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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Dominos Delightful

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Dominos Delightful

Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, attend the Hollywood Dominos party presented by Akvinta Vodka held at France’s House At Cannes during the 2009 Cannes Film Festival on Monday night (May 18).

Also pictured below: British model/actress Lily Cole and her boyfriend, Without A Trace actor Enrique Murciano.

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10+ pictures inside of cute Cannes couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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Photos: Ben Brittain Cohen/Simon James/FilmMagic, Dave M. Benett/Getty
Posted to: Cannes Film Festival 2009, Enrique Murciano, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

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  • ella

    cute but i don’t like what’s she’s wearing

  • victoria

    Love Miranda’s dress, gorgeous burnt orange colour :-)

  • anna

    Lily and Enrique are so ugly.

  • sahar

    Wow, Miranda is amazing in these photos! Gorgeous!

  • fug

    Miranda’s dress is ugly, the shoes and bag are all wrong with it. Not as bad as what she wore to the Met but not good at all. She needs to fire her stylist.

  • dri

    Wazzup JustJared…

    Aren’t you updated? These pics were so yesterday!

  • Dutchy

    Dress should stop above her knees, that would make her sexy. But I like her a lot.

  • secretsangels

    she is so cute !

  • http://justjared Orlando fan

    I love this couple they look perfect the you tube video of them at the party was so cute.

  • RezM

    I think Miranda is so cut and they make a great looking couple. Orlando is a lucky guy!

  • Raquel

    Orlando Orlando…what can I say…HOT
    Love Lily.

  • kiki

    miranda is beautiful but she definitely looks thinner than usual I think.

  • gorgeous….

    Miranda looks so beautiful, love the dress, shoes and bag, they make a stunning couple

  • kinny

    Not an ambassador for any of the products that sponsor the film festival, not in a film screening there, umm whats the point of her touting herself around, oh yeah she wants to be an actress..zzzzz

  • wow!

    They both look great.
    And that dress is GORGEOUS!!
    Love them together!

  • @14

    Uhmmmm, because her boyfriend is there for work, and he invited her? What’s wrong with that? Other people brought their girfriends, is Orlando not allowed, just because he is Orlando?

  • kinny

    Hes not got a film screening there either

  • bianca

    IMO Miranda is quite lucky to have Orlando…

  • cute couple

    I’m not a fan of her dress colour but if anyone can make an orange dress look good it’s Miranda. I also prefer his outfit without the sweater. But again, it’s Orlando so still looking good!

  • jenna

    Wow, what happened to Orlando? He’s aging really badly. Troy was on the other night, he was so hot in it but not anymore.

    Lily looks like she has antennae in the picture with Enrique. Her jacket is cute.

    Miranda’s dress looks like something one of those tacky women from Real Housewives of OC (NY, NJ) would wear.

  • @17

    He’s there promoting Main Street with Colin Firth, and probably working to get Sympathy for Delicious a distributor. He may even be trying to find backing for Fools Rush In, too. There are a lot of money people at Cannes. He’s staying on David Geffen’s yacht. That says a lot, right there. One of the most powerful producers in Hollywood thinks that he has a right to be there, that means a lot more than the opinions of a few delusional haters.

  • @20

    Oh, you haters are so funny.
    But funny.

  • anon

    He needs to a hire a stylist.

  • Alex

    I agree with you. Too pity Victoria Secrets products can’t be promoted lately with her dresses. I wonder what’s the reason to wear such uncomfy dress unless you want everybody to look at you -for there is any other reason in the context of a film festival-. I don’t like the way she looks downwards as a shy girl when everybody knows a model is not precisely shy or you are not exactly shy if you dare to wear such a dress that is on the verge of falling down at any step!!! Wear that dress and you will have many people and powerful dirty old men aboard looking at you and expecting “an accident”

  • @24

    Ahhhh, and here is the delphite with the syntax problem. I was starting to get worried about you.

  • @kinny

    Miranda doesn’t need an invitation or a film in competition to go to Cannes any more than Paris Hilton or Phoebe Price do. She fits right in with that crowd. Famewhores of a feather flock together!

  • LOL…

    I see the Delphi loonies are in meltdown…….so much jealousy so much
    hatred……they can’t stand that Orlando loves Miranda, that she looks
    beautiful and they look hot together!!!

  • @26

    That’s funny….I didn’t realize that Phoebe and Paris were there with their actor boyfriends who had made the trip for work.
    He had his girlfriend join him. A girlfriend who happened to show up looking fabulous. I guess that is a crime, now?
    Orlando Bloom…the only man in the universe not allowed to take his girlfriend to a party.

  • meow

    at least he seems like he likes her, holds hands, and will be photographed with her unlike other fake celebrity couples

  • ?

