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Kate Gosselin: Mom To Monster?

Kate Gosselin: Mom To Monster?

For the fourth week in a row, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin takes the cover of Us Weekly (See: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3). Here’s what the mag is reporting of the mother-of-eight:

– Fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. “Kate flipped,” says baby nurse Angela Krall. “She thought it was cross-contamination.”

– Fired 40 nurses and nurse’s aides in the three months before Krall was hired. (She was first paid by Medicaid when Jon was unemployed since Medicaid provides limited assistance to premature babies.) “Kate said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births,” the AP reported.

– Her perfectionism tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. “They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,” says a family source. “Things like that caused a rift.”

– Spent 21 out of the last 30 days on the road at paid speaking engagements

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  • Tuna

    JJ posts about his new gf again.
    Don’t get serious about her JJ – you don’t wanna support all those kids.

  • jc

    Next…back to Cannes and the real stars please.

  • mmm

    I can’t explain it, but I am fascinated by this story. Pathetic, I know:)

  • ginny

    I do not watch this show I have nothing in common with these people. I do think it is disgusting that people breeding has become an income producing profession. “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die,” 100% true in this in the case of pets go to the shelter to get your furry frineds. How about “Until there are none adopt one” again with regarrd to our furry friends. I guess we will now have to make bumper stickers to remind women to do the same with their uterus. Bring a foster child into your home stop over populating.

  • HH

    Sounds fishy to me. If she were truly a perfectionist she wouldn’t have her kids sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I, personally, see nothing wrong with mattresses on the floor but a PERFECTIONIST would!

  • JPP

    I think she’s a complete trainwreck. I can’t stand her. Talk about a sense of entitlement.

  • nuria

    take good care of your children and leave the cameras behind

  • jan

    anyone who watches this show already knows that.
    She has allienated all her family members, and jon’s too. It’s been said that she wont let jon see any of his family. If you watch the show, and Jon gets emotional over his dad, she just rolls her eyes.
    This woman is a self professed control freak. I can’t WAIT to see her fall…even her kids will hate her someday.

  • enoughalready

    I feel truly sorry for John, I watch the show and she is very degrading to his manhood. The older kids get more respect than he does.

  • pink roses

    She resembled octomom before she had the makeover.

  • Heidi

    I do believe she has allowed her head to grow too big and she only sees and thinks she deserves all she gets. She used to call the handouts a blessing, now she thinks she deserves them. God will deal with her heart. If she is still seeking after Him.

    I do feel bad for Jon and the kids. He seems to be the single parent here while she is off signing book deals and defending herself. My mother always told me, “You can tell someone that is trying to hide something by how much they defend themselves.” Bingo

    She is out of control and needs to come back to reality.

    I am praying for them.

  • g!na

    she’s a complete a$$hole! I can’t believe she turned down cribs because they didn’t match! B*tch you should be greatful for the handouts! Don’t be choosy when you need help! But now she’s so loaded with money because she exploited her kids! Nice lady huh! complete trainwreck who only loves her money!

  • tracey

    Look at her before pic! She’s an ugly wan*ker!

  • g!na

    Did anyone see the episode where kate got a free tummy tuck from a high profile surgeon? She even stayed at the doctors house for recovery! She’s so spoiled and demands everything for free! She’s lived off society and now makes 75,000 dollars an episode! Kate, how about paying back Medicaid,hospitals,surgeons, charities for everything they did for you! Does anyone agree with me!

  • ara

    Can’t everyone just leave this family alone? Think of what it will be like for the kids once they are old enough to understand what is going in. So what if they have problems? Every family does. It just proves that no one is perfect. Let them be.

  • Heidi

    Shame on anyone that continues to give handouts to her. They don’t need anymore of anything. They have a house that cost over 1 million dollars for goodness sake.

    Plenty of starving kids in America that could use some of those handouts.

  • Heidi

    g!ina….I agree! They should give back. Let’s look at the tax returns and see how much giving back they do now that they are rolling in it.

  • Heidi

    Please, those kids will grow up just like Kate. Spoiled!

    I would love to have that Maddie in my house for a week. She is just like Kate. She needs her bumm spanked. Mean little girl!

  • TVsnark

    @ara: We will “let them be” when they get off our TV and stop giving interviews. If they stop filming their kids most personal moments, they will stop being criticized. I don’t give a crap what these parents do with each other or whomever but I care that these kids are being ignored and dismissed.

  • Abby

    Their children will find out how ruthless, degrading and mean their mother was to their father. Their whole life is documented. He will win in the end and should.

  • Donna

    I USED to be a fan of the show and even though Kate was kinda weird even in the earlier episodes, I tolerated her behavior. I thought she was a bit too much but hey, any good mother is protective in their own kind of way and want the best for their kids. I know it’s foolish to believe everything you read but for some reason, all these reports of Kate Gosselin don’t get me surprised at all. I’m actually quite shock it took this long for people to get what kind of a nut job she is.

