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Kate Gosselin: Party with the Paparazzi!

Kate Gosselin: Party with the Paparazzi!

Kate Gosselin has taken to blogging to give us the inside scoop of her trip to Party City with the kids. What’s next, Twitter???

The 34-year-old mom writes, “Jon was unexpectedly away. We mistakenly got our wires crossed and I ended up having no help from our babysitter, so I decided I’d brave this adventure by myself!!!

“As we departed for the store, five additional cars joined our crew and myself as I drove the big blue bus down the road. Had you passed us, you may have thought we were a funeral procession. But no, it was just me and my posse, I mean paparazzi, and crew.

“Once we were pulled into the parking lot, I instructed the kids to unbuckle, which they did very well, before I opened the van door to let the monkeys out of the barrel. We all held hands and made a train into the store quietly and efficiently while flashes from the ever present (and did I mention maddening?) paparazzi flashed until I thought I had developed sudden glaucoma.”

Check out Kate‘s full blog at

The season premiere on Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs this Monday, May 25th at 9/8c on TLC.

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  • DeeDee

    Not buying Kate’s BS. TLC and she are trying hard to save the money tree (i.e. the Jon & Kate Plus 8 tv show).

  • jan

    My Gawd,,,could this woman get more into herself…”we didn’t have a babysitter…whaa whaa…”
    hey kate, STFU! Not too many of us have babysitters…and if you can’t handle these kids alone, who are now 5 years old, then don’t take them out.
    I HATE her….
    boycott this show.

  • marcella

    I support the show and I think that all this extra PR, good and bad, will only make the show morw popular. The ratings don’t care whether you watch for “train wreck quality” or because you like the show – high ratings are high ratings. Kate was never blogging before and now she is, this is to their advantage.

    Thay have EIGHT KIDS they need all the $$ they can get – good for them. A paid college education will mean a lot to the kids when they are older.

    By the way, JAN, your comments sound petty and full of jealousy because the family is doing so well. Yes, having an extra set of hands when going out with eight kids is important. Your “hate” of Kate is silly. Get a life!!

  • mslewis

    Every reality show star has a blog. What’s the big deal? Kate (and Jon) have had a blog on TLC’s website since the show began PLUS they answer emails from fans. I understand the comments from the haters but I don’t understand why the sudden hate for this woman from you Jared. I just don’t!! I thought you were better than that.

  • pants on fire

    Kate, you forgot to mention your own film crew was there. Remember, the TLC crew that films your tv show? The show that pays you 75K an episode.

    Quit b*tching bout it Kate.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    blah I used to really love this show and family. unfortunately, I have such a different impression of her now with all this seemingly true media buzz.

  • jaye

    She can’t help just yakking, yakking yakking. Won’t we see this on the season openers? Why does she have to blog about it. She ‘s a control freak and has to keep the pretense up.
    Oh, yeah , I’m watching the opener. Never cared much if i missed the show, which i frequently did, but this one i’m going to see. I want to see just how HONEST they’re going to be. I’m prepared for more B.S. though.

  • JCat

    The reason why Kate Gosselin has so many haters is because she is such a raging bitch! It’s amazing that these people have seen the show and can stand to keep watching more. Maybe it’s just because the kids are so cute, which they are. I wish them the best. But Kate complains, yells, insults, nags, etc., in front of her impressionable kids. She is NOT a good mother. And now she’s away more than at home to promote her books that she says she doesn’t care if they sell? Women can have careers and kids, but if you have eight kids, I think that would demand more time from each of them than a career does. And Jon takes so much crap, it’s unbelievable. There is no respect there. She wouldn’t accept that from Jon, so why does she do it? Narcissistic.

  • Emma

    omg leave the poor women alone. she is taking her kids out for a day of fun would the freakin paparazzi leave her and her kids alone for 2 seconds? who wouldn’t be stressed taking 6 5 yr olds in public by yourself, especially with so many crazy stalkers and paparazzi following them everywhere. they need a babysitter for safety, not for comfort. go kate i love you girl! just keep going your doing the right thing. the stupid media is just hitting you up for a juicy and fake story

  • Sammy

    just because shes stressed doesnt mean shes a bad mother. she loves her kids and wants the best for them, thats what counts. who wouldn’t be stressed with 8 kids, a marriage falling apart with no time to fix it, and a camera crew and paparazzi following you everywhere and making up lies about you! you’re a raging *****! JCat leave the poor women alone

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’ve never seen jolie out with all her kids at once. LOL

  • Max

    Good Lord, this woman has lied so much she could not speak the truth to save her life.

    This “blogging” is a desperate ploy to try and rescue this fraud she has perpetuated on those foolish people who actually watch that show and pay money to her her say NOTHING.

