. Writing the sponsors and TLC hasn’t done any good. There is a major boycott happening to NOT WATCH THIS SHOW! Maybe then they’ll listen when their ratings fall like a lead balloon. Give these kids a chance at a normal childhood. J&K need to stop this charade of “One Big Happy Family.”

    Kate giving Jon a contract allowing him to have girlfriends as long as he shows up and puts on the happy face for the cameras. Not very “Christian” thing to do is it KHate? Let’s send these morons for parents packing for once and for all.


    The Kreiders tell Radar that Kate told Jon six months ago that the marriage was over, resulting in this alleged open contract. YET, they also claim that Jon “recently” came to them worried about Kate having an affair with the bodyguard. Why would Jon care about an affair when six months ago they decided to have an open marriage? Either they (1) have this agreement that each can have a paramour; or (2) they don’t have such a “contract,” and thus would be upset over cheating.
    Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin need to get their story straight!

  • Disgusted

    …Oh and the Krieders are the Bearded Lady and Half Man/Half Woman.

  • a total fan

    With all the tabloids attacks on her family, I thought that Kate would have just quit the reality show for the sake of her family. I guess the mighty dollar won out.

  • zara

    is it just me or does this woman seem like a complete bit#$!!!!

  • sharah

    I feel this is last birthday the children will celebrate with both parents together. Kates greedy implusion has begun and their so called “Christian” values are not strong enough to bind them back.
    I must say though, the entertainment value of Kate along is really priceless, unfortunately the kids are paying the biggest price.

  • aubrey mackenzie

    Jon and Kate Gosselin give a sweet kiss to daughter Hannah kate golden child

  • nancy

    I think it’s just a pr stunt to promote their stupid show. She’s a bitch and he’s a wuss and the only thing they share other than the kids is their greed for fame. She was having a manicure and pedicure on the actual day of their birthday apparently so not buying her devoted mom routine. I hope they get cancelled. I don’t plan to watch their fake relationship and they call it a reality show. What a crock.

  • nancy

    Her brother is proving what type of family they are. I doubt he is doing it out of concern for his sibling. He is an attention whore like her. You don’t stab your sister in the back on national tv. What a jerk.

  • jess

    When those 6 get older, the bond they are going to have&share is going to be 1000x more special.. can say that much !!!

  • sickofkate+family+media

    All the affairs etc were media stunts to get viewers for the next season.

    They will be telling their kids “It is all lies. We just tell lies to the magazines and TV so we can make more money. That is how we make our living off you 8 little lotto balls!”

    I am sure the kids will understand and not mind at all. After all they have a big house and a private school where no one ever gossips or teases..

  • omg

    Wow, these two are like the new Heidi and Spencer . . .annoying, self involved, and thrive on publicity.

  • jan

    God she looks like such a raging, controlling bit ch….and all these rumors are just that…rumors.
    Jon went out and had some fun. Kate couldn’t control his everymove. Kate’s pissed…threw him under the the family members are jumping on the band wagon cuz they didn’t get gratuities from the show.
    Kate….kharma sucks. You better get out of the limelight, or it will get out of you!

  • my opinion

    So I’m guessing her brother wasn’t at the party.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin are full of shiat!
    They will come up with more lies soon because they are pissed Kate won’t let them share in the earnings from the show. That’s why they have a babysitter now so Aunt Jodi firecrotch Kate wannabe does not have to babysit on the show and they do not have to share the $50-75K per episode with her.
    Eff you Aunt Jodi – I am sure Radar Online does not pay u $50-75k – suck on that with your fugly red lipstick!

  • guest

    notice how they’re both concentrating on the kid in the last thumbnail not making eye contact with each other.

  • Laura

    PR Bullshiat. So so fake.


    @sickofkate+family+media: tooooo, funny, and you my friend are soooo right! I can’t support the lies Kate and Jon are pushing on the American people….I use to love watching the show, why k&j ,whyyyyy!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    nice pimping them out jared
    no lie, ur really obsessed with them
    the only reason i watch is 2 see jon get bitched at by kate
    the kids r way way 2 bratty imo, they just ruin the show

  • Lola

    Whats with this family? They aren’t interesting, they aren’t ultra attractive or appealing. Even the kids are just average kids. The obsession makes no sense to me.

