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Hayden Panettiere's Tattoo is Misspelled!

Hayden Panettiere's Tattoo is Misspelled!

The tattoo on Hayden Panettiere‘s left side is apparently spelled incorrectly.

Her tattoo reads “Vivere senza rimipianti” (“Live without regrets” in Italian) but there’s one too many i’s!

The 19-year-old Heroes starlet’s tattoo says “rimipianti”, but it’s spelled “rimpianti”. Yikes!

The bikini-clad Hayden showed off her misspelled tattoo when she was soaking up the sun with her boyfriend, British TV presenter Steve Jones in Cannes, France.

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Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • hitch

    what an idiot. she has the most weird body shape..thick everywhere except her chest.

  • andy

    Look it’s the teeny twaaat again.
    That’s funny her tattoo is messed up!! That’s the risk of permanently marking up your body with stuff.
    But then again why do we care about this untalented midget?

  • Maria

    Well, I guess if she “lives life with no regrets” she wont regret getting a tattoo that is spelled wrong, HA!

  • dIETER

    This is so sad. Instead of going to the tattoo shop – why did she not take a valium or so instead?

  • ely

    As an italian, I confirm that it’s mispelled totally wrong. Pathetic

  • Paola

    Dumb blonde

  • lisa

    #5 is “rimipianti” even an italian word?????, because if it is i would understand there might be have been a misunderstanding between artist and h otherwise its just stupid …. :P

  • bella

    Proves further more do research before you getting a tat.

  • Robin

    i seriously doubt it’s her fault, it’s probably the tattoo artist’s fault, give her a break

  • Cindylover1969

    And I daresay she already KNOWS it’s misspelled and it’s too late to do anything about it. Give the girl a break, people.

  • ely

    lisa, no, “rimipianti” doesn’t mean anything in italian, no missunderstanding going on there, either the tatoo artist made a mistake or Hayden was so stupid to give him the wrong word.
    I think it’s the latter, what the hell does a tatoo artist knows about languages??It’s not like he can understand every language, they probably make tatoos without knowing the meaning of the words all the time. She gave him the word, he made the stencil, put it on her, made her see it, and then tatooed, so either she gave him the wrong word or dind’t check well enough the stencil.
    Both stupid things, if I get something tatooed on my skin forever, I HAVE to at least make sure it’s something that makes sense!

  • lisa

    ahhhh okay thank you … so like i said it is just stupid, as if you cant do the research for something thats going to be in your body for the rest of your life. :)

  • jules


    yeah I am too *lol* she is such an idiot!

  • essie

    lol too bad she didn’t ask milo for a spell check >P

  • Jasmine

    How ironic lol.

  • adriana

    um…… it is spelled correctly!!!!!! it is in script .. but that is the correct spelling there are 3 i’s – in it RIMIPANITI

  • barron797

    that’s hysterical….a typo on a frickin’ tattoo.. she’s going to have to get it fixed or walk around like an idiot with something that’s supposed to be so sagacious misspelled. oh the irony.

  • barron797

    oh ya, i’ve heard her speak and she thinks she’s so smart and cool. and she’s just a kid. what does she know?

  • adriana

    corrections !!! my mistake i looked at the word wrong !!! it is misspelled ! the tattoo artist is and idiot ! so is she … they do put a stencil , didn’t she re check it????

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I told you people, never doubt that this b*tch is as dumb as a doorknob.

  • LuckyL

    What’s “idiot” in Italian y’all?

  • Saudia

    wow can’t believe she didn’t get that fixed .. that’s hilarious

  • Andy

    What a stupid b*itch!

  • Sarah May

    Now she will regret getting herself tattooed about not having regrets. Haha. What a dumb blonde. I would have checked the spelling myself or have the tattoo artist get it checked before getting it inked on my skin. Twat.

  • so silly

    adriana…perhaps you need to learn your numbers again…
    rimipaniti (as in the way you spell it) = 4 i’s = wrong spelling
    correct spelling = RIMPIANTI

  • drunkabella

    i bet she regrets getting that tattoo.

  • eden

    it’s one thing if you have other languages misspelled on your body, but when it’s suppose to be your friggin’ ethnic language, how stupid can you be?!

  • NYC

    And she teamed up with Bristol Palin to talk to teens about safe sex…hope she gets THOSE facts correct! Lol!!

  • Ale

    Haha, dip shit.

  • Sonitera


  • vmars111

    You people are pretty sad. Why are you blaming Hayden for that missed “i” in the word? Um, I’m pretty sure it’s the tattoo artist’s mistake, not her’s.

    And why is this story so overblown in proportion at Perez Hilton???

  • ashley

    That’s what she gets for pretending to be so intellectual and profound. Pathetic!

  • ashley

    That is exactly who I do not have any tattoos.

  • Sofia

    LOL ppl i’m italian…i can’t see why it’s so interestng to have a tatoo in a language u can’t even understand!-.-’
    like ppl with chinese ideograms, what a idiots!
    if i get a tatto like “vivere senza rimpianti” ppl will look at me wondering “what the hell?”…it’s sooo stupid to get a tatto with such a banal phrase, in ur own language u would never want such a useless tatoo right?
    so why get the same silly phrase even missspelled?ò.O
    btw, trust me, Jared is right, it’s VIVERE SENZA RIMPIANTI…

  • a realist

    You guys stop being so mean.

  • !

    questo nano è così stupido.

  • Hayden brooks

    It’s a joke!

    I can’t believe none of you get it!

    “Live without reghrets!”


  • cassie

    wow. that’s messed up. not only will this girl live with a misspelled tattoo, but everyone knows about it. wow, she sure gives blondes a bad rap.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    Why do these girls think it’s original to have your body ruined with complete verses à la Jolie? She started out so fresh and now you can literally see Hollywood’s imprint on her. On to the next.

  • Lauren

    I’m going to get a tattoo:
    “Hayden you’re a stOOpid”

  • ely

    @LuckyL, Idiot in italian is ‘idiota’, pretty similar :P

  • francesca

    I’m Italian… and it’s definitely spelled wrong… SAD!

  • aa

    “LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS” FOR A PERMANENT SPELLING ERROR TOO ?…………….is that a regret ?……….is this a contradiction ?

  • emma


    hahaha you’re so right

  • ptabugrh

    Rimpianti non rimipianti.
    Eh vabbè userà il laser per levarlo xD

  • Dread not

    Two scenes from movies that always make me laugh. Can’t Buy Me Love with Patrick Dempsey; The African Anteater Ritual Dance. Mean Girls with Rachel McAdams; the breasts cut out on her shirt. Both show how when something, or someone is seen as cool, wannabe’s will follow along like little lemmings. This is exactly why Hayden got inked. It’s the trend in Hollowwood, so every little tart is going to try to brand herself a rebel without a clue like, a Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano and on and on. Here’s a thought, why don’t these chicks NOT get a tattoo to show how rebellious they are? If Hayden lives her life without regret, she wouldn’t have to write in on her haunch to prove it to the world, because it would be readily apparent. Just a thought.

  • Pattycake

    Ironically, she regrets that.

  • sunshine

    and for what i’ve been said (i’m studying italian) this “long” zet is not used there..

  • aaahaha

    she looks like an oversized dwarf….

  • ItalianGirl

    In italian “idiot” is “idiota”.