    Give it up Kate, your desperation is showing.

  • Katesego

    TLC put this site up to see what the reaction would be. Does Kate still have fans? They are scared because of the recent Hershey bad ticket sale cancellation. They are a little afraid of what this might mean to their rat$ng$. the whole thing is a scam, there is no girlfriend, no boyfriend, no contract, no truth to the brother and his wife. All a scam to get every idiot stay-at-home-mom and christian who is against (selective reduction) abortion to tune in for their bleached,skinny, capped, nicley dressed Queen of Materialism, Kate Gosselin. They all want to be her (of course, they don’t want the Korean-looking kids, you know) You are all making her a Rich Bitch. Hope you are all proud.

  • an observation

    Seriously does this woman consider herself some sort of “A”-List celebrity now that she has a reality-show and all her business is splashed across the tabloids? What a role model for those 8-kids of hers. She’s sickening.

  • Lillianne

    Not one of those kids looks happy.

  • Max

    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 05/20/2009 at 4:47 pm i’ve never seen jolie out with all her kids at once. LOL
    Angelina has other ways to make money.

  • omg

    I just read somewhere that she says the paps are making her life a living hell, yet she put herself out there. I mean she spoke more about her husbands “affair” than her husband. This woman loves attention.

  • M

    Hmmm… most “real” stars actually try to shield their children from the paps. NOT selfishly throw them to the “wolves”! If she noticed that she was being followed- why not just turn around and go out by herself??? She’s a vain, selfish narcissists who cares NOTHING for those kids… if she ttruly cared about them, she would STOP production of the TLC show, get back to basic family values and seriously hire a good child therapist to work with her daughter Maddy- if they don’t do something about that girl’s behavioral outburts now they are in for a REAl RUDE awakening down the road…

  • Dave

    STFU Kate we all know you tipped off the paps.

  • Lillianne

    She knows TLC won’t pay for an episode without any kids. Right now they are trying to manage the PR atomic bomb she has created.

  • guest


  • joy

    Not that I truly care because I stopped watching this show a LONG time ago but if the youngest kids all turned 5——-doesn’t that mean that school isn’t far off in their futures (unless they will be homeschooled). When they are in school WHAT would they be filming if the kids weren’t there? I honestly pray for this family because I think it has taken a VERY wrong turn early on when the money became the most important thing. True it would make things easier down the road to have quite a bit of money put away for them but seriously happiness can’t be bought at any price. They are only children once. I know a family with 12 children and they all went to and graduated or they are now attending college. This was without a TV show bank rolling them. Dad had a pretty middle class job and mom stayed home with the children.

    Money isn’t everything. When these kids all grow up they will be able to read, hear and know about everything that took place during these formative years of their lives. I think that these children will have MAJOR issues with how their childhoods were controlled by this money making TV show. Time will tellif it was all worth it or not for them.

    Again, praying for them/

  • Katesego

    The paps make her life “hell”

    Hell, she didn’t have a life before the “paps”

    Now she is famous

    “Ready for my close up, Mr. TLC”

  • jackie

    Jon was talking to his lawyer, maybe?

  • poor kate

    To bad she doesn’t have any friends or family left to help her out. what a wacko

  • 15 minutes are up

    OMG! the comments on the Discovery Blog are making me sick. It’s like adults on sugar. YUCK!

    Or probably a production assistant that is paid to wirte nice comments every few seconds.

    Those kids haven’t been in a store in quite some time. Wow, how many parents can say that? What do you do with them when you have to run errands? buy groceries? supplies from walmart? Aren’t they allowed to try on shoes? pick out their own clothes?

    What do these parents do with them? Lock them in the basement? Oh, wait, I forgot, “babysitter”.

    Oh, and TLC better forget me watching their show. I would rather watch Table for 12. Their mother doesn’t seem like a big selfish B**CH.

  • Tanda

    This wacktress is looooovvvvviiiinnnnnggg all the attention. We know you called the papz, Kate!

  • 15 minutes are up


    That is just it. They aren’t putting the money away for the children’s education.

    Bought big house and like 50 acres. Really who needs 50 acres unless you are planning on farming.

    If they needed or wanted a bigger house than fine, but really that big ole house with all those acres for WHAT?

    It seems like the parents are the ones reaping the benefits, not the children. Kate even writes that they haven’t been at a store in a long time.

    Jon just bought a new sports car, don’t know for sure, but last I checked you can’t fit 8 children in a 2 passenger car.

  • Melissa

    TLC is as much to blame for Kate’s sham of a marriage as her and Jon. They have been stretching this show way too thin and their main agenda is making money.

    There are definite marital issues at hand if you watch the show and by not stopping the cameras, TLC might as well be condoning them.

