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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Engaged?

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Engaged?

New photos have surfaced of Orlando Bloom with Miranda Kerr, whose left ring finger seems to adorned with an engagement ring.

“I am aware of the images, however I am not in a position to comment,” Miranda‘s rep, Carlii Lyon, tells Confidential. Orlando‘s rep wasn’t able to confirm anything either, telling, “I don’t comment on his personal life.”

However, last November, Orly‘s rep was able to deny reports that the couple wasn’t engaged at that time.

After the photos were taken, Miranda reportedly took off the ring before attending the Hollywood Dominos party with Orlando. She already is on her way back to NYC for work.

DO YOU THINK Orlando and Miranda are engaged this time around?

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Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty
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  • Jools

    Who cares??!!!!!!!

  • !

    aww… they’re so cute together! i hope it’s true!

  • LadyL

    Uh the ring she wore on her left hand was on her middle finger and it looked nothing like an engagement ring.

  • LadyL

    Oh and what was the point to getting engaged and leaving the country soon after? Why not stay longer?

  • vika

    i think those two are great together! and i read he actually was going to propose soon )))

  • viki

    Ive seen the pictures and the ring is obviously on her right hand either that or she is more than double jointed…

    even if they are i wish them well

  • deja vu2

    More of the same. He had several “engagements” with Kate. They were spotted ring shopping together in Dec.’05 in England. Engagement rumors started popping up in spring ’04. Just more of the same. Bloom’s publicist knows how to play games as well; she’s been doing it for years. That’s her job. She’ll comment when IT SUITS HER CLIENT(S). She’ll remain silent for the same reasons.

    Any marriage with Bloom is going to seem like a sham and a farce to most onlookers and observers right now, anyway. He’s blown it too many times in terms of his credibility and his games with the press and media.

    His ‘girlfriends’ and his fans have something common: Both get yanked around, treated like garbage most of the time, and given kibbles and bits (little handout of minimal kindness) when it suits him and is on his agenda.

    He should seek professional therapy and work on himself and his own personal issues before getting married. That is one messed up pup, considering the games he’s played and the things he’s participated in over the years, and how he’s let his GF’s and female fans simply *hang* whenever it suited him.

    I feel sorry for Miranda if true. Then again, a better woman would choose a better man, and vice versa. Our mates are a reflection of who and what we are and what we value. When we find they’re not, there’s usually a parting of the ways.

  • dreadful

    How many times are they going to play it? 123456789…….

    Jared, where did you pick this crap up? On some Aussie tabloid named Herald Sun?

    So they didn’t have anything to promote at Cannes Film Festival, why not make up a story of engagement instead ey.

    Some posters at, i should say the biggest fashion site, always comment that Miranda’s dating life is far more intersting than her modelling career lol

    No offense Miranda but that’s how some people see it. Hope you guys are really happy together!

  • victoria

    Gorgeous looking couple – HOT!

  • Lol

    Carmen, you’re the one whose credibility is a joke and who needs help.

    Are you listening to yourselves? Miranda wears a ring on her middle finger, she doesn’t wear it for a big public event, the media infer it’s an engagement ring, their reps refuse to comment and it is THEM the ones “playing games”?

  • Mollie

    No wonder celebrities want to be private, I don’t blame them one bit for keeping their personal lives private. They should be able to do what they want without prying eyes constantly watching every move they do. I am sure if Orlando and Miranda are enganged they’ll be an announcement from a reputable source of media.

  • hwooddood

    imagine what their kids are going to look like!

  • whatever

    he looks like some perverted retarded old blah in this picture.

  • sANOE

    Marriage is just a social transaction. As long as they are good together, who cares if they marry or not. For me they look just fine.

  • Ashley Griffith

    I hope that this is not true becasue i love orlando and i hope that he stays single and dumps the whore and kiss my ass he will dump her. I love you orlando

  • @7

    Very revealing that you say that he treats his fans like garbage. It makes clear that you think he owes something to his fans, that he should give explanations about his personal life or take the choices that we wish him to take. And you are so very wrong.
    You should face it already, he’s going to club at nights and date a model or an actress if he wants, and marry her if he wants. And he won’t ask you for your approval.

  • sheila

    Way to go Orly, you rock! You are a lucky guy.

