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The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

Here are some first look pictures The Vampire Diaries, set to debut Fall 2009 on The CW.

Pictured left to right: Ian Somerhalder as Daman, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan.

The show is based on LJ Smith‘s book series. Stefan is described as “gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man” who is actually a 200-year-old vampire who has a strong connection with Elena. His brother Damon, the evil of the two, has also taken a liking to Elena.

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays @ 8PM ET/PT (right before Supernatural).

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181 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK”

  1. 1
    charles Says:

    wanna-be twilights… lol jk

  2. 2
    Saudia Says:

    sounds good, I liked Nina on Degrassi.. this shouldn’t be compared to Twilight … have an open mind!

  3. 3
    Saudia Says:

    wait if its Thursdays at 8pm then that means Smallville was canceled?

  4. 4
    PardyHardy Says:

    Uh, Elena was blonde and pale with startlingly blue eyes… Terrible, terrible casting.

  5. 5
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    epic failure. hahahaha..

  6. 6
    BalloonsAreFun Says:

    that sounds DUUUMBBB. that will last like one season then it will be cancelled i bet.

    and btw that TOTALLY is a twilight copy. Even if the books were written before twilight, they only put it into production because of the popularity of the twilight movie…

    thats looks SOOOOOO dumb.

  7. 7
    deghg Says:

    looks dumb. Is Smallville canceled? If yes, then good. That show should have ended a while ago.

  8. 8
    Anastacia Says:

    twilight wannabe??? pff sooo lame!!

  9. 9
    Youve got mail Says:

    He looks like Will from ‘Will & Grace’

  10. 10
    Saudia Says:

    @Youve got mail: hahha so true!

  11. 11
    eliza Says:

    those books are great, but the casting is awefull, really
    elena?? stefan?? damon?!
    C’mon, they can do better than that

  12. 12
    ms. amy Says:

    Thank you #4… I read these books when I was in high school nearly 10 years ago and this girl is the complete opposite of Elena. Yuck. :-(

  13. 13
    ignorance_is_your_biatch Says:

    You idiots! Vampire Diaries were written BEFORE Twilight. You think you know everything and you’re poor ignorants. There was life before Twilight, for God’s sake.

  14. 14
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    just because it was written before twilight doesn’t mean it’s not on tv because of it. because it is. LOL

  15. 15
    lise Says:

    Stefan is described as “gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man”…

    The Stefan actor is cute but plain. Ian Somerhalder is epically beautiful!

  16. 16
    ignorance_is_your_biatch Says:

    Yeah, because Twilight brought back the vampire tv shows. Have you ever watched Buffy, sweetheart? In Buffy a vampire fell in love with a human. It was on the NINETIES. Was it on because of Twilight too?

  17. 17
    ignorance_is_your_biatch Says:

    @ [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Have you ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sweetheart? On it a vampire fell in love with a human. It was on the NINETIES. Was it on because of Twilight, too?

  18. 18
    owen Says:

    Come on people, its all about business.
    CW is trying to ride the “Vampire/Teen Love genre wave”.
    Nina Dobrev is extremely hot.

  19. 19
    Jade Says:

    Poor Twilight fans, you think Twilight is good??, anyone who knows a **** about vampires knows Twilight is boring and it doesn’t have the same interaction as Vampire Diaries, the casting sucks, and is Damon not Daman .. jeez

  20. 20
    dsfbuglsdfui Says:

    Umm, this book came out BEFORE twilight

  21. 21
    me Says:

    more vampires…just what the world needs! NOOO!! The only vampire related thing I like at the moment is True Blood. The rest can GO!!

  22. 22
    cassi Says:

    Twilight-wannabe? You gotta be kidding! You know that stephenie Meyer didn’t invent Vampires do you? So stop dissing it cause it has vampires in it! BTW Spike would wipe the floor with Edward. Yes, I don’t like Twilight but I don’t call Twilight a Buffy-rip off! Behave yourself you Twilight fanatic!

    I don’t know the books, Vampire Dairies, but I will give it a shot.
    So the casting isn’t too great?

  23. 23
    dee Says:

    ok….uhh..elena is supposed to be blonde and epically beautiful as well…Ian is literally the only casting choice im happy with …this is one of my favorite series ……and its already ruined!

  24. 24
    cassi Says:

    Really? Can you tell me why it is so great cause I’m at episode 5 and I’m so bored by it. Does it get better?
    PS: Lavayette is cool!

  25. 25

    I am tired of all these Twilighters who are CLUELESS about the Vampire genre. Buffy was fantastic. I betcha twilighters have no clue who Anne Rice is or Bram Stoker for that matter…LOSERS!!!

  26. 26
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    @ignorance_is_your_biatch: buffy?!? buffy?! really.. buffy?!? that’s your reply..? damn, bish. you really had to reach back for that one. hahahahahaha.. @ buffy! cant believe you were so desperate you had to pull buffy outta ya ass. LOL

  27. 27
    cassi Says:

    Ok. that doesn’t sound good! i’m so sorry, I know it’s aweful if they turn your favorite book series into a crappy movie/series. Maybe they girl and the guy act better than they look.

  28. 28
    cassi Says:

    I LIKE YOU! *hug*

  29. 29
    cassi Says:

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:
    Actually she just had to reach back until 2003. So what’s your problem you Twilight junkie?

  30. 30
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    @Jade: twilight’s a 3 on a scale of 1-10. but at least twilight made it to the big screen. this shiits going to the cw! hahahaha.. and it wont make see a 3rd season. hell, probably wont see a 2nd.

  31. 31
    Jade Says:

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:

    No it might not get even a second season, I don’t say the show is gonna be good, but the books are way better than Twilight, Meyer made vampires pink and cute, vampires are sexy not **** like Edward, I don’t care for this show because the casting ruined it for me.

  32. 32
    mertz Says:

    congrats to nina for getting the gig.

    lol to # 25

    yeah i’ve been saying that for a long while now, when there was nothing on tv or in film about vamps and now all ***** breaking loose. i said that all without the loser part but it is something me and my friends talk about. w/e. i did read the entire series…even though i never really knew who the author was or how big the series was until i saw some news coverage. i think she said something stupid about writing great fiction and got put into check by stephen king.