    She is NOT wearing any bra or paddings right? Her nipples say it.

  • shane

    Miranda needs a nose job! ugh!

  • @30

    OH, THE HORROR!!!!!
    Grow up.

  • LOL!

    The haters are scrambling…
    They said that he wouldn’t take her to such an important event, yet here she is.
    They said that she would show up looking trashy, and here she is looking gorgeous and sophisticated, far outshining any other woman there (including Penelope)
    They said that he never interacts with her, yet here they are holding hands.
    They said that he doesn’t really like her, yet here we have him on tape smiling at her and calling her sweetheart.
    The haters just don’t know what to complain about, so they are coming up with all sorts of new foolishness. She’s too tall. She shouldn’t have gone to support her man. And the latest idiocy, she has nipples!!
    As another has said…
    The haters are so funny.
    But funny.

  • rol

    The shippers like any trash MK wore. They are better than her.

  • @34


  • @34

    Nope, sorry Sweet Bee.
    Even some of her haters have admitted to liking the dress.
    Try again.

  • citylove

    Orlando !!!! I love him! But his hair cut is not faboulus like his body! xD

  • @26

    oh so you too noticed that she became famous thanks to a dirty video, drove drunk, went to jail, was on a stupid reality show and that she changes her boyfriend every week? Sure Miranda and Paris, parallel lives.

  • http://Justjared Nicole

    Orlando looks hot as usual just a pity he does not smile in any of the photos. He always seems unhappy when he is with her. They sure don’t look like a couple madly in love. He should leave her as he is only being used. Bring back the happy smiling Orlando Bloom please!

  • dede

    Miranda outshined the beautiful,talented oscar winner, maybe you should get your eyes check.

  • Trouble ahead?

    Actually, he’s smiling more than she is – yet neither one of them really looks happy. I’m neither a shipper nor a hater, but honestly – this couple does not appear ‘thrilled’ to be in each other’s company here. If the ‘gossip’ media is to be believed at all, it’s reported they had a ‘public tiff’ just a few days ago and she was (or is) on the verge of breaking off with him. I think she looks decidedly ‘glum’ in most of these photos.

  • @41

    Actually, when they are away from the crowds, they are smiling a lot!
    They don’t look glum, he just looks as uncomfortable as he always looks in front of a row of photographers. But when he is looking at her, or when she is looking at him, they both look very happy.
    And the new pics of them in the back of the car show them laughing together. Glum? Nope.
    I agree. Penelope looked awful. Her breasts were falling out of her top, and her gown was dragging the ground. She didn’t look put together at all. Miranda looked fantastic.

  • @41

    You actually believe a tabloid????
    No, let me amend that. You actually believe tabloids only when it suits you. If thereport had been about them sharing a romantic dinner, you would have called it fake.
    P A T H E T I C

  • @33

    Wearing a cheap, shiny dress =/= “outshining” a stunning and talented Oscar winner. You should also note that Penelope was very sick with food poisoning but still made a dazzling appearance at the event that she hosted as well as the events surrounding the premier of her film showing at the festival. Did Miranda also outshine her at the press events and red carpet? Not possible since she isn’t invited to any important events unless her boyfriend gets her in.

  • Sam


  • @44

    Did you see the dress that Penelope wore to this party?? It was awful!
    Tacky, tacky, tacky.
    Penelope looked much better at her premiere, but at this party she looked horrible.
    Miranda looks great!
    Now I know what they mean by ‘blind hatred’.

  • Sassy

    I’m amused to see Orlando and his latest beard. Come out of the closet already.

  • http://justjared lol

    But when a thread like this shows up the haters are the first to be here Miranda own their asses no matter what they say the Delphi loons are Miranda’s biggest SUPPORTERS they know everything regarding Miranda even before her fans talk about obsessive people.
    As predicted the loons brought up Penelope Cruz it wasn’t enough they are crazy now they are becoming PREDICTABLE and BORING .
    Well even though I love Penelope I really do and I would have loved for her and Orlando to became a couple back when they were linked together no doubt Miranda looked better at this party and her dress and every single thing was perfect as for Penelope I am sorry to say that wasn’t her night the dress was horrible and I didn’t like the way she looked must be because she was sick.
    There is no need to compare the two woman they have different ages,looks , carers so they can’t be compared both are really beautiful and I like them both they are both successful at what they do .

  • @44

    And if Orlando was still seeing Penelope, you would be raking HER over the coals, instead of Miranda.
    Orlando has some of the most insane fans out there. The poor man should just become a monk.

  • angel heart

    she’s so pretty, i love her eyebrows… and i LOVE that dress…. I want that dress…!!!!!!!!!