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Rachel Bilson is Recovering From Robbery

Rachel Bilson is Recovering From Robbery

Despite being robbed earlier this month, Rachel Bilson still looks fashionable as she walks to the Disney Studios on Tuesday (May 19) in Burbank, Calif.

Although the actual incident occurred on May 8 when the 27-year-old OC star was away in Canada to see fiancé Hayden Christensen, she has yet to file a complete missing items report with the police.

“It’s in the hundreds of thousands,” Rachel‘s rep, Marcel Pariseau tells E!. “It was her Chanel collection, all her designer clothing, shoes and bags. She had a huge vintage shoe collection…all her jewelry, some of it given to her by her grandmother.”

One source estimates $300,000 worth was stolen from the fashionista’s home.

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  • jools

    fat ass

  • voice of reason

    Such a smart comment jools, can’t you try harder?

  • kim

    Poor girl. She’s cute

  • peter

    Rachel I love you

  • me

    ugly midget with horrendous saddle bags

  • Saudia

    well I hope everything turns out okay .. she’s looking good

  • heather

    Maybe the robber took that stupid “H” necklace.

  • t

    seriously, whats with the neg comments?
    no one deserves to be robbed!

  • Cammie

    I like that shirt

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    pugly, boring. wish they would of stole her.

  • Frankie

    C’mon!! didn’t everybody predict this, sad face even though she has been smiling the past few days?!.
    Her reputation is in tatters and photo ops are the best she can hope for now.

  • kelly

    $300,000 worth of items stolen, if I wasn’t sure she was overpaid before I am certain now.
    It seems taking a share of pap “candids” pays extremely well.

  • camilla

    Nice bag, what make is it?

  • tonie

    Maybe it’s a ploy to get Hayden to stay in LA more. How ironic that he was papped a few days ago in front of an ADT sign at her house.

    If her stuff was so valuable it was insured and jewelry should be kept in a safe. Sounds like it was all from her closet and not personal mementos like letters or photos. Nothing that couldn’t be replaced even the grandmother’s jewelry can be replicated.

  • barron797

    Some jealous ‘friend’ or associate stole her stuff. What robber wants to steal an ENTIRE CLOSET of clothes and handbags? How to unload such items for quick cash? I think someone envied her wardrobe and wanted it.

    A plain old robber would steal cash and electronics…not designer clothes and accessories.

  • Viper

    Can we say someone needs insurance money and fast and the dates seem to change from April to now may. Someone needs to get the bullshit story straight. Guess big man’s farm is costing him more then they can afford.

  • raquel

    I’m not a fan, and don’t know too much about her, but I hope that those of you who have said such hateful things expereince the horror of a robbery. Some things you can replace, but things like her grandmother’s gifts cannot. I was given a simple pearl necklace that belonged to my great great grandmother and it was stolen along with other items from my apartment when I was on vacation. The shock of walking into rooms where someone has violated your space is something you never forget.

    #1. You’re an idiot! If that’s all you have to say about someone who has experienced a robbery, then hopefully one day it will happen to you so you can expereince the horror of someone TAKING something from you. Jerk!

  • averil

    That totally sucks, desperate times for poor people I guess.

  • uh

    karma is a biitch isnt it?

  • uh

    youre wrong a thief will steal purses that ar valued at $1,000 of dollars same with designer clothing. duh!

  • stacy

    No police report means it did not happen. This story is fake.

  • RadiantRachel

    All these conspiracy theories you people keep making up are laughable. I highly doubt she needs the insurance money. Not to mention, Rachel is hardly fat… she has hips. Isn’t that what distinguishes a male from female anatomy. Good lord, we’ve been idolizing women who look like teenage boys for so long that we’ve forgotten that women were actually supposed to have curves.

  • TPL

    Hayden was in L.A. May 8th! Jesus, this story is fake…

  • lili

    @ 23

    Hayden was in Canada

  • Ali

    Maybe she’s doing something for Disney, which means that she’ll actually be working soon. Then at leasts he can gain some self-respect.

    It did happen, I think maybe the case is that because she had so much stuff, she can’t remeber everythign to write down a list of what went missing. Does that make sense? eg If i had a massive Chanel collectio from over the years and someone stole all of it, I wouldn’t be able to recall all the purses I had, what they loooked like etc cos there’s too much. And don’t forget, celebs do sometimes get things as freebies (from events and red carpets) – can you claim anything back on free stuff?

  • heather

    Those are not her hips. Your hips are not located on the outside of your thigh. They are up a little bit higher.

    I am starting to doubt this story. Someone took all that stuff, clothes, shoes, jewelry, TV and NO ONE saw ANYTHING? Plus the lack of forced entry? Either this was an inside job or it wasn’t a robbery. Sure, I feel bad if she lost some family heirlooms that meant a lot to her, but I’m really doubting this is even true anymore.

  • uh

    i dont feel sorry for her. thousands of people are loosing their homes, their jobs, their cars, their lives including heirlooms.

    i dont feel a bit sorry for her. maybe she’ll come back down to earth, humble herself and stop being a selfish superficial spoiled little valley girl.

    if it is true, i smell paps. they stalk her place 24/7

  • uh

    skinny jean on a fata$$ is not flattering. this is fashion 101 and rb doesnt know this? some fashion editor

  • sharon

    It’s awful to be robbed but she has been back for a wk now and the story is just now leaking out?? And I feel bad that her grandmother’s things where taken too …I just don’t understand why she didn’t have insurance ,I have insurance and our house and property is only worth 110,000 and not counting contents ppl are struggling to pay their house and insurance and keeping their jobs .If she can spend that much on just clothing and shoes ,then she should be able to afford insurance and some kinda security like us common folks.