  33. 33
    mertz Says:

    and i’ve not seen the movie either nor will i see any of the others in the series. worst.

  34. 34
    ignorance_is_your_biatch Says:

    @ [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] I reached back to Buffy because I honestly believe you have no more culture to know any other thing about vampires than that. Dumb examples for dumb people, you know.

  35. 35
    emilie Says:

    that nina girl isnt a good actress.

  36. 36
    CRazy oldie Says:

    Nina is sexyyyy! Did anyone see her on Degrassi?

  37. 37
    girl5 Says:

    Good books, but casting BAD! Will last one season

  38. 38
    ecctv Says:

    my mom tells me all the time that she wishes I was black, err i mean a vampire, a black vampire black black black

  39. 39
    ecctv Says:


    I agree with cha man. if I wasn’t black I’d be your friend

  40. 40
    Pauline Says:

    Wow, talk about rip off casting. This show is trying too hard to be the next Twilight.

  41. 41
    Alyssa Says:

    i loveee that book xD
    but i thought Eliza was blonde and has blue eyes o.o [x

  42. 42
    Michaelangelo Says:

    It was moved to another night, #3.

    It’s based on a book series that came out long before Twilight, #8.

    Rip off casting, #40?

  43. 43
    lindsay powers Says:

    im def ganna boycot this ****. its like twilight as a tv show. get some new effing ideas! stupid ass ****. theyshouldve renews privileged instead of this fake twilight show.

  44. 44
    lindsay powers Says:

    im def ganna boycot this ****. its like twilight as a tv show. get some new effing ideas! stupid ass ****. theyshouldve renews privileged instead of this fake twilight show.

  45. 45
    ara Says:

    They filmed at my school. I go to meet Nina. :)

  46. 46
    Katie Says:

    The CW is trying to get back what it had with Buffy and Angel all Twilight did was give them the idea that “hmm maybe we should try the vampire thing again it worked before”

  47. 47
    Katie Says:

    And please remember that Vampire Diaries came out WAY before Twilight did.

  48. 48
    2kew4u Says:

    i luv twilight and the vampire daies so for all of u who think that its copying twilight it is not the vampire diaries were writen 17 years ago but twilight so awesome ihave the twiligh shrts and bag and all the book i have read twiligh over 20 times new moon 24 times eclipes 39 and bd 12 but vampire diarieas are better sux an egg if u disagger
    but twilight movie is the worest movie ever and it ruined the w

  49. 49
    2kew4u Says:

    i luv twilight and the vampire daies so for all of u who think that its copying twilight it is not the vampire diaries were writen 17 years ago but twilight so awesome ihave the twiligh shrts and bag and all the book i have read twiligh over 20 times new moon 24 times eclipes 39 and bd 12 but vampire diarieas are better sux an egg if u disagger
    but twilight movie is the worest movie ever and it ruined the w

  50. 50
    baloney Says:

    Elena’s supposed to be blonde!!!!!!!! Oh no CW please don’t ruin the Vampire Diaries series :(

  51. 51
    faith Says:

    I’m getting tired of these damn angsty vampire movies!!!!

    Why can’t someone just create an original mythical creature idea instead?!

  52. 52
    Ande Says:

    I think Ian was cast well as Damon, but the chick playing Elena should really be blonde. Is it really so hard to find a blonde in Hollywood? And that Stefan guy really ain’t as hot as he’s supposed to be. Still, I read and suffered through the books so I could watch this show, so hopefully it’ll be good.

  53. 53
    mertz Says:

    lol. i know nina through some of my friends who are on degrassi, and i like her but no way am i saying she’s a good actor (she is growing in the business). she’s a great friend though :). lol. her shenae, jaimie, giovanni, aubrey, sarah, raymond, stacey, adamo, scott, the whole gang (all my friends who get extra gigs on the show. lol.) i hate the show, but i gotta support them. it’s good when they have work.

    original degrassi is better.

  54. 54
    Ariana Says:

    wtf a twilight knockoff how pathetic! stealing the whole vampire idea…. lameee

  55. 55
    Ariana Says:

    not stealing the idea i mean trying to being it back cause they think twilight fans will watch it

  56. 56
    cassi Says:

    Bohoo! Even if it would try to profite from the vampire buzz, Twilight sucks anyways!

  57. 57

    Yes, Stephanie Meyers didnt invent Vampires. Everyone knows that!!
    But…What Stephanie did was tell a story unlike what was already out there. Hence…why it became a hit. I know people get angry and say…this was written first, that was written later. But who cares, isnt it about the story not what came first? Also…I dont know how people can say Steph Meyer copied ideas from other writers when this is how it all began…..

    “I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately. For what is essentially a transcript of my dream, please see Chapter 13 (“Confessions”) of the book.” Stephanie Meyer

    Personally, I’ve never read Vampire Diaries. If it isn’t successful its not just because people are comparing it to Twilight etc, its because it just isnt as loved. There have been other Vampire stories, films, shows that didnt succeed (before Twilight) and thats because theres something lacking in the story, cast, cinematography etc.
    And…Of course, there have been other successful Vamp stories, Buffy, Angel, True Blood, Van Helsing, Underworld, Dracula etc……

    Also…Im sick of getting crap about the Twilight books.
    I’ve read all the Twilight Series, and the first movie really wasnt good. For me…it completely butchered the book. Which is sad, because people who dont read and have just seen the film, bag out the books without realising the film isnt like the book at all. And..I wouldnt suggest it to tweens to read. It would def go over their heads.

  58. 58
    Geri Says:

    BTW. Smallville moves to Friday.

  59. 59
    Geri Says:

    …and what happened with Paul´s real surname??? I always knew him as Wasilewski. What is it with Hollywood and “real” english names???

  60. 60
    Yeh Says:

    If you guys were smart enough, VAMPIRE DIARIES was written WAY BEFORE Twilight… Actually in the 1990′s…

    Anyways, I kinda don’t like the characters casted for the roles… -_-
    NOT how I imagined it.

