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The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

Here are some first look pictures The Vampire Diaries, set to debut Fall 2009 on The CW.

Pictured left to right: Ian Somerhalder as Daman, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan.

The show is based on LJ Smith‘s book series. Stefan is described as “gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man” who is actually a 200-year-old vampire who has a strong connection with Elena. His brother Damon, the evil of the two, has also taken a liking to Elena.

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays @ 8PM ET/PT (right before Supernatural).

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Photos: Kharen Hill/Alan Markfield/The CW
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  • faith

    I’m getting tired of these damn angsty vampire movies!!!!

    Why can’t someone just create an original mythical creature idea instead?!

  • Ande

    I think Ian was cast well as Damon, but the chick playing Elena should really be blonde. Is it really so hard to find a blonde in Hollywood? And that Stefan guy really ain’t as hot as he’s supposed to be. Still, I read and suffered through the books so I could watch this show, so hopefully it’ll be good.

  • mertz

    lol. i know nina through some of my friends who are on degrassi, and i like her but no way am i saying she’s a good actor (she is growing in the business). she’s a great friend though :). lol. her shenae, jaimie, giovanni, aubrey, sarah, raymond, stacey, adamo, scott, the whole gang (all my friends who get extra gigs on the show. lol.) i hate the show, but i gotta support them. it’s good when they have work.

    original degrassi is better.

  • Ariana

    wtf a twilight knockoff how pathetic! stealing the whole vampire idea…. lameee

  • Ariana

    not stealing the idea i mean trying to being it back cause they think twilight fans will watch it

  • cassi

    Bohoo! Even if it would try to profite from the vampire buzz, Twilight sucks anyways!


    Yes, Stephanie Meyers didnt invent Vampires. Everyone knows that!!
    But…What Stephanie did was tell a story unlike what was already out there. Hence…why it became a hit. I know people get angry and say…this was written first, that was written later. But who cares, isnt it about the story not what came first? Also…I dont know how people can say Steph Meyer copied ideas from other writers when this is how it all began…..

    “I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately. For what is essentially a transcript of my dream, please see Chapter 13 (“Confessions”) of the book.” Stephanie Meyer

    Personally, I’ve never read Vampire Diaries. If it isn’t successful its not just because people are comparing it to Twilight etc, its because it just isnt as loved. There have been other Vampire stories, films, shows that didnt succeed (before Twilight) and thats because theres something lacking in the story, cast, cinematography etc.
    And…Of course, there have been other successful Vamp stories, Buffy, Angel, True Blood, Van Helsing, Underworld, Dracula etc……

    Also…Im sick of getting crap about the Twilight books.
    I’ve read all the Twilight Series, and the first movie really wasnt good. For me…it completely butchered the book. Which is sad, because people who dont read and have just seen the film, bag out the books without realising the film isnt like the book at all. And..I wouldnt suggest it to tweens to read. It would def go over their heads.

  • Geri

    BTW. Smallville moves to Friday.

  • Geri

    …and what happened with Paul´s real surname??? I always knew him as Wasilewski. What is it with Hollywood and “real” english names???

  • Yeh

    If you guys were smart enough, VAMPIRE DIARIES was written WAY BEFORE Twilight… Actually in the 1990′s…

    Anyways, I kinda don’t like the characters casted for the roles… -_-
    NOT how I imagined it.

  • Solène

    I agree with #59, I remember his surname Wasilewski and i’m surprised to see he changed it. Paul Wesley is such a common name, he should have stayed with his real name.

  • Amanda

    I have just recently starting reading The Vampire Diaries…and i knew the books were being made into a tv show. BUT Elena is meant to have blonde hair, pale porcelain skin and blue eyes o.0. Is that so hard to to find some girl with all that? This girl is pretty and all but they could have got her to dye to hair or have blue contacts in.

    Plus i could imagine Ian as Stefan more so than this Paul Wesley guy. Once again, how hard is it to get the hair/eyes right? -_-

    and to everyone who is saying it’s a copy of Twilight, i have some news for you. This series were made in the 90′s..wayyy before Twilight. The reason for making it as a tv show now is most likely because of the sucess of the Twilight books/movies.

    I don’t know what to think of this now o.0

  • Amanda

    started** I’m sorry for the bad typo’s. =/

  • Olivia

    Wow. The “Epically Beautiful” one is the plainest dude around. They couldn’t at least cast a prettier face than the mean guy from season one of the OC?

  • masia

    O M G



  • masia

    O M G



  • jackie

    whats up with all the vampire shows twilight is the best one these
    are so stupid

  • louberry

    Oh lord… people can say ANYTHING about the cast, or the show, or the books, if they know what they’re talking about. But some Twilight fans act like Stephenie Meyer didn’t got all the Edward idea from Stefan… so get a clue. =)

  • alyse

    even though you say it is wanna-be-twilight, the books were written before twilight.

  • Bretten

    looks just like that twilight shit. for sad ugly little girls..PASS!