  • Hey -_-

    yeah ok so Jon and Kate have DRASTICALLY changed and I hate it. They used to be the family we could sort of relate to (minus 5 or 6 kids), and now they get free trips, huge ass house, trips to wherever, dogs, and a lot of other stuff. It’s getting out of control. It used to be about the family, and now it’s just about the money. I kind of think this might have been their plan from the start. They new they could benifit so they wh*red their kids out, hence why Jon doesn’t have a job (he quit) Kates a stuck up b*tch, and they’ve got paparazzi. I’m very disappointed.

  • Hey -_-

    oh and I also forgot. On that Oprah special Kate was hinting for a scholarship for those kids cause I remember her saying “we haven’t even been offered(or given) scholarships” Like they need it! They’ve got thousands of dollars if not at least a million

  • rBrit

    @Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”: Is that you Baby Mama??

  • Disgused

    Scholarships? Don’ they have to earn them? F them. No one gave me sheit. Is she on crack? What college will these dolts go to: Hamburger U or Clown College? Your choice. The way they are going, they will be f’d up on H in a couple years. Helllllo former child stars.

  • Anna

    From watching this show I can really tell that Hannah is their favorite child!!!

  • kassie

    Sounds to me like a brother scorned. What a jerk!


    omg- you know how octomom wanted to be like Angelina Jolie- I think Jon wants to be the next hugh heftner- And Kate wants to be the next Paris Hilton- Sad!!!

  • Bella

    I never believe relatives who would willing go public about their famous siblings, because what sort of lowly person would do that?? How do you tell the public details about your own sister. Only a scum bag would do that, so I don’t trust a scum bag. Obviously they just want attention.

  • Rachel

    I want that cake – yum!

  • Las Vegas Nights

    nice cake as well the gorgeous,

  • wATCH

    I think the brother blew the whistle because he knows his sister and she needs to be stopped. It is apparent that Kate doesn’t give a damn what her family says…she’s going full steam ahead with this train wreck. I believe if he wanted to, he could have told something about her that would have blown our minds. This crap will not stop until TLC stops it. I pray that nobody gets hurt. I still think Kate has the capacity to kill!

  • averil

    Yes, marriage contract is in, woo hoo!

  • Sam

    #13 – I think she spoils Alexis. Guess I can’t tell the girls apart well enough . Seems it’s always a girl with her, doesn’t it? Cuddling, kissing, spoiling, carrying – the boys are so often left out. She says sweet things about the three little girls but often says the boys are ‘gross’ or ‘ewwwwy’ or ‘disgusting’. She didn’t go on any of the boys trips (on their alone days), Jon went on all 8 trips. What is that about? Anyone else know it how she’s harder on the boys and really spoils the little girls??

  • Carol

    @nancy: How do you know she had the mani/pedi done that day? Did you see her?

  • Carol

    I had a really hard time raising my two boys. My daughter was a piece of cake. I don’t think she should tell them to their face that they are gross but lots of times boys will be that way on purpose.. I know AND Jon seems to bring that out of them as well. You all beat up on Kate. Well Jon is no prize either.

  • http://none biggest fan

    I dont no wat u guys r talkin bout i love the shw soooooo much th kids r adorable! I do think that kate cn get a little ****** at times but u guys r out of control! I hope they work this out I really do! It is a great show!

  • Disgusted

    Kate…Jon… Just suffered through the charade that you put forth as a 5th birthday party for your sextuplets…what a dismal, disappointing, and disgusting failure that whole spectacle was…Then we were forced to watch the fake “interaction” between the “parents” – and believe me, I use the term sooo loosely that it becomes a joke – Kate’s HUGE concern of the whole show was her makeup possibly running as she faked tears towards the end of the episode…and was it just ME or did anyone else notice that they BOTH chose to tear open the pinata each time right at the crotch area..?? Yet they continued to spew the non stop BS about being friends and all the most important concerns despite the sorry excuse for a joke their lives have become…how all the really important things are being centered around the children – SORRY – but BULLSH!T !!!!! Anyone who puts their children through this type of crap in the first place – much less in the midst of the sorry joke their lives have become – deserve to have their children removed from the home so that they might be placed somewhere they might stand a chance of having a normal loving life…and anyone who continues to watch this sorry charade…this extended trainwreck of what was obviously a very dysfunctional marriage from the start…well, all I can say is go back to watching the regular network soaps.. you will see something FAR closer to reality (LOL) without causing any further destruction of the lives of the poor children born to these two sorry a$$ self centered pieces of crap..!! Sorry…but what has happened to our society that something like THIS has came to be considered entertainment..??