  • sotrue

    That’s sad. She looks gorgeous though!

  • stacy

    Not trying to defend her, but if she filed a police report for something that didn’t happen she would be in some deep Sh1t. I have no use for her but some of you people really take ridiculous to a whole new level, seriously. But I’m sure giving a press release about it did a lot to raise her exposure. Never neglect to take advantage of unfortunate circumstances, right?

  • uh

    she may have had an alarm, but someone who was close could have known the code and not look odd over at her house becuz they were familiar. then again, rb isnt bright and may not have had an alarm.

  • disney studios


    No police report = no robbery.

    And Hayden has been in L.A. since May 1st and the police can verify that with his travel VISA.

  • Ali

    I sense that it’s someone they know, like a family member and that’s why they’re not pressing charges. But then you’d want to keep it private. So then why allow your rep to confirm it publicly? I’m so confused!

  • TPL

    Rachel, I left you a message on IMDb on your page, JJ won’t post it.

  • me

    I thought she file a police report. why didn’t she?That’s odd i thoght all peole did that.. I know would have done it. She got to be careful who she invited to her home and the guys she bring home.You all know that she date other guys when hayden not around.He noth only guy she see.So jj can stop calling hayden her finance.When we all its not true.Yes go up there and visited him when she want people to think everything is ok with them. But she need to stop chasing him all the time and find her something beside him.See it didn’t stop her from going plaaces enjoying herself . That’s not normal for person to do when they just got robbed a few days ago not last month.She was home april 15 home shopping with some guy.The timeine is off .She didn’t go to see hayden on his birthday until days later So who’s telling the true here and she didn’t file a police report.and she got robbed . maybe she try and stay home sometimetime.Cause hyden is not going to moved to LA at all.HIs heart is his family and work whenhe’s hrer and back home to canada. who gave some of you that ideal shewant himto live with her anyway? and why we don’t see her and her mon sister hang out with her anymore.? allabout upset is joke in it selfShe should told peole about it last if happen then.As i clsoe and why didn’t she tell the media about it and her engagemnt?

    recently not last month.I will alwys think it was something else happen beside just don’t make not filse a police repot and don’twant to talk about it. i know i would do it.Her item is precious like
    she say something it wrong with her. But see it didn’t stop her from

    going out on the time.Who is going to hire her at disney studio anyway.? WEnt threr to have fun and meet someone.I would be afraid after that. wouldn’t you \? You all know she still see other guys when hayden not around don’t you.? need to open about her and why she eep talking her ring on and off like that. Didn’t need to do another story on her. Normal people don’t like us don’t get much attention like that

  • atlqueen

    I think JJ was trying to say she hasn’t completely filled the entire thing out yet but she’s started. And yes people are loosing their homes and everything but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t count. Just imagine someone breaking into your crib going thru your sh*t and taking it out of your house regardless if it was given to you or not, it was still yours. It’s just erie as h*ll. To me it sounds like someone she knew and trusted went in her place. It’s just so sad.

  • helen

    Where does it say she didn’t file a police report? Just because she hasn’t finished making an inventory of the stolen property doesn’t mean she didn’t file a police report. They give you some time to do that you know.

    And who said she wasn’t insured? Where are you people getting this information? Nobody owns a $2 million house in LA without property insurance. But, being insured doesn’t make you feel any less violated, especially when their are family heirlooms involved.

    Like others, I’m not really getting the negative comments here. Apparently some of you have not been robbed before. You’re lucky. Its not fun.

  • TPL

    Rachel, Hayden’s deleted the message to you on your IMDb page, please keep checking or write to me for it in a p/m. He was cheating on you on May 2 and I think one of his mistresses or a paid prostitute took your things.

  • TPL


    Tom cruise is t tc crazy..

    Nice white gown and hair scarf in Toronto.

  • jess

    I am so happy!

  • TPL

    One of Hayden’s mistress’s or regular sex workers probably stole the items.

  • TPL

    Rachel, Hayden’s deleted the message to you on your IMDb page, please keep checking or write to me for it in a p/m. He was cheating on you on May 2 in LA with me, and I think one of his mistresses or a paid prostitute took your things.

  • ecctv

    she is clearly something that i will never bee, hip cool and white

  • TPL

    @ 45

    I know, that is why you’re marring her, for the cool factor, and you want to keep me as your mistress.

  • uh

    well looks like they r both still jobless! not doing mandrake

  • voice of reason

    I see TPL aka Gina aka Drag Queen has not taken tablets again.

  • geewhiz

    I wish she was the one who got “stolen” and bring her to outskirts in Mexico LOL

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ 25 – Maybe she’s doing something for Disney….
    She could just wish for it soo damn hard these days.
    But then why not?! It’s much easier for someone like her to get identified or to be one of those Disney “Characters”. She could play an aunt to Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens or even the mother of Selena Gomez (lol). But then her forlorn face (but wasn’t it that she was “all-smile” at her last photo-ops.
    – how “convincing” it is this time around?) doesn’t assure much she got something to hope for (soon).

  • apples and oranges

    So her rep can confirm the break-in but not the engagement? ok… “I don’t comment on my client’s private life” Is this not part of her private life, and is this information not invading her privacy?