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Rachel Bilson Wuz Robbed!

Rachel Bilson Wuz Robbed!

Rachel Bilson‘s home in L.A. was robbed of its jewelry and designer clothing while Rachel and fiancé Hayden Christiansen were in Canada last month.

“She’s shaken,” a friend of Rachel‘s tells People. “She feels violated… They stole [her television set,] all her designer labels – shoes, clothes, bags … She collected a lot of vintage shoes – she’s a size 5 – and they took them all… All her jewelry, including some handed down to her by her grandmother… Fashion is her passion. She’s devastated.”

Rachel‘s mom discovered the missing merchandise, which is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars, when she stopped by the house. There was no obvious sign of forced entry. Inside job???


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  • She should have put insurance on it.

    Must be someone she knows

  • pink roses

    This is just terrible. I hate a thief.

  • Anakin

    Did she even have a security system and surveillance cameras?

  • pink roses

    You can have things insured, but nothing will replace the jewels handed down from her grandmother. They are irreplaceable.

  • Tana

    Wow, it’s just materialistic items. She should be thankful that her private information was not stolen instead. All of this can be replaced!

    I do feel bad for her though. No one wants a stranger in their home touching their personal items.

  • Tamsin

    I’m surpised the paps saw nothing – they’re forever stalking her home.

  • Tamsin

    And hasn’t she been home in the past few days, when was this?

    This might be why Hayden was unavailable to to film Casino Jack.

  • x

    i doubt it was an inside job, but probably another well placed media story by her Pr. amazing how these “friends” come out of the woodwork for things like this. judging from the last few “candids” of her, she was all smiles. she must have forgotten to play the victim.

  • Steph

    That’s just horrible, especially the fact that they took the jewelry she got from her grandmother. Hopefully she had that insured, though. And yeah, doesn’t she have an alarm system in her house or something?

  • anthony

    awful, no matter what was taken or how replaceable or not this isn’t right, nobody ever deserves to have their personal things taken

  • MeganRebekah

    How sad! Nobody deserves to experience something like that!

  • Swan

    if this is true I definitely feel for her, size 5 shoes are ridiculous to find, vintage size 5s are pretty much one of a kind. and just because it’s material things doesn’t take away from the fact that someone entered her house and took those things from her, it’s a violation of privacy and it’s a terrible feeling to have not to feel safe in your own HOUSE.

  • Maria

    oh my! i pray for her, her family and her lost.
    that just sucks :(

  • Jen

    I know she’s rich, but I feel really bad for her especially since some of her grandmother’s jewelry was stolen. She seems like such a sweet person.

  • Saudia

    omg that’s horrible! I hope they catch the criminal ..

  • Tamsin

    Anything vintage is hard to replace, no matter what size!! But yeah, I’d be paranoid about what was and wasn’t touched. As I guess anyone is that has been broken into. But I must admit x has a slighlty ggod point. Like the line She has a passion for fashion, I kinda thought, did they reallys ay that? Its such a corny phrase and it rhymes

  • G

    IS IT A COINCIDENCE! Why is it all of LA best fame whores…
    PARIS, LINDSEY, and now RACHEL… have all been “targeted” like this?

  • Tamsin

    But I’m not doubting it’s true, I think it is.

  • G

    IS IT A COINCIDENCE! Why is it all of LA best fame whores…
    PARIS, LINDSEY, and now RACHEL… have all been “targeted” like this?

  • Bee

    Now she can learn thr true value of money. And actually relate to her InStyle readers at these hard economic times. She’ll teach them how to dress well with a limited wardrobe. Or suck Hyaden dry of all his money. I can’t decide which yet

  • sunshine

    The mother did it – right ???

  • inside job

    This is just another DESPERATE bid for attention by a fading starlet. She’s been back in LA for several days and was papped three times the last three days alone because as usual she called them when the was going to the grocery store like she always does. Not a word or a sound about the robbery, smiling for the cameras as always. Now this comes out because her PR person wanted to get her some more attention for doing something besides shopping and lunching and walking the dog. Now she gets to play the part of a victim. Most acting we’ll see from her this year for sure.