  61. 61
    Solène Says:

    I agree with #59, I remember his surname Wasilewski and i’m surprised to see he changed it. Paul Wesley is such a common name, he should have stayed with his real name.

  62. 62
    Amanda Says:

    I have just recently starting reading The Vampire Diaries…and i knew the books were being made into a tv show. BUT Elena is meant to have blonde hair, pale porcelain skin and blue eyes o.0. Is that so hard to to find some girl with all that? This girl is pretty and all but they could have got her to dye to hair or have blue contacts in.

    Plus i could imagine Ian as Stefan more so than this Paul Wesley guy. Once again, how hard is it to get the hair/eyes right? -_-

    and to everyone who is saying it’s a copy of Twilight, i have some news for you. This series were made in the 90′s..wayyy before Twilight. The reason for making it as a tv show now is most likely because of the sucess of the Twilight books/movies.

    I don’t know what to think of this now o.0

  63. 63
    Amanda Says:

    started** I’m sorry for the bad typo’s. =/

  64. 64
    Olivia Says:

    Wow. The “Epically Beautiful” one is the plainest dude around. They couldn’t at least cast a prettier face than the mean guy from season one of the OC?

  65. 65
    masia Says:

    O M G



  66. 66
    masia Says:

    O M G



  67. 67
    jackie Says:

    whats up with all the vampire shows twilight is the best one these
    are so stupid

  68. 68
    louberry Says:

    Oh lord… people can say ANYTHING about the cast, or the show, or the books, if they know what they’re talking about. But some Twilight fans act like Stephenie Meyer didn’t got all the Edward idea from Stefan… so get a clue. =)

  69. 69
    alyse Says:

    even though you say it is wanna-be-twilight, the books were written before twilight.

  70. 70
    Bretten Says:

    looks just like that twilight ****. for sad ugly little girls..PASS!

  71. 71
    michie Says:

    I am a huge twilight fan and was thirsty for more vamp fiction and picked up vamp diaries. It was entertaining. I love love love twilight however I am open minded enough to realise the Meyer ripped off a lot of stuff from other vamp fiction, movies etc… its all about how she put it all together that made it so wonderful. I have read the books many times. My husband thinks I am nuts. With that said I love the vampire genre so much that I welcome the vamp diaries this fall. I will be watching. I suspect that many others will watch too. I predict that the show will live long on the CW.
    I agree that Twilight brought vamps back into the mainstream but so who cares… we all just wanna be entertained so the networks are bringing us what they think we will like. I appreciate that in this case. Quit sliging mud people its a bit gratuitous I would say.

  72. 72
    chrisseh Says:

    I LOVE those books.
    But…I mean,the girl looks pretty,but she’s supposed to be BLOND…
    And I really don’t find those two very attractive as Stefan and the brother.. =/
    I don’t think I’m going to watch it…

  73. 73
    A_proud_twilighter Says:


    i have heard of anne rice and i use to watch buffy all the time!!!! i have never heard of Bram Stoker though!!

    i have to say that of these you listed only buffy can actually come close to compare to twilight! maybe if you actually read the books you would see HOW FREAKIN GREAT they are. your missing out

    Buht to other twilight fans this isnt suppose to be like twilght these books came out before twilight. although stephenie did write the books before this buht it wasnt made into an acutally book until after these. i am looking forward to watching the series to see if ican compare to its books.

  74. 74
    A_proud_twilighter Says:


    Smallville is an amazing show!!! so back off!!
    its good to have an imagination and i love watching
    smallville!! cant wait for the next season yeah thats
    right ANOTHER season!!

  75. 75
    A_proud_twilighter Says:

    twilight was copie because of buffy if thats what ur tryin to say because twilight was actually a dream stephenie myer the auther had and she wrote it down. she wasnt actually goin to make it into a book until her sister told her she should. she actually had the whole book written in 2000 buht didnt actually put it out ther until 2006 and then it became popular just recently although i read it in 2006. before it was the popular thing to do.

  76. 76
    A_proud_twilighter Says:

    @Jade: we actually KNOW that twilight is good! its actually great!!! and it wasnt intended to even be like how you think vampire should be! it was a dream the author had not actually the way she thout vampires were.

  77. 77
    tIFFAny Says:

    I hope they are planning on dying her hair or having her wear a wig because elena is blonde and that’s a good part of her description.

    I hope its good because the books were awesome.

  78. 78
    A_proud_twilighter Says:

    @cassi: whatever spike couldnt wipe anyone esp. not edward since he had that thing put in his head so he couldnt attack anyone. yeah maybe you should catch up on ur buffy ther.

  79. 79
    najha fossster Says:

    Um, hello you can still like twilight and other stuff!
    i’m in love with twilight but this show sounds cool. i’m in to the super nayural stuff :D

  80. 80
    kate Says:

    thye ruined the casting of it. Elena is blonde with blue eyes not brunnette with watever her eye color is -.-

  81. 81
    cool Says:

    For all those people saying Twilight wannabes or whatver or that people only like Vampires coz of Twilight..that’s so not true..I’ve liked Darren Shan way before I even heard of Twilight and It was going to be a movie way before Twilight came out..I can’t wait for the Darren Shan movie to come out =} You people should have an open-mind :) This sounds pretty cool and I would totally watch it :)

  82. 82
    vanu moritz love vampires x] Says:

    i’m a twilight fan so what…
    but you.. ALL are acting like little kids
    if u don’t like twilight ok we know this thing isn’t
    copying it
    and stop insulting and stop talking about other things
    if u don’t like something OK!
    just respect everyone!
    i would like to watch the vampire diaries..
    and twilight fans
    u have to respect other people as well…
    -vanu moritz
    don’t be rude :D
    if u want add me

  83. 83
    kristina carrera Says:

    omg i read the books i am sooooooo excited

  84. 84
    Petrick92 Says:

    I’ve heard of the series, been meaning to read them but haven’t gotten around to it!

    grr… they have to put it on right when ugly betty is on… grr.

    oh well i’ll probably just get the dvds. :P

    looks very interesting.

    idk if it will be better then twilight or not. i love twilight, but we’ll just have to wait and see. i doubt it though, but still.