  • michie

    I am a huge twilight fan and was thirsty for more vamp fiction and picked up vamp diaries. It was entertaining. I love love love twilight however I am open minded enough to realise the Meyer ripped off a lot of stuff from other vamp fiction, movies etc… its all about how she put it all together that made it so wonderful. I have read the books many times. My husband thinks I am nuts. With that said I love the vampire genre so much that I welcome the vamp diaries this fall. I will be watching. I suspect that many others will watch too. I predict that the show will live long on the CW.
    I agree that Twilight brought vamps back into the mainstream but so who cares… we all just wanna be entertained so the networks are bringing us what they think we will like. I appreciate that in this case. Quit sliging mud people its a bit gratuitous I would say.

  • chrisseh

    I LOVE those books.
    But…I mean,the girl looks pretty,but she’s supposed to be BLOND…
    And I really don’t find those two very attractive as Stefan and the brother.. =/
    I don’t think I’m going to watch it…

  • A_proud_twilighter


    i have heard of anne rice and i use to watch buffy all the time!!!! i have never heard of Bram Stoker though!!

    i have to say that of these you listed only buffy can actually come close to compare to twilight! maybe if you actually read the books you would see HOW FREAKIN GREAT they are. your missing out

    Buht to other twilight fans this isnt suppose to be like twilght these books came out before twilight. although stephenie did write the books before this buht it wasnt made into an acutally book until after these. i am looking forward to watching the series to see if ican compare to its books.

  • A_proud_twilighter


    Smallville is an amazing show!!! so back off!!
    its good to have an imagination and i love watching
    smallville!! cant wait for the next season yeah thats
    right ANOTHER season!!

  • A_proud_twilighter

    twilight was copie because of buffy if thats what ur tryin to say because twilight was actually a dream stephenie myer the auther had and she wrote it down. she wasnt actually goin to make it into a book until her sister told her she should. she actually had the whole book written in 2000 buht didnt actually put it out ther until 2006 and then it became popular just recently although i read it in 2006. before it was the popular thing to do.

  • A_proud_twilighter

    @Jade: we actually KNOW that twilight is good! its actually great!!! and it wasnt intended to even be like how you think vampire should be! it was a dream the author had not actually the way she thout vampires were.

  • tIFFAny

    I hope they are planning on dying her hair or having her wear a wig because elena is blonde and that’s a good part of her description.

    I hope its good because the books were awesome.

  • A_proud_twilighter

    @cassi: whatever spike couldnt wipe anyone esp. not edward since he had that thing put in his head so he couldnt attack anyone. yeah maybe you should catch up on ur buffy ther.

  • najha fossster

    Um, hello you can still like twilight and other stuff!
    i’m in love with twilight but this show sounds cool. i’m in to the super nayural stuff :D

  • kate

    thye ruined the casting of it. Elena is blonde with blue eyes not brunnette with watever her eye color is -.-

  • cool

    For all those people saying Twilight wannabes or whatver or that people only like Vampires coz of Twilight..that’s so not true..I’ve liked Darren Shan way before I even heard of Twilight and It was going to be a movie way before Twilight came out..I can’t wait for the Darren Shan movie to come out =} You people should have an open-mind :) This sounds pretty cool and I would totally watch it :)

  • vanu moritz love vampires x]

    i’m a twilight fan so what…
    but you.. ALL are acting like little kids
    if u don’t like twilight ok we know this thing isn’t
    copying it
    and stop insulting and stop talking about other things
    if u don’t like something OK!
    just respect everyone!
    i would like to watch the vampire diaries..
    and twilight fans
    u have to respect other people as well…
    -vanu moritz
    don’t be rude :D
    if u want add me

  • kristina carrera

    omg i read the books i am sooooooo excited

  • Petrick92

    I’ve heard of the series, been meaning to read them but haven’t gotten around to it!

    grr… they have to put it on right when ugly betty is on… grr.

    oh well i’ll probably just get the dvds. :P

    looks very interesting.

    idk if it will be better then twilight or not. i love twilight, but we’ll just have to wait and see. i doubt it though, but still.

  • Pam

    @Saudia: I think it sounds good, I will not compare it to twilight, I will give it a shot I love vampires and werewolves anyhow, besides twilight i also loved moonlight so why not the vampire diaries????

  • snow and rain

    I like the guys being cast but the girl is nothing like Elena in the book. I would have liked if she dyed her hair blond. If I was the author I would not be happy.

  • Darcyy

    omg she looks NOTHING like elena! and stefan i believe was the most gorgeous human being.. what is this?! im not saying they’re ugly but cmon they’re supposed to look young not 30.