    Now we will see even more pictures of her shopping to replace the stuff that was ‘stolen.’ I’m sure she asked her manager to ship the stuff to Canada and then ‘forgot’ that she did it. No sign of forced entry after all. This story just screams FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • Bee

    Look on the bright side – she has a reason to shop for clothes she actually needs!

  • mertz

    lol. i’m sure inspector gadget is on the case. okay it’s not a laughing matter, robbery, but really like being a size 5 is her biggest issue, or being too tiny to fit anything (like me) is such an issue. the girl is from money and has money and i’m sure she’ll be able to buy whatever she wants. sucks if she has some great memories of all her “stuff” but she can and is probably building new ones.

    also maybe if she started working again people would care about her :P…she isn’t helping herself linking up with hayden. lol i like anakin…i’m just saying.

  • G

    oh and add the Kardashian clan’s new boutique to that list.
    (sorry for the double post) but AIN’T THAT A CON-’WINK–WINK’-KEDINK

  • chels

    poor rachel, especcially for the personal value things

  • Bee

    See that’s why I’m a bit suspect of the friend’s statement. Did she have to mention that she’s size 5? And the what the f is up with the Fassion is her passion? As a friend, wouldn’t you talk more about how freaked out she is, what she plans to do next in terms of cops, if she’ll even still live there (I wouldn’t for sure). It seems to be very fashion-based, but then that is what she’s mainly known for.

    True that mertz, if she was working people would actually care. her dad, hayden or whoever will just buy it back for her.

  • Jen

    If G is right, then yeah there does seem to be some targeting going on. I think the paps are in on it as they know the layout of these people’s houses and when they are/are not home.

    Cops need to check ebay stat! Or the things may be being sold on the black market. Some crazy people will buy any old s**t if they think a celeb’s worn it.

  • Tuna

    Size 5 shoes – we know Paris did not steal them because she is a size 11.

  • maria

    I wonder if her beloved “H” necklace was stolen. That really is awful.

  • kelly

    OK, I’m gonna say it out loud. I have so little confidence in anything she says or does, i’m thinking this may have been blown out of propotion.
    No doubt now the story has broken we will now see photos of a very sad Rachel never mind that we for the past few days seen photos of an anything but sad Rachel but she’ll play the part well I’m sure.
    Feel sad about the Grandmothers jewelry but 10s of thousands of dollars of clothes – now I know she is being paid too much.
    Every news story just screams of a ploy to keep her in the news.

  • G

    No Jen, what I mean to point out is, it is too convenient that she was robbed with no forced entry to her home and with a READY PRESS STATEMENT.

    Look at the pics of Lindsey’s attempted robbery, the go to the door–see that it isn’t open–and then leave! Was the door suppose to be open for you Mr. Robber? And if I was going to rob your home, WHY would I stop because your door ISN’T open?
    Paris’ house was robbed and none of that stuff has shown up on Ebay.

    Sounds like an inside job, unless other NON-FAMOUS people in the same neighborhoods start getting robbed too.

  • mertz

    guys guys stop analyzing this whole thing. there’s more important things than her getting robbed or dash getting vanadlised. what was the last film bilson did? was she any good in it? or is her priority right now doing the domestic tango with hayden…w/e. she doesn’t interest me really. lol. that should be a good thing because it means she’s normal.

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMG! How many times does this woman claim she wears a size 5 shoe? She has mentioned it in interview’s and now In Style magazine in her, “Ask Rachel” page. God! She practically brag’s about how tiny her feet are!

    Actually my co-worker wears a 5 and complain’s about it all the time. It is hard for her to find shoes. Most stores start at a size 6 and up. So. Having such a tiny foot is not a really good thing. I guess she must have the brain the size of a pea too b/c all she can do is brag about her tiny feet and coming across like she is so sweet and adorable. She should use her little noggin and invest in a security system for her house.