  85. 85
    Pam Says:

    @Saudia: I think it sounds good, I will not compare it to twilight, I will give it a shot I love vampires and werewolves anyhow, besides twilight i also loved moonlight so why not the vampire diaries????

  86. 86
    snow and rain Says:

    I like the guys being cast but the girl is nothing like Elena in the book. I would have liked if she dyed her hair blond. If I was the author I would not be happy.

  87. 87
    Darcyy Says:

    omg she looks NOTHING like elena! and stefan i believe was the most gorgeous human being.. what is this?! im not saying they’re ugly but cmon they’re supposed to look young not 30.

  88. 88
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    you have GOT to be kidding me .
    i have read the books and LOVED them…

    like wtf…

    - audrey :S

  89. 89
    Erin Says:

    wow obviously it’s different from twilight people…. don’t compare them
    I liked this series before I read twilight but then I again I read twilight like a week after…..
    Casting is bad but I liked Ian on Lost so I think he’ll be fine
    I agree with dee, why the hell did they cast Elena as a brunette ?
    God these people are blind

  90. 90
    kiss of a feather Says:

    Um yeah…..I was happy to hear that they were going to make this book series into a tv show up until I just saw the cast. The casting is all wrong!!! Elena has golden blond hair and ocean blue eyes. This girl has neither of those things and the fact that Elena’s looks are such a big part of the book series the show is based off of you’d think they’d at least get that one right in casting. I will not be watching this show that is for sure. I see a big fail coming their way because of their lack of sticking to the main parts of what they are coping. And this is the first I’ve heard anything about Smallville not coming back next season, weird. OH yeah plus the guy they picked for Stefan looks way to old and doesn’t have the right looks for it either. Stefan has deep forest green eyes so unless they gave him contacts to wear (which still wouldn’t help with his poor casting) it is another fail. As for DAMON I can’t see that actor pulling off his character’s personality. His age fits though because Damon is the older brother to Stefan. So ALL IN ALL FAIL!!! I feel bad for the author L.J. Smith for having to sit back and watch them ruin her characters and not being able to do anything about it. That is so sad. So I’ll be sticking to the books series version, thanks.

  91. 91
    Amber Says:

    Umm…… I thought Elena was supposed to be blond?! Its a good book series and is probably going to be a good Tv series but couldn’t they have atleast gotten a better cast?

  92. 92
    cassi Says:


    Don’t make me laugh! Did you forget that they removed the chip in season 7! I know my Buffy! So, yes spike would have kicked Edward’s ass!!!

  93. 93
    gdxr Says:

    I hate this post. No offence. I love your site but i hate how they made Elena brown haired, i mean wtfwtfwtf. rrr, i need to rent. Damon is spelled wrong the first time and the pictures are HORRIBLE. They look freaking EW! What about to a HOTHOTHOT Stefan and the dreamy Damon???!!!!! I just finished reading THVD for ze 10th time and this post is a dissappointmenttt -.-

  94. 94
    cassi Says:


    For YOU Stephanie Meyers told a story unlike any other.
    For others (inlcude me) it is …… not good!
    I am sick and tired of Twilight fans behaving like Vampire equals Twilight! It doesn’t!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95
    Christine Says:

    arg, i dont even know why im commenting but most of you idiots out there are, well idiots! yes im a twilight fan, i think they are great books, i think kristen ruined bella for me but thats another story, but alot of people are going through a vampire obsession (like me) and im happy that they are making more vampire shows! i mean seriously, twilight books are done, and they are coming out with a movie ONCE A YEAR!! sorry but 2 hours for one year is not good enough for me. SO STOP COMPARING!!
    i haven’t read the vampire diaries series, but its on my list. does anybody know how many vampire book series are out there? WAAAAYYYY to many, oh but sorry to the twilight fans, all those authors must just be copying twilight :O. seriously get over yourselves, twilight is an amazing book (movie was pretty pathetic, crossing fingers for a better part 2) but there are other amazing vampire series that are amazing and arnt copied from twilight!! :O shocking!!! ****SARCASM****
    Vampires are a new hit, so if this TV show doesn’t take off well than that’s just to bad, but i think it might actually be OK, although i think the guys they cast as the brothers are not as sexy as a vampire should be…. they shoulda used the brothers from supernatural <3 mMmM anyways getting off topic… give it a shot and stop comparing because obviously twilight and vampire diaries are not the only vampire books or movies ever made and were made in totally different time periods and totally different authors!

  96. 96
    edwardlover143 Says:

    ome they should have got someone cutter but i cant wait to see it. all of you that didnt read, READ IT, its awesome and you have to see buffy the vapire slayer, ome angel was so hot ome

  97. 97
    Sean Says:

    @Saudia: Ur SOOOOOOOO dumb because u even sed it urself that the books were dont before Twilight. How can it be a copy then? you dumbass, lol. Can’t people understand that different people can get the same ideas? It’s apart of liev, so get over it!

    @NOSFERATU: Couldn’t have put it better myself, im really glad to see that there is one level headed person out there. I hate all those stupid Twilighters that understand what they’re saying. The Vampire genre is one of the most popular genres ever and just because one person comes along with a book and calls it twilighters,everybodies sense goes out the window after reading it.Come on, really? Twilight should be raved about? Why? It’s not even original. I’m more on ur level (with a slight part of ramble,stupidness and randomness) I have heard of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice.

    @BalloonsAreFun: No, smallville isnt cancelled, it’s being moved to Friday nights @ 8, i think lol

  98. 98
    Sean Says:

    @cassi: lol, Brilliantly put, but it wont work with those Twilighters cos they have some sort of fever and the Reason the casting would be exactly the same is because it’s an adaption of the books, which means things will be slightly altered to fit in with the viewers and people who have read the book series dont really see that because they’re judgement is clouded lol.

  99. 99
    mISS.GOTH Says:

    i’M MORE oF aN aNNe rIcE gIRL CUsZ iM nOT sTUpId ANd tWiLIGhT SUCKED! SwEAr aLMoSt nOBoDY kNoWS sHYyTt BoUt vAMpSz aNYmOrE.


