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Melrose Place 2.0 -- FIRST LOOK!

Melrose Place 2.0 -- FIRST LOOK!

Here is your very first look at the new Melrose Place, scheduled to debut Fall 2009 on The CW.

Pictured (T-B, L-R): Stephanie Jacobsen as Lauren, Colin Egglesfield as Auggie, Ashlee Simpson as Violet, Shaun Sipos as David, Katie Cassidy as Ella, Michael Rady as Jonah, and Jessica Lucas as Riley.

Sorry the pictures are so small and you can’t even make out cast members’ faces! The CW sucks hard.

The Upfronts are tomorrow, so much much much better pictures of the the cast will surface then.

Melrose Place will air on Tuesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW (after 90210).

ARE YOU EXCITED for the new Melrose Place — YAY or NAY?

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  • joanne

    it’s gonna fail. gossip girl isn’t doing too well. valley girl didn’t even get picked up. basically CW sucks

  • emma


  • lala

    looks like the 90210 cast but just a couple of years older.

  • SARA

    “Melrose Place 2.0″? They are spending millions of dollars to produce this show and they could not think of a more creative name? How embarrassing.

  • poops

    gossip girl is soooo goood!!!

    this show looks like poo poo. hopefully ashlee shows some of her bewbz to get ratings.

  • Michaelangelo

    Gossip Girl is doing very well while it’s spin-off will be a midseason release, #1.

  • mickey

    Boring. CW is lame. Of course they can’t come up with a creative name, they can’t even come up with an original show.

  • so…..


    i think that’s just what the press is calling it, not what the cw is actually going to name it.

  • ashley

    NAY. I give the show 3 weeks before it gets canceled. Come on writers please be more creative. No wonder a majority of fall television next season will be reality television. I have more creativity in my pinky finger then all of the Hollywood writers combined.

  • lena120

    LAAAAAAMMMEEE. What’s even more lame is the fact that I recognize some of the faces. Stephanie Jacabsen was on last season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Colin Egglesfield was on the soap All My Children as Erica Kane’s son Josh. Why do I know this…i have no idea!

  • .

    not interested in another rehash.

  • Toni

    Are they deliberately making Ashlee look bad? She looks awful!

  • Saudia

    yay more entertainment .. mm not sure about the show, we’ll see what happens

  • cecile

    does sydney have an affair with the guy who is supposed to be Michael’s son ?? EEWWWW

    it’s hard to imagine Ashlee Simpson as an actress, not because she was on 7th heaven (sic) that means she is an actress.

    oh and i really hope they will pick another name…. lame…..

  • tao

    Love the first (and only) Melrose. This spin off seems like crap.

  • lise

    Wow! Stephanie Jacobson! She was in Battlestar Galactica: Razor – she is stunning, was great in the role, and has a very interesting voice/accent. I had no idea she was cast in this.

    I’m also a big fan of Jessica Lucas, I’d like to see her take on some bigger roles than “Lead female’s best friend” but that seems to be the role she always gets stuck playing…

    Between this show and the cast of THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE, CW is really trying to cement itself itself as the pretty people’s network!

  • Owen

    You know what would be so cool, interaction between the CW shows.
    Like characters from Gossip Girl meeting someone from 90210.
    Then vice versa with Melrose Place 2.0 and The Beautiful Life.
    Small screen time, nothing like a whole episode revolve around it.
    Like a marketing tool. They do it in comics.

  • jackie

    What an awesome cast. I can’t wait for the shwo to start!

  • Lesley

    i wish hollywood would STOP making SHITTY remakes! on TV aaaaaand in the movies. there are great writers & producers out there who are coming up with better stuff, i’m sure. dipping back into the “success” pool looks desperate.

  • Katie

    I remember the original Melrose Place had grown ups and by that I mean not 20 somethings I mean actual 30 year old and up grown ups.


    wow Im a big Fan of Ashlee im happy to see her in Melrose Place and after 90210 is very good i Love 90210 too :)))

  • JJ

    Ashlee Simpson?……………………Seriously?………..
    Just HER name attached to the project makes it cheep
    That’s a big NAY!

  • Kdub

    Those poor Simpson girls, it is just one bomb after another,
    When will they learn? and just go away?
    At least Jessica is hot! what does Asslee got?…….nothing

  • ecctv

    i wish everyday with my life that I was a part of melrose place, this way I wouldn’t have to sit home alone and play sims 3 all by myslef and do stuff. They are soo cool and refreshing, notlike my lofe at all :(((((( <– my doubble chims

  • Chelsey

    Thats actually a pretty decent cast!

    Colin was on All My Children, he was great in that. And Katie Cassidy is pretty good.

  • Rose

    Yay, 2 new shows to entertain me while GG and 90210 are on break (MP2.0 and Beautiful Life)

    Good on Stephanie for making her mark in Hollywood :)

  • emmaa

    I love Katie Cassidy from Supernatural. She’s too good for this crap!
    Jessica Lucas was in 90210 for a bit….liked her.
    We’ll have to see how this unfolds…..really doesn’t look promising. Theres too many of these types of shows nowwww!

  • zena

    Katie Cassidy and Colin Egglesfield will be the only, and I mean ONLY reason to watch this show. Frankly, I think both are above this drivel, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

  • Queen N

    it means that Privileged (another boring TV series) canceled?

  • anna

    NAY!!! I can’t beleive THIS and the lame vampires beat off te GG spinoff!! it seemed soo good!!

  • kate

    Does this mean Privileged is canceled? Too bad…that was actually a good show. It def. needed more press. The CW just ruins everything. When the WB became the CW, they sought to cancel Reba and What I Like About You, which were very popular shows, and replace them which a medley of failures. When are they gonna keep a hit?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    With Gossip Girl and 90210 to compete with..I highly doubt this will make it through its first season.

  • Marcel

    If ashley simpson is in this show it will definately fail! She is a JOKE!

  • Jhase

    Eh, it’ll be at 90210, unless season two has some better writing, plots, and the characters do something each episode. Which I doubt, oh and, if a bus hits some acting ability into Grimmes.

    Not really sure about Ashlee, but Katie Cassidy hooks me to it so yeah I’m game to give it a watch. Now maybe CW can come up with something original for next fall.

    Then again it’ll be Dawson’s Creek Reboot to premier. I can feel it, the new Joey Potter is going to invade our screens. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

    ….Just saying….

  • Jhase


    Beat not, be at.

  • Tonetta

    I originally didn’t plan on watch a remake of Melrose Place. Now that Victor Wester will be on the show, I have to watch him. he was great as Cupid and Brennan on MutantX.
    I hope this show surprises me in a good way.

  • Tonetta


    I should have proofread my statement. I look forward to watching Victor Webster do anything. He could read from the dictionary and I would admire his assets and his acting.

  • http://fanpop ashleemenum1stfan!!!

    ashlee u ar da best!!! love u forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck :D

  • jerry

    This show looks soooo bad! Why, why are they trying to ruin another great show?!!? 90210 wasn’t enough?!!? The new characters suck- lame & boring. And the story lines are a big yawn. Worst of all, they cast some of the ugliest women I have ever seen. Is that Riley a woman or a man? If you are going to cast a character with a masculine name, you might want to make her attractive! Hopefully either the show will be canceled or the writers will pull their heads out of their butts & get rid of the lame new people & just bring back the original ones. At least get rid of that Riley- she’s the worst one of all.