  • lola

    they are so stupid fu** off with them
    plz jared don’t post any pix with this shit

  • @ 16

    I Agree 100%

    However the ring that they are referring to not only was she wearing on the middle finger of her left hand, then switched it to the ring finger. Either for comfort purposes or to get people’s reaction.

    She has worn that ring many times before, usually on the middle finger of either hand.

    If that is the engagement ring, Orlando is the cheapest boyfriend on the planet, considering he could buy her a very expensive one. I think?

  • i hope it’s…

    …true – they’ll make beautiful babies together.

  • plum

    in this photo,they look very “daddy turns 40 and flirts with a teenager”

  • acid

    Don’t worry fans! It’s just a promotional thingy since Miranda is going back to OZ to do some promotions for a department store which sales have been down by almost 12% since her mall gigs last February as compared to Myer’s almost 3% down sales.

    What other things the OZ tabloids can talk about her? VS has been mentioned countless of times, so that leaves her relationship with Orlando.

    Why can’t Miranda be like the other models who go on diferent countries to promote some stuffs and just only promote what they’re being paid for without any fuss of rumors. Must be hard i guess to get some attention!

  • whoa

    in that pic he looks so much older than her …yikes…

  • lula

    She better marry him while he is still good looking

    Orly is getting fuglier by the minute :(

  • Wi

    Why is it that these rumours surface everytime before she’s set to go back to Australia to work?
    Not saying they cant be true, I actually kind of hope they are. They seem made for eachother, and that isnt a compliment.

  • tinkerbell

    Miranda stop flaunting about all these happenings about your private life. It’s not entertaining anymore! When you’re being asked to promote something, just do it without any icing.

    Look at my girl Doutzen, all she does is flaunt her big open mouth and stupid expression like ‘where am i’ or ‘what’s going on’ and gets the job done without any fuzz.

  • lol

    Maybe after their marriage they will get off for good! They deserve each other.

  • deja vu2

    Poster #296 hit it right on the nail! I won’t copy/paste their words, but here’s the link. Couldn’t have said it better. If Bloom wanted his engagement rumors to be taken seriously, he should have made more of an effort to treat women with respect. His GFs have gotten the limp, wimpy short end of the stick. Can’t believe how quickly James stepped up to the plate for Kate and acknowledged her within a couple of months, instead of a couple of YEARS. Congratulations to you, Kate, for finding a far better man and for finding someone who seems to treat you with respect.

  • @22….

    I see all you Delphi loonies are going crazy at the thought of Miranda
    and Orlando being engaged……..until they publicly say they’re engaged
    it’s just tabloid speculation……no need to start making up conspiracy
    theories about David Jones just because you’re so filled with jealousy
    and hatred toward Miranda……get over it, regardless of who he is with
    he’s never going to be yours…

  • MARY

    they’re usually look good

    but in this picture, she’s too skinny e he looks old

  • unreal

    Why do people presume they need to get married before they have kids? their shippers sure are an old fasioned buch.

    Why should they even get married? can they not just shack up together? it’ll save on the price of a divorce in acouple of years time.

  • unreal


    I totally agree.

  • http://justjared lol

    Bad week for the Delphi loons .

  • LadyL

    Oh and I do think this relationship is fake as she is obviously a beard.

  • @ 33

    calm before the storm.

    but the wind direction could change at any given moment.

    too bad we are unable to predict what will happen the way they are able to with actual weather conditions.

    I don’t understand why they would bother to get married anyway, they are rarely in the same place at the same time. Why else does everyone make such a fuss when they actually are?

  • http://justjared loves it

    Well there was a picture of her when they are in the car and she had a ring and she had it on her left finger and no that is not the ring she usually wears because she had it on her other hand on her middle finger that is the only one picture of the ring if anyone could post it because I can’t . I didn’t give it to much importance but I noticed it .
    And what is up with Orlando’s rep saying she can’t talk about his private life that is bullshit she did back in November and I couldn’t understand why so eager to shut those rumors down since there were just random rumors that every celebrity couple gets and there was no ring now that there is she shuts up ?
    Something is up but I could be wrong you never know with such things time will tell .

  • LOL!