    There are many that have read the “people” magazine article and have come to the conclusion that she is “self centered” and I’m starting to believe that is true. That article stressed how it was ALL jon’s fault and how she’s this innocent person trying to be a mother. Like I said in previous post, a REAL mother who sincerely cares for his kids (esp. when they’re young) can’t STAND to be away for their kids that long as much as kate has. I’m sure she loves her kids but she loves money, power, and celebtrity status even more. I don’t wish anything bad upon anyone but I hope this is just karma getting back at kate: YOU’RE the one making bad choices, not your husband.

    peace everyone!

  • dabu

    God please just let these people go away. They have no talent. They are selling their kids for not only money, but fame. And they are not likeable folks. Why the fascination with these no talent pimps.

  • sheila

    Well, she gets the money and he gets the girls. Its win-win!

  • Cathey

    These children have a rough future ahead. Two parents who seem to be self absorbed. Her money grabbing and him just stupid.

  • Lillianne

    I guess this takes the heat off of Octo.

  • heeheehee

    not that i condone her behavior but she’s said that she grew up poor…so i can KIND OF understand her greed

  • dawne

    If she wanted to save her marriage she would cancel the show like her husband wants. But his needs come second to hers….control freak that he is. He and Mady are acting out. She has a god complex, this ho. She needs a twelve step program………..she’s so white bread. Dresses like a ho too. Jon likely has no idea who she is, this is not what he signed up for.

  • Rhonda

    I’ve watched the show and the premise of the show is now been revealed as a fraud. Once you know the truth, it becomes a different show. It has lost its charm for me.

    sidenote: I can’t look at Angelina without seeing Octomom.

  • edna

    Do people really watch that show? Wow, I get frustrated watching them, so many kids, so much! Poor woman, she’s overwhelmed by everything, 8 kids, that’s like being in a kinder garden 24/7 without being able to let them go. She should take advantage of everything while she can, don’t blame her, blame the media, they are the one giving them attention and she is enjoying everything, why not? At leaste having all those kids is paying off.
    BTW, I heard that 260 babies are born daily, wow, insane!

  • guest

    cancel it tlc. like yesterday.

  • Tara

    What’s that sound? What’s that sound? Oh it’s just the sound of Katie Irene Gosselin’s master plan of having sextuplets, getting as much fame, free stuff and publicity because of it ALL UNRAVELING before her eyes. She has an open marriage with Jon, secretly, but when Jon got caught cheating and she tried to play the hurt wife, somehow it’s all backfired on her and her behind the scene evil ways. Sad but it’s about time! I’m glad US is exposing all this. I just hope all the other people she’s screwed in her life come forward as well. I hope they get an interview with her parents. It’s all about the kids right Kate? Well if that was the case you’d have them off the TV long ago and make your own living supporting your family (you and Jon both) instead of riding on your kids backs. You’re SICK! Shame on you!

  • Susan

    I am a stay at home Mom, while my husband works and travels a lot for his work. I truly believe they are attacking Kate because she is a woman. Gone 21 out of 30 days? But, Dad is home taking care of kids. Well, gee, do you know how many Moms do that? A LOT!! If Jon was gone, it would be fine. She is working now while she can make the money for 8 CHILDREN!!!! And to say she is “fake” because she didn’t do laundry today or make breakfast for 10 is stupid. She has taken care of eight children for years. She is hardly a fake.

    And to attack her on her appearance. PLEASE!! What Mom after having kids doesn’t change her look. People, she was pregnant with six kids, of course she wants to upgrade her look. If you look at the pictures of Kate when she first got married, you will see that the way she looked right after the kids were born was not her “normal” look. She used to have long blond hair. This look now is actually closer to her “normal” look.

    People need to grou the hell up, This is like a witch hunt. Only it is being run by ugly, jealous women!!

  • TVsnark

    @edna: She’s away from home most the time and has many helpers. If she is “stressed,” it’s her own fault for overreacting to every little thing. She is a poor excuse for a mother.

  • TVsnark

    @Susan: When does she take care of her kids?

  • angel


    This is my kids’ favorite show. When the new season begins, they will no longer be allowed to watch it. I didn’t mind them watching it before because you didn’t have to worry about language, nudity, etc. Well, now their real life comes out and it pretty much involves everything I don’t want my kids to watch on TV. This show will no longer be on the TVs in my home.

  • joss

    she probably spends more time on the road than with her kids at home
    she needs to loosen up a bit and should not have said it’s society’s responsibility…cause it’s not

  • notbusy

    It amazes me that Jon is the cheater and the reason this family is in the trash tabloids, but Kate is the one being attacked. Typical. Women attacking women, but not the man. I have watched this show for years and Kate has always worked hard taking care of those kids. No she isn’t perfect, but i haven’t seen any photos of her leaving a mans house that isn’t her husband or has anybody seen her out in the clubs at 2am? No. She has a book out and actually Jon has supposed to be out on the book tour with him, but he is hiding at home instead because he doesn’t want to answer any questions. She is making money to support this big family. Jon does nothing except cheat with other women. Kate is being attacked for being a strong woman. If she were a man, she would be called strong. She had 6 babies at one time. I’d like to see you haters take care of that many babies at one time and stay sane and in control at the same time!!