  • kiki

    Hayden’s been in LA since May 1sth, before that Rachel was here. This story is fake. They were not robed.

    Also, they would have security cams on their home, anyone with that kind of valuables would.

  • kiki

    Those blue snakeskisn shoes that she’s been paped in before did not go to a farm, and she was just wearing them. They are four hundred dolors so she was not robbed.

    This is fishy! :)

  • Carrie

    That’s what happens when your are a famewhore who is known for their pap shots rather than for their acting skills. As for fashion being her passion girlfriend seems to have lost it somewhere. Wait maybe that was robbed as well.

  • kiki

    @ 34Having abnormally small feel is nothing to brag about, they look as wide as they are long. Get over yourself!! LOL

    There is nothing “sweet” about a short midget unless your into short person fetishes or something.

  • iris

    Poor Rachel

  • S

    I bet you were not robbed before, because you are still in bashing vibes. Good for you.

  • S

    Oh, that was for the bashers.

  • fake story

    This smells to high heaven. Alerting the media is never something you choose to do when a crime is committed. She’s never going to get that stuff back anyway and all this does is make her look like a victim. What good does that do, except get you noticed in places like gossip tabloids? No criminal is going to step forward now and say, Geez Rachel, sorry I took all your size 5 shoes and designer clothes and purses and stuff, and grandmother’s jewelry. Here they are back. And since there was no forced entry it was undoubtedly an inside job.

    Non working actress is desperate for a job, maybe somebody will hire her out of pity now, girl has no clothes… but wait, she’s engaged to Hayden Christensen. He has plenty of money. Also her dad is rich.

  • Thurmen Murmen

    Woof! Without Hayden, that wouldn’t happened. If I had been there, I woof have protected our home.

  • Ali

    @ Thurman Murmen

    Arr… that’s so sweet, just be thankful you weren’t taken too.

    But seriously your comment made me lol so much for some reason. I have wierd humour. She should be careful the same robbers don’t take her doggy, the ransom price would be through the roof!

  • kiki

    ” but wait, she’s engaged to Hayden Christensen.”

    ORLY? Good to know! Later!

  • Blah girls!

    OMG poor rach!

  • Aprilreign

    Gee it took this long for JJ to get the press announcement she was robbed this like the engagement is fishy if not insane. Fashion who would want her stuff truly if it’s worth that much money gee I agree with whomever mentioned security cameras and such and who knows how long she was away from LA I say not that long she only is present for a show and tell with Christensen enough for maybe 2 photo’s and then they go about their seperate ways. I’m sure if she is THIS STUPID as not to have secuity on her doors or property then she is asking to be robbed. But, to me this is another feel sorry for me act.

  • amanda

    i would cried for days if i was on her place…all that beautiful clothes….
    that’s just cruel!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[
    how could any1 steal from her =[
    i feel so bad for her, mostly because of the jewelry she lost that belonged to her grandma
    hope the find the ass hole that found ur stuff rachel

  • oh yeah

    I can’t believe this much sympathy for a spoiled rich girl engaged to an even richer movie star who lost a few purses and some clothes + shoes in a petty theft. Millions are out of work in America, 1 in 10 children are uninsured, hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes, and she wants US to feel sorry for HER. She deserves no sympathy. She can easily replace what she lost, no doubt has closets full in Canada and New York and the Bahamas and will probably go out on a major shopping spree now– with complete papprazzi coverage as she goes from store to store, spending enough money on clothes and shoes and baubles to keep a family of 4 comfortable for a year. Her house wasn’t even vandalized. This girl is having a total fit over NOTHING. You can bet if someone knocked over Angelina Jolie’s house and stole some stuff from her, she wouldn’t whine to the press about it and talk about her vintage size 5 shoe collection being gone (*snivel*cry*). Natalie Portman wouldn’t cry publically about it either, nor would Keira Knightly or Scarlett Johanssen. They have better things to do with their time.