  • newport beach, 92660

    you have GOT to be kidding me .
    i have read the books and LOVED them…

    like wtf…

    - audrey :S

  • Erin

    wow obviously it’s different from twilight people…. don’t compare them
    I liked this series before I read twilight but then I again I read twilight like a week after…..
    Casting is bad but I liked Ian on Lost so I think he’ll be fine
    I agree with dee, why the hell did they cast Elena as a brunette ?
    God these people are blind

  • kiss of a feather

    Um yeah…..I was happy to hear that they were going to make this book series into a tv show up until I just saw the cast. The casting is all wrong!!! Elena has golden blond hair and ocean blue eyes. This girl has neither of those things and the fact that Elena’s looks are such a big part of the book series the show is based off of you’d think they’d at least get that one right in casting. I will not be watching this show that is for sure. I see a big fail coming their way because of their lack of sticking to the main parts of what they are coping. And this is the first I’ve heard anything about Smallville not coming back next season, weird. OH yeah plus the guy they picked for Stefan looks way to old and doesn’t have the right looks for it either. Stefan has deep forest green eyes so unless they gave him contacts to wear (which still wouldn’t help with his poor casting) it is another fail. As for DAMON I can’t see that actor pulling off his character’s personality. His age fits though because Damon is the older brother to Stefan. So ALL IN ALL FAIL!!! I feel bad for the author L.J. Smith for having to sit back and watch them ruin her characters and not being able to do anything about it. That is so sad. So I’ll be sticking to the books series version, thanks.

  • Amber

    Umm…… I thought Elena was supposed to be blond?! Its a good book series and is probably going to be a good Tv series but couldn’t they have atleast gotten a better cast?

  • cassi


    Don’t make me laugh! Did you forget that they removed the chip in season 7! I know my Buffy! So, yes spike would have kicked Edward’s ass!!!

  • gdxr

    I hate this post. No offence. I love your site but i hate how they made Elena brown haired, i mean wtfwtfwtf. rrr, i need to rent. Damon is spelled wrong the first time and the pictures are HORRIBLE. They look freaking EW! What about to a HOTHOTHOT Stefan and the dreamy Damon???!!!!! I just finished reading THVD for ze 10th time and this post is a dissappointmenttt -.-

  • cassi


    For YOU Stephanie Meyers told a story unlike any other.
    For others (inlcude me) it is …… not good!
    I am sick and tired of Twilight fans behaving like Vampire equals Twilight! It doesn’t!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    arg, i dont even know why im commenting but most of you idiots out there are, well idiots! yes im a twilight fan, i think they are great books, i think kristen ruined bella for me but thats another story, but alot of people are going through a vampire obsession (like me) and im happy that they are making more vampire shows! i mean seriously, twilight books are done, and they are coming out with a movie ONCE A YEAR!! sorry but 2 hours for one year is not good enough for me. SO STOP COMPARING!!
    i haven’t read the vampire diaries series, but its on my list. does anybody know how many vampire book series are out there? WAAAAYYYY to many, oh but sorry to the twilight fans, all those authors must just be copying twilight :O. seriously get over yourselves, twilight is an amazing book (movie was pretty pathetic, crossing fingers for a better part 2) but there are other amazing vampire series that are amazing and arnt copied from twilight!! :O shocking!!! ****SARCASM****
    Vampires are a new hit, so if this TV show doesn’t take off well than that’s just to bad, but i think it might actually be OK, although i think the guys they cast as the brothers are not as sexy as a vampire should be…. they shoulda used the brothers from supernatural <3 mMmM anyways getting off topic… give it a shot and stop comparing because obviously twilight and vampire diaries are not the only vampire books or movies ever made and were made in totally different time periods and totally different authors!

  • edwardlover143

    ome they should have got someone cutter but i cant wait to see it. all of you that didnt read, READ IT, its awesome and you have to see buffy the vapire slayer, ome angel was so hot ome

  • Sean

    @Saudia: Ur SOOOOOOOO dumb because u even sed it urself that the books were dont before Twilight. How can it be a copy then? you dumbass, lol. Can’t people understand that different people can get the same ideas? It’s apart of liev, so get over it!

    @NOSFERATU: Couldn’t have put it better myself, im really glad to see that there is one level headed person out there. I hate all those stupid Twilighters that understand what they’re saying. The Vampire genre is one of the most popular genres ever and just because one person comes along with a book and calls it twilighters,everybodies sense goes out the window after reading it.Come on, really? Twilight should be raved about? Why? It’s not even original. I’m more on ur level (with a slight part of ramble,stupidness and randomness) I have heard of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice.

    @BalloonsAreFun: No, smallville isnt cancelled, it’s being moved to Friday nights @ 8, i think lol

  • Sean

    @cassi: lol, Brilliantly put, but it wont work with those Twilighters cos they have some sort of fever and the Reason the casting would be exactly the same is because it’s an adaption of the books, which means things will be slightly altered to fit in with the viewers and people who have read the book series dont really see that because they’re judgement is clouded lol.


    i’M MORE oF aN aNNe rIcE gIRL CUsZ iM nOT sTUpId ANd tWiLIGhT SUCKED! SwEAr aLMoSt nOBoDY kNoWS sHYyTt BoUt vAMpSz aNYmOrE.


  • CHrissy

    To Some Twilight Fans: I think the only thing that is original in Twilight is that vampires sparkle. lol There are many many vampire books. Perhaps the reason that some Twilight fans do not understand this is because they are not an avid fan of vampires in general as they specifically like Twilight and do not read other books with vampires? Just a guess or too young to read the more mature contents in some of the vampire books. Just pick up another book about vampires and give it a try. :)

    Anyways I haven’t read the Vampire Diaries but will look forward to watching this series. :)