  100. 100
    CHrissy Says:

    To Some Twilight Fans: I think the only thing that is original in Twilight is that vampires sparkle. lol There are many many vampire books. Perhaps the reason that some Twilight fans do not understand this is because they are not an avid fan of vampires in general as they specifically like Twilight and do not read other books with vampires? Just a guess or too young to read the more mature contents in some of the vampire books. Just pick up another book about vampires and give it a try. :)

    Anyways I haven’t read the Vampire Diaries but will look forward to watching this series. :)

  101. 101
    bb Says:

    cm’on people, you are fighting over VAMPIRES!, Twilight is great, but why not giving a shot for Vamp. D? seems pretty good to me, even though there were Vamp series time ago, the successs that Twilight has been may be considered a good reason for This Vamp D to appaer on tv….
    Just enjoy what you looove the most, dn’t take stuff personal!
    atte. rl

  102. 102
    rp Says:

    omggggg :o
    iM SOOO excitd! Vampire diaries is DA BEST.. i mean i love twilight and all but vampire diaries is just amazing!…its more vampiry! All those people who think they copied twilight….thats not true because vampire diaries are older then twilight although i think everyones loves this genre because twilight was sucha success! but thats just my opinion!
    Ok now about the cast!!!! OMG..why is elena not BLONDE? i mean shes pretty but shes meant to be STUNNING*…and popular and smart! wtf?
    Ok meant to be GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL…wtf? paul wesley is gd looking and all but hes not stefen! stefen is meant to have long hair, green eyes and hot body :D
    IAN is the best choice for DAMON….hes the reason im gonna watch this 4 real! hes just perfect 4 da character!
    IM looking 4ward to this though…i think if they stick to the book…this will be a hit.
    x x x

  103. 103
    rp Says:

    I agree with you omg Kristin ruined bella 4 me too and the movie wasnt that amazing and yah hope new moons better:@ I love twilight books 2 and i only started reading vampire diaries because i liked the genre bcoz of twilight and i agree 2 hours is not enough 4 me either :@
    They are 5 books out for vampire diaries but theres more coming so there will be enough to satisfy any1 hu loves the genre! you should read them they are AMAZING…stefens a lot like edward :D i love the genre so i think this show will be soo cool! although i agree the cast isnt very amazing except IAN (wow) whos gonna play damon!
    but i will definetly watch this :D
    x x x

  104. 104
    Cissamalfoy Says:

    actually it was gonna be made into a tv show since the first book they justspent all this time doing casting you should know ur fact. and ttyl there have been eay more vampire movies besides twilight and all of those were actually good. you are just made b/c twilight is a crap series and this is way better b/c surprise surprise : IT HAS A PLOT!!!!!!

  105. 105
    hatersbweare urgoingdown Says:

    this is messed up people hating it was made before twilight but elena neeeds to be blonde!

  106. 106
    The Vampire Diaries lover Says:

    I can’t wait until this show begins!! All my other vampire shoes have been getting canceled. And btw, Smallville has not been canceled, it’s just been moved to Fridays. I love Smallville as well!!

  107. 107
    The Vampire Diaries lover Says:

    I can’t wait until this show begins!! All my other vampire shows* have been getting canceled. And btw, Smallville has not been canceled, it’s just been moved to Fridays. I love Smallville as well!!

  108. 108
    shante Says:

    omg wy does everybody compare twilight to every vampire book/show!? gosh twilight is not the first ever vampire book! i LOVE twilight to death but it annoys me wen ppl wants to compare something that has to do with vampires yeah we get it twilight is AMAZING but dnt compare it to another vampire book cuz it’s most likely different gosh dis show seems interesting especially sine nina(mia frm degrassi) is in =]

  109. 109
    tyt Says:

    well im not a hardcore fan a twilight but i do believe its a rip off i think any non twilight fan can see that, now dont take it the wrong way im sure vampire diarie are great book and i understand that they were out way before twilight books but my question to you is…

    Why are they making a show until now when it was out way way before like 8 or 10 yrs ago, am i correct?
    And were they so desperate to make it fast that they couldnt get a decent cast not even a character with the right haircolor??

  110. 110
    kr Says:

    Im a twilight fan but I also liked the vampire diaries. This series couldnt have been in the works since the first book came out in 1991, it doesnt take 18 years to cast for a television series. While maybe stephenie got some of her ideas from other vampire fiction(please we all know its true) it doesnt mean that this new series isnt riding the coat tails of this new vampire craze created by Twilight. Buffy was pretty popular, no ones denying that but it didnt have the same immense fandom or popularity that twilight does. That doesnt mean the movie adaption wasnt crappy(it was, luckily new moon looks better so far) but it was a smash hit as a book. Ive also read bram stokers Dracula and heard of ann rices Interview with a Vampire so ive been around these kind of novels before, and not one of these authors were the ones who made vampires up but that doesnt make them copycats. Some similarities between Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are: vampire-human romance(where the vampire is a guy), the both take place in small towns, love triangle, shape-shifting, set in high schools, older vamps, and crappy writing(extremely horrible in the vampire diaries), but really good plot lines and story ideas. So seriously people im just looking forward to this series despite everything everyone is saying, while hoping that it isnt as sappy and annoyingly gooshy as its book version. Everyone needs to stop comparing and let this show stand for itself apart from Twilight. Theres no need to get all upset over this series, its not that big of a deal. Although im kind of annoyed with the brunette elena, but ill get over it.

  111. 111
    Vampireluver Says:

    I’ll say Vampires have appeared in Books and Films 4 centuries and ppl throw hissy fits only now coz of Twilight..seriously who cares don’t get so worked up!!

  112. 112
    lilyrose Says:

    i agree with all u lj fans about the casting u think they could have screwed it up any worse. i might just watch the piolet just to get a good laugh. ok u twilight fans yes the books were ok and yes the movie was cool but the vampire diaries is what paved the way for ur twilight books. and from what i know of from lj’s site and fansites this was in the making long before ur glittering vampires even hit the big screen.