    I can only hope for the sake of the children that this is the last season of this so called “reality” show about a couple of greedy narcissists that don’t even love each other anymore! What a joke.

  • Kate’s blog


    Today, I made Jon come in from the Dog House and get all 8 kids ready for school. I awoke again at noon. I then met with my hairdresser. I asked if there was any other wacky crap they could do to my hair. My stylist just looked at me and shook his head.

    Next, I was off to shop for more clothes, and more clothes, and more clothes. Got my nails done, AGAIN. Just last night as I was signing my name to the back on a TLC $75,000 check, I chipped a nail.

    Time for the kids to come home from school, no need to worry about rushing home to see them, or help with homework. I need to spend at least an hour at the spa.

    Oh, what fun I had at the spa. Maddy called 5 times and asked if I was coming home to see my 8 little darlings. I choose not to take the calls.

    Darn, it’s nearly 6pm and the TLC crew will be at the house at 6:15. I better go home and pretend like I have been cooking an organic meal.

    Thanks for watching Jon and Kate (soon to be just Kate)

  • Mike

    Lmao @ Kate’s blog post above! I bet you that is actually closer to a typical day for Kate rather than this super-mom crap she wants the public to believe.

  • Evangeline

    Correct me if I am wrong, she states ” we had our wires crossed” with regards to communicating with Jon her husband, now this is the same person who was slamming her husband in People magazine a week before. Ok am I following? Um.. now.. um…maybe she could have made better plans for the Party City outing with her husband and discussed her marital problems at the same time if she had spoken with her husband than People?? And I thought she was all honest on the Today show and Rachel Ray saying she was keeping it all private,,, I must be a silly fool…… I would think Blogging and all and book touring with the alleged lover isn’t really keeping it on the down lo and all. I guess her private is more like all out in the open and all kinda private.

  • Lucas Macdougallheimr

    If Kate has been away doing book signings, etc, and Jon has been on trips and out to bars, etc. then please tell me who is watching their children since they have alienated every possible relative who could ostensibly compensate for the lack of parental presence?

  • Jonsid

    Oh look at Kate. What a great stay-at-home mom. She takes care of her kids! Not like Jon and where is Jon exactly??? Oh you will have to stay tuned to TLC to find out won’t you? Jon is getting ready to go to Korea with the show to push the show overseas so TLC can now pimp these kids out in 8 different languages. These kids are not going to any college. They will continue the cycle of grifting started by their parents. They are not college educated either. Jon was (is) a slacker roaming around the country and Kate was (is)a party girl slutting it up in Penna.

  • Jen

    When those cameras go dark that bitch is going to crack up. If you live in the area you may see her scrubbing the centerline of the road with a toothbrush one day.

  • TWPumpkin

    she is such a media whore!

  • http://aol susan

    I have no clue who these people are. I have NEVER watched the show, but based on what I have read about her, I never will. Talk about a bitch and how she treats her employees, you would think she was in league of a Bill Gates. SHE IS NOT. I hope she falls on her face—big time. What goes around comes around.

  • 15 minutes are up


  • alex

    I noticed that on the blog, at the bottom the blog, below the ” post a comment”, it says,”Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them.” And EVIDENTLY (yes I am mocking Kate. Its after all her favorite word) it only approves positive comments. Where are the haters’ posts?

  • ecctv

    i have no life so I follow these people up and around in car all day long for hours because I really wish I had kate’s haircut. Why can I have kids like that? They seem so unaprreciativbe towards their lives and childrean . I wish I wasn’t so black

  • october grl

    @Kate’s blog:

    LOL… that’s awesome.

  • october grl

    @Kate’s blog:

    LOL… that’s awesome.

  • ecctv

    @Kate’s blog:

    not funny

  • ecctv

    @Kate’s blog:

    your fat is showing

  • sillygirl

    @pants on fire: She did mention the TLC crew, “five additional cars joined our crew and myself…” “our crew” meaning TLC crew dummy!


    i think that the kids have older influences and they follow them and i support the show and jon and kate r having marrige troubles so give them a BREAK RUDE people!!!!

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Katie – Angelina called – she wants to adopt 2 of your kids.
    She said she will let you do Brad if you give her some.
    Also, Angelina wants your haircut.

  • susan

    Poor kids! Have to hold on to carts for safety from paprazzi, which Kate loves. Isn’t it time to give these kids a life away from the cameras. Kate’s priority is Kate and all the free stuff she gets. When will child protective services step in?

  • Kingdaddy

    I’m so far from Gay, but I’d have to give Jon a Blow Job…(I wont Kate Probably) I just feel so bad about this Man.

  • toomuch

    if someone can’t handle their children by themselves, then they SHOULDN’T HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN!!!!!!