  • JMO

    She’s making the octomom look like a saint LOL

    I can’t really stand Kate ever since I heard she didn’t want Aunt Jody on the show anymore bc TLC was going to pay her for her appearances. Kate is money hungry and she’s tryin to make a profit off of her children – which is sad. I wish those 8 little beauties all the best. Cause they’ll need it with a mom like this!

  • angel

    Now I know why the master bedroom was the only room in the Gosselin home that the cameras were not allowed in for filming. My children said that when the kids were given a tour of the mansion, Kate told them that this was the first and last time they would be allowed in the master bedroom. I asked them if they meant the camera crew, and they said – no, the kids! Even my kids thought this was very strange. Could it be because John doesn’t sleep in the same room with Kate?

  • W2M

    it was my realization over the gum epidsode that broke the show for me… the issue was that if one of the kids ruined his shirt with gum, it actually ruined 8 outfits because she insists that the kids all be dressed to match all the time…

    I cant wait to read the kids books in 20 years. or when some of them show up in Gay Pride marches and Kate has aplopexy over that.. or the first time one of the girls gets an unmatching nose ring.

    Poor John… that child support for the second pregnancy he didnt want to have that turned into this fertility treatment nightmare is going to be really steep for a non-working IT guy… and when all the ‘jesus loves our perfect marriage’ speaking engagements dry up, Kate’s gonna need work too.

  • jess

    OMG who saw the episode where she flipped that Jon didnt use the coupons they had when he went on a shopping spree?? she flippppppppppped out and was like who goes shopping without coupons blah blah blah and almost had a heart attack. the way these tabloids are making her seem, WOULDNT be surprised at all!

  • Susan


    When does she take care of her kids? Your joking right? All the work that sahe is doing now is to provide for hwer children. They have EIGHT KIDS. SO Jon is right now the at home parent. So what? Did people criticize Jon when he worked full-time and Kate was at home? She is on a book and speakign tour. Those tours don’t last forever, but the money she is making will pay for the kids college. Nothing Kate does will ever please the people that attack her becaus eof jealousy. No man whould be facing the questions that she is.

    Before this series, Kate worked every weekend as a nurse. That was OK because she was broke and working her @ss off, but now that she has money, it is wrong. That is so stupid.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Aunt Jodi is still pissed that she lives in a tny shi&thole near the old Gosselin place while Katie & her crew moved into a $1.8 million mansion.
    Eff you Aunt Jodi – thanx for wiping everyone’s azz. We know your the best candidate for that job becuz you are full o’ shiat!!
    You are also jealous of Kate’s looks because she works out, gets her hairs & nails did (not at Supercuts), spray tans, and dresses hot.
    Aunt Jodi is so pissed. No one believes your lies Aunt J – J&K&8 will live on and makes more $$$$!! Suk on dat!

  • angel

    How about the show when they were Christmas shopping for toys for the kids to exchange amongst themselves? Kate was at one end of the check-out lanes, and Jon was at the other end. She yelled the entire length of the store and chewed him out in front of complete strangers. I was embarrassed for him!

  • Susan

    I wrote so fast …. it should be “you’re joking” not “your joking”. Many errors…

  • omg

    Never watched the show, nor have I seen any clips of it. I have only seen interviews of these two. I have to say she seems to love the spotlight on her. Truly pathetic. . .AND KATE no one wants her stupid hairdo!

  • Halli

    People need to get off this woman’s back, at least for a bit. Of course she’s obsessed with money… she has 8 kids under the age of 10! Anyone would be concerned about properly financing their futures.

    Also…. for all the cheap talk of people saying that they “only care about the kids”…. having a sadistic obsession with their parents personal lives and trying to bring their mother down is NOT helpful at all.

    People over at Gosselins Without Pity website and the Aunt Jodi’s of the world just add fuel to the flames. This is NOT your family so mind your own business and let them deal with their own affairs privately. But of course you won’t because you guys are obsessed and fascinated by this family.

  • lexi

    she told people magazine that without a show she wouldn’t have a job. i don’t think come next season many old viewers will tune in. i certainly won’t. even if 99 out of 100 of the allegations are false, i view her a lot differently now. maybe she should go out in the world and GET a real job. and if she thinks “society owes her” then she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant a second time because “society is only made for a family of 4″.

  • Halli

    Kate society doesn’t “owe” you anything.
    She sounds like those Latinas who have 10 kids and than live on welfare.

  • Susan

    They both work. Raising that many kid’s is a job right there.