  113. 113
    prabhjot Says:

    aha twilight wannabe’s :P

  114. 114
    Jessica Says:

    Stop comparing this to Twlight, PLEASE. Vampire Diaries came out in 1992! WAYYYY Before Twilight came out. I actually love Twilight, but Twilight wasn’t the first Vampire story to come out, so stop comparing it to everything

  115. 115

    HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! cannot be canceled!! maybe they’re just movin’ the show to another day………really hope

  116. 116
    Dean's_ biatch Says:

    OH MY!! i almost jump from my window when i first heard dat they were makin’ a show based on vampire diaries!! (i mean…..i was shocked i totally luv the idea) i luv the books and everything and of course loveeeeeeeeeee Ian somerhalder , and Paul (he doesn’t convince me yet ….i didn’t see him as Stefan but i’ll see) but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this girl Nina (i do not have nothing against her) i mean she’s not even a blond or has blue eyes as Elena is supposed to be!!!! dat was the momnt when i almost tried to jump of the window …….again!!! ok maybe their preformances are good ……anyway i’ll give it a shot =)

  117. 117
    Caroline Says:

    I certainly like all the actors who are playing, even though elena is originally blonde. I think their doing awfully good with the series. I mean come on people… some things have to be different. I mean take it down to detail…. on the first day of school elena wears this red shirt…. watch the trailer stupid…. the girl wears a red shirt. Nina has that quality about her that says she can definitly portray the character of Elena…. remember that saying people… dont judge a book by its cover. I know most of you think of Elena by the girl on the cover. Think again! In some parts of our minds we think of many different versions of elena. Sometimes the girl on the cover, sometimes that fraction in our imagination that keeps constanly changing each body feature that we think goes along with the type of expression shed be wearing. But just be thankful of Nina’s acting and the getting into character if you put it. Nina will play a great Elena. The only thing im dissapointed in is the fact that they only have bonnie. But I like that the director put both the characters into one. Bonnie has that gaurded yet fun positive side to her. Like how she was saying how kickass their year will be. It felt like she was kinda judging wether to use that phrase or not. Gaurded. Yet positive and goaled that will happen. But then at the end of the trailer she gives you that spider crawling feeling. Even though she looks nothing like either characters I like the directors pick. Most shows dont really add a black or native person as a main character. I like the director. Oh I also hear that Jeremy is Elena’s brother….. no…… absolutly no. There was no need of him. But oh well. I know I still love the shows more than Twilight movie! But I know I will like New Moon best of all. Go Vampires!!!!!!!!

  118. 118
    Madison Says:

    you twilight obsessed people are kinda crazy, i mean not everything came out after twilight. And was a total copy off it. This is actually a great book series. Hope it will be a good TV series too (even tho the casting sux!).

    PS read twilight and a few other vampire stuff (what can i say vampires and humans and stuff in love fascinate me!) and i loved twilight too. :)

    PS PS I totally recommend Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

  119. 119
    Allyssa Says:

    Wow. You guys are all stupid as hell.
    For starters, there’s so many similarities between the two, and since Vampire Diaries was published first, that means that Stephenie probably got her inspiration from L J Smith.
    So, yeah. If not for LJ, there would be no Twilight.
    Twilight is a good series, but this one is so much better.
    There’s nothing like the originals.
    This one’s going into production because it’s GOOD. Not because of Twilight. Twilight has nothing on the Vampire Diaries. Nothing at all.
    The series is amazing, and it’s usually messed up when people try and remake something, so don’t say ****. Sure, the characters are all messed up, EXCEPT FOR THE GORGEOUS DAMON, but that’s probably because they needed something different. Although Elena as a brunette is pretty dumb.
    Give the show a chance. People PAY the author to be able to make it into something they want, so STFU. That’s why it’s not like the books. Because it’s been bought by the CW.

  120. 120
    KYLIE Says:

    but i thought Elena was supposed to have blonde hair not brown hair????

  121. 121
    Malinda Says:

    @Anastacia: i was reading the vamire diaries more than a decade ago, if you are going to make comments make sure you do your research properly because all you have done is made a fool out of your self. Twilight is not the be all and end all of vampire stories in fact many others were telling that sort of vamp tale before S Meyer wrote those boring books that lack imagination

  122. 122
    Malinda Says:

    @A_proud_twilighter: Bram Stoker DRACULA

  123. 123
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    YAY more freaking vampires. Just what this world needs. NOT.

  124. 124
    Allyssa Vasquez Says:

    i know she is blond i think they cant read…………… or there just stupid

  125. 125
    allyfelizzz Says:

    okay, why the heck is elena not BLONDE?!
    that’s going to be so annoying.
    i mean, i’m reading The Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall
    and every time they talk about elena they mention her BLONDE HAIR!
    Stefan and damon are okay, both hot.
    and please, people this is nothing like Twilight, so stop comparing.
    (twilight’s better:p)

  126. 126

    The Vampire Diaries books were actually published before Twilight so you could actually say Twilight ripped the Vampire Diaries off.

  127. 127
    Nikki Says:

    just because twilight made it big and is about vampires doesnt mean everything people write and put on tv is going to be a twilight rip off. come on people get into your thick skulls NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE AVOUT TWILIGHT!!!!!

  128. 128
    alexandria_thegreat Says:

    calm down you ignorant iliterate twilight fanatics. twilight”s storyline was amazing, BUT it was poorly written.poorly directly.and it isn’ t the only vampire book out there. give this show a chance. oh and btw, elena is gorgeous as a brunnett. being blonde is overrated anyways!

  129. 129
    Nellie Says:

    this might be a let down, I read the books when they came out and i fell in love with the circle of power series and the vampire diaries, and yah elena a brunette???? and stefan is supposed to be like smoking hot that actor not so much. Im scared to watch …

  130. 130
    nic Says:

    i love nina she’s awesome but she’s no elena, and elena’s supposed to be blond, i’m sorry i don’t agree with casting.

  131. 131
    cheyenne Says:

    i dont care what you idiots are trying to get at about vampire diaries riping twilight off bc i like both and i think its stupid that all of you have something bad to say about one of these shows. they are both AWESOME so you ppl leave them alone! i bet half of you havent read the books you are complaing over so get over it! Either read the books or shut your mouths!!!