    So typical.
    A tabloid prints a rumor and both sides run with it.
    She has worn a gold, Bulgari ring on her left hand ever since Orlando gave it to her for Christmas 2007. THEY aren’t playing games, the media is. The tabloids are trying to sell copies. Nothing new. No intrigue. No conspiracies. No original ideas from the rags.
    Both sides need to get over it.

  • la

    i wanna see the picture and then i will believe it… if they are- i’m SO happy for them!!!

  • LMAO

    deja vu2 and/or #296, there you go again. He HAS to give explanations about his personal life, otherwise he is disrespecting women.
    So relatively well known model + very well known & successful actor = fake.
    Relatively well known actress + unknown model struggling to have a place in the world of music = real.
    Mind you I don’t think Kate and James are fake but when the tinhat line of reasoning is this shamelessly biased one has to point it out.

  • s.d.

    He sure looks homely with a shaved head. Not his best look!

  • @39

    “Shamelessly Biased” is the Delphi credo. ;)
    But deja vu2 has a rep so extreme that she is even shunned by THEM! Now THAT”S saying something.

  • Gunnedah Hobag ♥

    @ 29

    blaw blaw blaw…

    Yay! Eye’m ingayjed!

  • citylove

    Everybody know Orlando was with kate bosworth for 4 years and they did not get engaged. Now someone thinks he is engaged with someone he is with for 1 year ? I don’t think so !

  • Diana

    yawn miranda trying to drum up more publicity! This happens everytime she has something to promote in AUustralia and an Australian paper is always the first to pick it up. Even her friends are quoted as saying that this happens when she is about to do some work for David Jones. I expected more of Orlando but he has sunk to an all time low with her….

  • deja vu2

    I *knew* he had pulled this stunt before with Kate on more than one occasion. Found it!

    This type of game is becoming embarrassing, IMO. He’s played it so many times before. As with Kate, he never walked a full on red carpet with the girl before the engagement rumors started. She was simply shoved in his fan’s faces and barely acknowledged. At least this time around, Bloom sped things up a little.

    He’s acting as though his industry time is almost up. Forget flaunting the private life, Bloom, and focus on the work!

  • :-[

    @loves it:

    Are you the same liar who cried about Delphi Loons putting word into your mouth about CPK outshining Penelope? Go read comment #33 and then come back here an apologize. As a matter of fact, wipe your a$$ with something sharp so that you feel the pain I feel in my a$$ every time you shippers make Miranda out to be Venus DeMilo. NO.ONE. Not even Orlando thinks that CPK can hold a candle to Penelope. That is all.

  • Picture Update

    Post # 174 – I thought someone said she went home – don’t look like it to me.

    Click on the pic to enlarge you might see a ring….or is that just a shadow….

    Of course the look on her face says it all really. The look of a couple that have been together too long maybe….. Not sure…..

    Maybe she is wanting something else….don’t blame her really….

    But whatever it is it is.

    I would just be happy if there was no longer any speculation and they just came out with the truth so everyone could get on with their lives.

    But that would probably never happen, even if they got married and lived happy ever after.

    No one knows the truth but them…..of course Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan were engaged for what 3 years before they broke up….again I believe.

    Like one of the posters above said….

    The wind could change direction without warning.

    Best of Luck All….

  • huzzup

    Hey Miranda…

    Is there anything new to flaunt about? Pips who care about gossips are sick of hearing all the stunts you and your team pull out there.

  • hmmmm

    In the pics on OLove where they are on the yacht sunbathing, she IS wearing a gold ring on THAT finger.
    As for the article, you can’t blame her people for it. They said that she was going back to Gunnedah to tell her parents about the engagement. That may be hard, because her parents now live in Brisbane. I would think that ‘her people’ would know that if they were planting something.
    Carmen, go to bed. I don’t think that your medication is working anymore.
    Penelope looked like crap at that party. I know that she was sick, but was she sick when she picked out that dress and during the fittings, too? It fit her horribly. Too low and small on top, and too long on the bottom. Miranda DID “outshine” Pene at that party. Pene looked like she had borrowed that dress from a thinner, taller person, and just threw it on. Awful, just awful.

  • @ hmmmm

    Where is Gunnedah? Never heard of that place before.

    Sounds like someplace in Germany not Australia.