  132. 132
    DianaGosuckyourself Says:

    Tru That

  133. 133
    brooke:) Says:

    I have something very urgent to say..*ahem*

    Elena is supposed to have bright blue eyes and BLONDE hair because she is supposed to remind stefan of kristina.
    Damon is supposed to look big and powerful ( which he doesnt)
    Stefan is supposed to look strong but not as big as damon (which you can seein the picture stefan is bigger then damon)

    whoever picked these people to star in the show is stupid and clearly hasnt read the book, or paid enough attention to it.
    This is a really good book series and i along with lots of others will be furious if it gets screwed up like the twilight movie did. Its not that hard to amke it right. You dont even really have to ave imagination. All you have to do is READ THE BOOK!

  134. 134
    mander Says:

    For the record, y’all should put your Twilight and Vampire Diaries books on a shelf for awhile and watch some actual blood-sucking vampires/V addicted humans on True Blood…something to really get your heart racing!

  135. 135
    clemence Says:

    Elena is blonde with blue eyes, and she’s tall
    Stephan has green eyes and Damon black eyes
    i read the book !!!

    ps; Stephan and Elena must be beautiful !!

  136. 136
    clemence Says:

    Elena is blonde with blue eyes, and she’s tall
    Stephan has green eyes and Damon black eyes
    i read the book !!!

    ps; Stephan and Elena must be beautiful !!

  137. 137
    watch the vampire diaries Says:

    I think Damon looks better than Stefan. Anyway we’ll have to wait to see if it is a good series.

  138. 138
    tassibelle Says:

    i am a twilighter and i think the vampire diaries is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can it be a complete copy of twilight if it was written before twilight was even “dreamt” stephenie! and i’ve seen a few clips of this too it looks cool even though the casting IS lame. The Stefan is hot if you give it a good thought. Twilight Rules and The Vampire Diaries Rule! GET OVER IT PEOPLE. if you don’t like it DONT EFFING COMMENT IT!!

  139. 139
    tassibelle Says:

    @brooke:): well you obviously didnt read the book properly because Elena is meant to remind Stefan of someone called Catherine…not Kristina.

  140. 140
    tassibelle Says:

    @mander: yeah true blood looks cool i might even sit down and watch it.

  141. 141
    cindy Says:

    @charles: the books this show is based from came out before twilight.. in 1991 i think. and it is a lot like twilight.. who is a wanna be now?

  142. 142
    loli Says:

    OK elena is supposed to be blond, but this girl is soooooooo gorgeous that im fine fith it! And i would choose the guy who plays demon to play stefan! But trailers are HOT , THIS CAST IS SOOOO MUCH HOTTER THAN TWIGHLIGHT! I`ll definitely watch it!!!

  143. 143
    Isabella Black Says:

    I loved reading the books, and so I couldn’t wait for the TV show. I’m disappointed to find that Elena is the total opposite from what she is in the books. The guys are nicely chosen especially Ian. I still love it no matter what though. Like everything else, nothing can beat the books.

  144. 144
    smugfeline Says:


    Actually the chip only prevented Spike from hurting LIVING creatures (ie; humans). That’s why he started killing other vamps for sport and later joined Buffy on patrol.

  145. 145
    smugfeline Says:


    Besides even when he had the chip he could hurt other vamps, just not humans. he patrolled with Buffy in season 6

  146. 146
    JEREMyglover Says:

    Vampire Diaries was written 14 years before stupid twilight. please understand meyer copied lj smith not the other way around for those of you who only read stupid twilight and not else do some homework before posting stuff on the internet cause you look dumb when make accusations against something you know nothing of. meyer copied many books she said it was a dream my booty. she copied other books and made it as her own people. she changed a couple things like being sparkled but mostly her vampire human romance was all on bases of others. either way i loved the show. but i don’t get it why would someone arrest Nina for taking photos. its so stupid. anyways. love the show can’t wait for another episode

  147. 147
    whitelace Says:

    Ian is in it so I will give it a go tomorrow night. Haven’t seen Ian Somerhalder in anything since HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” series.

  148. 148
    Kat. Says:

    Personally, I loved Twilight, hated the movie. This, looks really good. Though honesty, it’s a lot like twilight, but much much much better. In comparison, it totally beats Twilight.

  149. 149
    jane Says:

    i dont see how the color of her eyes or hair matter. It is a relativelydescent show. Very basic story so far but looks like it will soon get very complicated between the characters. So far loving the CW, for casting such beautiful people in their shows.

  150. 150
    Michelle Says:

    This is NOT a Twilight copy. Man, people these days are really stupid. If there was only 1 of every type of movie/TV show, there wouldn’t BE any more shows to watch. I can’t believe immature kids are judging this show without even trying to watch it.

    And I don’t understand what the big deal is! If you a person that’s tired of watching vampire shows, they don’t watch it? I don’t think anybody is pointing a gun at you and forcing you to watch.

    I personally think this doesn’t look so bad, because unlike some, I have an open mind.

  151. 151
    cindy Says:

    du u de. vampire diaries were made 15 YEARS BEFORE twilight.

  152. 152
    Your'e all crazy Says:

    I think you are all missing the point here. The cast is gorgeous, works well together, and have amazing chemistry. Ian Somerhalder playing Damon strikes the perfect balance between menacing and charming, and ‘bitinglt’ sarcastic. Great actor. Nina playing Elena is doing a spectacular job-who cares if she’s blond or not?? And the guy playing Stefan is the perfect tortured, anguished soul. You are all misguided and drank Waaaay too much of the Twilight koolaid. I, for one, am hooked on the show.

  153. 153
    Jessigurl01 Says:

    I love this show with all my heart and watch it every nite i can. I love the actters they all do great job being their characters. I would tell any one and every one to watch this show lol


  154. 154
    zoe Says:

    Paul Wesley is a smoking hot vamp! Excellent choice. I’m thinking all kinds of dirty thoughts but won’t go there… LOL…..!!

  155. 155
    jc Says:

    I love twilight but when it comes to acting I think Paul is better than Rob no offense to fellow twilight fans. I think Paul’s acting is not force and natural and doesn’t hurt my eyes when I see him like upset. It’s more believable and I can definitely feel it that watching Rob in the new moon’s trailer when he left Bella in the woods. I think Rob is cute and Paul as well but that’s just me. I know a lot of twilight fan will hate me for saying but it’s my own opinion.

  156. 156
    jennifer Says:

    i love vampire diaries i hate twilight it is so dum i really hope new moon is better i was soo happy when vampire diaries came out because i love nina doberv soo much she rocks. the only reason i want to see new moon is because i want to see edward get beet up by dakota fanning any way I HATE TWILIGHT, BUT I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SOO MUCH.

    P.S. i was crying when stefan left elena like that soo sad but i saw the promo for the next one and it looks very good.

  157. 157
    vampire diariesssssssss Says:

    weel first off all smallville was moved on fridays wicth sucks now cause i cant see it
    but vampire diaries is way betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr than twilight because the vampires are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hoterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr than the dude whatever is his name is in twiligth
    i only like jacob b/c he is a woolf
    but vammmmpire dieeries is cool alsome
    i loooooooooooooove that show
    and smallllllllllllllllville

  158. 158
    brenda Says:

    love this show is my new favorite show
    at first i thought it was going to suck
    but i watched all the episodes and it WAS ALSOME

  159. 159
    brenda Says:


  160. 160
    JaiJaiFangz Says:

    hey! So what, she does amazing! I went to highschool with her, thank you!

  161. 161
    Magaly Says:

    umm kayy ppl lets jus leave it at this VD roxxz!
    twilights ohhkayy
    butt VD is muchh better!
    ive read bothh so stfu already!

  162. 162
    PalmTree Says:

    Don’t diss, I think it’s an awesome tv show and it’s way better then twilight, but then again everything is. Besides that obvious point it’s great and Damon is freaking sexy.

  163. 163
    casper Says:


    vampire diaries is a lot better than twilight, watch it every mondays 8 pm on solar tv. see for your self.

  164. 164
    casper Says:


    vampire diaries is a lot better than twilight, watch it every mondays 8 pm on solar tv. see for your self.

  165. 165
    Haley Says:

    Ian is hot.For a show,that’s enough.

  166. 166
    paulwesleylover Says:

    I think that it is the best show ever! I watch it EVERY
    thursday and it DOES NOT rip off twilight. I am only 11
    years old and I’ve read ALL of the books so far!

  167. 167
    paulwesleylover Says:

    I love the books anmd the show!

  168. 168
    mia Says:

    I like twilight BUT I LOVE vampire diaries,its got nice plot and a wonderful script. keeps me wondering whether all those who say its boring ever bother to listen. Daman rocks!!!

  169. 169
    edz Says:

    i love it,,,,

  170. 170
    carmen Says:


  171. 171
    Saman Zafar Says:

    i agree the that the casting was a bit lousy but when i have watched a few episodes and seemingly the actors have indeed grasped the characters
    lol the funny thing here is that elena has auburn hair which should have been caroline’s and caroline’s blond which should have been elena’s
    i have just finished reading the first part and i cant wait to get my hands on the second part……. i am confused as to why elena’s all love-love for damon after shes changed into a vampire herself

  172. 172
    Twilight Wolf Says:

    I LOVE Twilight and vampire diaries and it is not dum. The books for the vampire diaries were out befor Twilight. =)

  173. 173
    molly Says:

    i think the vampire diares is sooooo kwl and that twilight is kinda stupid bella looks lonley and depressed and she is always fussing over EDWARD and the vampire diares has more horror in a way

  174. 174
    molly Says:

    i think the vampire diares is sooooo kwl and that twilight is kinda stupid bella looks lonley and depressed and she is always fussing over EDWARD and the vampire diares has more horror in a way

  175. 175
    molly Says:

    but that is just my opinion

  176. 176
    bianca karen Says:

    DEIMON é ou não o vampiro mais lindo do mundo inteiro quem me dera um vampiro da quele morder no meu pescoso e me trasformar em uma vampira quem me dera ser imortal e ter uma rasão para viver seria perfeito mais sou uma misera mortao uma simpres humana que é profundamente loucamente profundalmente incondicialmente fanatica por vampiros e que solha conecer IAN eu ainda vou te conhecer a onde VOCÂ estiver irei ate vocÊ ate no fim do mundo de uma fãn louca por vampiros e fanatica por VOCÊ deimon [ian}?????????????????????????????????????????//////////////////////////////////////////////////um beijo IAN?????

  177. 177
    bianca karen Says:

    IAN sou muito sua fãn meu maior sonho é conheser VOCÊ e fazer um filme com VOCÊ sabe adorei seu personage DEIMON DA SERE DIARIOS DE UM VAMPIRO MAIS EU ASSISTIR SO A 1 temporada e a 2 temporada eu não achei as outras para vender mais eu vou achar pois sou fanatica por vampiros e por VOCÊ dos atores do filme VOCÊ sem duvida é o nelhuma VOCÊ é o mais espesial e alem de tudo é vampiro tem sange quente e é um gato os bonzinhos não estão com nada eu sou mais os maus como o DEIMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!de quei é sua fãn numero 1 ….

  178. 178
    bianca karen Says:

    IAN VOCÊ é o meu maior espirador para segir com o meu sonho em frente e nunca desistir mesno que seja imposivel eu quero ser atriz fazer um filme com VOCÊ eu queria saber se VOCÊ é paresido com o seu personagem DEIMON na vida real o geito de vestir as maneiras e etc eu quero mais do que tudo te conheser mesno que seja por um minuto mais eu tenho que saber que uma vez na minha vida eu te vi para mim todos os sonhos são possiveis basta acreditar que vão se realisar eu chego ate a chorar com medo de nunca te conecer a cada episodio da sere é como se VOCÊ estivese mais perto de mim sabe a quela pessoa que sintimos já ter conhesido foi assim com migo quando te vi pela 1 vez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!de sua fãn e sua amiga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. 179


  180. 180
    bianca Says:

    o deimon é lindo não é ai se eu te pego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. 181
    bianca Says:

    sou muito fãn dessa sere quen me dera se um vampiro igual o DEIMON mordese no meu pescoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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